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Vonbluvens - I am thinking of making these a gift to you, but I don't want to offend your fine sense of fashion. As I understand it, they come in red, sky blue, puce, canary yellow, and, of course, basic black. So...which would you prefer?

I just figure that you have been so hard at work lately trying to promote and protect your better half Bill White that you deserve something special - some kind of reward for all the time that you spend on your poor knees.

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Sites are Down

From Eye On Hate Radio, One Peoples Project and Citizens Against Hate -

Hello - its about 2:55pm est Monday Sept. 24 -

Just a short blurb to let everyone know all three of our sites are down, appears we are being DOS attacked - we will be back up shortly.

In the mean time we (OPP,EOH,CAH) will be using our myspace sites and the OPPForum and here on Nikki's Nest, to continue getting information and our message too you.

Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio

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Monday night, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Cold Shot will air. Nicole Nichols will be talking about the current flap surrounding the Republican Party and their refusal to speak to minorities; the tazering of a young man in Florida; Bill White's manic episode; the rally and the Jena 6 - and much more.


Bill White's website just went down,whats up with that ?

Goodmorning - at 6am this morning, I looked at Bill White's website ,at the time it was up, now at 750am - his site is down, wonder if Bill has been arrested or maybe some anonymous person took it down.

I think Bill White stepped into it with his attack on the Jena 6 - time will tell - let hope he gets arrested, convicted.

Floyd - Eye On Hate

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Uh...what part of unacceptable behavior does this man not understand? Being a slumlord and leaching off of those less fortunate than you is a very distasteful thing - but threatening children and encouraging others to lynch the youth known as the Jena 6, is a whole helluva lot more than that. Yes...Roanoke, we DO have a problem.

William Alexander White resides in Roanoke, Virginia and does his dirty deeds on a daily basis. He has been little else than a constant embarrassment to the Star City. When he started a riot in Toledo, the media blared that the Roanoke Nazi was responsible and Roanoke has worked hard to keep its' image of a beautiful city fighting off the shame that White has heaped upon it time and again.

Thursday night, Bill White went off the charts in his bid for appeasement of his narcissistic yearnings for attention. Known for his grandstanding and news-grabbing nature, White published a brief article entitled "Lynch the Jena 6 - We are Anxiously Awaiting Their Release." In that article, White said, "If these n*****s are released or acquitted, we will find out where they live and make sure that white activists and white citizens in Louisiana know it, we'll mail directions to their homes to every white man in Louisiana if we have to in order to find someone willing to deliver justice."

Soon after the first article, another headline screamed "Addresses Of Jena 6 N*****s - In Case Anyone Wants To Deliver Justice." He then published the phone numbers and addresses of five of the six teens families.

The day after peaceful protests were held by thousands of Americans in Jena, Louisiana and across the country the story has become all about the Nazi who hails from Roanoke - so, yes, Roanoke, we DO have a problem.

Bill White and I have sparred with each other for a number of years now and we don't like each other very much. With Bill, just as with Hal Turner, the FBI has been supposedly "watching" him for quite sometime. On Friday, the Roanoke Times reported that an FBI Official claimed that they would "seek a prosecutive opinion at the appropriate time.

Well...the time IS appropriate. The Jena 6 are high school kids and their families are being harassed and terrorized by a handful of neo-Nazi's who derive some sort of perverse pleasure from intimidating others on the phone and behind the keyboard. But...who knows what unstable individual will decide to carry out Bill White's threats?

Enjoying the attention that he is getting on this, he claimed that his quote about putting a bullet through their heads that was used in a segment of CNN was not the worse thing that he had said on the Vonbluvens Show and that they should have used the one where he suggested that they hang them in the town square and use them as a human sacrifice.

It's one thing to shout and chant back and forth at each other across police barriers. It's one thing for anti-racists and Nazi's to verbally tear each other apart on the internet. But, It's a whole other ball game when you place children in harm's way. It's a new day for Bill White, because he really crossed the line.

There is a problem in Roanoke - and we have to help the good people in that town - NOW. Floyd Cochran was there last week - and imparted some words of wisdom - and he will be back. In the meantime...Bill White has to be neutralized, and it's time for more than just "watching" by law-enforcement. It's time for Bill to be brought to justice.

