Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BLOOD-LETTING or It Ain't Over Til It's Over

Photo by Isis

When the blood-letting began with the National Socialist Movement and the unveiling of “Satan’s Gate,” it was anyone’s guess where this would all end up. The only thing that we knew for sure was that the casualties were high and the fall-out would continue for quite sometime.

Watching the posturing and chest-pounding has been a great source of amusement for us, and often we suffered tennis-neck from the continuous volleys that ensued. Seeing the National Socialist Movement suffer some crippling blows was well worth all of the hard work and late nights that went into bringing about their fall. However, seeing Bill White bite the dust has certainly been the most rewarding.

Last week we knew that White had stepped on some very large toes and that the fall-out wasn’t over. When Bill had Terrible Tom Metzger on his radio show which aired on the Turner Network, it was obvious that Tom was trying to sway Bill to his way of thinking. Of course, Bill White’s ego wasn’t about to kow-tow to the likes of Metzger or anyone else for that matter. Bill became irritated and instructed Hal Turner to cut Metzger off. Turner complied and we knew that White’s days were not only numbered but repercussions were inevitable. No one in the “Movement” cuts Tom Metzger off.

Last night White’s show aired again. As he girlishly gushed over the first issue of the National Socialist (a magazine from his new group American National Socialist Workers Party) being published, and ranted against the Canadian government in almost taunting fashion, we listened and wondered how much longer he could hold on.

Since the break-up of the National Socialist Movement and the scurrying of the rats jumping ship, Bill has been unable to control himself. In true egomaniacal fashion, he has been airing the NSM’s and their supporters’ dirty laundry on an almost daily basis. What he was unsure of he made up. Thinking that there were dozens of NSM members who would much rather follow him than the likes of Jeff Schoep and a rag-tag outfit that was going no where, Bill started his own group. The hand full of people who hang out with Bill is just that. Week after week he tries to get his supporters to call in and week after week he has been embarrassed.

Oh, they have lofty ideas: uniforms; logos; slick publications; letterhead; and becoming the “premier hate group.” Fat chance. Virtually everyone of import in the movement has washed their hands of Bill White. He has become the pariah of the hate movement. An endorsement by White is considered the kiss of death. From the neo-Nazi’s to David Duke’s eunuchs, Bill White is shunned like the plague and after last night’s radio show the one hand that reached out to him is now tucked safely out of sight behind Hal Turner’s back.

During the broadcast White took issue, once again, with Tom Metzger who had earlier made comments about the Confederate flag with which Bill disagreed. He told Tommy – “You don’t know Jack.” While we were laughing at his stupidity it got worse. When a caller from the Creativity Movement (f.k.a.World Church of the Creator) in Florida asked about the Vinlander’s Social Club, we knew that something was going down. Bill started naming members of the group and characterizing them as Federal Informants and worse. One after another their names rolled out of that phony Southern drawl that White has acquired. The tale of the tape, however, not everyone was able to hear those names. It seemed, for a time, that the show was having technical difficulty. We wondered among ourselves if portions had been pre-recorded then corrupted somehow. However, it appears that Turner was trying to block some of those names from going out over the air-waves.

In addition to the names that White was throwing around came the bizarre invitation by White to the Vinlanders to come to Roanoke and find him and assuring them that he would kill them. White has long come under fire for turning fellow nationalists into law enforcement or taking them to court. Promising to off the Vinlanders took his questionable loyalty to a whole other level.

Now, after “Satan’s Gate,” Hal Turner pulled the plug on the NSM show and Bill White bought the time slot with Hal’s blessings. Initially, during the fray that took place, Hal and Bill got pretty crossways with each other and Bill White published a lot of fabricated things about Hal and what was happening. Once they kissed and made up, we speculated that Bill’s deep pockets had been tapped pretty good by Hal “Send Me The Money” Turner.

But after last night’s airing, money didn’t seem to mean as much to Hal as the number of people that Bill White was alienating. In a rather comical move today, Hal Turner terminated the Bill White radio show.

Of course, Bill went into his usual histrionic side-show claiming that Hal was protecting federal informants and that the Vinlanders had threatened Hal into pulling the plug.

This is pretty close to the end of the line for Bill White. He is persona non gratis in too many white power arenas to ever be effective in anything again. He has successfully and systematically burned the bridges behind him with every group or individual he has associated with in the white nationalist/neo-Nazi circle. Alex Linder, Jeff Schoep, Don Black, David Duke, Tom Metzger, and now Hal Turner have seen him for what we have been reporting him to be for years. In virtually every circle or forum of the movement the very mention of the name Bill White elicits the most extremes in derogatory remarks.

