Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Weekend With Floyd

Written by One People's Project
Monday, 17 September 2007

So Floyd Cochran has returned from his trip out to Roanoke (this is a pic of him at the Roanoke Star, the town's most recognized landmark), and he most certainly left a lasting impression with the townsfolk. We received this article from A.T. Smith, who worked with Floyd while he was down there and it looks like we are going to be spending a lot of time in the Star City in the months to come. We also learned a lot about Bill White's properties in town, and how he has turned the neighborhood into a dilapidated shell of what it was. Hey, Bill. Don't bother writing a rebuttal. No one is going to believe you. We want to thank the Roanoke Chapter of the NAACP for accomidating Floyd and making his stay in Roanoke most rewarding. We've had a relationship with them for years, but it was good to really get to know everyone and the city.

A. T. Smith

This past weekend the local Branch of the NAACP invited Floyd Cochran to speak in Roanoke. Floyd was in the area for a speaking engagement at a nearby college. I had the pleasure of meeting Floyd. I found him to be an intelligent, warm, sincere and well- informed person. He was very passionate about the topic of hate. His well-prepared lecture kept the audience spellbound.

Floyd spoke at three different functions in Roanoke. The first was a private luncheon with mostly local clergymen. The second was open the public and was well attended by many college students who told me personally that they felt that it is time to end racism in Roanoke. The local media, WSLS television attended an informal gathering after the main lecture. It was shown on the 10:00PM news on the local FOX affiliate Channel 21/27 or Channel 8 on Cox Communication network. It was also shown on the WSLS 11:00PM news, which has a wide viewing audience.

We took turns showing Floyd the beautiful city of Roanoke. He was able to see why we are called it Star City of the South with a trip to our famous landmark. A tour of the city would not be complete without a visit to Patterson and Chapman Avenues. I was shocked to see how the area has turned into a run down slum. I had not been in the area for a couple of years but the properties purchased by Bill White are in terrible disrepair. The yards are filled with trash; most of the properties are vacant. Some of the properties had a poor coating of paint without any structural repair. The local newspaper lists many of the properties for rent higher than the going rate for the area.

The good news is another group is sponsoring Floyd again in October; I have collected over $500 from interested citizens. We are planning to implement some of the ideas that Floyd suggested.

I apologize for not advertising Floyd's last visit but I was erring on the side of caution. With the white criminal element in Roanoke you cannot be too careful.

Thanks Floyd for coming to Roanoke. I believe with your help we can rid racism in Roanoke once and for all. Keep on keeping on.


  1. Great article. Looks like he spoke to more friendly people in a few days than BW has in his entire life.

    I hope next time he visits, someone takes up to date pictures of BW's properties that are going into disrepair.

  2. Bill White aka White Homes latest ad from the Roanoke Times.

    Southwest City
    1529 Chapman -- 2 BR W/D hkup water incl $450
    1502 Chapman -- 2 BR W/D hkup all utils incl $650
    1502 Chapman -- 3 BR W/D hkup all utils incl $699
    832 Patterson -- 2 BR 2 BA W/D hkup all utils incl $699
    832 Patterson -- 2 BR all utils incl $650
    1602 Patterson -- 3 BR W/D hkup all utils incl $699
    *** Bad Credit, Pets Okay ***
    *** NO SECTION 8 ***
    White Homes, LLC

  3. We might not have to wait long for those pictures, Harry. And...in looking at that ad - I don't want to hear another word out of Bill White about pets and and his tenants.

    As we have already said - Bill is in dire straits and it's only going to get worse. Couple his rental problems with his matial problems - and add to that the growing ground-swell of the citizens against Bill White in Roanoke & his ANSWP that has flopped - he needs to rethink his life's choices.

  4. I miss living near Mr. Schwartz. He was a very nice man. Very smart and funny.

    The only problem I had with him was his lust for child porn. I found this quite odd at times. Its a free country. Is Schwartz wants to beat off to "Pig Tail Women Next Door Part III", that's between him and his bed sheets.


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