Thursday, November 30, 2006


Lovable Idiots

by Nicole Nichols

Forget about a career, honey, your place is in the kitchen and the bedroom, I'll take care of the rest. Don't you know that women have no interest and no mind for politics. You are a sex goddess all I want is for you to bear my children.

Fear is a powerful thing. I have long held that much of the racism and hatred that we see in the world today has its roots in ignorance and fear. Most of the die-hard racists that I have known have had little to no understanding of people of differing ethnicities, and lack the ability to think outside of the proverbial box. Speaking in generalities, many of these people suffer an incapacity to think in the abstract and have remained hopelessly in the concrete stages of development. Lacking the sophistication and maturity of thought, they normally respond to the unknown with fear and great trepidation which manifests itself in overt racism when confronted with differences within the human race. White, male racists are particularly in the throes of this anxiety disorder and it often presents itself when they are among others who suffer the same malady. Interestingly enough, however, it is not just minorities that they fear, but women, as well.

Throughout the ages women have been placed in roles of submission and severely oppressed. Girls were groomed and conditioned to be good wives and good mothers and to assume a subservient role to that of their husbands. Little thought was given to the expansion of the female mind or the need for any personal fulfillment other than that of the maternal. It was not until quite recently, in the grand scheme of things, that women have begun to take an active role in the political arena and corporate America. The Feminist Movement was welcomed by millions and scorned by the same. Many women, fearing the loss of some of the special privileges which come with simply being female, opposed the Movement, while others tired of the bondage in which they had been enshrouded for millennia, took to the streets and to the government in one of the most aggressive campaigns against oppression the world had ever seen. For good or ill, women have arrived and are no longer in chains. That is scary to the white, male racists. Being on top is important to him, because racism is all about power, control and domination. If the premise of ignorance and fear is correct, then it follows that his innate disability, engaging in abstract thought, has prohibited him from understanding women and their desire to be something other than indoctrinated breeders. Hence, he fears the female gender in its current role.

To the white, male racist his world is spinning out of control. That, in and of itself, is enough to create more than just an atmosphere of disquietude within himself. The irrational belief that unless the Aryan race is in the majority, whites will become the oppressed dominates his every day reverie not because of what might ensue, but because the locus of control might shift. The same thing happens when his in-the-box mentality contemplates the role of women in the future. On a grandiose scale, the dream of the white, male racist is an all white country. In this all white Utopia, it is imagined that all neighborhoods would look like the Cleaver's, all schools would be of the utmost quality and crime would be non-existent since all of the woes of modern society are attributable to the presence of "muds" and "Jews." This distortion of reality is a direct result of irrational fear rooted in the inability to take a macrocosmic view of reality, of course. Add to this the dread that liberated women might not wish to accompany them in their all-white homeland and you have a full-blown paranoia.

Not being able to control and dominate that which has heretofore always been under the white-man's thumb is the greatest source of angst for the racist. Even among themselves when one member disagrees with a thought or a premise being proffered by the "Movement," they become outcasts from the group-think-tank. Frequently, they are labeled "Race Traitors" and "Jews." If it happens to be a woman who is out-spoken or goes against the grain, she is swiftly written off as a "Feminist" which they, by-and-large, disdain. If this "Feminist" persists in her disagreement, she becomes a "Jewess" or a "Jewess Feminist." While hearing this can serve as a great source of amusement for me, I cannot help but marvel at how any of them have survived with out killing each other off.

Women are frequently characterized by those on the racist right as gold diggers and as being air-headed and indoctrinated by the "Jewish Media." Insisting that there is some vast conspiracy by Jewish people to undermine the white man, he regularly demonstrates his insecurity and his fear. This pestiferous irrationality permeates his every action. Considering that the vast majority of the racist movement are young, unestablished males I do find it interesting that so many value property ownership as a criteria for voting - something many of the racists believe should be a man's role.

Old White Goat on VNN had some very definite ideas on this awhile back."

"You really cant blame women, they're idiots. Lovable idiots.

"You have to blame the white man for letting women have the right to vote. It was an experiment and as you can see it was a complete failure and nearly fatal one.

"And yes only property owning white men should have the right to vote.

"If you dont own anything who the fuck are you to decide issues that affect people with a stake in this country?"

