Thursday, September 20, 2007


They came by car, bus, plane, and train - on a Thursday - a workday - to the small town of Jena, Louisiana.

They came by the thousands. They marched and chanted - and they prayed. They prayed for justice to replace the injustice that has taken place in that small town in the deep South and across this country. They prayed for young men and women everywhere to learn from the past and change the future.

In a scene resembling that of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's, African Americans and whites said, "Enough is Enough." They demonstrated their displeasure at the injustice that had been handed out to six black high-school boys, as well as the inequality running so rampant in the American Justice System. Their voices and their presence commanded enough media attention to make sure that their message was heard, not just in Jena, but around the nation.

By as early as 5 AM, most of the parking areas were full and traffic was jammed up for miles on the road leading to Jena. They came from all points, and represented all age groups. And...they were united by one common thread - stop the hate.

There were speeches from the City Hall steps and news interviews from local and national mainstream media. They exercised their first amendment rights and settled for nothing less than being heard.

"It's not about black and white. It's about right and wrong," said Martha Kelly of Alexandria, LA.

Rallies were held elsewhere, as well. In Oklahoma City over 400 people gathered at the State Capitol to support those in Jena. St. Louis and Baltimore also had demonstrations. At Josey High School, in Augusta, Georgia, people wore black to show their support for the Jena 6 and the media is referring to it as "Blackout Thursday." According to a report by Channel 12 in Augusta, 12th grader Darius Collins says the black "doesn't symbolize race--it symbolizes unity.

"It does my heart proud to see that a school can come together to support something going on in a different part of the country. It shows that if there can be unity here--there can be unity there."

Inequality in the justice system is rampant in America. Race, social status, and poverty can readily be pointed to as major factors in those inequalities. Recently, the combination of age and race has come under close scrutiny as more black teens are imprisoned than white, as well as more black teens being tried as adults.

In the case of the Jena 6, blatant racism is undeniable. District Attorney Reed Walters had the audacity to stand before the cameras and claim that the case has nothing to do with race. Additionally, he now claims that the incident where three nooses were hung from what has been termed the "White People's Tree" had nothing to do with the fight that landed the Jena 6 in jail.

During the rally, a school board member sought out CNN to tell his side - which really wasn't a "side" at all since he hedged and dodged most of the questions he was asked. In fact, he admitted that he was not present at the Board meeting when decisions concerning the boys who hung the nooses were made.

The fact of the matter is, Jena - just like many other towns in America - is suffering from a good-ole-boy mentality that has been handed down generation to generation and they have just met up with their nemesis. They have just been slapped into the 21st Century and told that their brand of racism and bigotry won't fly in this world. They have been caught - pure and simple. No amount of back-peddling or twisting of facts will be sufficient to hood-wink the public any longer. No more business as usual.

Jena is the center of the nation's focus today solely because of that good-ole-boy attitude. The District Attorney is the same man who addressed the students after the nooses were hung, and black students defied the tacit "White's Only" message and sat under the tree, who told the kids "I can be your best friend or your worst enemy... I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen."

His stance, as well as that of the school-board, typified the racism of Jena as well as exacerbated the racial tension in that community.

It's a sad thing to realize that we still have so far to go in the educational process. An even sadder commentary that there are still those who would perpetuate and attempt to justify the crimes of the past. But, today was a good day - a day of hope and unity - a day when all of America got a wake-up call - a day where tomorrow is happily anticipated.

For further background on the Jena 6 read the May 19th article entitled "Racial Demons In Louisana" on this blog.


  1. So, in essence, Niggers should be allowed to assault people without suffering any consequences.

    You will just LOVE the show I did tonight.

    Keep on promoting us, Nikki, you are doing a wonderful job.

  2. I'm happy to know that you appreciate my attention and my efforts.

    No - Michael, I do not believe that anyone should be allowed to assault anyone without consequences. I somply believe that the punishment should fit the crime. That is not the case in Jena - you know that, so don't act stupid.

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  5. Von, have you totally lost your mind? I won't even go into your mental instability. I will point out you being a total loser in life who had to marry a fat girl to stay out of the poor house. A man who is so pathetic he can't take responsibly for his actions but has to blame them on Jews and out minorities. I doubt very seriously that anyone from the Anti side is going to enjoy your shows. They were lame years ago, I am sure they are lame now. Do the family and everyone in the free world a favor and finish that job with the .22, Otay Pilgrim?

    The actions of those kids does not fit the crime. Should they be punished, yes but not to that extent. For once in your miserable life you should understand the facts before you start running your ignorant racist mouth.

  6. Current mental patient Michael Blevins doesn't understand the full picture of why the Jena protest was such a big deal or even what it was really about.

    I would attempt to educate him but I have found you can not reason with the mentally ill.

    Tens of thousands showed protested today... The most the ANSWP has ever shown up in public is two.

    We've got nothing to worry and with the mentally ill Blevins around, our job is easier.

