Monday, September 17, 2007

Former White Supremacist in Roanoke

From NewsChannel 10 - Roanoke
Former White Supremacist in Roanoke
Angela Hatcher / WSLS NewsChannel 10
Sep 15, 2007

Floyd Cochran left the Aryan Nations in 1992. He spoke to a small group of peace activists and NAACP members in Roanoke.

Cochran says people need to be aware a nationally know white supremacist leader, Bill White, lives right here in Roanoke.

Cochran says in this day and age white supremacists are finding new people to hate and a new way to recruit.

"It's not politically correct to stand out on the street corner hating black people or jewish people but in the year 2007 it is politically correct to stand out on the street and talk about hatred toward gay people or toward hispanics perceived to be illegal immigrants.", says Cochran. "If you can hate one group of people after a while it doesn't take long to hate much to demonize and hate another group of people."

Cochran says he left the Aryan Nations when his son was born with a cleft pallet and the group said the baby should be killed because of the deformity.

Cochran says he realized it would be hypocritical to love his son while hating others only because they look a certain way. end of article

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  1. Cochran was never! 'a white supremicist', 'white nationalist' or 'neo-nazi'...he was just 'a hanger on' who associated with vrs WN/WP groups for 'socialising'; he had NO INTELLECTUAL BASIS for a belief in any form of white racism!

    (AAMOF...he also has NO INTELLECTUAL BASIS for his new-found 'anti-racism' either!)

  2. Do you hear those crickets churping?


  3. From 1991 till 1992 was the Aryan nations spokesman - getting out the racist message - check the may 10 edition of newsweek - there you will see picture of me with my aryan nations "body guard" - also attended and disruted many meeting of the NWCAMH in Cour-de-lene, Idaho during the 90's.

    I moved on to the aryan nation in the summer of 1990 and lived there until 1992, - before that was associated with various klans chapters and organizations.
    Hope this help.


  4. Don't worry Blevins, Floyd spoke to ten times more people then the ANSWP has in active membership.


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