Together we can help Roanoke. First, we must keep cool heads. Second, we must reach out to all of the anti-racist groups in the area and form a coalition - NOW. Not tomorrow, but today. We witnessed, first hand, this week what untiy can do. We must support each other with our time, expertise, and money. We must educate the community and build our forces over the next few weeks - not months or years. We must display our outrage and intolerance of threats, intimidation, and terrorism against children and others targeted by Bill White.

The Roanoke NAACP has been battling and trying to combat the messages of hate that this man drools. They need our help. For those of you who want to assist us in these endeavors, please contact any and all of the following:

Roanoke NAACP
PO Box 12362
Roanoke, VA 24025

The only way to deal with Bill White is through a unified, community-wide action. The gloves just came off - and we are in it for the long haul.

"Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." (Elie Wiesel)

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Roanoke Neo-nazi targets Jena6, FBI Investagates

Last Friday Sept. 14th, I was in Roanoke,VA telling people that Roanoke's resident neo nazi Bill White would create problems. Last night Thursday Sept. 20 White posted the addresses of the Jena6 defendents on his racist website "Overthrow".

From an article just posted on CNN Sept. 21
"Also on Friday, the FBI said it was looking into an online posting by a neo-Nazi white supremacist group that published the home addresses of all six of the African-American teenagers, as well as the phone numbers of some. The group said on its Web site it is calling on followers to "let them know justice is coming."


Floyd, Eye On Hate Radio

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Tonight LIve! at 9pm est.

September 20 - Eye On Hate Radio

Eye On Hate's recent tour of southwest Virginia;

Thousands gather in Jena,LA, live coverage with Nikki Nichols;

Hate Crime in Logan,WV ?

Kop Killa Video in Court but not racist broadcaster Hal Turner;

Live Anti Racist Internet Radio Tonight Sept. 20, 9 pm est., click here Eye On Hate Radio


They came by car, bus, plane, and train - on a Thursday - a workday - to the small town of Jena, Louisiana.

They came by the thousands. They marched and chanted - and they prayed. They prayed for justice to replace the injustice that has taken place in that small town in the deep South and across this country. They prayed for young men and women everywhere to learn from the past and change the future.

In a scene resembling that of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, African Americans and whites said, "Enough is Enough." They demonstrated their displeasure at the injustice that had been handed out to six black high-school boys, as well as the inequality running so rampant in the American Justice System. Their voices and their presence commanded enough media attention to make sure that their message was heard, not just in Jena, but around the nation.

By as early as 5 AM, most of the parking areas were full and traffic was jammed up for miles on the road leading to Jena. They came from all points, and represented all age groups. And...they were united by one common thread - stop the hate.

There were speeches from the City Hall steps and news interviews from local and national mainstream media. They exercised their first amendment rights and settled for nothing less than being heard.

"It's not about black and white. It's about right and wrong," said Martha Kelly of Alexandria, LA.

Rallies were held elsewhere, as well. In Oklahoma City over 400 people gathered at the State Capitol to support those in Jena. St. Louis and Baltimore also had demonstrations. At Josey High School, in Augusta, Georgia, people wore black to show their support for the Jena 6 and the media is referring to it as "Blackout Thursday." According to a report by Channel 12 in Augusta, 12th grader Darius Collins says the black "doesn't symbolize race--it symbolizes unity.

"It does my heart proud to see that a school can come together to support something going on in a different part of the country. It shows that if there can be unity here--there can be unity there."

Inequality in the justice system is rampant in America. Race, social status, and poverty can readily be pointed to as major factors in those inequalities. Recently, the combination of age and race has come under close scrutiny as more black teens are imprisoned than white, as well as more black teens being tried as adults.

In the case of the Jena 6, blatant racism is undeniable. District Attorney Reed Walters had the audacity to stand before the cameras and claim that the case has nothing to do with race. Additionally, he now claims that the incident where three nooses were hung from what has been termed the "White People's Tree" had nothing to do with the fight that landed the Jena 6 in jail.

During the rally, a school board member sought out CNN to tell his side - which really wasn't a "side" at all since he hedged and dodged most of the questions he was asked. In fact, he admitted that he was not present at the Board meeting when decisions concerning the boys who hung the nooses were made.

The fact of the matter is, Jena - just like many other towns in America - is suffering from a good-ole-boy mentality that has been handed down generation to generation and they have just met up with their nemesis. They have just been slapped into the 21st Century and told that their brand of racism and bigotry won't fly in this world. They have been caught - pure and simple. No amount of back-peddling or twisting of facts will be sufficient to hood-wink the public any longer. No more business as usual.

