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What a sad, sad tale this whole thing is.

July 29, 2006, 11:38PM

Suspects struggled with identities, emotions
2 suburban teens at center of brutal pipe-beating case
Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

They met at the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring on a Friday night, nothing out of the ordinary for groups of teenagers in the suburbs on a weekend.

But this gathering included David Tuck and his longtime buddy Keith Turner, and that always carried the potential for disaster.

Turner, a troubled 17-year-old with a big mouth and a hair-trigger temper, had a drug problem and was prone to challenge people to fights.

And even those who counted 18-year-old Tuck as a friend knew they needed to be on guard around him, needed to gauge his state of mind. Would Tuck give them a laid-back "wazzup," or would he slip into his violent or intolerant skinhead mode?

On that particular April night, when Turner, Tuck and a 15-year-old girl named Holly met up at the Laser Rage with Gus Sons and his Hispanic friend, things seemed cool.

Tuck "didn't start any crap or anything," said Holly, who asked that her family name not be used.

The group passed the evening uneventfully. They later stood by a store, looking like any other youths waiting for relatives to pick them up and schlep them elsewhere.

For Turner, Sons and his 17-year-old friend, the choice was to head to Sons' home in Spring and party. Initially, Tuck declined the invitation, but he hastily changed his mind as Sons' mom pulled up to give her son and friends a ride.

Within hours, for reasons still not absolutely clear, the night turned ugly and violent. The Hispanic youth ended up unconscious, naked and near death in Sons' backyard, sexually assaulted with a plastic pipe, burned by cigarettes, his face beaten nearly beyond recognition.

Tuck and Turner found themselves charged with aggravated sexual assault and facing up to life in prison.

Those who knew Tuck

Chelsea Pasquill, 21, thought that her friend David Tuck had figured out how to keep his emotions in check.

So did Pasquill's sister, 15-year-old Andrea Sulak, who continued to view him as the friendly neighborhood boy who had played with her at a Forest North subdivision pool years ago.

So, too, did Holly's 20-year-old sister, Amanda, who thought Tuck was maturing.

They all knew what would happen to him if he continued to see challenges and confrontations where others saw none. They also knew that after numerous encounters with the juvenile justice system, his next misstep could land him in an adult jail.

After his latest release from juvenile detention, an unofficial support group of girls and young women began to look out for Tuck, a handsome, fair-skinned youth with thick forearms and a solid frame that has yet to fill out.

Where others saw only a potential source of trouble, they saw promise.

They took his calls when he was feeling lonely and down. They listened when he had been drinking and was feeling like he might do something crazy. They watched TV with him until his demons went away or his anger passed. They watched over him, hoping to impart a modicum of tolerance to someone ideologically opposed to the concept.

They thought they were making progress.

"I thought he was maturing and changing," Pasquill said.

Tuck's life at home

Tuck's parents, Sherri and Henry "Butch" Tuck, divorced when David was 1. While raising her three children, Sherri Tuck often worked the second shift at a restaurant, sometimes sleeping late the next day. She wasn't always on hand to supervise her kids.

Butch Tuck saw David every other weekend, at most. The boy had few good role models. Into this vacuum stepped Sammy Bohanon, a half-brother 11 years his senior.

As an older teen, Bohanon dabbled in Satanism, but he ultimately settled on neo-Nazi beliefs after reading Hitler's Mein Kampf, Butch Tuck said.

Through the years, Bohanon flitted among several skinhead groups, including the Hammerskins and the Aryan Circle, said Butch Tuck and Fred Lee, stepfather of Bohanon's former girlfriend, Nichole Perkins.

Bohanon's skinhead friends became Tuck's friends. Some lived off and on in the Tucks' one-story, modest home on Nutwood in Spring's Forest North subdivision, a few miles west of Interstate 45, where they often partied. Bohanon liked to hold forth after getting a few drinks in him.

"He wanted to sit there and talk about Hitler being a religious leader," Lee said. "All he wanted to do was get up on a soapbox and preach. Tuck would just preach what Sammy taught him."

Bohanon, now 29, had an odd, disturbing appearance then. Hitler's face was tattooed on his chest, and he had other skinhead tattoos on his body.

Not only did he sport the bald dome favored by skinheads, he also shaved his eyebrows. He gave Amanda and others the creeps, in part, by cultivating the perception that he was unpredictable.

Once when she, her then common-law husband, Mark Smith, and others were partying, Bohanon picked up her pet iguana and stuck the reptile's head in his mouth. Amanda was stunned even though he didn't hurt the creature.

Butch Tuck and his second wife, Kathey, unsuccessfully tried to combat Bohanon's influence when the younger Tuck visited them on weekends at their north Houston home.

Kathey Tuck taught her stepson Bible stories and once gave him a crucifix. He told her how it came to be mistreated after he took it home. "Sammy broke the head off on purpose," she said.

In time, Tuck's visits to his father's home became less frequent. He preferred the unstructured environment of his mother's home.

"He would not come have a life with me because there's a set of rules to live by here," said Butch Tuck, a line worker in a jet-parts factory.

Even though some had a low opinion of his half-brother, Tuck admired him.

"He was brainwashed," Lee said. "He thought his big brother was God. David is really a victim of Sammy."

