Saturday, November 11, 2006


In this latest Coldshot - we are definitely talking subzero. Nicole takes on a high school coach and state athletic official for things said and not said; the City of Los Angeles Fire Department; Glenn Miller's run for Congress and those who support him; and Michael Blevins' new bid for notoriety.



  1. Did you see those photos of the 5'2 inch Justin Boyer standing by himself in Ohio?

    ROTFL! on the handwritten one..

    And the other one, who knows what it said because it was obviously photo shopped.

  2. He's big enough to kick your little scrawney ass.

  3. Almost makes you feel sorry for Bill and ANuSWiPe.


  4. Elmer said...
    "He's big enough to kick your little scrawney ass."

    Wrong, Steve - the only ass he kicks belongs to the female gender. He's good at beating up on women.

  5. If Bill White was a stock and you bought it in the fall of 2005, you would have lost 90 percent of your money. He is equal to junk bond status now.

    Also, showing up at a small town county courthouse on a Sunday? That sure does draw up a crowd doesn't it?

  6. No one ever said they were smart! LOL! He is the kiss of death - even to himself!

  7. Just saw on Nimbusters where Bill White as appointed K Michael Schneider as the head of his Maine unit.

    Of course, Bill just put his name up and pointed to a name of a random town because no one has had contact with Schneider in months.

    But even if Schneider is a legit member, the criminal rate of ANSWP male members remains at 100 percent.

    K Michael Schneider also is a fugitive felon wanted by the City of Roanoke on numerous charges.

    But let's review the other male members of Anus Wipe

    Bill White - convicted of assault/battery, resisting arrest, at least 2 dozen traffic violations, and numerous other arrest in MD and VA.

    Justin Boyer - convicted of assault and probably other charges that I haven't gotten around to yet.

    Tim Bland - multiple felony convictions for breaking and entering in Maryland.

    Schneider - assault, fraud, grand theft multiple times, telephone harassment... not including all the fugitive charges he is facing. Along with a severe mental illness history.

    I thought the "commander" was going to run criminal checks on his members and exclude them if they had a history. Oh well, when you are a bottom feeder like ANSWP is, you've got to take what is rejected from the others.

  8. Schwartzo the Loser, Deadbeat, Indigent Jewboy has a lot of free time on his hands to put down the White man. Why don't you post Coon crimes?

  9. Hal Turners outs another Domestic Enemy...


    Federal District Judge Colleen McMahon ruled that the City of Ronkonkoma (Long Island) unlawfully utilized race as a criteria for enforcing loitering laws against illegal aliens. The wetbacks congregate on streets seeking unlawful employment as Day laborers.

    I think any Judge who sides with Illegal Aliens is a TRAITOROUS Domestic Enemy.

    In my opinion, it is the right and duty of Americans to defend America from Domestic Enemies by ANY means necessary, up to and including killing them.

    I advocate hunting down and killing Domestic Enemies.

  10. You know, Steve, I just can't abide someone who does nothing but parrot another person.

    You may not get it - but the vast majority of people in this country would consider the things that Hal Turner says outrageous. Domestic enemies? As I see it the true enemy of America is the domestic terrorist and those who think they are.

    Hal Turner is a pathetic little man with absolutely nothing going for him. He is rejected and laughed at even by his own people. He is nothing more than a hot bag of wind without the guts to do his own dirty work so he counts on the weak-minded and the crazed to follow through. How pathetic is that? He's a slug.

  11. Why should I focus on black crime when white crime is far more common in the United States?

    IN fact, you should worry about your father and your son, both of whom are currently facing criminal charges in Dunklin County Missouri before worrying about the crime of others.

    Then we got you stealing DirecTV and was found guilty in a United States civil court for $10,000 in damages. You even submitted papers to the US court stating you were indigent...

    Seems to me that the Holsten crime rate is much higher than the crime rate for blacks or for whites.

    I'd worry about your own household before you worry about others. In fact, if everyone in the US acted like you HOlsten, the US would be the only country on earth with a negative per capita income.