Jena is the center of the nation's focus today solely because of that good-ole-boy attitude. The District Attorney is the same man who addressed the students after the nooses were hung, and black students defied the tacit "White's Only" message and sat under the tree, who told the kids "I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen."

His stance, as well as that of the school-board, typified the racism of Jena as well as exacerbated the racial tension in that community.

It's a sad thing to realize that we still have so far to go in the educational process. An even sadder commentary that there are still those who would perpetuate and attempt to justify the crimes of the past. But, today was a good day - a day of hope and unity - a day when all of America got a wake-up call - a day where tomorrow is happily anticipated.

For further background on the Jena 6 read the May 19th article entitled "Racial Demons In Louisana" on this blog.

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The latest Cold Shot has been archived. Nicole Nichols discusses:

*Floyd Cochran in Virginia
*The old vs the new leaders of organized racism
*The admiring of Charles Manson
*Christian Reconstructionists & Blackwater USA


A Weekend With Floyd

Written by One People's Project
Monday, 17 September 2007

So Floyd Cochran has returned from his trip out to Roanoke (this is a pic of him at the Roanoke Star, the town's most recognized landmark), and he most certainly left a lasting impression with the townsfolk. We received this article from A.T. Smith, who worked with Floyd while he was down there and it looks like we are going to be spending a lot of time in the Star City in the months to come. We also learned a lot about Bill White's properties in town, and how he has turned the neighborhood into a dilapidated shell of what it was. Hey, Bill. Don't bother writing a rebuttal. No one is going to believe you. We want to thank the Roanoke Chapter of the NAACP for accomidating Floyd and making his stay in Roanoke most rewarding. We've had a relationship with them for years, but it was good to really get to know everyone and the city.

A. T. Smith

This past weekend the local Branch of the NAACP invited Floyd Cochran to speak in Roanoke. Floyd was in the area for a speaking engagement at a nearby college. I had the pleasure of meeting Floyd. I found him to be an intelligent, warm, sincere and well- informed person. He was very passionate about the topic of hate. His well-prepared lecture kept the audience spellbound.

Floyd spoke at three different functions in Roanoke. The first was a private luncheon with mostly local clergymen. The second was open the public and was well attended by many college students who told me personally that they felt that it is time to end racism in Roanoke. The local media, WSLS television attended an informal gathering after the main lecture. It was shown on the 10:00PM news on the local FOX affiliate Channel 21/27 or Channel 8 on Cox Communication network. It was also shown on the WSLS 11:00PM news, which has a wide viewing audience.

We took turns showing Floyd the beautiful city of Roanoke. He was able to see why we are called it Star City of the South with a trip to our famous landmark. A tour of the city would not be complete without a visit to Patterson and Chapman Avenues. I was shocked to see how the area has turned into a run down slum. I had not been in the area for a couple of years but the properties purchased by Bill White are in terrible disrepair. The yards are filled with trash; most of the properties are vacant. Some of the properties had a poor coating of paint without any structural repair. The local newspaper lists many of the properties for rent higher than the going rate for the area.

The good news is another group is sponsoring Floyd again in October; I have collected over $500 from interested citizens. We are planning to implement some of the ideas that Floyd suggested.

I apologize for not advertising Floyd's last visit but I was erring on the side of caution. With the white criminal element in Roanoke you cannot be too careful.

Thanks Floyd for coming to Roanoke. I believe with your help we can rid racism in Roanoke once and for all. Keep on keeping on.

Monday, September 17, 2007


A new Cold Shot will air tonight at 6:00 Eastern time on BlogTalk Radio. Nikki talks about the "old" vs the "new" leaders in the hate movement - with special focus on Hal Turner, Bill White, Michael Blevins, and Alex Linder.

Also covered are the Christian Reconstructionists and the big money men.

So, call in and tell her what's on your mind.


The show will be archived about 30 minutes after the broadcast.

Former White Supremacist in Roanoke

From NewsChannel 10 - Roanoke
Former White Supremacist in Roanoke
Angela Hatcher / WSLS NewsChannel 10
Sep 15, 2007

Floyd Cochran left the Aryan Nations in 1992. He spoke to a small group of peace activists and NAACP members in Roanoke.

Cochran says people need to be aware a nationally know white supremacist leader, Bill White, lives right here in Roanoke.

Cochran says in this day and age white supremacists are finding new people to hate and a new way to recruit.