Turner's story

At Klein Collins High and out on the street, Keith Turner was hard not to notice. He moved, talked and dressed like a rapper or a gang member.

Kids at Klein Collins have a name for white guys like him — "wiggers," said Paige Strother, 15, who dated him two years ago.

He dressed the part as well, wearing T-shirts and black baggy pants or shorts that he allowed to ride far below his waist. He favored rap music.

Privately, Strother and her friends viewed Turner's mannerisms as a bit of a joke.

For Turner, playing the role of a wigger also meant acting menacing. He isn't a big fellow, but he has a big mouth, frequently confronting others with a barrage of call-the-other-guy's-bluff street patter.

"He would like to start stuff all the time if he didn't like the look you were giving him," said Eddie Sulak, 17, a Klein Collins student who knew Turner. "He was always starting a fight."

Turner grew up in a long, two-family, white-shingle house on Stargrass, a street near Forest North and Dovemeadows, the subdivision where Gus Sons lived.

The yard is shaded by tall trees. Beneath them sits a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Water gurgles in a small fountain. His grandmother lives next door.

Turner and Tuck became friends while attending Schindewolf Intermediate School, part of the Klein Independent School District.

Back then, Tuck shared Turner's admiration for rappers. A photo of Tupac Shakur hung on Tuck's bedroom wall, and Tuck talked like a rapper, said Jessica Skains, 17, his former girlfriend.

Tuck "used to try to be ghetto," said Skains, who became his girlfriend when they were in the seventh grade and didn't break up with him until early 2005. "When he was younger, he didn't have a problem with other races."

Despite being bombarded with anti-drug messages at school, Turner began experimenting with marijuana when he was about 11, Skains and others said.

He was soon hanging out with pink- and purple-haired Goths and other disaffected youth — and taking more potent drugs. Xanax, an anti-depressant known on the street as "bars," became his drug of choice.

He was arrested several times and served time in a juvenile detention facility. Every time he was arrested, he was high on Xanax, Skains and others said.

Turner received counseling, was put on medication and went into a rehabilitation facility, all to no avail.

"In recent years, Keith has had problems with drugs and violence," his parents said in a statement released after his most recent arrest. "The unfortunate outcome is that he continued to make bad choices."

At times, Turner's combative tendencies became too much even for Tuck, his bigger and stronger friend who would sometimes tell him to lay off somebody and chill out. And even though Turner counted minorities among his close friends, he sometimes would express racist views in Tuck's presence.

"Keith has never really known who he is," Skains said. "Sometimes he is a white supremacist. Sometimes he is a wigger. It all depends on who he is hanging out with."

What neighbors say

For years, Tuck's home on Nutwood was seen by deputies in the Precinct 4 constable's office as a potential spot for major trouble.

Neighbors felt intimidated when Bohanon, Tuck and other skinheads, drunk or high on something, would yell neo-Nazi slogans or racist comments at those walking or driving by.

Jay Sutton, who lives down the street from the Tucks and counts blacks among his friends, said Bohanon would drive by and yell insults out the window.

Precinct 4 deputies were in a bind. They wanted to avoid ordering Bohanon, Tuck and their friends to stop voicing their skinhead views because that could be construed as stepping on First Amendment rights. On the other hand, the skinheads were provoking neighbors.

Often, it was their hair-trigger tempers, not their racist vitriol, that landed Bohanon and his friends in trouble. They could and would turn on anyone regardless of race.

Five years ago, James Preece and his stepson, who are both white, felt they had to take a stand against some of the skinheads outside their Forest North home. Bohanon and a fellow skinhead, Jeremy Klintman, were walking down the street, drinking beer. Preece's wife and stepson were in their front yard. Bohanon and Klintman approached them, cursing and threatening them, a police report said.

Coming out of his garage, Preece ordered the pair off his property. Klintman threatened to kill him and his family; Preece punched him in the head. Bohanon whipped out a knife.

Preece's stepson grabbed a baseball bat from the garage, and Bohanon and Klintman retreated but later came back, each with a baseball bat. Deputies arrived before the confrontation could escalate.

Bohanon was charged with aggravated assault. Klintman was charged with making a terroristic threat.

Bohanon's rage was sometimes directed at friends and relatives.

Two years ago, he turned on Nichole Perkins, an estranged girlfriend nine years his junior who had come under his influence and lived with him for a while at the house on Nutwood.

He hadn't taken it well when their relationship soured and she moved out. He took to drinking more than usual and found solace in sad country and western music, which made him weep.

She made the mistake of going to the house to pick up something March 20, 2004, thinking he wasn't there.

But he was. They argued. Bohanon turned violent. He punched her in the face, head and back. He kicked her in the legs and spit in her face, according to a Precinct 4 constable's report. Before she could leave, he smashed her car's rear window and a side window.

He left her a phone message, saying that her mother and grandmother "are going to suffer a Doc Martin dental plan," the report said. Perkins "explained that a Doc Martin dental plan is where he would kick them in the mouth with his steel-toed boots."

Since 1996, Bohanon has been arrested more than 20 times in Harris and Montgomery counties. He has been charged with assault six times and with drunken driving and burglary.