Surely, we should all feel comforted knowing that women are lovable idiots. As with anything that we fear, it is human nature to attribute negative traits and characteristics to that which we deem frightening. For the myopic racist whose astigmatic view of the world and that around him, the fear is almost paralyzing. Yet, when together, they often find solace in knowing that there are others who share their fears, even though they won't admit to it. As their group-think mentality offers them comfort, their fear manifests itself in the one other emotion that they are familiar with - hatred. OttoRemer, another internet racist, offered his perception on women:

"Yes, women are media influenced, they can't think independently. Even Alfred Rosenberg wrote in the 1920's about how White women even back then were simply obsessed with desiring sex with minorities. Face it, women are not ideological. Women are pack animals who follow the herd. If a girl has friends who are dating black men, suddenly she starts desiring black men, and don't tell me that's not true because I grew up in the 1980's and I remember the obsession that White women had with the black Pop Star Prince. Until women stop being so controlled by their exterior surroundings they will always be considered inferior to men.

"Women want ANYTHING the Jewish media tells them to want. They are pathetic. They also follow media chosen gurus like Oprah and follow her doctrines like a bunch of mindless drones. Women and ideology don't mix. Women should steer clear of politics. The only women who are EVER good at politics have been highly influenced by a father, brother, or husband. Therefore, politics is not a natural female skill, it has to be implanted into her from either the media or family."

It is crucial to the white, male racist to believe himself superior to other races and to the female gender. Superiority translates to control and as modern day Sampson's they do not want to be weakened by Delilah. One of the pathologies which often presents itself in their skewed perceptions is that of projection. Sometimes we see the absolute self-hatred that erodes at any possible semblance of rationality or higher-order thinking. Legolas88 took the opportunity to vent his own fears in one of the most misogynistic writings I have ever witnessed:

"In the ideal society, women would be unable to vote, own property, attend public meetings and/or voice their opinion around men, attend school past the fourth grade, etc. You might think this harsh, but Aryan men need to rid themselves of the pressure of the weak female minds emotionalism; Aryan men need to firmly free themselves of the bonds and yokes placed upon them by parasitical females, and return them to their proper place in society. As for attending school, why educate these wenches? So they may confuse and blind us with eloquence, leading us to believe, in some distant future, that they are worthy of influencing us? Let the weaker, limited and inferior serve us, not the other way around."

One should note that it has been pointed out that in the "White World," that all of them seek, there would undoubtedly be no voting as the government would not resemble that of a democracy. However, as is true to form with everything that is going on in current racist groups, few are ever on the same page. This inability to see the larger picture is precisely what divides them and causes the fractures that are perpetually plaguing their "organizations." Certainly, this is a good thing for us and for America. Lack of organizational know-how and molecular vision has long been the bane of their existence and growth, and I don't foresee anything changing that in the near future.

Of course, not all white power men view women with the same disdain as those depicted in this article. The fact, however, that such views are becoming more and more prevalent within the ranks is inarguable. With "leaders," such as Alex Linder, writing misogynistic articles and denigrating the female it is little wonder that the males becoming active in the "Movement" are adopting the same attitudes. In one of his articles Linder proffers the following thoughts on the female sex:

"My thought is women don't make much sense alone, because of the physiology of their brains. They best serve the world as child-producers, men-actuators, and emotional scanners. I see little evidence that women are greatly obsessed, the way some men are, with greater meaning. They are myopic, not far-seeing. What's close to them means everything, what's distant means little.

"The vast majority of women is [sic] not built for intellectual or theoretical work, but for raising families, preparing food and forming an emotional circulatory system. Women do these things well. Few of them want much else -- unless they are told they should. Many women fare best under external control. Many women are aware of this fact, and if times weren't Semiticized would admit it freely.

"Taking the eagle's view, the pertinent biological fact is that women do what they're told because they're built to go along. No matter who's telling, they're going to tend do [sic] what they're told. No matter how many girl-power commercials and "Kim Possible" cartoons jews [sic] run, women will continue to cry and gossip and babble like they always have. If they're told dad is bad and mom is rad, and they must all play soccer and become lawyers, well, increasing percentages of them will herd that way. Only concentrated pain will raise questions in their mind."

