Monday, September 24, 2007

Sites are Down

From Eye On Hate Radio, One Peoples Project and Citizens Against Hate -

Hello - its about 2:55pm est Monday Sept. 24 -

Just a short blurb to let everyone know all three of our sites are down, appears we are being DOS attacked - we will be back up shortly.

In the mean time we (OPP,EOH,CAH) will be using our myspace sites and the OPPForum and here on Nikki's Nest, to continue getting information and our message too you.

Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio


  1. all right - Citizens Against Hate, One Peoples Project and Eye On Hate are now back on - line.

    Be sure to tune in tonight Monday night at 9pm est. for COLDSHOT

    Eye On Hate

  2. Glad to hear the DDOS attacks have stopped.


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