He is serving a 28-month state prison sentence at the Dominguez unit in San Antonio for retaliation and assaulting Perkins.

Tuck in transition

In his high school years, David Tuck put away his Tupac CDs and started playing metal and punk music by Skrewdriver, the Bully Boys and other bands that promoted white-supremacist ideology or are associated with it.

He became increasingly violent, clearly influenced by Bohanon and his skinhead friends. He landed in juvenile lockups at least three times.

Once when he was drunk at a party, he became angry at a girl because she was criticizing his girlfriend at the time, Jessica Skains.

Tuck sought revenge by cutting the girl's hair with a knife. When she resisted, the knife point sank into one of her arms, causing a deep cut. She was stitched up at a hospital.

Tuck said the stabbing was accidental. A judge put him in a juvenile detention facility nonetheless, Tuck's father said.

After he was sent away for the stabbing, Skains remained loyal to Tuck and waited for him to be released.

A tall, willowy and pretty teen who is part Native American, Skains became an early member of Tuck's female support group. She disagreed with his skinhead beliefs and would tell him so. He would listen to her and sometimes calm down. But he would not be swayed by her views.

It wasn't long before Tuck's temper and skinhead beliefs landed him in juvenile court again.

In January 2003, according to police records, he was at home hanging out with skinhead buddies Mark Smith and Charles Douglas Brannan, 23, of Hockley, swapping white-supremacist views.

They headed to a convenience store on Spring Stuebner near Forest North. Brannan spotted a middle-aged Hispanic man pumping gas outside the store.

He attacked the man. Smith and Tuck later joined the fray, and the man was beaten unconscious. One or more of the attackers shouted "dirty Mexican," "border jumper," "spic" and "we kill people like you."

Tuck was arrested after he told deputies that he had kicked the man.

Brannan and Smith are serving time in federal prisons for their part in the civil rights crime. They pleaded guilty last year to using force to intimidate and interfere with the man's right to use a public accommodation because of his race, color or national origin.

It is not clear exactly how Tuck's case was adjudicated, although Skains, his father and others say he served time in juvenile detention for that or some other incident.

When he was released, he still had a hair-trigger temper.

While walking near his home, he encountered a minority child. He struck or head-butted the youth, his father and Skains said.

When deputies came to arrest him, he kicked an officer trying to put him in a cruiser. Instead of being charged with attacking the youth, Tuck was charged with assaulting a peace officer.

This time, he didn't serve his sentence at a county juvenile detention facility. He was sent to a Texas Youth Commission lockup, where more serious offenders are held.

He was released in February or March.

The scene of the crime

Gus Sons and his family lived in a rental home on Glenbranch in Dovemeadows, a subdivision of mostly newer and sometimes bigger homes than those found in nearby Forest North.

It was there that Tuck, Turner, Sons and the 17-year-old Hispanic boy gathered in April after meeting at the Crawfish Festival in Old Town Spring.

Much of what happened that night is still unclear. But left to their own devices, the teenagers did some serious partying that, fueled by drugs and liquor, spiraled into violence.

What sparked it is a matter of some dispute, but police think that, in part, it began with a kiss.

The 17-year-old victim kissed or tried to kiss Sons' 12-year-old sister, Danielle, authorities said. Showing no mercy, they said, Tuck and Turner went to work on the youth.

They punched and kicked him, with Tuck allegedly delivering damaging blows to the head with his steel-toed boots. The youth was stripped and burned with cigarettes. Bleach may have been poured on him, possibly to cover up evidence.

His skin on his chest was cut with a knife, and police are investigating whether these wounds were a failed attempt to carve a swastika.

Turner put a plastic pipe used to hold a patio umbrella in the teen's rectum, and Tuck kicked it up inside him, damaging his internal organs, authorities have said.

At least one of the suspects allegedly shouted ethnic slurs during the beating.

After they were done, they let him lie naked on his back in Sons' backyard for as long as six or seven hours.

Sons' mother called 911 at 9:49 a.m. April 23, authorities said. She apparently slept through the attack and didn't discover the traumatically injured youth until her son went out to feed the dogs.

In his only interview after his arrest, Tuck told a local television station that he was high on vodka, Xanax, cocaine and marijuana.

He and Turner were told the 12-year-old had been raped, not merely kissed, Tuck told KTRK.

"When you tell people who are on drugs something like that, you're going to fight," Tuck said. "Xanax to me is like a demon. It takes control of me."

Carlos Leon, the victim's lawyer, said he has no idea whether his client tried to kiss the girl or pocketed drugs, as has been alleged. Regardless, nothing would justify brutalizing his client the way he was, Leon said.

The boy, who is not being named since he was the victim of a sexual assault, has come a long way since he was found unconscious in Gus Sons' backyard.

He wasn't expected to survive the attack. Now, he has begun to make gains toward at least a limited recovery.

He remains at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he recently began to walk short distances, Leon said. A tracheotomy tube, which prevented him from talking, has been removed. He can now talk but not well. He does not remember being assaulted.

Although he was kicked in the head with steel-toed boots, he does not appear to have suffered brain damage. He continues to undergo surgeries to repair damage to his internal organs and has begun rehabilitation to regain basic physical skills.