The contempt with which modern woman is viewed is not necessarily a new happening, however. The late and widely venerated Dr. William Pierce, of the National Alliance held many of the same views. Reportedly having had at least five wives, three of whom were "mail-order-brides," Pierce detested the feminist movement and had the following to say:

"At another time I stated that permitting women to vote was a terrible mistake, and again I received letters from women who indignantly told me that they vote more responsibly than many men they know. Well, I'm sure they do, but I was talking about the overall effect of women's votes, and that has been very damaging to our society."

"When homosexuals come out of the closet and women go into politics, empires crumble. Or, to say that a way which more accurately reflects the cause-effect relationship, when empires begin to crumble, then the queers come out of the closet and women go into politics. Which is to say, that in a strong, healthy society, feminism isn't a problem. But when a society begins to decay -- when the men lose their self-confidence -- then feminism raises its head and accelerates the process of decay."

I would postulate that "man losing his self-confidence" is not quite an accurate depiction of the current day trend. In the many dealings that I have had with white, male racists, it has become evident to me that the men in question frequently lacked self-confidence and so found their way into a "Movement" which offered them the security of belonging, even if that belonging only served to further neuter their ability in independent thinking. The art of propaganda is something that these groups have long sought to perfect. While they are becoming more adept at duping the unsuspecting they have also realized that the "kinder and gentler" persona that they are emulating is not one that readily attracts the young and the restless. Hence, they branch off. They maintain the semblance of a pseudo-righteous group whose purpose is to protect the interests of whites while operating, seemingly independent, groups which appeal to the more radical membership. Sensationalism sells, especially to those less seasoned racists.

Incredibly, there was no outcry from the women in the "Movement" in regards to the statements made. One woman, Michelle, entered her support and agreement, however:

"As a female i would like to throw my opinion in on this one. I completely agree women shouldn't vote. It has been my experience that %99 of women are manipulative moralless whores and as a result i have very few female friends. I've never understood women's liberation nonsense, they all seem like a bunch of man hating dykes to me. I offered to get a job when my husband and I first got married and he absolutely forbid the idea, making it clear no amount of money I made was worth me not being home and making sure he came home from working all day to a clean house and a hot meal. To me, that is the most important job I could have."

Michelle, calling herself Demonica, it should be noted, is a 27 year old woman from Kentucky who has a rather interesting profile. Her favorite quotes include:


Marilyn Manson

-If You Dont Like It You Can F??? Off- Believe me, if i started murdering people, there'd be none of you left.

Charlie Manson


Adolf Hitler

Placing oneself in the company of Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler does little to inspire one to believe in the innate intelligence of the human being in question, for sure. Michelle probably doesn't speak for the majority of the women involved in the racist movement, yet there are many who adhere to a more traditional female role. Those who ascribe to the Christian Identity beliefs epitomize the female station and utilize Scripture to justify their break with modern women. Denouncing the multicultural teachings of the Public School System, many, if not most, home-school their offspring. The following pretty much sums up their thoughts as well as their life, it's often found on Christian Identity forums and quotes Proverbs 31:

Who can find a virtuous woman? For her prices is far above rubies.

The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

She is like the merchants ships; she bringeth her food from afar.

She riseth also while it is yet night, & giveth meat to her household, & a portion to her maidens.

She considereth herself a field, & buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.

She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.

She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.

She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.

Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.

She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and her tongue is the law of kindness.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth YHVH, she shall be praised.

Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

"Do these praises sound like those of a liberal woman of today? NO, this is a description of a Godly woman, an Israelite who looks not to the ways of the world but to YHVH. This woman knows her place as a wife and mother. Where are these women?"

Like the men, these white, racist women often lack the ability to envision the whole picture. Seeking a microcosmic place in the world and all order of things, they are content to remain subservient to what they will always consider their "better half." Depreciating themselves and their talents, the women who fall into this category are equally as pathological as their counterparts, just as lost, just as needy.

Fear and hate are two extremely negative emotions. Fear requires much energy to endure and overcome. Hate requires much energy to sustain. This expenditure of such massive amounts of energy has long been the downfall of the extremists. Another negative side to the "Movement" is that it often siphons off many of the demented and pathological people from mainstream society keeping them in cloistered settings where the indoctrination can be most effective. We really do not want to see an increase in membership in these groups as this gives them too much confidence in their unrealistic perceptions of their importance. Yet, as long as the recruiting is yielding them the results that the last few years have presented them with, we really have little to worry about. On a final note of inspiration, we can rest assured that with the demeaning views that white, racist men have of their women it is highly unlikely that reproduction of the same will be very successful.

