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Citizens Against Hate Thursday Night Jazz and Blues Music Show Hosted by Floyd Cochran.
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Topic's for the September 27th Show Listed Below:
WARNING Citizens of Roanoke,VA Renting From Neo Nazi Bill White Could Be Dangerous;
One Peoples Project, Eye On Hate and Citizens Against Hate: Going South;
Special Guest: DLJ from One Peoples Project;
Answering Emails and Introducing Eye On Hate's Instant Forum;
Plus Much More !

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  2. If this recording of Bill White is true on

    He really is severely mentally ill, even more so than mental patient Michael Blevins.

  3. Ole Schwartzo is showing his Faggot desires for Bill & Von again. Floyd will be jealous

  4. If this is a true recording - Bill White is a criminal. He is a criminal, anyway - but a worse criminal than we thought.

  5. Hey Steve, I just love to hear you defending Bill. Especially since he has such a high opinion of you. Direct quote from Bill White: "Steve Holsten is a sick child molesting Jew that tries to pass himself off as a White man. A real white man should beat him with in an inch of his life." He also calls your big hero Hal "the most opportunistic back stabber in the movement and a con man who only wants money."

    It does really sound like Bill White on that recording. I'm really not surprised by anything Bill says or does anymore, what really surprises me is that he is not either in prison or the morgue. I almost feel sorry for Mike Belvins. He has found the one guy who is more messed up in the head than him and chosen to follow him.

  6. Raoul,

    Steve constantly has homosexuality on his mind and will change any topic to reflect that.

    There's only one reason why Steve is always bringing up the topic of homosexuality..... and us normal people can figure it out.

    And Bill White knows what Steve is all about, I'll give him that much credit.


    I like to know the source of where Ramsey got that recording from.

  7. Now in the news.........

    I see the last of the Jena 6, Mychal Bell got released from jail today on bail. While I do think the Jena 6 probably did assault white teen, holding someone without bail for simple assault is way out of line.

    by the way, the FBI is still investigating Bill White no matter what he says and a civil suit will almost certainly be filed against White, Blevins, and the rest of the ANSWP regardless of how the FBI investigation goes.

  8. Mr. Schwartz: Is there any way I can get in touch with you via email? You can email me at:

    I am writing a little report for the ADL and wanted to pick your brains on a certain person. I'd rather not mention his name here because then Nikki would never get rid of him.

  9. Oh...Bill is still being investigated no matter what propaganda is put out there. Ya know about giving them enough rope...

    Like you, Harry, I would love to know the source of that recording.

  10. Great Show Tonight, incased you missed it, the archive of the show is here:
    mp3 audio archive of Sept. 27 Eye On Hate Radio broadcast

    Go to Eye On Hate website to leave a comment or question

    Floyd, Eye On Hate Radio

  11. As to the release of Mychal Bell and the Jena 6 in general - I have said repeatedly, what they did was wrong and punishment is justified. I just want to see the punishment fit the crime. I want to see equality in justice.

  12. Nikki,

    Isn't it ironic that when whites do horrible crimes to blacks like recently in West Virginia, people like Blevins don't comdemn them at all and even praise those kind of crimes.

  13. It is ironic - even more so when whites kill or maime whites - they are silent.

    Vonbluvens and Burks are wanting to know how come the Jena 6 aren't charged with hate crimes. Yet...they can't understand when others call for hate crime enhancement when a white person kick the shit out of a black person.

    And...if I were Bill, Mike and Mike I would be very careful what I step into in this mess.

  14. Speaking of Roanoke Neo Nazi Bill White aka William White aka White Homes & Land LLC, aka White Homes LCC (hopefully the search engines will pick this post up), he's trying his hand on


    White Homes and Land, LLC has apartments for rent in the West End of Southwest Roanoke -- blocks from downtown!


    Call: 540-798-1393

    2BR, 3 BR and efficiencies -- some with utilities included!

    4 BR:

    1517 Chapman, SW -- 4 BR home w/ beautiful oak interior, basement, attic and W/D hkup tenant pays utilities $850 -- available now!

    3 BR:

    1502 Chapman, SW -- nice 3 BR apartment w/ W/D hkup and attic all utilities included $699 -- upstairs unit, available to move in now!

    1602 Patterson, SW -- 3 BR apartment w/ W/D hkup and attic storage, all utilities included $699 -- upstairs unit, available to move in this week!

    2 BR:

    832 Patterson, SW -- 2 BR apartment on the 3rd floor of a beautiful old building -- all utilities included $650, available to move in now!

    832 Patterson, SW -- 2 BR 2 BA 1st floor apartment w/ W/D hkup, A/C (window units), all utils inc $699 -- available for move in now!

    1502 Chapman, SW -- downstairs 2 BR apartment with W/D hkup and basement storage, all utils included $650 -- will be ready this week

    1529 Chapman, SW -- downstairs 2 BR apartment w/ W/D hkup and basement, water included $450 -- ready for move in now!

    1529 Chapman, SW -- upstairs 2 BR apartment w/ W/D hkup and attic, water included $450 -- ready for move in now!

    All apartments are within two blocks of a bus line, most are on the bus line or a block away.