"It's not politically correct to stand out on the street corner hating black people or jewish people but in the year 2007 it is politically correct to stand out on the street and talk about hatred toward gay people or toward hispanics perceived to be illegal immigrants.", says Cochran. "If you can hate one group of people after a while it doesn't take long to hate much to demonize and hate another group of people."

Cochran says he left the Aryan Nations when his son was born with a cleft pallet and the group said the baby should be killed because of the deformity.

Cochran says he realized it would be hypocritical to love his son while hating others only because they look a certain way. end of article

Eye On Hate Radio Note:

I will be covering my recent trip to Raonoke,VA this Thusrday night Sept. 20 live at 9pm

Hope you can join us, show starts at 9pm est.

Eye On Hate Radio

Friday, September 14, 2007


I have spoken with Floyd and he is doing great! He loves being in Roanoke and spreading his anti-racist message there. While we were talking, the Channel 8 Newscast came on and his was the lead story.

They used some old footage of Bill White and gave several minutes to Floyd. He will be on again at 11:00 Eastern time on Channel 10 in Roanoke which is a FOX affiliate. As soon as the video is available, I will link to it.

There is also an interview that will appear in the Roanoke Times.

I think Floyd's message is ringing out loud and clear to the residents of Roanoke, VA and the surrounding areas! Kudos to Floyd.

Also...On Vonbluvens' latest show, Bill White has this to say about Floyd...

"The woman who runs the Roanoke NAACP – Brenda Hale - is a fruit loop and they don’t even have any support in the black community.

"Hopefully he (Floyd) won’t be breaking the law and I won’t have to put him in jail.

"If he gets violent I won’t hesitate to slip a few bucks to a couple of crackheads a couple hundred bucks to take him a back alley.

"He’s a big pussy."

Uh...I guess Bill has a different definition of "pussy" than I do. Where I come from, slipping someone a few bucks to do what you can't do qualifies you as the "pussy."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Floyd In White Neighborhood

Floyd Cochran is now in Roanoke, Virginia. He sounded very upbeat and ready for the upcoming events. As we all recognize, Bill White is having financial and family difficulties. It is also rumored that he is considering a major overhaul on his life choices. During the next couple of days, Floyd will be meeting with the NAACP as well as trying to assist Bill in his time of need and new metamorphisis. I can't wait to see the end result of Floyd's efforts.

As we watch this latest drama unfold, let's think good thoughts and well-wishes. It can't hurt - and ANYTHING is possible.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


These 6 people were arrested and charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, and torture after holding and horrendously abusing a 23 year old black woman. Two of them are mother and daughter and two are mother and son. The FBI is investigating the possibility of this being a hate crime.

When we first reported on this, some of our posters questioned why this would qualify for a hate crime when the Knoxville murders did not. I don't have all the answers but I would surmise that since the victim was able to report to the police that she was told this was because she was black and that the "N" word was used every time they stabbed her then it might be a slam-dunk. However, in the Knoxville murders both victims were killed and according to police there is no evidence linking this to race.

This is where hate crime legislations fails. I have said it before and will say it again - hate crimes are difficult to prove. There is no way to know if a person is victimized because of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. unless there is blatant prejudiced displayed and witnessed during the commission of a crime. Every crime by one race against another does not qualify as a hate crime.

I'll ask the questions again, hoping to get some sensible answers - Does hate crime legislation need to be more clear in its' wording; does hate crime legislation serve as a deterrent; aren't most violent crimes, crimes of hate?

As far as I am concerned - the crimes committed in West Virginia, just as the crimes in Knoxville, are heinous beyond belief. I hope to God that those guilty rot in prison forever.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Six Whites Arrested for Torturing Black Woman,Possible Hate Crime

Eye On Hate Radio Bulletin - This is just coming over the wire, I have posted excerpts here. - Eye On Hate Radio
From FoxNews
LOGAN, W.Va. — A woman was sexually abused, beaten and humiliated while being held captive in a home for at least a week, sheriff's officials said Monday after making six arrests and calling the FBI to investigate it as a possible hate crime.

One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman's ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.

Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.

"We have called the feds," Chief Deputy V.K. Dingess with the Logan County Sheriff's Department said Monday. "They may pick this up as a hate crime.

Frankie Brewster, 49, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and giving false information during a felony investigation. Deputies said she was the woman on the porch.

Her son, Bobby R. Brewster, 24, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and assault during the commission of a felony.

