Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas Pornography? The Racist Mindset

If anyone ever doubted that hate poisons all that it touches, all you would have to do to alleviate such doubt would be to read a thread on a Nazi message board. What would it be like to roll out of bed each morning with a heart full of hate? Well, you might find yourself reading the morning paper in a whole different way.

With Halloween behind us, this Sunday's paper hit the doorsteps of millions of Americans heralding the start of the holiday season with advertisements for gifts, and of course, the latest toys. A lot of us probably groaned at the thought that Christmas is just around the corner, while others are anxiously anticipating the yuletide and all the beauty that it brings. If you are a Nazi, however, the most important part of all of this is whether it is going to be a white Christmas - and I'm not talking about snow.

Proof positive that racists can taint, tarnish, and utterly ruin the most innocent and beautiful scenes can be found in the despicable and decadent discussion surrounding a toy advertisement from Target that came in this Sunday's paper. What I am going to report in the rest of this rant is definitely "R" rated and is not meant for the very young, or the easily offended.

The picture on the back of Target's toy catalog is of a very young boy and girl and a toy horse set in front of pretty white Christmas trees and upon a blanket of artificial snow. The little boy is feeding the horse a carrot while the girl is astride the horse brushing its' flowing mane. The thing that struck me first about the ad was the beautiful cherub-like smiles on their faces and the wonderful innocence of childhood. But, the Nazi's over on VNN, saw something entirely different.

You see, their world view goes far beyond just being negative. Their world view is such that it is distorted to the point of absolute perversion. I place the ages of these little ones in this ad somewhere between four and six. Who, in their right mind can see anything sexual in this picture? Who, in their right mind would even THINK of sex when looking at this picture? You just have to be a truly aberrant personality to further such a suggestion. Yet, Abzug Hoffman, took great issue with this scene claiming that it is "subliminal kiddie porn." Let's take a look into this sick mind of his - I quote:

" The front cover of the the Target Christmas ad that came today in the jewspaper is bad enough - featuring a mulatto girl sitting on a sled with two darkie dolls. Looking inside, I notice all the child models are not wearing traditional Christmasy sweaters, they are all wearing white guru cult outfits. Also, the traditional Christmas red and green colors have been slightly altered to red and apple green. Finally, the back cover features a laughing black boy sticking a carrot into the mouth of a large toy pony. The carrot is the main thing that catches your eye - rudely. The pony just happens to have a long blond mane and a long blond tail, also long eyelashes. The pony's white mouth looks either like butt cheeks or a hairless vagina, depending on which way you turn the page. Yuck! Sitting on the pony's back is a little white, (although poss. with a tinge of brown blood) girl wearing a red cowboy hat and posed in laughing stripper type pose. The carrot would be going right into her puss if she was sitting closer to her black friend. It's aligned -that's the way they do things when they are trying to subliminally influence you. She also has a brush thingie in her hand and is combing the pony's mane as she rides. This brush is positioned right over her own crotch, in masturbation style. At the bottom of the back cover is a green rabbit and some five pointed stars - and an eight pointed snowflake - curious as snow flakes have six points. Maybe this eight points stands for some weird sex cult, as the five pointed star does. Anyway, the whole green graphics thingie is pagany as hell, whatever it is."

Now, this has got to be the work of a very disturbed individual. Who among us would ever even consider a sexual connotation to this ad - subliminal or otherwise?

Hoffman isn't the only sicko, however, to malign this beautifully constructed advertisement. Adamic Man rises to the occasion and encourages Hoffman with this post:

"Also, notice that the girl is looking AT the niglet with a big smile as if enjoying what's being "done" to her....

"....while the niglet is LOOKING AWAY. He's not looking at the girl OR the horse. If you were feeding an animal, wouldn't you be watching your hand?!?

"The psychology behind this is that by looking away, he's not owning up to what he's doing, it's like he's saying, "Who me? Putting my stiff carrot into the vagina of this young white girl as she strokes herself with a brush? I'm innocent...."

"Laugh all you want, but there's a REASON they instructed the niglet to look away. They could have easily had him look at the horse. As 10Bears said, they could have had him holding an apple instead of a big carrot.

"Notice too how the girl's legs are extended and stiffened.





Of course, it's the Jews to blame for all of these horrific ads! Panzerfaust is in total agreement with this noxious distortion of innocence:

"Notice how the negro child is in a thrusting position head back and hips forward. The White girls legs are stiffened and straight her toes are even pointed outwards to exagerate this. You are dead on with this one. he is holding the carrot in such a way that it is way too obvious. classic example of Jews and how the fuck us over."