Bill White will continue on his current path for a little while longer. He now envisions hosting his own live radio show – and he might just get there from here. The difference now is those listening to and reading his words will be doing it for the comedic entertainment that it is sure to present. No one listening will take anything he says seriously, ever again. If they do, they run the risk of being ostracized by the majority.

As for Hal Turner – good move, Hal. But we will soon say au revoir to you. You see, people who attempt to incite violence against public officials and Christians who advocate attacks on churches rarely fare too well in the public eye. Now you are left with the likes of James Wickstrom, a tired and old little man without a thing to say; Dave Neesan, the “white power illuminary;” (What a joke!) and a few little KKK guys who open their mouths and prove the stereotype of the Klan weekly on your network. As for Gordon Young – uh…you have got to be kidding! You can clean him up and put him in a suit, but you can’t do much about that inbreeding. Oh yes! I almost forgot about dear Mona Montgomery! She’s a real catch for the “network,” huh? She can give all the goofballs legal advice while educating them to how the Jews ate Jesus. That’s a real panoply of white racist leaders, Hal. Keep up the good work.


  1. It appears that Jim Ramm and Jeff Schoep have made up with Hal Turner and will be broadcasting in Bill's old time-slot. So much for "I can't have anything to do with Satanism."

  2. I think Hal did it more to piss off Bill White then anything else.

    Bill White and his ANSWP (anus wipe) organization consist of 2 people, both living in a Roanoke zip code.

  3. I think it is even classier that Bill is charging EIGHT DOLLARS for a TWELVE PAGE magazine.

    He obviously knows nothing about zines and the print cost versus price ratio.

    Good luck with getting subscriptions for that, Bill.

    Boy, these guys never do end up in a very good spot, do they? Always stabbing eachother in the back, "he said/she said", etc.

    They eat their own.

    Best of luck,


  4. Hey Nikki:

    Please keep promoting the magazine.

    Send me your address and I'll send you a free review copy.



    PS: The first day of publishing enough copies had been sold to recoup half our production costs -- not bad for a new product, especially in publishing.

  5. Of course, since "production costs" consist of $28.00 paid to Kinko's and a cup of latte while you were waiting, I wouldn't get too excited, Bill.

  6. So Bill has sold 2 copies which is the number of members that ANSWP has. That's about half of 28 dollars.

  7. Thank you for using my photo!

    The reason why I like that photo is the backround of the sky/lanscape through Bill's glasses against the blurred backround.

    I always thought that part was sort of cool.

    My new mission in photography is to work with unusual lighting.

    Anyways, it is great to see my work out there.

    Thank you again,




  9. Wouldnt be a surprise if we find out Bill White hacked into Hal Turner's site.

    Bill's way of getting back at Turner for taking Bill White off the air.


    Updated Friday, August 25, 2006 6:14 PM EDT

    Doctors told us today to "prepare ourselves." According to one blood test, forty nine percent of his white blood cells are b.l.a.s.t. leukemic cells which is an extremely high percentage and very bad in terms of being treated.

    Also complicating treatment is that my stepfather underwent kidney transplant two years ago after his Diabetes killed both his kidneys. He is on immune-supressant drugs to prevent rejection of the kidney and I personally think those drugs set the stage for this leukemia.

    I asked the Doc if they shouldn't just ease-up on the anti-rejection drugs to allow his own immune system to come back online to fight the leukemia. He said they will try, but it is very dangerous because if they don't do it absolutely perfectly, the body will start to reject the kidney and he'll die from that!

    Doctors are doing a chromosome test today. If the test comes back good, my stepfather has a seventy percent chance of recovering. If the test comes back undeterminable, he has less than fifty percent chance of recovery. If the test comes back badly - and Doctors told us this is what they expect - then he has less then twenty percent chance of recovery.

    In the final case above, they told us they would simply discharge him and send him home with medicine to "keep him comfortable" for "the few weeks" until the disease takes him.

    The last forty days have been very difficult because my step-father, has suffered a series of health problems: Infections, blood clots, weakness, difficulty breathing. All of it was due to this acute-onset Lukemia which was only diagnosed last Friday.

    Over the past 40 days, I have been trying to juggle my responsibilities to all of you and to this network, with my responsibilities to my own family and to my mom and step father who live in Pennsylvania.

    I have been driving 150 miles each way to and from my mom and stepfather's home or the hospitals, in Pennsylvania, several times a week and this has taken quite a toll on me. There were days -like yesterday - where family obligations in this matter simply did not allow me to be home in time to do my job on the network.

    Adding insult to injury, a Denial of Service attack last evening took my web sites down and it took hours of work today to clear out the sabotage and get things back online.

