Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The latest Cold Shot has been archived. Nicole Nichols discusses:

*Floyd Cochran in Virginia
*The old vs the new leaders of organized racism
*The admiring of Charles Manson
*Christian Reconstructionists & Blackwater USA



  1. Nikki Numb-Nutz's a gut-less, crawling coward....she defames & libels Alex Linder, a staunch white man, without affording him the common courtesy of 'a right of reply'!

  2. WHITE PARENTS!...WARNING!.....the owner of this 'blog.....'Nichole Nichols' is A GRAVE DANGER TO YOUR WHITE CHILDREN!....she aids, abets & promotes an anti-white-family agenda which causes white families to be fragmented and their beautiful white children placed in 'foster care'...usually resulting in this!

  3. filthy jew bastards cold-bloodedly assasinate a great Aryan scientist!...another one you'll never hear Nikki Numb-Nutz mutter a syllable abt!

    DIE JEWz!

  4. how the kike conquered the UK!...readings from Captain Ramsay's The Nameless War

  5. People be nice. I used to be lovers with Nicole. She was the worst sex every. I believe she had a problem downstairs. A very bad smell.

    As for Floyd, cut him so slack people. The guy son is retarded. But I hear he's one heck of wheelchair baksetball player. I saw him score 11 points and spit non-stop once during a game.

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  7. Nice show! I didn't know about Coors; I wonder if this (racism in the family) was a factor in the Colorado Senate race (that Salazar won)

  8. I see little Harold is crying about how blacks can get 10,000s into the streets during a weekday but he can't muster more than two or three dozen on a weekend.


  9. Niggers always come together to protect their criminal elements. It's nothing to be proud of. I dream of the day that Big Hal stomps your KIKE ass...

  10. Sounds like Steve is once again jealous that blacks are so much better organized that white supremacist are.

    Tens of thousands took to the streets today while Steevo & Little Harold sit behind their computer crying like a 4 year old child.

    The only problem I had with this rally is black racists like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton were allowed to hijack it.

    After his "Obama isn't acting black enough" racist remark, Jackson should really retire himself.


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