Screaming that the Jews own most of the world's advertising industry, these maniacal misfits continue to rage over their obviously intentional ploy to encourage race-mixing and sexual abuse by African Americans against white women. Subrosa enters the discussion with this gem:

"If ever there is armed resistance, these fuckers will be on the short short list. It will be required. If think you would enjoy terminating faggots, lesbians, niggerfuckers and jews, this is your area of responsibility."

Well, after wading through two pages of this lunatic psychosis, I can honestly say that anyone who can generate such a deranged perception through viewing a picture of mere children honestly needs to be on our "short list." As a parent, I will be the first to tell you that I would not want anyone who sees what these people see in that picture within thousands of yards of my children.

Hatred poisons and spoils all that it touches. In some ways, I guess we should feel pity for those who cannot find peace within themselves. I guess we should pity them for being unable to enjoy the truly precious things in life without always seeking and searching for a reason to bastardize all that is good and pure and wholesome. Somehow, however, mixed in with that pity is a total sense of revulsion. That there are those who are so vile, so disgustingly heteroclitic, so depraved, and so loathsome as to besmirch the very essence of children and childhood innocence is more than just a little disconcerting to me.

Those of us who have studied the racist extremist know full well that had the picture been of two white children, this discussion would never have come about. The psychosis of paranoia that runs rampant within these groups of individuals has evidenced itself in many different ways. But this has to be the most abhorrent manifestation of this malady that has come our way in a very long time. I cannot help but wonder what else these people do with their time.

I remember Floyd Cochran telling me that when he was on the Aryan Nations compound they would spend hours attempting to determine racial and ethnic origins of each other based on facial characteristics. There are few white power message boards in existence where you cannot find long threads of discussion asking others to look at pictures and decide if the subject is white or not. While this appears to be relatively harmless, though silly, it is much preferable to what we are now witnessing.

Any individual who can look at a picture of young children and conjure up thoughts of a sexual nature, in my opinion, has a very serious and grave problem. When we see that there are others in agreement with such thoughts a red flag should definitely go up. Realizing that there are those so filled with the biliousness of hate that they eradicate the beauty of childhood for their own illogical purposes, should make us hug our children a little tighter tonight - and give thanks that they are safely tucked away from the reach of these monsters.


  1. OMG These people are even more disturbed than I thought! Simply mind boggling!

  2. Mental illness fuels the white supremacy mindset. As long as mental illness is around, you are going to have racist.

  3. To be a Racist is not Mental Illness. It is real intelligence. Not being able to see what the Turd World Savages are doing to our country, society & culture is Retardation.

  4. Steve just upset that most blacks outperform him in every measurable way. From intelligence to wealth to work habits.

    Steve hates blacks out of jealousy.

    Steve hates gays out of self-hatred.

  5. Now Steve will hit F5 every minute for the next 3 days to follow this blog.

  6. Well the Democrats have taken back control of the House.

  7. No KIKE, you're wrong as usual. I'm not jealous of smelly nasty Coons. I don't have the desire to speak spook Ebonics. I have more intelligence in one of my Asshole hairs than the smartest Coon.

    And no, I don't hate happy people, but I sure as Hell hate the filthy Sodomite Faggots.

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  8. Someone speaking Ebonics comes across a lot more intelligence than you do. I think anyone can see this.

    And Steve, are you saying that you love gay people?

  9. And Steve unlike you, I work for a living so I don't have to monitor and post on here 24 hours a day like. Trying to pay off this 500k house in 5 years.

  10. KIKE, our definition of the word "gay" greatly differs. I learned in school means normal straight happy people. I can't help it because the Sodomite Faggots chose the word to try to make their Faggotry not sound as sick and vile as it really is. I would never use a good word to mean sicko's. I never call these pukes Gay. I only call them the Sodomites, Faggots, Queers that they are.

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  12. Let's see, Steve uses multiple profanities in every single post but yet claims he is far more intelligent. I don't think so.

    The reason Steve uses profanities all the time is he is too stupid to use correct English to express his thoughts.

    It's not his fault though, God gave him Cerebral Palsy which accounts for his mental retardation which he draws a social security check for.

    However, even with Steve's mental disability, that doesn't excuse his racism. His racism is due to jealousy.