As mentioned earlier, not all women in the hate movement are of the subservient mindset and not all men expect that. However, the prevalence of such misogynist leanings is vast among them. We often hear the lament that there is a shortage of women within the rank and file. Considering the violence and the general disrespect that is shown the female gender it is little wonder that this is true. Additionally, by-and-large the men of the movement are single, have great difficulty sustaining a relationship, and little promise of ever being considered worthy by any modern female.

The current thought in the psychological realm is that racism is a mental illness. While I do not necessarily believe this, I do believe that many, if not most, of those who are attracted to the ideology of organized racism have severe mental and emotional problems. The need for control and domination is so great among these individuals that little else in the way of rational thoughts or behaviors takes place within their realm.

The need for acceptance and accolades permeates the leadership of organized hate groups, as well. Reformed group members frequently tell us that they joined the movement because it gave them a sense of identity and a feeling of belonging. It's the "gang mentality" at work. Control, dominance, and the need to be "somebody" leaves very little room for the give-and-take required to sustain a man-woman relationship.

Interestingly, the male racist often extols the virtues of family and family life, while few have anything resembling what they claim to value. Yet, the stories of spousal abuse coming from within these groups are numerous and sometimes heinous. Many of the males lack a source of viable or secure income or financial stability along with the emotional strength to ever achieve either.

Women being viewed as "lovable idiots" or that they "do what they are told" rancors on several fronts. However, the knowledge that there are men out there who honestly believe such distortions should serve as a warning to all females to be cautious and prudent in their involvements. Sometimes charm is a dangerous thing. That which is charming when dating can become terrifying once the relationship is sealed.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


In the latest Eye On Hate broadcast, Floyd Cochran explores European Nazi's and the alarming trend as well as Michael Richards' rant.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Gordon Young annouced today that he was dismantling his World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and joining the National Socialist Movement. Young and the NSM have been teaming up recently for rallies and demonstrations.

Like so many other "leaders" in the hate movement, the number of members he claims to be bringing with him into the NSM is grossly inflated. While this might look like a real boost to the NSM one has to wonder how those members who are deeply involved with Christian Identity are going to justify their new affiliation with an organization that is filled with pagans, Odinists, and Satanists. Of course, there is no real loyalty among any of them - even to their chosen religion.


From: IW4WorldKnights@
To: nsmcommander@
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:45:58 EST

I,Gordon Young, the Imperial Wizard / Commander / Founder of the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have disband the said organization on 11 / 26 / 06 due to many issues .I ,Gordon Young have joined the NSM and many members of mine from the World knights of the Ku Klux Klan will be joining as well from the states of NY , PA ,MD , VA ,WV ,NC ,SC ,TN ,AL ,GA . the reasoning for this change - I , Gordon Young is a very active white aryan fighting for all white rights , my track record and activism speaks for themselfs; valley forge in PA , antietam battlefield in MD ,gettysburg national battlefield in PA , court house steps in columbis OH , harpers ferry in WV , and many other public / private rallies across this melting pot we call America , the only other organization that has stood on these frontlines and supported the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is the NSM and this is the main reason we the World Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have joined up with the NSM and that is true white unity and true brother and sister hood within this struggle . here is my new contact screenname NSM88MD@aol. com the maryland website should be up and running very soon . also would like to state that it is a honor to be working and standing with many true white aryan warriors that is willing to fight back for what they truely believe in and what i believe in as well , hope to see and hear from you all very soon . Hail Victory !

Gordon Young

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Keystone State Skinheads Attack DLJ

A Nikki & Floyd Alert

This bag of garbage is Keith Carney of the Keystone State Skinheads. He has been in and out of jail so many times it has become a joke. Tonight, Carney and about nine other skins jumped Daryle Lamont Jenkins after a punk rock concert in Willmington, Deleware. Details are pretty sketchy right now, however, DLJ is reported to be okay. takes 10 to beat up one man? How is that any different than the Bloods or the Crips or the Latin Kings? Where is the honor in that? If nothing else, we now know that these losers are about as tough as a bowl of oatmeal.