    There is a $35 application fee. A background check is run for eviction and criminal records. If you have not been convicted of a felony or released from prison within the past five years, have not been evicted more than once, and have a regular job, you are probably qualified!*

    Move in requires the first month's rent and a one month rent deposit. For most qualified tenants, we can break deposits into two payments -- half up front, and half with the next month's rent.

    Pets of all shapes and sizes are okay (up to the limits provided by City law)!

    All units are rented on a month to month basis -- no lease commitments!

    We do not accept Section 8. We do not accept TAP, DSS, HAT, or other subsidies** on tenant move-in fees. Rent is not based on income. W e cannot accept less on move-in fees than advertised.

    We do not currently have photos of available apartments. Please come down and set up an appointment to see them in person.

    We cannot accept payments by credit card or bank transfer. Payments must be made in person. Move in money and application fees must be in the form of cash or money order. Checks are accepted at our discretion.


    White Homes and Land, LLC 540-798-1393 to set up an appointment. We can usually process applications same day!


    * Note that these are general rules and certain felonies, certain accumulated misdemeanors, and certain eviction or judgment histories may cause applications to be denied or additional deposit to be required.

    ** Subsidies based on disabilities other than drug addiction may be accepted. Call if you need more information

  15. BW might find himself in trouble by attempting to differentiate between types of subsidies. Drug addiction is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and White can't make that arbitrary exclusion just because he has a problem with people who have a history of addiction.

    He CAN decide to refuse all subsidies, but refusing to take subsidies from potential tenants with addiction problems would be the same in the eyes of the law as turning away quadriplegics or terminal cancer patients.

    Of course, given the fact that the government seems to regularly let Bill White break the law without consequences (public calls for lynching of blacks, assassination of public officials, housing-related violations, and God only knows what else), it should be no surprise if Slick Willie gets a pass on this, too.

  16. i Nikki the Hypocrite castigates people for posting Scharwtz's personal details(and _deletes_ the 'offending' post!); yet it's OK for this jew bastard to publish all sorts of details on Bill White(on whom i have no real opinion one way or t'other!)....nice one!...'one law for the dirtry kikez, another law for every-one else', right bitch?

    (another one that'll be slippin' under MS Numb-Nutz' "radar"!)

  17. Schwartzo, your FuckTardation is really what's showing again. Just because I point out your Faggotry does not make me out to be a Faggot like you.

  18. jimbo - take a seat and sit on your hands or otherwise engage them so that they are not touching the keyboard. In other words - STFU!

    The information that Harry posted is NOT "personal information." It is an AD - as in ADVERTISEMENT - as in PUBLIC.

    Have you always been cerebrally challenged or did you have to work at it?

    And while you are at it, please save your juvenile invective for someone who gives a shit about what you have to say.

    Mike - isn't it interesting that Bill lays down such rules about addiction, etc. yet every month or so tells the world about some "crack-head scum" that he has had to evict? And...he allows pets of all shapes and sizes then displays pictures of feces riddle dwellings?

    I think he likes it when he can do that - it makes him appear victimized.

  19. Here's another classic lie that Hal Turner has been caught in. Quote from his website...


    Of course Hal Turner is too stupid to read the link of the article he posted. It only says more live in prison than on college **DORM ROOMS**... However, the article is very quick to point out that if you include all black college students, they far outnumber the number of black prisoners.

    Thus, it's much more likely an African-American male will be getting a college education than being in prison.

  20. At least five of the following are necessary for a diagnosis (as with many DSM diagnoses, they must form a pervasive pattern; for example, a person who shows these criteria only in one or two relationships or situations would not properly be diagnosed with NPD):

    *has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    *is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    *believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special people
    *requires excessive admiration
    strong sense of entitlement
    takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    *lacks empathy
    *is often envious or believes others are envious of him or her
    arrogant affect.

  21. nikki nugget-head: jimbo - take a seat and sit on your hands or otherwise engage them so that they are not touching the keyboard. In other words - STFU!
    Have you always been cerebrally challenged or did you have to work at it?

    And while you are at it, please save your juvenile invective for someone who gives a shit about what you have to say

    uh huh!

    k....bitch.....i hereby challenge you to appear on 'FTL' & 'say yr piece'...then, we'll see WTF is 'cerebally challenged' or not..until then, WTF don't U STFU?....(permanently!)

  22. For those not already in the know. Jimbo is not from anywhere near Australia. He is a little Nimbuster troll named NewsGuy. He is nothing but a mentally deficient retard known for spamming the Nimboard with massive amounts of shemale porn. He has been laughed off VNN as R. James.
    Sometimes if you continually ignore him he goes away.

  23. Some people have been calling the home of my parents. I am guessing this is the Jew, Mr. Schwartz who enjoys attacking old women.

    My mom is not a National Socialist. Her and my dad views are not mine.

    All calls so far have been blocked. And they are also, as of right now, being traced. My parents will press charges if the calls do not stop.