"If this had happened to someone my age, I'd be dead," said Leon, 37. "It happened to a pretty strong 17-year-old kid. That's why he's improving."

Public outcry

In late May, Turner and Tuck were indicted on a charge of aggravated sexual assault, for which they face up to life in prison if convicted.

The crime was so horrific that it spurred local minority leaders, the NAACP and the League of United Latin American Citizens to call for changes in state and federal hate-crime laws. The FBI said the current federal hate-crime law does not apply to crimes at a private home, only to discriminatory acts in public settings.

Prosecutors remain unsure whether the beating, as despicable as it was, constitutes a hate crime under Texas law.

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Mike Trent said the victim's ethnicity may not have motivated Turner and Tuck to begin assaulting him, but it may have caused them to beat him more severely.

Trent knows that some say the victim pocketed drugs and that the attack might not be a hate crime if Tuck and Turner were angry over such an act.

"I am aware of these rumors but have no evidence confirming or dispelling them," Trent said.

It also would undermine the hate-crime theory if Sons threw the first punch at the victim, another theory that has been investigated. Trent would not discuss who threw the first punch.

He also pointed out that Tuck and Turner were charged with aggravated sexual assault, not assault — the type of charge that could be brought against somebody who punched the victim.

Even if he continues to recover, the victim will never be the same, his mother has said. His parents and siblings have been devastated by the attack.

The attack has brought deep shame on Tuck's relatives who never shared his and Bohanon's ideology.

"Everybody is saying in the press, 'The Tuck family, they're a Klan gang.' That's a bunch of b.s.," said Tuck's father, Butch. "I thought I knew what it meant to be humiliated. But I've never really known what it meant to be humiliated until now."

The crime still weighs heavily in Spring. During a homeowners association meeting several weeks after the beating, Dovemeadows residents lamented how such a crime could have happened in their neighborhood.

But they would be surprised to learn how pervasive drug use is among some high school students and how much simmers beneath the surface in the area's seemingly boring, idyllic subdivisions, said Paige Strother, who dated Turner two years ago.

"There's always something going on," she said. "It's not as bright and shiny as it seems."


  1. I have a question here, Nikki. You are this fair minded liberal person who is supposedly not bias or racist. Please correct me if I read you wrong. Then why do you post articles with only white on black or white on whomever crimes? According to the Department of Justice blacks are three times more likely to commit a hate crime than a white.

    To my detractors: I am the original Tom Shelly. I have never claimed to: own an air plane or have fought in any war. I've never been in the arm service. Even on my own board there is more than one "Tom Shelly" I am the original, accept no fake Tom Shelly's.

  2. Oh...maybe it's because crimes committed by whites are so rare as to almost be an anomaly. Also, I am just fascinated with all of that "superior" intelligence that it takes to commit those crimes.

  3. Tom Shelly,

    Why do you only post on your website stuff about blacks in a negative but not whites?

    Oh they hypocrisy!!!

  4. Xuxa,

    Don't you have better things to do than masquerade as me on the internet?

    Tom Shelly

  5. Well let 'ole Tom Shelly help you out here, Nikki.

    4 Whites Die as Blacks Attack Cape Town Bar

    Black gunmen burst into a bar in Cape Town today, killing at least four whites and seriously injuring five other people. The police refused to speculate on the motive and there were no immediate claims of responsibility.

    There were more than 20 people in the bar when several attackers, wearing civilian clothes, burst in, witnesses said. The attackers first threw a hand grenade, which did not explode, then began firing automatic weapons.

    Three women were killed, the police said. A man in a restaurant nearby ran to investigate and was shot dead.

    The attack occurred in the Observatory district, and the club was popular with university students. Observatory is mainly white, but in recent years it has become multiracial.

  6. 2006 All-the-Way magazine.

    Foxman "coronation" turns crash-and-burn

    White dethroned after brief reign as "rightist"

    NEW YORK - "The King is dead. Long live...." Well, he'll think up someone. Abraham Foxman always does. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, headed by Foxman, has conducted "coronations" for the ones it claims to be the "leading" rightists, only to crash and burn, along with its selections, when the ruse is exposed. The latest, William White, whose main claim to fame had been denying that he was a former mental-patient, as "dethroned" only weeks after Foxman anointed him "leader" of the "largest" "group." Those named by Foxman, who the ADL would then attack for allegedly being "typical" of "rightists," have turned out to be mental-patients, Jews or inveterate-criminals.

    White, who claimed "thousands" of members, lived in a Virginia apartment, running his operation out of a post-office box. The ADL claimed that he had "200" members. White, who had spent most of his life claiming to be a Communist and anarchist, had a lengthy rap-sheet, including hospitalization for mental-illness. Previous occupants of Foxman's throne have included Andrew Greenbaum, alias Bo Decker, termed the "fastest-rising" and "largest" rightist, until exposed as a Jew, with just one member of his "club." Greenbaum vanished after he was fined $13 million for Internet scamming. Before that, Frank Collin had been tapped by Foxman's scepter as the "leading" rightist, until Collin was discovered to be a Jew, who was eventually jailed for child-molestation.