We will post more details as they come in.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


In this latest Coldshot - we are definitely talking subzero. Nicole takes on a high school coach and state athletic official for things said and not said; the City of Los Angeles Fire Department; Glenn Miller's run for Congress and those who support him; and Michael Blevins' new bid for notoriety.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas Pornography? The Racist Mindset

If anyone ever doubted that hate poisons all that it touches, all you would have to do to alleviate such doubt would be to read a thread on a Nazi message board. What would it be like to roll out of bed each morning with a heart full of hate? Well, you might find yourself reading the morning paper in a whole different way.

With Halloween behind us, this Sunday's paper hit the doorsteps of millions of Americans heralding the start of the holiday season with advertisements for gifts, and of course, the latest toys. A lot of us probably groaned at the thought that Christmas is just around the corner, while others are anxiously anticipating the yuletide and all the beauty that it brings. If you are a Nazi, however, the most important part of all of this is whether it is going to be a white Christmas - and I'm not talking about snow.

Proof positive that racists can taint, tarnish, and utterly ruin the most innocent and beautiful scenes can be found in the despicable and decadent discussion surrounding a toy advertisement from Target that came in this Sunday's paper. What I am going to report in the rest of this rant is definitely "R" rated and is not meant for the very young, or the easily offended.

The picture on the back of Target's toy catalog is of a very young boy and girl and a toy horse set in front of pretty white Christmas trees and upon a blanket of artificial snow. The little boy is feeding the horse a carrot while the girl is astride the horse brushing its' flowing mane. The thing that struck me first about the ad was the beautiful cherub-like smiles on their faces and the wonderful innocence of childhood. But, the Nazi's over on VNN, saw something entirely different.

You see, their world view goes far beyond just being negative. Their world view is such that it is distorted to the point of absolute perversion. I place the ages of these little ones in this ad somewhere between four and six. Who, in their right mind can see anything sexual in this picture? Who, in their right mind would even THINK of sex when looking at this picture? You just have to be a truly aberrant personality to further such a suggestion. Yet, Abzug Hoffman, took great issue with this scene claiming that it is "subliminal kiddie porn." Let's take a look into this sick mind of his - I quote:

" The front cover of the the Target Christmas ad that came today in the jewspaper is bad enough - featuring a mulatto girl sitting on a sled with two darkie dolls. Looking inside, I notice all the child models are not wearing traditional Christmasy sweaters, they are all wearing white guru cult outfits. Also, the traditional Christmas red and green colors have been slightly altered to red and apple green. Finally, the back cover features a laughing black boy sticking a carrot into the mouth of a large toy pony. The carrot is the main thing that catches your eye - rudely. The pony just happens to have a long blond mane and a long blond tail, also long eyelashes. The pony's white mouth looks either like butt cheeks or a hairless vagina, depending on which way you turn the page. Yuck! Sitting on the pony's back is a little white, (although poss. with a tinge of brown blood) girl wearing a red cowboy hat and posed in laughing stripper type pose. The carrot would be going right into her puss if she was sitting closer to her black friend. It's aligned -that's the way they do things when they are trying to subliminally influence you. She also has a brush thingie in her hand and is combing the pony's mane as she rides. This brush is positioned right over her own crotch, in masturbation style. At the bottom of the back cover is a green rabbit and some five pointed stars - and an eight pointed snowflake - curious as snow flakes have six points. Maybe this eight points stands for some weird sex cult, as the five pointed star does. Anyway, the whole green graphics thingie is pagany as hell, whatever it is."

Now, this has got to be the work of a very disturbed individual. Who among us would ever even consider a sexual connotation to this ad - subliminal or otherwise?

Hoffman isn't the only sicko, however, to malign this beautifully constructed advertisement. Adamic Man rises to the occasion and encourages Hoffman with this post:

"Also, notice that the girl is looking AT the niglet with a big smile as if enjoying what's being "done" to her....

"....while the niglet is LOOKING AWAY. He's not looking at the girl OR the horse. If you were feeding an animal, wouldn't you be watching your hand?!?

"The psychology behind this is that by looking away, he's not owning up to what he's doing, it's like he's saying, "Who me? Putting my stiff carrot into the vagina of this young white girl as she strokes herself with a brush? I'm innocent...."

