Saturday, November 25, 2006

Keystone State Skinheads Attack DLJ

A Nikki & Floyd Alert

This bag of garbage is Keith Carney of the Keystone State Skinheads. He has been in and out of jail so many times it has become a joke. Tonight, Carney and about nine other skins jumped Daryle Lamont Jenkins after a punk rock concert in Willmington, Deleware. Details are pretty sketchy right now, however, DLJ is reported to be okay. takes 10 to beat up one man? How is that any different than the Bloods or the Crips or the Latin Kings? Where is the honor in that? If nothing else, we now know that these losers are about as tough as a bowl of oatmeal.

We will post more details as they come in.


  1. How horrible, I'm glad he is going to be okay.

    Hal Turner, Bill White and other nazi's will be gloating in the morning and bragging that they ordered the attack.

  2. LOL! Let them! If they want to be a part of this, maybe I can sue their asses out of existance!

  3. Daryl seems to gloat when ARA gangs up on ONE of our people. He drools when someone on our side gets a "beatdown."

    Anyway, I think the good book says something about people that live by the sword shall ....

  4. You gotta wonder why he was at a punk rock concert. I thought they are usually Whites oriented. He shouldn't have been there like Whites should avoid Rap Crap concerts.

  5. Music is universal, even punk rock.
    It's the hatecore bullcrap that everybody needs to avoid.

    Besides, it looks like Keith Carney got his head cracked.

  6. He got his head cracked? Prove it.

    Sounds like Daryl ended up worse for wear on this thing.

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  7. Sorry to disappoint ya Vonnie, but I am just fine. They won't try that shit again, I bet.

    And why wouldn't I go to a punk show? I have been in the scene for 15 years!

  8. Vonbluvens quoted:
    Anyway, I think the good book says something about people that live by the sword shall...

    Incorrect Vonbluvens. The good book does not say that. Try reading it instead of relying on movie quotes.

    You should be listening to what the bible says about hate & about Jews then following what it says.

    Music is universal and is established in all cultures from Africa to Asia to Europe to America. The earliest evidence of humans using music comes out of Africa. Even the unborn reacts to music inside the womb. Music is a big part of the Bible and most of the Psalms were written to music.

  9. Sounds like Jenkins got what he deserved. Anyone got any photos?

  10. The real Daryle Lamont Jenkins gives his version what happened.

    Daryle Lamont Jenkins

    Karma: +22/-3

    Posts: 716

    Statement on tonight's incident
    « on: Today at 05:22:19 AM »

    I figure I had best let people know what went down tonight (11/25) before everyone else puts their spin on everything. Yes, it is true that me an a few friends of mine were attacked by members of Keystone State “Skinheads” in Wilmington, Delaware just before a oi! show that was taking place that evening. Everyone is okay, although we did take some hits. None of us had suffered any real damage, the same of which cannot be said of at least one of the boneheads who was a part of the incident. And yes, we did see Keith Carney at the club with a few other boneheads sporting KSS patches. We also know one of them to be a guy named “Joel” because his dumbass friend actually said his name during a conversation with me standing there. They all left the club when they saw us, and we knew they were going to come back with more folks. We were asked to leave to ease some of the apparent tension that started to build. and it was as we were leaving that things happened.

    Again, everyone that I was with are okay. So much so, that afterwards we just went into Philly to chill with some folks! It isn’t like I am laying up in a hospital somewhere, nor does this mean that things scale back either. In fact, let me let folks in on a little secret: I have been living in Philly for some time now, and I moved there because I needed to deal with this crowd a bit more effectively. Needless to say, that became all the more apparent tonight, and things may get even more dicier as things go from here.

    The other thing that is curious to us is the fact that the One People’s Project site is down. It wasn’t when I left for the show, so I will look into it and see what might have been the problem.