    So answer the question,


    It's a yes or no. Don't worry about my definition, just answer the question using yours.

  13. Give it up Harry. You can't have a rational debate with someone with the mindset of a gnat.

  14. Ok KIKE. I hate Faggots with a purple passion. They are nasty. They are an abomination in God's eyes.

    I am Racist because I am sick & tired of the violent behavior & etc of Coons & other Shit skin Mongrels. Why would any sane person be jealous of Savages?

    I use profanity because I choose to. It stresses how serious I am about the things that I say.

    You keep calling me Mentally ill. How could in Hell could I have worked 25+ years in the public and over 10 yrs of safe school bus driving. FuckTards don't do the jobs that I did.

    Being Racist does NOT mean one is FuckTarded.

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    Give it up Harry. You can't have a rational debate with someone with the mindset of a gnat.

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    So that refutes your lame argument about hating blacks because they commit more crime. That isn't the case. And with your family history of crime, I wouldn't brag about crime statistics.

    And Answer the question.

    ( ) YES ( ) NO


    Unit 9a,

    Agreed. Arguing with the chicken hawk is like arguing with a wall.

  17. And there goes Steve, bringing up sex organs into the conversation.

    Like I said, mentally retarded & well below human standards.

    I hawks like Steve like to cuss and talk about sex organs so much is that educators and school aged kids use sites like this to educate people about racism. Steve is trying to introduce under aged kids to the world of sex.

  18. Dickheaded KIKE, You have my answer about Faggots.

    The FBI statisics say that Niggers commit far crime than Whites, and that's good enough for your Great Hero.

    Good night KIKE. I'm going to bed. Don't let your Hag catch you in the bed with Lee Roy.

  19. Elmer just validated everything Harry has been saying about him tonight.

  20. I'm talking only about GAY people.

    So answer the question using your own definition.

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  21. Schwartzo said...
    And there goes Steve, bringing up Dicks into the conversation.

    I pointed out the Faggot truth about him since he decided to run his hole about me.

  22. Harry,

    Stop baiting him.

    Go to #peacelove on IRC.

  23. Bill White even mentioned on his message board that Michael Blevins is severely mentally ill

    Between you and Mike Blevins we could start a therapy group.

    I don't think anyone has any particularly strong objections to your
    views, and, at this point, with us being short on state leaders, the
    only thing needed for your appointment to a state leadership
    position is my say so. The only reason I attempted to poll the
    group on Derek Reis is to make sure there was no serious objection
    based upon some of the things that had been said about him during
    his time in the NSM.

    The main thing keeping you from being an effective leader is your
    own depressed and negative view of the world. You keep seeing
    failure and keep seeing people rejecting you. This is not healthy,
    and it makes it very difficult for you to succeed.

    If you want to try your hand at organizing the State of Kentucky, I
    think you should. I also think that doing so might help you develop
    a more healthy outlook on life.

    Blevins wasn't too pleased

    Got to admit, Bill does have a sense of humor at times.

  24. I don't really think what we're seeing here is of an intended sexual nature. I've read about ads that do attempt to tap into someone's sexual mind through mildly suggestive images. Who knows, huh? I doubt even an obviously jewish ad putting two kids of opposite races together would also try to intentionally add something sexual to it. Jewish pedofillia is as old as the talmud and jewish nation wrecking is as old as the jews themselves, but still, I think VNN is grabbing for more straws than is offered, as usual.

    I think all you have here is the typical, "where's the white boy?" ad that you see everywhere when you have adds concerning children. That part is easy to notice. White male children, just remember, potentially could grow up to be white male adults, like me and therefore a danger to the propaganda machine. Look around. No one needs to log on to a white power message board to figure all that out.

    I think the real danger to you people is the simple fact that White America and White Europe don't need to receive any information from a pro-white group, in any form, to know there are huge problems. Most are figuring out who is responsible. There are 3 choices: not care, surround yourself with excuses and diversions, fight or be a coward of the worst degree and join the side the other side (surely they'll win--tv said they would).

  25. How any grown man can look at this ad and even think about the kind of things that have been discussed on VNN is just mind boggling.

    If they had gone off the deep end and been lamenting the lack of white kids in the ads I would have probably laughed about it and just considered the source.

    What kind of mind can look at this and see those things? Bullshit - those who do are just sick.

  26. Drake! I am going to pull down those black trousers and give that Nazi butt a whoppin!


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