"Laugh all you want, but there's a REASON they instructed the niglet to look away. They could have easily had him look at the horse. As 10Bears said, they could have had him holding an apple instead of a big carrot.

"Notice too how the girl's legs are extended and stiffened.





Of course, it's the Jews to blame for all of these horrific ads! Panzerfaust is in total agreement with this noxious distortion of innocence:

"Notice how the negro child is in a thrusting position head back and hips forward. The White girls legs are stiffened and straight her toes are even pointed outwards to exagerate this. You are dead on with this one. he is holding the carrot in such a way that it is way too obvious. classic example of Jews and how the fuck us over."

Screaming that the Jews own most of the world's advertising industry, these maniacal misfits continue to rage over their obviously intentional ploy to encourage race-mixing and sexual abuse by African Americans against white women. Subrosa enters the discussion with this gem:

"If ever there is armed resistance, these fuckers will be on the short short list. It will be required. If think you would enjoy terminating faggots, lesbians, niggerfuckers and jews, this is your area of responsibility."

Well, after wading through two pages of this lunatic psychosis, I can honestly say that anyone who can generate such a deranged perception through viewing a picture of mere children honestly needs to be on our "short list." As a parent, I will be the first to tell you that I would not want anyone who sees what these people see in that picture within thousands of yards of my children.

Hatred poisons and spoils all that it touches. In some ways, I guess we should feel pity for those who cannot find peace within themselves. I guess we should pity them for being unable to enjoy the truly precious things in life without always seeking and searching for a reason to bastardize all that is good and pure and wholesome. Somehow, however, mixed in with that pity is a total sense of revulsion. That there are those who are so vile, so disgustingly heteroclitic, so depraved, and so loathsome as to besmirch the very essence of children and childhood innocence is more than just a little disconcerting to me.

Those of us who have studied the racist extremist know full well that had the picture been of two white children, this discussion would never have come about. The psychosis of paranoia that runs rampant within these groups of individuals has evidenced itself in many different ways. But this has to be the most abhorrent manifestation of this malady that has come our way in a very long time. I cannot help but wonder what else these people do with their time.

I remember Floyd Cochran telling me that when he was on the Aryan Nations compound they would spend hours attempting to determine racial and ethnic origins of each other based on facial characteristics. There are few white power message boards in existence where you cannot find long threads of discussion asking others to look at pictures and decide if the subject is white or not. While this appears to be relatively harmless, though silly, it is much preferable to what we are now witnessing.

Any individual who can look at a picture of young children and conjure up thoughts of a sexual nature, in my opinion, has a very serious and grave problem. When we see that there are others in agreement with such thoughts a red flag should definitely go up. Realizing that there are those so filled with the biliousness of hate that they eradicate the beauty of childhood for their own illogical purposes, should make us hug our children a little tighter tonight - and give thanks that they are safely tucked away from the reach of these monsters.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Hal Turner takes front and center in this COLDSHOT Edition. From his calling for the assassination of public officials to his threat to demonstrate in New York, his nuttiness is explored and and exposed. Why do people continue to support someone of such dubious character and why does he fly below the radar of law enforcement - or does he?

Also more on Ditillio in New Port Richie, Florida as well as what happened when a Nazi infiltrated a Floyd Cochran presentation in Minnesota.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


It took months of investigation and evidence gathering, but the New Port Richie community in the Sunshine State have finally gotten their man. Actually, they had him all the time. John Ditullio has been indicted for the murder of Kristofer King and the attempted murder of Patricia Wells.

We brought you this story as it was unfolding and have been anxiously awaiting a resolution in this heinous crime. Who can forget the pictures of Patricia Wells, her face and arms scarred, bandaged, and bleeding as she told reporters what had transpired in her trailer late one Spring night?

As the racists went into their usual throes of denial, they cried foul and postulated a host of scenarios that did not include the skinhead crew of neo-Nazi's who waged a reign of terror against Wells and her neighbors. Sorry guys - the Grand Jury returned their indictment and the sickening scum-bag that you so wanted to protect is now going down.


