Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sept. 6 Eye On Hate Radio Topics

Topics for September 6 Live Eye On Hate Radio Program

Introducing Citizens Against Hate Internet Magazine;

UpDate from Nikki on Jena,LA;

Interview with DLJ from OPP on the recent anti-immigration rally in Harrisburg,PA;

My upcoming visit with the NAACP in Roanoke,VA;

Follow-up on the Eye On Hate story "Is GOP Presidential Canidate Ron Paul A Racist ?;

Neo Nazis Fail in Omaha:

Plus HeadLines in Hate

Hope you can join us, show starts at 9pm est.

Eye On Hate Radio
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  1. Roanoke will be glad to see Floyd Cochran!

  2. "Roanoke will be glad to see Floyd Cochran!"...'swinging in the breeze'!

    mean-while...some 'golden oldie h8' from 'the good ol` days'!

    oy gevalt!


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