    I want to thank everyone who has expressed concern and their well-wishes to me and my friends. It is very much so appreciated. I also want to ask everyone to keep their heads about themselves. If things are going to move forward from here, being reckless is not going to be the best approach. We will keep pressing on with our work, and with what has to be done. And sure as God is my witness, there will be an endgame to all that OPP has been doing over the past six years. Peace Be Unto You


    Daryle Lamont Jenkins
    One People’s Project

  11. Isn't it funny that Vonbluvens is gloating about this all over the internet. He seems to be really excited about this. I know, it's the mental illness that causes Vonbluvens to be like this.

    But yet when you mention his name with "baseball bats" in Nimbusters, Vonbluvens goes crying to the Sarasota police department. Maybe if someone did crack Vonbluvens skull with a baseball bat, he wouldn't be bragging so much about others getting assaulted.

    Like you said Vonbluvens... If you live by the sword.......

  12. Schwartzo the Great Lamp Shade Liar, Chris Drake called you out in the previous story, but as usual you tucked your Chicken Shit ass and ran.

  13. Being called out by someone with an extensive arrest record in Aiken County SC like Chris Drake means nothing.

    Steve, I've been doing some reading about people with mental retardation caused by cerebral palsy. That makes me understand a little bit why you are actually getting less intelligent as you get older. It's an effect that cerebral palsy has on people in their 40s. Not only do their motor skills diminish but their mental status also.

    I feel sorry for those who do have cerebral palsy but that doesn't excuse Steve Holsten from his racism and hating of gays. But like I said, I think Steve is a racist out of jealousy for blacks and hates gays out of self-hatred. Steve has posted 1,000s of gay porn all over NIM Busters for years.

  14. Well, the spin doctoring has begun just as we knew that it would. What an abysmal life these people live.

  15. Well this thread certainly confirms that nazis are very violent.

  16. I don't see any spin at all Nikki. They are all proud of violence when it happens. Except when it happens to them.

  17. Unit 9: of course it is in the bible-

    When Judas had betrayed Jesus and a crowd came up to arrest Him, the Apostle Peter drew a sword and attacked one of the guards. Mt 26:52 records, "Jesus said to him, 'Put your sword back in its place, for all those who take up the sword perish by the sword."

  18. I am not advocating anything. I am just observing the irony of someone that advocates violence against us gets a dose of that same violence.

  19. Schwartz, you are lying AGAIN! You threatened me and you were too much of a coward to make good that threat.

    I never called the police on you...I patiently awaited for your arrival here.

  20. I knew Schwartzo would Pussy out on Chris Drake. I predicted it and I was right.

    KIKE Schwartzo, you tell so many lies that you actually believe the ones you tell. How many public schools do you think would hire someone who was retarded to drive school busses? You know the answer is none. This is your latest effort to put me down. Anyone with an inkling of common sense knows that I'm far from retarded.

    The real jealousy factor is you being jealous of my Greatness. I'm sure not jealous of anything black, smelly, ape like with Brillo pad hair.

    You have also been told that I don't hate gay folk (Gay meaning happy people). I hate Sodomite Faggots.

    Sorry Schwartzo, but you will never achieve my high level of Greatness. It's not in you.

  21. I wont be suprised if we dont get some copy cats and see a whole lot of you anti-racists getting the shit knocked outta ya.

  22. Blevins.
    I've never threatened to beat the hell out of you with a baseball bat. Although I do think it would maybe knock some sense into you. Now if I weren't married with a child and a new mortgage..I might change my mind. And remember this, Jesus was Jewish. Of course, you're not a Christian so that should be no concern to you.

    Again the resident retard thinks he is full of greatness. Steve is simply jealous that most blacks outperform in intelligence, living standard, and education. Holsten never even finished the 11th grade. Most blacks have more education than Holsten. And you make my point, Holsten, you got fired from your bus driving job. Like I said, you are getting more mentally disabled as you get older.

    And Steve thinks that it is the 13 year old girls fault for enticing adult men into having sex with them. Typical pedophile thinking

  23. Funny Vonbluvens, you know I now live 1,000 miles from Sarasota and suddenly, you are inviting me to visit you. You were a few months crying to the Sarasota Police and a years earlier, crying to the Roanoke police when you were living at the halfway house there.