    If you want to call and bug me, I am easy to get a hold of. My numbers are 502-471-6370 and 502-471-9992.

    My parents have nothing to do with me. If you want to threaten me, do so. I love the "fans" who call me daily. Sad Jews like Schwartz spends all of his day bugging 67 year old women who have cancer. You got an issue with me, call me then.

  24. I see Michael Burks is having a manic episode.

    How would you know if people were calling to complain about you if "all the calls were blocked" hummmm??

    You need psychological help Burks. Which makes you an idea fit with the ANSWP. I'm beginning to think the ANSWP is more of a support group for mentally ill racist than anything else.

    I didn't call your mommy or daddy, in fact, I don't even waste any energy on you except for a few remarks in here. I have no idea who your parents are but at least you admit they want nothing to do with your twisted "views".

    If anyone called your parents, look at your kind.. aka Matthew Ramsey.

  25. Mr. Schwartz, the only mental case is you and the clear homosexual crush you have on Bill White.

    How do I know people called? Geez, you are mental Mr. Jewey... When you hit star 69, the number is blocked. That was a hard one to figure out.

    Schwartz for those who don't know, has a past of calling the work place of people he doesn't like. As you can tell from above posts, he has an issue with stalking, such as posting buildings that Bill White owns.

    I can't stand ARA people. Do you see me posting their work place numbers? Of course not, I got much better things to do. The gay bar that Schwartz works at isn't a concern of mine. The child porn movies he sells out of his basement are not my concern.

    As for mentally ill, anyone who uses Matthew Ramsey as a "source" has mental issues. And who's using him as their source? That would you be you Mr. Schwartz.

  26. You really are having a major manic episode aren't you?

    Star 69 doesn't block calls you idiot, it gives you the information of who called and the time they called.

    And again, if all the calls were being blocked before going through, how do you know it was ARA or anyone else for that matter?

    See, pathological liars like you are so easy to catch in their own lies because they tell so many of them.

    But like I said about Blevins, people like you never let facts in the way of a manic episode.

    Maybe he can lend you some of his seroquel pills until you can get checked out.

    And considering how much you talk about BW in a loving way yourself, maybe you should look in the mirror about homosexuality. But I care less if you are gay or not, it's your business.

    I guess I'm giving you the attention you desire today. But seriously, there are medicines to help balance your moods out.

    Good day.

  27. Ya know...I just have to laugh at this Burks. Now, I agree...calling your parents...your elderly mom and pop really is not something that anyone should do. But then...your hero, Bill White, has no problem posting the personal information of other people's parents, does he?

    How old do you think Rev. Sharpton's mother is? Yet he encourages others to harrass her.

    How about all the other parents of anti-racists that your people target? You guys are absolute hypocrites.

  28. Nikki,

    Burks obviously holds his friends to a much lower and stupid standard than the rest of us.

    I personally think Burks is making all of this up just to get attention.

  29. Don't tell me you guys are calling Burk's family?...that would be so out of character.

    Anyway, not going to post to this craphole anymore. You have probably realized (as do I) that in the great racist debate in our nation that you guys are just not relevant anymore.

    White people that identify themselves as part of the left contact me all the time (agreeing with our positions).

    The pendulum is swinging our way and we are winning--deal with it.

    I won't miss posting here too much :)

    That "Insane man",

  30. For the 234th time, Vonbluvens has announced he has quit posting.

    Probably has to do with the rumor that his family was going to be contacted next. Von leaving here won't stop that.

    Of course, I have no desire to talk to JerseyGirl aka Blevins wife who is fair game as she is a nazi herself.

    But I do think calling his neighbors and telling them what a threat Blevins is to kids in the neighborhood is valid.

  31. Neighbors are a good thing to contact Harry.

  32. Schwartzo had his 234th wet dream over dreaming of Von.

  33. schwartz: But I do think calling his neighbors and telling them what a threat Blevins is to kids in the neighborhood is valid

    ha ha ha...thatz a fckn good one comin' from the member of a filthy tribe that thinks itz OK to FUCK three-year-old girls!

    nice one!

    BTW: howz that kiddie-porn' snuff film 'ring' goin', shit-head?

    u know...the one u run with MS Numb-Nutz, courtesy of her 'contacts' with the 'child protection agency' she used to work with(code for: oiking white kids out of loving white families & 'farming them out' to fagz, dykes, satanists and jewish ritual killers!)

  34. Eye On Hate Radio has started posting articles,press releases and news flashes from various antifa/anti-racist organiziations.
    If you or a organization you know has an event coming up or a news flash, feel free to post it on the NEW Eye On Hate Radio blog anytime.
    Let us know what you think

    I am hoping that by tomorrow night, Thursday Oct. 4 that Eye On Hate Radio will have a live interactive chat installed on the blog in time for our live internet radio program. Allowing listeners of the live show to chat with us during the program.
    Finally, on the Thursday night program we will be talking about the events and news posted on the blog.
    Eye On Hate Radio is a great way to tell the world that people are fight back against organizied neo nazis and kkkers.
    NEW: Eye On Hate Radio Web Blog


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