  12. Ooh, Schwartzo is on the Holsten prowl again. I had better cross my legs again. I must've struck a Schwartzo nerve. I'll bet if the truth were known; my income is twice as much as yours while you lay up and mooch. If more real truth were known, you can bet that Schwartzo and his half breed brood all live in a Coon infested low-rent housing project that is also roach infested and not a half million dollar home that only exists in his dreams.

    You need to take time to look at details before you spew your Bullshit. My Dad is not facing Criminal charges. He is being sued by our silly assed Aunt. Her husband died leaving her alone and she wanted my Dad To take care of things for her. She is 82 yrs old and in a nursing home. We have a cousin who convinced her that Dad was taking advantage of her, and she decided to sue.

    As far as Dickhead-TV goes; I don't count that Bullshit as a bill. Those cases were all a bunch of Bullshit. As I must have said a hundred times before; they'll get more use out of the paperwork by using it to wipe their Asses. Then they can feel like they got something out of it. I'll think about paying it if & when I ever hit a large Powerball.

    As far as Chris being enticed & entrapped; not much will come of out it. Jail time has already been plea-bargained out.

  13. How come no comment by Nikki on the Michael Richards tirade?

  14. Steve is lying again.

    His father is facing criminal charges and even has a public defender. They even went out of state to issue the arrest warrant for his father.

    Steve, they don't issue public defenders for non-criminal charges as you well know by your own experience.

    But Steve just think of this, if Hal Turner were running the country, your son would have been executed already for soliciting sex with an underaged girl on the internet.

    So stop telling lies we can check on here.



    Michael Richards is white and a racist. The major media as covered his racism a million times more than they have covered yours. He's sort of like you except he's not a domestic terrorist who wants blacks and jews dead.

    Oh yea, he also isn't severely mentally ill like you and doesn't survive off government mental disability programs like you.

    And unlike you, Michael Richards apologized for his remarks. You fully meant what you said when you want all jews and all blacks killed.

    There's a huge difference.

  15. Oh yea Blevins,

    Michael Richards isn't jewish. He's a Catholic although now a Free Mason.

    He only played a "jew" on the TV show.

  16. Schwartzo proves himself to be a bigger KIKE with every one of his Bullshit post. Schwartzo seems to have a major comprehension problem. He can't read court records right at all. I'll bet he has adult ADD. That's probably why he can't get or hold a job, and he must mooch off of his family.

    My Dad lives in Paragould, Ark and he was issued a SUMMONS for court. He PAID his lawyer $5000 to handle this case that was brought on by our senile Aunt.

    Schwartzo, you say I'm lying; then paste the Shit spewed lies you're telling. But no, you can't.

    Schwartzo, the ball is in your court. Shit or get off the Fucking pot.

  17. I've got new for you, Harry. Most whites are racist and you can never trust them to be anything less than that. Sure there are some that aren't racist but really, what do you got? You've got some who are bought--they sure loose their place and create awkward situations sometimes, huh? Some who are afriad--they think whites don't have a chance so they flock to what they see as the soon-to-be-winning side. In any language they are called cowards. You have the ones who truely hate other whites--total defectives. Some who make money off the conflict or would starve without it--can you think of any of those types? I sure can! Some hate the pro-white movement for some personal reason--those are few but noisy. So thats what you have: cowards, greedy selfish fucks, horror-story-peddlers and self-hating rejects. Wow, that sure gives your type a lot of room to cast stones at the movement.

  18. Drake!! I'm going to spank that Nazi butt of yours!!

    I've got a switch right here with your name on it!!

  19. So Steve, you're telling us your Dad is paying a lawyer $5,000 to defend himself in court against a criminal accusation that he stole from his own sister (your aunt)???

    Of course, that isn't quite true but even if it was, just shows the criminal behavior of the Holsten's in Dunklin County, MO. Steve is willing to steal and his own father is willing to steal from his own sister.

    I'm sure Chris Drake also will agree with you that having sex with a 14 year old girl as an adult is normal behavior.