  7. Another hate crime.


    And yet another one, covering the above story and another crime


  8. You are some kind of serious abnormal Jew, dude. Most Jews are right minded and hate black people. I am posting an article from a "right" minded Jew. Take note:

    Guns don't kill black people, other blacks do

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    By David Horowitz

    The NAACP's ludicrous idea to sue gun manufacturers is yet another attempt by the left to avoid personal responsibility for some individuals' bad behavior.

    When the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Niggers) announced plans recently to file an injunctive class-action suit "to force [gun manufacturers: my heros!] to distribute their product responsibly," the NAACP president, Kweisi Mfume, noted that gun violence takes a disproportionately high toll among young black males (black on black violence oh yeah!!!)

    According to an NAACP press release, African-American males between the ages of 15 and 24 are almost five times more likely to be injured by firearms than are white males in the same age group. "Firearm homicide has been the leading cause of death among young African-American males for nearly 30 years," it stated.

    Am I alone in seeing this as an absurd act of political desperation by the civil rights establishment? What's next? Will Irish-Americans sue whiskey distillers, or Jews the gas company?

    That last analogy only works, of course, for those who think the Holocaust was a self-inflicted wound. In fact, black leaders have already accused white and Korean liquor vendors of "invading" black communities and intoxicating their inhabitants. Boycotts have followed these charges, and anti-white, anti-Korean race riots as well.

    But who forces alcohol down reluctant throats? And who makes guns shoot in ways that victimize blacks more than whites?

    How can the NAACP even make the comparison between gun deaths of blacks and whites, if not as a racist insinuation that whites are somehow the cause of those "disproportionate" violent deaths, just as whites are the implied cause of nearly every other social pathology that afflicts the African-American community?


    Is this sinking through to your brain Schwartz?

    In the sociology of the left, including the NAACP, there cannot be a wound the black community inflicts on itself that is not ultimately the responsibility of malicious whites. To think otherwise would be to "blame the victim." Only mean-spirited conservatives (like me) would even think of doing that.

    The fact is that while blacks make up only 12 percent of the population, they account for 46 percent of total violent crime and 90 percent of the murders of other blacks. It is they, not whites or gun manufacturers, who are responsible for the disproportionate gun deaths of young black males.

    Firearms don't kill people. Sociopaths do. It takes a human brain to pull the trigger. If young black males abuse firearms in an irresponsible and criminal fashion, why should the firearm industry be held accountable? Why not their parents? Why not themselves?

    Unfortunately, as a nation we have become so trapped in the melodrama of black victimization and white oppression that we are in danger of losing all sense of proportion. If blacks are oppressed in America, why isn't there a black exodus? Why do all those black Haitians want to come here? To be oppressed?

    In the grips of a politically inspired group psychosis, we find it natural to collude with demagogic race hustlers in support of a fantasy in which African-Americans are no longer responsible for anything negative they do, even to themselves.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Why do you only post on your website stuff about blacks in a negative but not whites?

    Oh they hypocrisy!!!

    I never claimed to be fair or unbiased. My claim is that blacks are clearly inferior to whites. A point that is very easy to prove.

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  18. I have a definition for you Tom - (I just deleted Tom's latest post) - it's just one definition of the word respect.

    "To avoid violation of or interference with"

    You are violating this blog and interfering with any rational disussion. Your continued racial epithets and slurs are demeaning not to others - but to yourself.

    I have already told you about this - but you seem to be a slow learner. Give it a break. Show some integrity and some character.

    You claim that the Hollywood Nazi's are an embarrassment to the "movement." Well, I hate to tell you this but there have been several NSM members post here without EVER drawing a harsh word from me. Why? Because they conducted themselves in a civilized manner and entered into discussions that were topical and pertinent. You, on the other hand are nothing but a one-trick pony and a really lame one at that.

  19. To answer your question "Who's To Blame Here", Nikki, there are only two people to blame - Keith Turner and David Tuck.

    Not Hal Turner. Not Alex Linder. Not Bill White. Not the Hammerskins. Not Tom Shelly. Sure, the ideology may have influenced Turner and Tuck, but these two were amply exposed to contrasting information. They were, as you said, inundated with anti-drug messages. They deliberately chose to sin against the light.

    Expanding hate crime laws to cover conduct inside private residences will not serve as a deterrent. It will simply promote more stifling, oppressive political correctness and discourage honest dissent. Imposing the death penalty on Turner and Tuck will be a much more certain deterrent. It's time to quit using "root causes" as a refuge from personal responsibility.

    Perhaps now you understand another reason why Bill White took such issue with the Vinlanders' conduct. This is what Vinlander-style behavior can lead to.

  20. Anchorage Activist said...

    Perhaps now you understand another reason why Bill White took such issue with the Vinlanders' conduct. This is what Vinlander-style behavior can lead to.

    A wise man once said, "You have life all fucked up." It was not Bill who had issues with the Vinlanders but they who have issues with him. To wit: His habit of lying to the police on those that Bill perceives as his enemies. You want to really know what happened at Nordic Fest?