  7. I agree with all the ARA people. I support and love you all. Visit my ARA are Cool blog at

  8. it's easy to 'organise' a 'rally' when u got an org like the NAACP 'org' funded to the tune of $$$gazillions$$$ annually by ZOG.....also: when you got the jew-controlled MSM favourably reporting yr every move...that helps too....oh....and when you know you can basically 'chimp out' w/out the slightest concern abt being arrested by ZOG 'Kwaps who, even if they thought you should be arrested, would be too fckn scared of being labelled 'a racist' to actually DO it!....makes it easy, peasey, Japaneasy don't it? compare that with a WN 'rally': operating on a shoe-string budget, with miminal or, @ best, totally HOSTILE MSM 'coverage' and the real risk of being 'busted' for the slightest infraction by over-zealous ZOG Kwaps...a la Alex Linder!.....the un-tested assumptions under-lying most of the claims made by you twats would sink the Titanic ten times over!

  9. BTW: i noticed that all the noggins in yr pics were niggz!....i seen, i think, @ most, one or two whiteys...but they seemed to be on the 'periphery' of the massive crowd of nogs....(perhaps, reporters?)...i guess even the type of 'white' ZOG-bot anti-s that tried to dis-rupt the Knoxville Christian/Newsom rally weren't game to 'dive in the deep end' with a swarm of mudz!...'inter-racial solidarity' clearly don't extend to getting bashed, mugged & raped for yr troubles, hunh?

  10. jimbo, are you a Nazi. Please read my blog. It can educate you on love, peace and goodness. Its

  11. re: 'kmoo'....nah...i'm not 'a nazi'....'nazis' died out over 60yrs ago, m8!....if you read my 'blog!, u'll find i'm 'a creator'!....and, BTW, i'm all in favour of 'love, peace and good-ness'...that's exactly what we had before the jews were un-leashed on us!

  12. re: 'kmoo'...k...i had a quick 'squizz' @ yr 'blog....not 100% if yr 'serious' or!?....i think yr "havin' a lend" there, squire or "takin' the mickey" as they say...."damning with 'faint praise'"....fugedabtit!....such 'subtleties' will be lost on this crew...they simply haven't got the intellectual acumen to appreciate it!

  13. The only blatant racism I see here is the elite's seeming infatuation with six black thugs and the virtually complete blackout of any coverage of the white victim, Justin Barker, who was brutally beaten by these thugs and whose vision was impacted for three months. Similar to the Robbie Hedrick case in Kingston. Similar to Channon Christian/Chris Newsom in Knoxville. And ABC News is trying to portray Jena, LA as some holdover Jim Crow stronghold.

    OPP's continued infatuation with cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is equally inexplicable.

  14. Why would we read your blog "Jimbo". Kindly be quiet, you can pretend you are from Australia somewhere else. Or maybe go bugger a 'Roo blow up doll or something. Or go pretend you are a convict the way you do on VNN, of course that is really working out too good for you is it mate?

    On a side note Schwartz if you ever need to know what Bill White's penis smells like all you really need is a whiff or two of Michael Belvin's breath.

  15. Anchorage,

    Link for you

    This article helps explain why the protest took place in Jena.

  16. Thanks for the link, Mr. Schwartz, but it's still overkill, as far as I'm concerned.

    Much of the problem has already been solved locally. First, the students who placed the nooses in the tree were punished via suspension.

    Second, the tree has since been chopped down.

    Third, the charges of attempted murder were reduced to aggravated battery, more commensurate with the gravity of the offense. The Jena 6 were almost as overcharged in Louisiana as the Shaun Walker Trio were in Utah. Overcharging and charge-stacking erode the credibility of the judicial system regardless of the identity of the targets.

    However, it would seem like the major grievances were already resolved. Consequently, I can interpret the rally only as a desire by a couple of superannuated civil rights racketeers masquerading as "reverends" to save their flagging careers. And the fact that the overwhelming number of participants in this rally were black shows this is definitely NOT a white thing. Black and white Anmerica continue to grow apart.

  17. Anchorage,

    I'll agree with you about Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I wish they would simply retire. I've never been a fan of either of these two.

    Jackson with his racist comment earlier this week about Obama not acting black enough should really have been condemned just if a white person had said someone wasn't "acting white enough". Then Jackson lies about it by saying "I don't rememeber".

    Now should those six black students be charged with something in the beating of a white student? Yes, assault. Should those white kids who hung the noose gotten expelled instead of a 2 day suspension? Yes.

    But remarks like "the kids were only joking about the noose" and the local DA saying he could destroy lives with a stroke of a pen didn't help things.

    Had the black community not spoken out, those black teens would still be facing attempted murder charges.

    The reason they protested in part was because they had to speak out before some of the wrongs were set right in this case.

    And finally, they can get 10,000s into the streets during a weekday but Hal Turner and other white supremacist can only get about three dozen max these days. Why do you think that is and don't play the blame the jew game on that. I think we all know the reason.


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