    You are hardly one that speaks for white people. 99% of white people spit on neo-nazis like you and you know it. Then look at your beloved NSM that you swore a pledge to defend at all cost, they sure have the support of most white people eh?

  20. Schwartzo's low comprehension skills are still shining brightly. I just remembered Schwartzo's serious retardation when he couldn't distinguish the difference in a civil suit and criminal charges when Directv raped me civilly a couple of years ago. Schwartzo called me a thief, but it's kinda hard to steal something on your own property.

    My Dad is involved in a civil suit and Schwartzo is too freaking stupid to know the difference.

    When I said "our" Aunt; Schwartzo should've had sense enough to know that she is my Great Aunt. My Dad has no sisters.

  21. If you really thought I was lying, Harry, you wouldn't be here. As far as people who are racist versus people who get in the streets like the NSM, there is no comparison. Its like saying guys who are swimming are the only people in the world who know how to swim. You know what kind of scum and cowards come out to oppose us and like I said--you have nothing but the most greedy and cowardly whites.

    This is the age of information, jew. That means everyone has a say no matter how you and Nikki's types like to play junior-KGB-secret-police. This simple fact is that sooner or later everyone will have you figured out. What then? Hell, they might still spit on Nazis, as you say, even though its all a matter of perception and in your case, typical jewish-fantasy! One thing is for sure, while they might not like us, they'll hate you with a murderous passion as a mob instead of individuals.

    So Harry, all that being said, is Mel Gibson a NSM supporter? How about this cat, Richards? Would you ever see them in the streets with us? Ha! Not a chance! Are they racist? Stick to trying to your usual jewish tactic of trying to silence the opposition instead of facing them. You aren't about to win an debate with me and I doubt you'd care to try in public. All the made-up shit on earth can't cover up the solid truth of this world and its situation. Bought men might apologize and recant statements spoken from the heart, but street-trash like me lives from the heart and have no reason to apologize. Its worth $0.00 to us.

  22. Isis, whats with you and spanking lately? What have you been up to anyway?

  23. Schwartzo was outed as a habitual liar about 4 yrs ago. He made several threats against myself and Vonbluvens, and nothing ever came out of them. He's one of those if his lips are moving; then he's lying. He's a blow hard and a keyboard Rambo.

  24. Harry,

    How about this? Harry, you're supposed to be here defending your people, right? Same as I believe, in my mind, I am doing? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Let's fight, Harry, in the only world you fight in, tuff guy.

    With all his friends watching,
    Chris Drake

  25. Drake- you have been a very naughty boy!!

    And you know why!!

  26. Ah, look it this, the little Aiken County criminal meance is getting all flustered.

    You said that you would die for the NSM via an oath but when the time came, you quit them with your tail between your legs out of fear of Bill White.

    Real men stick up for their women & their vows. You decided to shaft your woman in Laurens to hang out with men instead. Maybe that's your preference.

    Don't fear anything from me except if you fail to pay your medical bills, I live in western Maryland now, you're safe to make your empty physical threats over the internet.

  27. The KIKE threatens someone else over medical bills. Watch him Chris, the next thing you know Schwartzo will be threatening you with a court ordered 72 hour mental evaluation. He claims to have the power to do that to anyone.

    Schwartzo ignored my last post where I pointed his serious retardation and his seriously low comprehension skills. He must be off the Tegretol & Ritalin.

  28. Criminal, huh? DO you care to explain what it is you wish I was charged with? And who said I was out of the NSM? And lastly, imbecile, you still don't get that I, myself, wrote the whole story about Gretchin who is actually a dog. You still don't get that, do you? Everyone else did, Harry. As far idol threats go on the internet, pal, thats all your made of. I don't threaten anyone on the internet because I know I'm in cyber-land and it barely brushes reality. Besides, I don't threaten people in the real world either, why would I here? You, speaks a lot for your jewish mind that automatically you expect to be threaten. Thats a bright yellow stripe down your back.

  29. Harry F Schwartz said...
    Oh yea Blevins,

    Michael Richards isn't jewish. He's a Catholic although now a Free Mason.