    Just curious Blevins, how much money did your actions cost your wife's daycare business when those two people left it? $2,000?? $3,000??? Maybe someone should use their 1st amendment rights and start protesting in front of the house you live in now. That last time that happened, you had diarrhea for four months and resigned yourself from the "movement"

    Chris Drake just did the same thing, waits until I am out of South Carolina, then starts his threats.

    I live virtually yards from the "Keystone state". I think I've got some work to do.

  24. KIKE Schwartzo goes for the low blow. I never said it is a 13 yr old's fault. Yes, I say that these Internet stings are Bullshit because there is no underage kids. I renamed the Dateline series "Enticed & Entrapped. Good guy's lives & their families are being destroyed over nothing. There is never any physical contact in these busts. I say the guy should have pull off his clothes & etc to show the full intent.

    You still say I'm jealous of filthy Assed Coons. You are so wrong. I have more intelligence in one of my Asshole hairs than the so-called smartest Coon.

    I wish to thank Mr. Hal Turner for setting up DLJ's Ass Whoopin' Hal is the man...

  25. Oh, Hal is saying that now? Cool! What a predictable fuck!

    Oh and Vonnie?
    "I am not advocating anything. I am just observing the irony of someone that advocates violence against us gets a dose of that same violence. "

    You must not be talking about me. I never advocated violence. The only one that's doing that is you it seems! Of course, you will do it from your computer.

    14phil88: Considering how KSS fared, I don't think they would want copycats

  26. Yes Schwartzo, I asked that my name to show up as green on Nimbusters since there are no logon requirements to stop Imposters posting with my name. Some Turds were using my name to post sic & vile Bullshit. They are like you in that they want to be me.

  27. Harry, you're a liar and thats that. If you had secret emails saying I quit the NSM or you had access to my make-believe criminal record, you'd post it all somewhere as soon as you had it. Like most jews, that is if you are a real jew, you overplay your hand. Everyone, including your own people, knows you are full of shit. Find my crimnal record and post it. Assualt and drugs, right? Thats your story, right? Stick to it and post the info.

  28. Harry F Schwartzo said...

    Being called out by someone with an extensive arrest record in Aiken County SC like Chris Drake means nothing.

    This proves that Schwartzo has lied again as he has nothing on Chris Drake. Otherwise he'd be posting it and Schwartzo would be gloating all over the place. He'll spew a bunch of Bullshit lies and then Shit all over himself when he's called out on it.

    Schwartzo loses another round...

  29. Punk rock is neither white nor black, Jewish, Latino, or geared to ANY specific race at all...

    The Ramones were fronted by a Jewish guy.
    Bad Brains are an all-black hardcore band.
    NOFX is made up of two Jewish guys, an Hispanic, and a white trash dude (or was last time I checked).

    One of the best bands from Indiana , CHIN, were fronted by a black guy.

    Hardcore is for everyone.

    Hope DLJ got a few good punches in.


  30. PS:

    Skinheads are dickless assholes. Nine against one is so fucking typical of them. They rat pack anyone that rubs them the wrong way. Or anyone they perceive as weaker.

    Most of them are nothing but cowardly fucking cunts with jailhouse manners and shitty tattoos.

  31. Harry,

    I'm having a ball with you right now, my friend. I just cruised over to Nimbusters on a tip from a good friend of mine (an actual friend whom I've met in person--:)). So let me get this straight for the viewers at home:

    I was in high school during 1997.
    (I'm 32--I was well out of college by then)

    I attended North Augusta High School.
    (Wrong again. Waaaayyy off. High School attendance is pretty much public info too).

    I have used and/or been arrested for drugs.
    (once again, put the information out there if you've got it. Since it never happened, you don't and you're lying as usual, except this time, called out in public)

    I've been convicted of assault. (Put the info on the web or can it).

    I live with my mom whose name you know. (Thats going to be a good one there. I have more than one address and trust me, my mom doesn't live at either one even though I wish she did.)