Burton, 46, of Chapmanville, is charged with malicious wounding, battery and assault during the commission of a felony.

Her daughter Alisha Burton, 23, of Chapmanville, and George A. Messer, 27, of Chapmanville, are charged with assault during the commission of a felony and battery.

Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, is charged with sexual assault and malicious wounding.

Complete story here
$ Whites Arrested for toruring Black Woman,Possible Hate Crime

Eye On Hate Radio Bulletin

Eye On Hate Radio - Breaking -we are following this story(see blow) that happen last Thursday September 6 and another drive by shooting that occured this morning. _ Eye On Hate Radio

Sacramento Teens Say Shooting Was Hate Crime

(CBS13) SACRAMENTO The brother of a shooting victim can't help but relive Thursday night's horror that unfolded before his eyes.

"My brother's bleeding on the kitchen floor can somebody please come help him," said the victim's brother.

Shortly after 9:30 pm, near Riverside Drive in the Pocket Area, five shots were fired as his 16-year-old brother, who was hit in the gut.

The victims didn't want to be identified, but they believe the shooting was racially motivated. The victim's brother and several young black youth were riding their bikes along the river bank on their way home. That's when he says they were confronted by several young white men and women in cars.

"After we left the river bank they passed us in their little SUV screaming ni***rs," said the victim's brother.

The confrontation got heated, but the youth kept riding their bikes home.

Police say it escalated after the suspects in their vehicles followed them home to their apartment complex. The kids on the bikes went inside, but one young 16-year-old stepped outside, and that's when he became a target.

"It was four white boys came through here and started shooting up the house and my brother and everything," said the victim's brother.

Not very many families were outside when the bullets started flying, and police say they need someone to step forward.

"We're looking for a red car with three to four male whites in it," said Sgt. Eric Walker, Sacramento Police.

The family says the 16-year-old is still in the hospital, and not doing very well.

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Month In Review - August


ANNOUNCING: Citizens Against Hate will be issuing a monthly video magazine covering all the news from the hate front and the anti-hate front. This first edition is for the month of August. We hope that you will find this useful and beneficial to your endeavors to educate and confront hatred and bigotry around the world.

Sept. 6 Eye On Hate Radio Topics

Topics for September 6 Live Eye On Hate Radio Program

Introducing Citizens Against Hate Internet Magazine;

UpDate from Nikki on Jena,LA;

Interview with DLJ from OPP on the recent anti-immigration rally in Harrisburg,PA;

My upcoming visit with the NAACP in Roanoke,VA;

Follow-up on the Eye On Hate story "Is GOP Presidential Canidate Ron Paul A Racist ?;

Neo Nazis Fail in Omaha:

Plus HeadLines in Hate

Hope you can join us, show starts at 9pm est.

Eye On Hate Radio
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COLD SHOT connection was lost at 49 minutes into the show! So much for that!

Cold Shot will air on Blog Talk tonight at 6:00 Eastern Time and be archived there for your convenience. Topics: "DO SOMETHING"

*What you can do to prevent hate groups organizing in your town

*How to Fight Back

*Organizing your community

*The Bully Pulpit - Part I


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Pennsylvania Anti-Immgration Rally A Bust

Sunday, September 02, 2007 From the Patriot News, Harrisburg

The nation's divisive debate on immigration came to the steps of the state Capitol on Saturday, with one side warning of an ongoing "invasion of illegal aliens" and the other urging an end to hate.

About 200 people, many holding American flags, gathered for a 21/2-hour rally on the Capitol steps, organized by Hazleton-based Voice of the People and Washington, D.C.-based Americans for Immigration Control.

Organizers said their aim is to bring attention to what they believe is the United States' failed immigration policy. rest of story here:
Anti Immigration rally in Pennsylvania A Bust
For more information about this Anti-Immigration rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania check outOne Peoples Project

Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing this anti-immigration and other this Thursday Night sept. 6 at 9pm. DLJ from One Peoples project was present at the above anti-immigration rally and will be a guest on this week's program. Hope you can join us.
Eye On Hate Radio

Racial Tensions

Racism fears flare after fatal stabbing in Dubuque
A reader posts photos of a lynched black man to the local newspaper's Web site.



September 1, 2007

Dubuque police believe a small number of anonymous white supremacists may be trying to use a fatal stabbing that happened last weekend to fuel a racial backlash.

The victim in the stabbing is white and the suspect is black.