Neo-Nazi is indicted in attack
He will face charges in the stabbing of a woman and the killing of her son's 17-year-old friend.
By JAMAL THALJI, Times Staff Writer
Published October 25, 2006

NEW PORT RICHEY - Blood. Honor. Loyalty. Recruits of the Teak Street neo-Nazis wore red T-shirts bearing those words.

John Ditullio wore his as a SWAT team led him out of the group's swastika-covered clubhouse March 23. Authorities were investigating a brutal attack next door: a masked, knife-wielding man broke in, slashing at those inside. Patricia Wells survived. Kristofer King, 17, did not.

In jail, Ditullio told the St. Petersburg Times he was loyal to his fellow white supremacists - then blamed one of them for attacking the neighbors. He said this neo-Nazi even confessed, "I've taken care of them forever."

But now it is Ditullio who stands accused.

A grand jury indicted the 20-year-old New Port Richey man Tuesday after hearing the state's evidence in secret proceedings.

"We are glad that enough evidence was gathered to indict John Ditullio for the murder of ... Kristofer King, and when convicted, may the wrath of God fall upon him," King's family said in a written statement.

The indictment on first-degree murder and attempted murder charges is under seal until the defendant is served in the Pasco County jail.

But Chief Assistant State Attorney Bruce Bartlett confirmed the indictment was against Ditullio, finally putting a name to the mystery surrounding one of Pasco's most infamous crimes.

Wells, 44, and King's mother, Charlene, hadn't seen each other since the attack. Outside the courtroom, they embraced.

"It was very emotional for both of us," Wells said. "I can't fathom the pain she's going through."

Wells said the neo-Nazis had terrorized her ever since she moved in, set off by the fact that she was often visited by a black acquaintance. It appears King, a friend of Wells' son Brandon Wininger, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

King's parents believe Ditullio mistook their son for Wininger. He lives out of state now, still in fear of the Teak Street neo-Nazis. Earlier this month, he and his mother testified in the trial of neo-Nazi leader Brian "Zero" Buckley, who was convicted in an attack on Wells' home days before the murder.

The state has DNA evidence linking Ditullio to the March 23 attack, Bartlett said.

"We indicted the person we feel is responsible," he said.

Ditullio is already charged with aggravated domestic battery, witness tampering and assault for a Feb. 20 attack on his ex-girlfriend at the neo-Nazi clubhouse. Authorities say Ditullio beat her and held a knife to her face. Ditullio is being held without bail at the Pasco County jail.

The American Nazi sect he belonged to was shattered after the stabbing. Four members were arrested. One is now serving a prison term and another, Buckley, awaits sentencing. It's still a group, but its remnants are scattered around Hudson.

"They've been fragmented and they're laying low in individual houses," said Pasco Sheriff's Lt. Robert Sullivan, who leads the intelligence unit.

What's left of the Teak Street neo-Nazis has been laying low since that March day.

"I think they realize we know who they are," Sullivan said, "and we're on top of their movements."

Another account:


Neo-Nazi to represent himself
Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ditullio appeared in court Thursday.
A 20-year-old Neo-Nazi was officially charged with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder Thursday following his indictment on Tuesday.

Still defiant, John Ditullio told the judge he didn't need any legal help and wants to represent himself.

Ditullio is accused of storming into his next-door-neighbor's home in New Port Richey on March 23, stabbing and injuring the homeowner, Patricia Wells, and stabbing to death 17-year-old Kristopher King, a friend of Wells' son.

"He was stabbing me and he finished stabbing me and went after the boy," said Wells.

Griffin Park resident Richard Lopez and others are glad someone is finally charged with the brutal attacks that happened in their neighborhood.

"I hope he loses," said Lopez. "That's what I hope."

The apparent motivation for the attack was Ditullio didn't like the skin
These flags have replaced the Neo-Nazi ones that used to fly over Ditullio's home.
color of Wells' friends and King was mistaken for someone else.

"I'm happy for his (King's) family and all," said Lopez. "He deserves it. It's crazy what they did to that kid."

As his own lawyer, Ditullio will now get to see evidence that was collected for his arrest warrant. That includes a victim's blood on Ditullio's clothing from multiple stab wounds, his DNA on a stocking mask and a beanie found near the gas mask he allegedly used during the crime, and testimony from his fellow Neo-Nazis, pointing to Ditullio as the man who attacked King and Wells.

Ditullio is being held without bond at the Pasco County Jail.