    You've got my "Aiken County arrest record." (Thats the best one of them all since everyone who has dealt with you knows you'd have posted it everywhere if you had so much as a traffic ticket of mine).

    So what do you have, Harry? Nothing but hatred-induced lies. You've got me being a criminal who lives with his mom in Aiken, SC. Whats funny is how many of my comrades read this blog and read what you write about me. Why not come up with something someone can't prove or disprove? Come on, learn from more effective jews. You can't make it against the law for anyone to find out the truth, so you have to make up something no one can accurately check out. You make up stuff that is easily disproven. Anyone want to do a criminal background check on me? I'll pay for it as long as you post it--that goes for Nikki, DLJ--anybody. Please, be my guest in making king-secret-police-jew-wannabe-NKVD look more stupid.

  32. Where in the hell does punk rock come in to all of this??

    And borg, what planet are you from, no pun intended?? You are bashing people for double teaming antis?? Antis???? Give me a break. They brag about it like its somehow better to fight people that way. The only reason half those kids are anti-white is because they think they have more numbers behind them that way. I tell you what, I'll do you a favor.
    Go to and read all the gloating past articles about them beating people 20 to one or whatever and even double teaming with weapons, beating someone to death. Go read all of that and pretend they are the self-appointed good guys. Pretend they are all white people, and not self hating white people either. They are absolutely no better than the most trashy skinhead crew out there (in other words no better than securing-a-future). Someone, not afraid of law enforcement for a change, finally caught up with them and knocked them around a little bit. Now tuff guy wants to sue people... ...these are the people who got punched or whatever.

  33. Yup, Chris, you are right about the pot calling the kettle black when Antis cry about being teamed up make several good points about this on last night's show.

  34. Being a loud-mouth Nigger has its consequences. Sorry, had to say it. lol

  35. Yeah, well I was on the punk rock scene in Indianapolis for several years, and most of the people being beat up by skinheads were white people.

    Didn't matter if they were Antis, or just plain hojoes minding their own business. Skinheads ALWAYS started the shit first, and more than once got beat at their own games.

    Hell, a good friend of mine who is anything but an Anti got drenched with a cola at an Agent Orange gig by some skinheaded fuck who thought he would "mess with the old hippy dude". When my friend turned around and beat his ass to the ground, he wasn't laughing so hard anymore.

    What a bunch of pathetic wannabe cracker-assed shitheels.

    Like good 'ol Charley Manson says, "All these (WP) motherfuckers marching around pretending there something else better step the fuck back in line. I'm tired of this bullshit, you dig?"


  36. Chris Dake:

    What do you think of Bill White suing the NSM?

    And are you still a member of the NSM?

  37. Whose better? I think we are in a lot of ways but in a great deal of ways---we're worse!! Would blacks or jews hand their country over to alien outsiders? Fuck no! BTW, you just quoted Charles Manson. I don't know if you noticed that you did are not. Now their's a good example of a non-violent anti-racist!

    As far as punk rock goes, if America wasn't a fat country full of rich kids, you wouldn't have anything like that. thats a subculture thats going somewhere.

  38. Von - I listened to your show and was amused. All of this talk about people putting other people's personal info out there on the web makes me wonder how you can be okay with Hal Turner - or Bill White, for that matter. Or is it just WN's whose info being posted you object to?

  39. Again, you are making many assumptions...or maybe you do it on purpose. Do "I" publish personal info on people? That is the question you should be asking.

    I do understand why people display personal info especially when DLJ has been doing it for years. What is good for the goose is appropriate for the gander I suppose.

  40. Vonbluvens: Let me try this again, dipshit

    I AM OKAY! IT WAS KSS THAT GOT FUCKED UP! It's not to say that I didn't take some hits, but they got the worse of it. Eh, why don't you ask them? Oh yeah, that's right. They are laying low!

    I am not, however.

  41. If they got beat up, they wouldn't be laying low. If you weren't part of the system, like you are, things would be different on your end too.

  42. Fine, let them tell their side of the story. So far all you know is what I tell you...


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