No evidence has been made public that the stabbing was racially motivated, but inflammatory reader postings on a local newspaper's Web site became a catalyst for racial tension earlier this week. One reader posted multiple copies of a photo of a lynched black man.

The insults spread to the streets, and police logged reports of rumors that the Ku Klux Klan and Hell's Angels would be descending on the town.

Now, leaders are pleading for calm.

The NAACP called an emergency meeting to promote unity. The City Council, whose members are all white, released a statement urging people to take a stand against racist language and behavior.

John Burgart, superintendent of the Dubuque school district, denounced acts of hate and discouraged the spreading of "ugly rumors." The city's human rights commission asked dozens of churches and other groups to spread a message this weekend of "No violence, no hate talk."

Police are on alert and have beefed up night-time patrols to try to put fears to rest.

Assistant Dubuque Police Chief Terry Tobin said Friday that there have been no outbursts of violence since the stabbing, and there is no evidence that any white supremacy or black militant groups are coming to Dubuque. Officers are keeping tabs on hotel parking lots for cars with suspicious markings, and are monitoring the Internet for rumblings about Dubuque.

"It's our belief that there were a few select people who are attempting to use this incident as a springboard to justify or bring out their agenda," Tobin said.

On Aug. 25, Kenyatta Harlston, a 39-year-old black man who had been living in various places in Dubuque over the past few months, was charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Nick Blackburn, a 24-year-old white man from Dubuque.

The incident took place in the Central Avenue bar district.

Police have so far declined to comment on a motive or whether the victim or the suspect were intoxicated. "I think those things will come out at the trial," Tobin said.

A small segment of the black population fears retaliation, and a small segment of the white population fears blacks will be "ready to go up in arms if anything happens," said Tobin.

The nervousness is real, said Cammie Dean, president of the Dubuque chapter of the NAACP.

"I'm concerned about this weekend," said Dean, a former school board member who said she is the only black person to be elected to public office in Dubuque. "It's a long weekend, with lots of people with time on their hands and, maybe, too much alcohol.

"Some considered that photo of the lynching a pretty clear threat," she added.

Last Sunday, a police officer and several readers notified the Dubuque Telegraph Herald after seeing on its Web site a color photo of a lynched black man wearing blue jeans, hanging from a tree in front of a house with seemingly modern siding.

A reader had posted the photo 73 times within seven minutes, but only 10 images made it through a security filter, said Randy Rodgers, the newspaper's electronic media director. Rodgers removed the photo, banned the reader from the newspaper's site, and later removed all comments posted in reaction to its articles.

Tobin said police served a subpoena for the newspaper's data about the reader and are working with an Internet service provider to identify the person. They want to determine whether there was any criminal intent, he said.

In the days following the posting of the lynching photo, residents approached police officers with rumors. One was that they heard someone in a convenience store whispering that the KKK is coming, Tobin said.

"But we're getting these reports third- and fourth-hand and they're really not verifiable," Tobin said. "We can't find anyone who admits to saying them."

Blackburn's fiancee, Cher Finzel, 21, publicly expressed intense grief, saying the couple had been together eight years and that he was the father of her two children. "He needs to feel what I'm feeling," she told the Telegraph Herald, referring to Harlston.

The police posted a few officers at Blackburn's funeral Tuesday, Tobin said.

Dubuque resident Tim Trenkle said he was sitting on a street corner with a store owner not far from the stabbing scene Monday. "Someone drove by and screamed 'White power!' " he said Friday.

Kelly Larson, human rights director for the city, said Friday: "People have been making statements that are very racist and seem to imply an unwillingness to have African Americans in the community, particularly people who are lower income."

An influx of black and Hispanic families from larger cities has caused schools that once had minority populations of 10 percent to 15 percent to rise to as high as 20 percent to 30 percent.

The number of discrimination complaints hasn't been heavy in Dubuque, Larson said, "but of more concern than formal complaints is just the phone calls from people who say, 'I was walking down the street, or my child was walking down the street and somebody told her to go back to Chicago.' It's not something anyone can investigate or prove or disprove."

Larson said she thinks most people in the Dubuque area are appalled at the racist comments - and they're reacting with strong concern because of the cross burnings that plagued the city in 1991.

"People don't want to go back there," Larson said. "They don't want to see that happening again. Racial tensions have been a simmering issue in some of our neighborhoods for a while and this is bringing it to the fore."