    Bill became fearful of certain Vinlanders (as well as mad about certain comments they made about his slut of a wife), so he lied to police about Butcher (Vinlander Ohio Council 28 leader) and a NIM Crown member named Sledgehammer88
    (there was also a graffiti incident, you can check out the Vinlander Social club web page for details). The police came crashing in (okay, to tell the truth I understand that they didn't break the doors down) expecting to find a meth operation inside Butcher's hotel room and "under aged prostitutes" in Sledghammer88 's room. The police of course, with apparent great disappointment found nothing of the sort and neither man was arrested. The police gave all the usual "so sorry, all apologies" and went their merry ways, very disappointed that they couldn't haul some skinheads to jail and make the 11:00 news. Oh drat it all.

    This is the part that gets a bit interesting, not only is Bill a lying rat but he's a stupid lying rat, he was going around predicting Sledge and Butchers' pending arrest to all those who would listen. So it didn't take a rocket scientist (and make no mistake about it neither Butcher nor Sledge are rocket scientists) to figure out who the lying rat that tipped police (besides if you know you have a lying rat and Bill White is anywhere in the area...)

    I can assure you that Bill White has burned his bridges now with just about anyone inside the WN movement. I can't see how anyone with an ounce of sense would join Bill's movement knowing that it would mean a ass kicking (at the very least) by the Vinlander Social Club. Even Bill's buddy Mikey Vonnothing declined membership. Possibly idiots like Hal Turner and Mikey Vonnutcase will still support him but they are idiots and mean nothing. Maybe this will all blow over but more likely Bill White will be dealt with by the Vinlanders or Sledge. I can't tell you how serious it is but I do understand that the Vinlanders have put a price on Bill's head (bumps and all).

    Bill would do well to cut his loses and spend his time away from the WN movement. He might even be advised to sleep in his bullet proof vest and have guard dogs follow him to the bathroom when he gets up at night to take a tinkle.

    Now, I know what you're thinking but no, 'ole Tom Shelly has nothing personally against Bill White. I didn't attend Nordic Fest, have no intention to attend one in the future but I do know that Bill is one unpopular little Jewish boy. Hell, even his fat assed Jewish mommy has disowned him.

  21. Here is the problem, "Shelly" by your own admission you were not at Nordic Fest, so I really don't understand how you can tell us all how things went down. The NSM/Vinlander fight had nothing to do with Butcher's hotel room being searched (if indeed it was) and everything to do with the combination of the heat and Boswell's big mouth. If you are going to run your head about a group of guys such as The Vinlander Social Club then you shouldn't be surprised at the consequences. Tom Henderson of the Vinlanders (who fights frequently in tough man contests) punched Boswell in the face. Everything else pretty much happened as it was reported.

    As for the police coming to my hotel room this did happen but had nothing to do with the Vinlander/NSM event. Nothing what so ever. You are running your head about something you know nothing about. The only thing you got right was that they did coming to my hotel room because some "Anonymous" caller told them I had both drugs and guns in my room. I am a licensed gun dealer and I did have a couple of guns.
    A couple of German WWI Lugers that I latter sold at Fest. I am a LICENSED GUN DEALER I go to gun shows all over the country. I also never use under aged girls in my movies. All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.
    18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
    And yes, I do suspect heavily it was Bill White who made the Anonymous bullshit call. I'm not going out and looking for Bill but I would like to have a conversation with him someday about that call. It would be a damn shame if during the course of the conversation if some of his teeth accidentally fell out of his mouth.

    Speaking of mouths, you should keep my name out of your mouth. If you can't refrain from that at least try and report things factually.

  22. Anchorage - I agree, for the most part. However, I do think parents played a role in this mess too. As I read the accounting of these two kids, I kept asking "Where were the parents?"

    As to Bill White - yes, he has burned a lot of bridges and it is really starting to be more and more evident that Bill is a man without a country.

  23. Bill is a country of one. He has no loyalties besides himself. He is a spoiled little bitch who is still acting out against mommy and daddy in a desperate bid to win some attention. I don't know if what Shelly said was true but if it was I don't think I would want to be in Bill's shoes. The Vinlanders are not forgiving people and Bill may go the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

  24. I wonder what Sledghammer did to piss Bill off????

  25. Sledge was supposed to have spanked Bill's wife's bare ass once upon a time for screwing the other color.

  26. Are you serious? That is some seriously funny shit.

  27. Holy crap, I'd love to post the bare assed spanking thing all over VNN but they booted my ass....again....

  28. I read it to be the truth. I think it happened before her and Bill got together. They said her ass was glowing bright as the sun after Sledge finished with her.

  29. I can tell you one thing for sure, after Sledge finishes with their asses they glow bright red. I'm sure sweat hog Meghan thought twice before going and bedding a darkie after that.

    Too bad Sledge didn't spank her for fornicating with fat geeks with bumps on their heads.

  30. So many rumors floating around concerning Bill. The new one I have heard is that he owns a Strip Club called, "Girls, Girls, Girls."
    If this is true I might change my opinion about him, unless Meghan is working there.

    Hey Bill, if I say nice things about you will you waive the cover charge? 8 bucks seems a bit much.

