Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, the Klan may be going to Gettysburg next week, but they won’t get much in the way of recognition from the good folks in Adams County. From the way it’s shaping up, the Klan will be shouting at the members of its’ own choir while Adams County residents have a beautiful day in the park celebrating their diversity and strengthening their unity.

Much hard work and commitment has gone into the festivities of Septemeber 2, when the Klan will attempt to spew its’ poisonous message to the few who will gather. But it isn’t just about September 2nd. Turning a negative into a positive is precisely what has happened with Community Unity. Utilizing all their great resources, this group has garnered support from churches, local businesses, and various organizations to make the week prior to the arrival of hate one that is educational and informative.

Starting today Community Unity will provide a seminar on “What to Do When Hate Comes to Town” that will feature the following speakers:

Ann Van Dyke, the PA Human Relations Commission

Timothy Johnson, US Department of Justice, Community Relations Service

Lt. John Bey, PA State Police, Heritage Affairs Officer

Harold Dunbar, Civil Rights Enforcement Section, PA Office of Attorney General

From the 28th of August until the grand finale, the guest speaker around town will be our very own Floyd Cochran.
During the Klan rally, the citizens of Adams County, by and large, plan on ignoring their bigotry and enjoying a wonderful summer day in the park with tons of food and activities.

This celebration of diversity will provide a direct contrast to the litany of hate brought to the community by those who wish to disturb and distrupt the beauty that is truly America.

We, at Citizens Against Hate, send our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those in Adams County who have worked so dilligently to counter the message of hate that will fail because of their efforts. This is what Citizens Against Hate is all about – communities saying no to hate while making the world a little kinder and a little gentler.

During the coming week we will be bringing you updates from Adams County so be sure and check back daily. Until then, listen to Floyd’s interview of Reverend Judy Gaush from Community Unity – it will make you proud.


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  2. Are they going to put the klan and nazi's into a cage in Gettysburg like they did in Madison yesterday?

  3. Looks like there might be a god afterall. The remains of the tropical storm are supposed to be centered right over Gettysburg during Gordon Young's rally.

    My new guess at the number who will stand next to Young.



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