    He only played a "jew" on the TV show.


    That's not true, Michael Richards is a racist jew.

  30. Sounds like Harry really has the nazis in here all bent out of shape!!! He's got Chris Drake inventing stories about his dog and Elmer Frazier is all upset.

    Just like Pavlov's dogs!!!

    I love it!!!

    You can read a very well referenced story here that Richards is not Jewish. Michael Richards also seems to hate jews.

  31. Rereading some stuff in here.

    So Chris Drake, are you saying that you support the NSM fully against Bill White who is suing them?

    Remember your master reads this forum.

  32. Unit 9,

    Chris Drake went running to the bathroom with diarrhea when the Bill White vs NSM thing started and only now a few months later is he showing his face out of the toilet.

    Chris did quit the NSM (I've got the email) under orders from Bill White because Chris knew if he defended the NSM, Bill White would flood email boxes with information about him. So yes Unit 9a, Chris is scared to death to defend the NSM against Bill White. You don't see Chris defending the NSM against Bill White do you????? Nope.

    Chris is merely a small time criminal from Aiken county with an extensive record for offenses like assault, battery, and drugs. I remember stopping by the Aiken County substation near Langley Pond when we were standing by for a speed boating event there and they were fully aware of Chris being a minor menace, especially when he was younger.

    And as far as Steve getting a mental eval, I said that when I thought he was mentally ill but know I understand he has cerebral palsy which is directly linked to his mental retardation. Steve even said in US court documents that he was indigent and reliant on social security welfare in order to survive. Blevins has had many psych evals as had K Michael Schneider.

    And Warren, Richards publicist said that remark before his record of anti-semitic remarks was made public. Richards is indeed a free-mason, was raised Catholic, and comes from the Mediterranean region of Europe and is not Semitic. Although that has no bearing on what he said even if he was.

  33. You're wrong 9 units of Turd. It brings a smile to my face and does my heart good to point out the the lies of Schwartzo.

    Schwartzo is back tracking like a little bitch now. He said on the old Hal Turner board that had the power to commit anyone, and Von & I were going for 72 hours. He also said that he had access to credit reports, but that's also an all out lie. All Schwartzo the KIKE has is the power of Google just like the rest of us. He's still as full of Shit as a Christmas turkey.

  34. Harry F Schwartz said...
    And Warren, Richards publicist said that remark before his record of anti-semitic remarks was made public. Richards is indeed a free-mason, was raised Catholic, and comes from the Mediterranean region of Europe and is not Semitic. Although that has no bearing on what he said even if he was.


    I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you hadn't heard Richards was a jew, but now you're outright lying.

    Richards hired New York publicist Howard Rubenstein, and the quotes Rubenstein made were a direct response to the allegation that Richards made anti-semitic remarks.

    After speculation led to accusations that Michael Richards made anti-semitic remarks Rubenstein admitted, "He's Jewish. He's not anti-Semitic at all. He was role-playing, he was playing a part. He did use inappropriate language, but he doesn't have any anti-Semitic feelings whatsoever."

    Rubenstein says Richards told him, "I'm not anti-Semitic. I was playing a role and poking fun at the rednecks."

    "He is Jewish," Rubenstein said. "I don't know about what other reports have said. I am his spokesman and I am telling you he is Jewish. You got that directly from me."

    Being a Freemason and joining the Scottish Rite lodge does not mean someone is Scottish. Scottish Rite masonry has altered their references to God to omit the name Jesus Christ and is therefore a preferred choice of jewish masons.
    Anton Levey was another jew that claimed to be of the Scottish Rite. Furthermore, being raised Catholic is not something that alters one's race or ethnicity.

    Richards is an ethnic jew. There are many atheist and secular jews outside of the zionist religion, but they're still jews.

  35. Assault and drugs, huh, Harry? Show me the proof, liar. Post it all right here.

  36. Well Chris, Schwartzo has tucked his tail and ran again. I knew when you called him out that he was as good as gone...

  37. Chris, Schwartz isn't exactly the pillar of truth if you know what I mean.


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