  31. Tom Shelly for president!!!!!

  32. Herrington Launches National Socialist Freedom Movement
    NSM Splinter Group Draws Away Several Leaders

    8/6/2006 2:31:02 PM
    LSN Staff

    Tulsa, Oklahoma -- Clifford Herrington, the deposed former Chairman of the National Socialist Movement, has launched the "National Socialist Freedom Movement" out of the "Joy of Satan" PO Box in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has reportedly drawn away several National Socialist Movement unit leaders with him.
    The website, which attacks Hal Turner and Christianity, is located at:

    National Socialist Movement North Virginia unit leader Ken Krauss is known to be a strong supporter of Herrington's along with approximately a dozen other local unit leaders within the group. Herrington had first instructed them to stay in the organization, but appears to have now told them to quit.

    The truth of the matter is obscure as the National Socialist Movement's headquarters has been lying about just about everything it can since the group began to fall apart in early July.

    Two members, Jim Ramm and Libby Adams have launched a series of blogs and "poison pen" email campaigns designed to smear NSM organizers leaving the group. Jeff Schoep has also sent threatening emails to former NSM members. While attacks have continued on targets such as Bill White, editor of this website, and Michael Blevins, former Director of the group's Office of Information, new attacks were launched today on former members such as Justin Boyer, who recently resigned citing lack of support after his recent arrest during a Seattle area protest, but whom Schoep is falsely claiming was "fired" for "beating his wife".

    The statment is ironic, as Schoep does not object to John Snyder, who served an eight year prison sentence for beating and raping his ex-wife, continuing to serve in the NSM. Snyder is raising an illegitimate child of Schoep with his lover, April Patterson. Marion Country, Indiana authorities are currently seeking Snyder for multiple parole violations, including living with underage children, refusing to register as a sex offender, and attending NSM meetings, which he has been barred from.

  33. Herrington is denying the site is his. Notice it's on a free server. Anyone could have set it up.

    Probably Bill White.


    Good information.

  35. ANSWP loses 1/3 of it's members. Meaning they have lost 1.

    Rumor has it that Bill White's other member in his organization, Gary Nemeth has resigned according to

    Bill White's group ANSWP, who can be taken short for Anus Wipe, is now down to two members, himself and his 300 pound wife.

  36. our resident blog WN cock sucker hairy ass schwartzie posted about a couple of his niggers who got their just rewards from whites.

    our great hero was right about schwartzie being sorry that he wasn't born a nasty stinking ass nigger with brillo pad hair.

  37. Oh my, what is that sound? Is it child protective services knocking on the door, Stevo? Remember you were warned time and time again. You have no one to blame but yourself.

  38. Bill White claims to have fired Gary Nemeth. He's down to two members, himself and Meghan Bernadette White, his wife who originally is from Waynesboro, VA.



    Gary Nemeth has "resigned", meaning that I have fired him. Why I
    have had to do this I am not 100% sure, but I will explain the
    circumstances of his departure.

    Over the weekend Gary and I went back and forth on certain designs
    for the magazine. I asked him for some information on the graphics
    and told him we need to make some changes and gave him the
    deadline. He refused to give me the information I requested, told
    me that he wanted to see all the pages, and re-layout the whole
    magazine. I told him we didn't have time for this issue because it
    would take at least two weeks to turn it over but he could lay the
    whole thing out next issue.

    His response to that was to demand to know the name of the printer
    and then tell me that he had "copyright" to the magazine and that he
    would not let us print it unless we printed his "unadulterated
    work" -- meaning that we could only use his graphics and his layout
    if we printed them exactly as he did them without any changes or
    modifications. If his work was edited in any way shape or form, he
    said he would call the printers and scrap the entire magazine.

    I'm having enough problems persuading a mainstream printing company
    to print the thing and give us a reasonable price when our magazine
    offends their multicultural and diverse employees that any
    interference from Gary would have scrapped the project. I just told
    him as long he was making threats I would not give him the

    He responded by repeatedly sending me the same email demanding that
    his "copyrights" "be respected" with labels like "2nd attempt" "3rd
    attempt", et cetera, and remarks like "what are you afraid of?" I
    asked him several times to explain what was wrong, and the
    explanation I give you above I did not get until his final email
    this morning.

    I cannot explain this bizarre behavior. I told him this morning
    that if he would not tell me what was bothering him he was fired.
    He responded with a rant claiming that his work must
    be "unadulterated", stating that myself and our contributors had
    poor quality standards, and that if we did not yield to his artistic
    vision he could not participate any further in our project.

    Our movement does not have any room for prima donnas. We work as a
    team, and each of must respect the others' contributions. Anyone
    who cannot do that will not be allowed to participate in our party.

    Since the ANSWP was announced, we have had a lot of problem people
    come and go. I have removed some people from this list for
    demanding "consulting fees", because they believed their work was
    too special to share with us heathens for free. I have had other
    people tell me that spending an evening writing an article or doing
    some illustrating is "too time consuming" unless they were being
    paid. A lot of prima donnas have come in here with "visions" and
    gotten angry because other members of this group have been allowed
    to comment on them.

    What we need is people who are willing to sacrifice time and money
    in the hopes of building a political organization that can change
    society. We also need people who can work together, and who can
    accept that other people's viewpoints and contributions have
    legitimacy and can improve on their own.

    I accept this, and I hope all of you can too. I am sorry Gary has
    chosen this path, and he is welcome to return and organize the State
    of Washington when he wants to.

