Friday, September 14, 2007


I have spoken with Floyd and he is doing great! He loves being in Roanoke and spreading his anti-racist message there. While we were talking, the Channel 8 Newscast came on and his was the lead story.

They used some old footage of Bill White and gave several minutes to Floyd. He will be on again at 11:00 Eastern time on Channel 10 in Roanoke which is a FOX affiliate. As soon as the video is available, I will link to it.

There is also an interview that will appear in the Roanoke Times.

I think Floyd's message is ringing out loud and clear to the residents of Roanoke, VA and the surrounding areas! Kudos to Floyd.

Also...On Vonbluvens' latest show, Bill White has this to say about Floyd...

"The woman who runs the Roanoke NAACP – Brenda Hale - is a fruit loop and they don’t even have any support in the black community.

"Hopefully he (Floyd) won’t be breaking the law and I won’t have to put him in jail.

"If he gets violent I won’t hesitate to slip a few bucks to a couple of crackheads a couple hundred bucks to take him a back alley.

"He’s a big pussy."

Uh...I guess Bill has a different definition of "pussy" than I do. Where I come from, slipping someone a few bucks to do what you can't do qualifies you as the "pussy."


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