    My stepfather has been moved to a hospital here in New Jersey where Doctors told us today they do not expect him to survive.

    I apologize for the non-broadcasts on Thursday evening, and I ask that you bear with me through the next few weeks as I and my family deal with this latest - and apparently final - health crisis of a man we've all come to love. Details about the dsease can be read here.

    This is very trying and difficult time for me and I am doing the best I can.
    -- Hal Turner


  11. ANSWP sounds like an interesting organization. It is suppose to be a Nazi "workers party."

    The party’s "commander," Bill White, has constantly bragged that he is a “boss,” a millionaire and a real estate mogul.

  12. Never mind. Bill White’s nazi “workers party” is only mildly interesting. It might be interesting if it actually had members instead of just being a figment of White’s imagination.

  13. vonbluvensshow asked..."Why did my post saying you should thank ISIS for using her imagery disappear? Nothing racist about that statement."

    It disappeared because you are attempting to impersonate someone else - that is against our policies.

  14. Bill's currently freaking out about a civil rights lawyer in Canada. White even thinks that lawyer has entered the US and is trying to kill him.

    So Bill's sexual fixation with the Vinlanders and other skinheads has been put on hold.

  15. I'm glad you brough that up, Harry. This is an excellent example of Bill White's psychosis.

    Richard Warman and the Canadian government went after VNN and threats made by Alex Linder et.al. Vnn was taken down for a short period.

    Gently, at first, Bill attempted to introduce himself into the situation but when no one was paying any attention to Bill he couldn't stand it. So what does he do? He creates a situation for himself - one that draws the focus away from Linder and VNN to Bill and Overthrow. He claims this is a "tactic." Well...he may have just gone over the line with his "tactic." But even if he hasn't yet - he will.

  16. Speaking of "no one listening" to Bill:

    I have been intrigued with the traffic counts BW lists on Overthrowup. His site currently has an 3-month Alexa traffic ranking of 224,878, meaning there are 224,877 sites with higher traffic than his.

    The 3-month average for Historymike is 906,023, but my site has been between 200,000 and 300,000 over the past 3 weeks (lots of traffic for some John Mark Karr posts I added).

    However, even during the weeks in which Historymike had a higher traffic ranking than Overthrowup, Bill was reporting traffic counts on his site that seem ridiculous.

    On the week I had a 204,000 ranking, Historymike had about 16,000 unique visitors, which would be about 832,000 annual visitors.

    Overthrowup, however, claims annual projections of over 4 million visitors, even though his traffic ranking was lower than mine 2 of the last 3 weeks.

    Bill's site, as Harry Schwartz noted a few months ago, has been losing a ton of traffic since his 2003 peak of a daily reach of 120 visitors per million Internet users. He has a current daily reach of 6.6 visitors per million users.

    This is a loss of about 95% of his peak traffic.

    For comparison's sake, here are a few selected sites and Alexa traffic rankings (in no particular order):

    Hal Turner: 68,929

    NSM88: 140,475

    Stormfront: 8,979

    CAH: 680,957

    OPP: 706,323

    ADL: 41,183

    SPLC: 101, 229

    VNN: 88,730

  17. The papers are reporting that about 2 dozen NSM'ers showed up in Madison today for a rally. Using the Bill White index, that means about 100 to 150 showed up.

    What do you think is the over-under for the rally in Gettysburg next week? I put the line at 10.

  18. Mike - it's that 170+ IQ at work - creative math and all that. He has been padding those figures for years. And...we all know that those ratings are not very accurate. There are too many variables.

    Bill HAS lost a ton of traffic - hell, the majority of people who go to his site are probably anti-racists. And a huge portion of the rest are just those looking for something to make them laugh. He's done like a dinner.

  19. I figure 90 percent of his real hits are the search engine bots along with him fudging the number of hits himself on top of that.

    Every few days the search engines reload their caches and considering White has 10,000 articles on his website, that means a lot of hits by the bots.

  20. Bad news. With Bill White out of the way, the attendance at NSM rallies is on the increase. This link is reporting 64 nazis showed up with plenty of press coverage. Many 100's of antifa and others showed up to protest the nazis.

    The last rally the NSM was involved in was in Antietam where around 30 showed up with almost no antifa bothering to show up.

    Looks like the NSM is growing again after two years of declining attendance numbers.


  21. Bill White is not a member of The Brotherhood of the Bell.

  22. Bill White is trying to kiss and make up with the NSM & Alex Linder. I hope it works, as Bill White being welcomed back by these groups would benefit those who fight against racism.

  23. schwartzie wants to once again try to smooch Bill White's goober


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