Wednesday, November 29, 2006


In the latest Eye On Hate broadcast, Floyd Cochran explores European Nazi's and the alarming trend as well as Michael Richards' rant.



  1. Some technical advice:

    That music playing in the background detracts from the message.

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  3. hello Mike - thanks for your comment and opinion.

    I thought the same thing when I was putting the program together, if the background music was a help or distraction - I will wait and see how others respond.

    again Thank

  4. Hey, we got Floyd on this time! Actually, I think the music would be a good thing if it was in sort of in and out and more beatnic. Seriously, you know, like Radio-Free-Maine or whatever that show was.

    In any case, I get a kick out of y'alls shows. They have gotten better and no matter what you think, they sound like border-line pro-white infomercials. You can say we want to kill and consume babies or whatever, still if you talk about our points and activities, you're selling us, not you. But what can you do? You want to crow out to the world about what horrible people we all are but you have to say why you think so.

    At the same time, we all share a secret truth. We all know that you can't trust white people with the truth. I know it, you know it. If everyone heard what we said--our spin on it--you'd lose--quickly. You also know that you're a cancerous giant. We know this as well. The worse things get, the more we win. The more you win, the worse things get. It gets harder and harder to get people to listen to you when the white world is getting more brown. Its just the opposite for us.

    Someone said something this weekend that made oh-so much sense in the flavor of common sense. "Why be a thug when you're not getting paid? Blacks aren't even that dumb." I offer this advice to you all here today. What will you ever profit from the complete destruction of the white world? The jews win, you lose just like us should that ever happen. Our fate will be yours.

    Ever felt used by someone in the movement? Ever felt you traded in years of your life for nothing? If any of you do, I have only this to say: life sucess is life sucess. Lack of is just the opposite. In anycase, nothing is better than the screwed up world you all are helping your jewish masters secure, not for all people, but for themselves. Zero is better than any negative.

    In closing, this white world is not yours to give away anymore is it the jew's to own. All I know is that its mine to defend.

  5. I've got to agree with the nazi about the music in the background. Good show otherwise.

    Now to something irrevelant but yet very amusing and that was Bill White getting his ass kicked in court this monday by a former tenant.

    Bill White said that everyone who testified against him in court that day was a prostitute or a drug user.

    Maybe I'm getting old but I thought Bill White said he cleared the whole neighborhood from that sort of element.

    Bill White lost the court case.

    And finally the two questions for Chris Drake that he ignored on the last article.

    Chris Drake:

    What do you think of Bill White suing the NSM?

    And are you still a member of the NSM?

  6. And a few more questios. All other nazis in here can answer them.

    How exactly are you defending this world for white people?

    And can you show some of your successes or gains? Like perhaps a nazi being elected to public office or laws being changed to help out nazis?

    Sounds like to me you are losing & not even putting up a fight.

  7. I'll field this one, bros.

    First off, I'm truely not sure why Bill White is suing the NSM. I think it hurts him a lot more than it hurts them.

    How are we defending the world for white people? Thats pretty simple. Lots of people have this big dreams and hopes and sometimes get lost in the moment of what they are doing. Sometimes they think they are farther ahead than they are. Progress and sucess aren't the same thing. Some folks say "we're defending the white race" when all they are doing is taking up for it in a verbal sense. They are defending the idea of a white race, not the race itself.

    What I'm about to say will probably make me very unpopular with some folks. Almost nobody is defending the white race, even in the movement. Defending means pysically defending. I'm not talking about sticking up for your people, but actually passing out life-jackets to everybody and roping yourself to the helm. Plenty of people are willing to do whatever it is that needs to be done, there's no shortage of that. What there isn't much of is positive steps in realistic directions. Step 2 isn't step 10. Its not step 1 either though.

    As far as positive change goes, I think the loin's share of positive change points goes to the NSM. Some folks might not be quick to see it but I see it as being probably the most sucessful group to have hit the streets since Rockwell. I'm not talking about just sucessful in a NS sense, but in a pro-white revolutionary since. First, they got out in the streets and proved once again that boots in the streets make things happen. The press took note. Second, they showed the growth of the jew's worst fear: a united front of whites who know the score and aren't afraid to even dress as their 20th century boogie-men. Trust me, you wouldn't have had a group like the NSM and as big as the NSM in the early 90's. The NSM was for all it was and still is, was proof that people are getting ready for anti-jewish revolution. The NSM also created a middle ground that used to be the highest you could get on the white-power scale. The anti-white crowd was unsuccessful in continuing to hold up a picture of the NSM and the movement as whole, as being freaks and weaklings. Their failure was a lot of the NSM's success right there. Not every white would entertain the idea of putting on an armband and taking to the street, but after the NSM, many certainly entertained the idea of their own personal mental little revolution. The sucess there can't be measured. I knew plenty of folks who had a lot more faith in at least the balls of white people, wheather agreed with the NSM or not. The anti-white movement has for too long been the poster-boy for the image of whites in America. Simply being there with "forbidden" symbols embolded a lot of folks to maybe not start thinking radical but thinking white.

    As far as public office and that sort of thing, I, realistically, feel this is in the near future, but in the future none the same. I think ironically, the NSM gives groups like Nat Van and Euro a better chance than before at being elected. Like I said, the NSM created a middle ground that wasn't there before. I think they scared a lot of people off the fence as well.

    I'd say the last thing the NSM deserves credit for is that it taught White Nationalist in general not to be shy. They showed the reds to be a paper tiger run on fear and directed by a lot of self-appointed secret-police wannabees. They showed there wasn't anything to really be afraid of. You could go to the extreme of wearing forbidden symbols in public and saying forbidden things and nothing negative would happen to you. On top of that they figured out that the reds doing their worst was nothing a handful of whites couldn't deal with. In short, the anti-white crowd (the ARA and such) were shown to no longer be players in who gets to say what about whites in the streets. As we know, it all begins there. Whites also began to find out that prison wasn't at the end of every pro-white path. There were still lots of ways to get the job done legally but also be over the top.

    In closing, I think whites don't feel outnumbered anymore. I'd pleases me to see groups now in competition with the NSM to see who can be the bravest in public. Its all about who can go anywhere and speak their piece the loudest. As the reds daydream of physical harm coming to these groups, they are finding more and more that the general public, even non-whites, aren't as on-board with them as they have traditionally thought. Needless to say, I hope 50 groups sping up and try to race to the White House, bad mouthing and jabbing each other the entire way. Its street politics, but its politics.


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