Monday, September 17, 2007


A new Cold Shot will air tonight at 6:00 Eastern time on BlogTalk Radio. Nikki talks about the "old" vs the "new" leaders in the hate movement - with special focus on Hal Turner, Bill White, Michael Blevins, and Alex Linder.

Also covered are the Christian Reconstructionists and the big money men.

So, call in and tell her what's on your mind.


The show will be archived about 30 minutes after the broadcast.


  1. here's ANOTHER ONE! Nikki Numb-Nuggetz "won't touch with a 10-foot pole!"

  2. LOL. The worst thing Nikki said about me was that I was crazy and loyal to Bill.

    Yup, I resemble that remark. If anything I am a good/loyal soldier for National Socialism.
    One thing that comes out loud and clear is that anyone listening could actually hear the urgency and desperation in your voice.

    Thanks for the plug, Nik.


  3. Another observation:

    If Bill White and Michael Burks are really doing such a good job in aiding the antis and helping destroy White Nationalism(which is divide and conquer technique you use alot) why would you even mention that?

  4. ha ha!......Hal T quotes luminaries like Alexander Hamilton & Thomas Jefferson; the best Nikki Naughyde can produce is some HollowHoax biddy called 'Ellie Biddel' (nvr heard of the bint!)...couldn't you find any articulate, educated white men to support yr shite, Nikki?

    (not a surprise!...because all the good stuff from history, literature, philosophy & science supports our position.....NOT yrs!....tough shit, eh?)

  5. Blevins,

    The answer is bragging. While antis don't brag much, we sure do brag about people like you and BW who are some of the best friends the ARA can have. All the infighting you and BW have caused has given us countless hours of laughter and enjoyment.

    Do you what is the biggest thing that ANSWP has done to date? Disrupt and undermine the Hal Turner rally in Kalamazoo. That was some awesome work. And BW continues to try to bring down Hal Turner... all with your approval.

    Oh, and that WN lawyer Richard Barrett who just won the right for prisoners to receive hate literature.... well some Semite tried to revoke his law license... do you know who it was? Bill White. Again, nice work by Bill doing the ARA's work for free of charge.

    Like I have said many times before, all we have to do is sit back and watch you guys implode on each other year in and year out.

    Do me a favor. Never stop being a white nationalist. Please. As long as you are around, we can always point to you and laugh.

  6. Mike - you're a puppet - plain and simple. That's too bad. You're a little wooden boy just ripe for the termites in the hate movement.

    I don't know what happened on blogtalk last night - but it went nuts and dropped the last half of the show. They have been doing some upgrades. I will post the full show a little later.

  7. Nikki,

    Bill White is the only WN whom former mental patient Michael Blevins has never attacked.

    To show you how mentally ill Blevins is, he claims to want "unity" within WN groups but then joins one that calls for the complete opposite. That's a clear sign of mental illness, unable to tell fact from fiction.

    I'm glad that Blevins is on their "side" and well medicated.

  8. Have Floyd come to Texas in the near future, please....

    I can stock up on beer and whiskey very quickly. I would love to have him over soon. My sister is a nurse and I can't get him help for whatever his medical issue is. If it's HIV, not a problem. My sister has worked in that area in the past.

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