Monday, September 10, 2007

Eye On Hate Radio Bulletin

Eye On Hate Radio - Breaking -we are following this story(see blow) that happen last Thursday September 6 and another drive by shooting that occured this morning. _ Eye On Hate Radio

Sacramento Teens Say Shooting Was Hate Crime

(CBS13) SACRAMENTO The brother of a shooting victim can't help but relive Thursday night's horror that unfolded before his eyes.

"My brother's bleeding on the kitchen floor can somebody please come help him," said the victim's brother.

Shortly after 9:30 pm, near Riverside Drive in the Pocket Area, five shots were fired as his 16-year-old brother, who was hit in the gut.

The victims didn't want to be identified, but they believe the shooting was racially motivated. The victim's brother and several young black youth were riding their bikes along the river bank on their way home. That's when he says they were confronted by several young white men and women in cars.

"After we left the river bank they passed us in their little SUV screaming ni***rs," said the victim's brother.

The confrontation got heated, but the youth kept riding their bikes home.

Police say it escalated after the suspects in their vehicles followed them home to their apartment complex. The kids on the bikes went inside, but one young 16-year-old stepped outside, and that's when he became a target.

"It was four white boys came through here and started shooting up the house and my brother and everything," said the victim's brother.

Not very many families were outside when the bullets started flying, and police say they need someone to step forward.

"We're looking for a red car with three to four male whites in it," said Sgt. Eric Walker, Sacramento Police.

The family says the 16-year-old is still in the hospital, and not doing very well.


  1. The TimeLord is curious, at what point does a crime become a "hate crime" or "crimes against humantiy"??

    Does it become one when certain words are used? Or when the victim is of a certain ethinic group? I just want make sure now, ok?

    Have you ever heard of a "love crime"? I havent heard of anyone murdering or robbing or raping because they loved them! LOL!

    30 years ago, you would never heard of such nosense.

    I am in no way gloryfying the act that was done on these young people, regardless of skin color. I don't think the KKK or Nazis should bomb Black Churches or march down thier neighbor hoods to harrass them. But I think making things like this "Hate Crimes" is utter bull....

    Your turn, if you dare!

  2. Lloyd - please see my next post regarding this issue. I understand where you are coming from - and I think that is a major problem with hate crime legislation.


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