    I have two Deputy Commander candidates I have been seriously talking
    with; I hope they will accept the position sometime this month.

    Bill White, Commander

  39. Hi - One Peoples Radio just completed it first slide-show/video presentation : "Two Minutes of Hate in Pennsylvania" a short history of hate group activity in Pennsylvania from the early 1990's Thu 2006.

    You will need a windows media player to view and listen to this here:

    Let us know what you think -One Peoples Radio

    Also we have updated our podcast -
    Today's podcast brings you a 20 second mpeg video of the day "I left the racist movement", filmed in 1992. - No special viewer needed to watch this clip.

    Floyd Cochran
    One Peoples Radio

  40. ANNOUNCEMENT: I happen to be in the way of knowing that the person posting as "tom shelly, white god" is not the REAL or original "Tom Shelly." That being said - I also know that some of the posts made by this person were initially written by the REAL Shelly, lifted, and reposted here.

    Now...I have no way of controlling what someone calls themselves or who they impersonate. However, regardless of how despicable and repugnant I find the site and the writings of Shelly, those things are HIS - not someone elses to steal. Consequently, any future infringement on Mr. Shelly's work will be removed from this blog and the phoney son-of-a-bitch who doesn't have an original thought of his own will be reported to his service provider.

    While I don't agree with either of these two people on anything - I do believe that anyone plagerizing the work of another lacks the ability to think or speak for himself.

  41. This is the best "justification" yet for your censorship. I assure you that I am the original Shelly. Always have always win be. Just remember when you censor me that you are doing it because you disagree with me.

  42. Looks like vonny is slowly getting his wind back.

  43. This is a good thing. The white race needs Vonbluvens.

  44. Yeah, the white race needs to take Vonny out and shoot him for trying to pass himself off as a white man.

  45. 09/07/06 9am

    That's when Roanoke District court will hear the White vs Schoep, Ramsey case.

    Schoep and Ramsey can easily defeat this lawsuit on a number of fronts

  46. A One Peoples Radio Special:
    Interview with Dr. Peter Heinze:Racism and White Privilege
    This is the first in a series of interviews with Dr. Peter Heinze. We hope you enjoy the show, we are hoping to develope his program into the ” Dr. Peter Heinze Show” as a regular feature here on One Peoples Radio.

    Dr. Peter Heinze is a Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

    Research interests include multi- and cross-cultural psychology with a specific interest in white culture, white privilege and racism.

    Organizational consultant providing expertise on developing and implementing diversity initiatives.

    Click here for the program

  47. white priveledge? That is a myth.

  48. Hey, you haven't updated this blog in a VERY long time...what's wrong? Burned out perhaps?

  49. Herrington is denying the site is his. Notice it's on a free server. Anyone could have set it up.

    That's a load of BS. The link to it is on the front page of their yahoo group. You have to be a moderator to make the link.

  50. Oh, excuse me, one last thing: The pages to the "denied website" are also listed in their files section IN their yahoo group.

  51. our resident blog WN cock sucker hairy ass schwartzie posted about a couple of his niggers who got their just rewards from whites.

    our great hero was right about schwartzie being sorry that he wasn't born a nasty stinking ass nigger with brillo pad hair.

  52. VONBLUVENSSHOW said...
    Hey, you haven't updated this blog in a VERY long time...what's wrong? Burned out perhaps?

    she couldn't find any new white on nigger crime. so she had to start a new entry that mainly attacked the great hal turner.

  53. """This is the best "justification" yet for your censorship. I assure you that I am the original Shelly. Always have always win be. Just remember when you censor me that you are doing it because you disagree with me.""""

    Nonsense. I can easily prove that you are not me, Tom Shelly. My website is here and contains many of the things on your blog that you claim are original. My website predates yours:

    She is censoring you because I contacted her and told her what a jackass you are by plagerizing my writings. And I give her a lot of credit for standing up and getting rid of your messages.

    Tom Shelly

  54. Thank you Mr. Shelly. Additionally, the blogger number being used by the real Mr. Shelly is 28684870 while the bogus Mr. Shelly's number is 27726075. In the future, any posts by the fraudulent Shelly will be removed from this blog.

    I may not agree with Tom on anything - but, the plagerizing and duplicity practiced by certain individuals out here in cyber world should not be tolerated - ever.

  55. Who's to blame here?

    It always seems to me everyone point's to Sammy as david's downfall but the truth is Sammy wasn't even around when this happened and he had numerously tried to get David to stop being so violent and out of control. Regardless of what Sammy or anyone else around David or Keith believed in or spoke about those two are the only ones that can be to blame. They knew exactly what they were doing. They weren't babies. They made the decision and no one forced them to behave in that manner.

    I don't believe David should have gotten a life sentence.. This wasn't really over a racial issue.. it was over drugs, guns and the accussation of a 17 year old kissing and trying to rape a 12year old. Did things get out of hand? Of course, it went too far but on the level you should be thanking these young men for stepping up and trying to protect a child!!!!



  56. sammyswife why would you blame the VICTIM?
    He wasn't a child molester, nor did he want to rape the girl. He just tried to kiss her and in case you don't know he was drunken.

    I actually think life sentence isn't that good either. Death sentence would have been better :)
    They killed him ... it just took longer...


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