Sunday, September 10, 2006


This guy is Justin Boyer. They call him "The Steamroller." He was an NSM member up until a week or so ago. Now, Bill White claims that he left the NSM and is joining up with him. Justin issued the following statement a week ago:

September 2, 2006
"As the date of this letter I officially resign from the NSM. First there was the Satanism and I chose to try to help the NSM by sticking by them. Then I witnessed the abuse of long time comrades and the continual backstabbing. I have had it with the NSM. They are not worthy of any sort of loyalty since they are not loyal to any of us members. They may think they kicked me out but I am writing this to inform the NSM that I officially quit. And, no, I am not giving the NSM dipshits the current contacts that I have.

"I suggest to other NSM members that are being threatened or mistreated to be follow my example and leave the organization."

Since the issuance of that statement, sources inside the National Socialist Movement have been filling us in on what they see as the problem. Of course there is always two sides to every story and there will always be inuendoes. According to someone close to Boyer, Justin beat the living daylights out of his pregnant girlfriend, Brittany and left her with the rent due in three days. Nice guy, huh?

That didn't sit too well with his NSM Unit and they all pulled out. Also according to sources within the NSM, this isn't the first time that Justin has been involved in domestic violence. Previously, I am told, he had a case in King County.

Apparently, Justin has since relocated to Ohio and Brittany has reconciled with him. If these accounts are accurate, it simply demonstrates not only the violent nature of yet another NSM member, but negates Bill White's claims to background checks and selective membership.

If, on the other hand, there is no validity to these charges it demonstrates the lengths that these people will go to to discredit a fellow member. Either way, the whole thing is just another chapter in the chronicles of the racist right.


  1. Don't you get in the business of enough people is our country without you getting into matters in foreign countries?

  2. I think someone needs to contact child welfare and tell them your being naughty......again.

  3. You are so right, Harry. This is something that we had better all pay attention to.

  4. Holsten Ass Raped In Prison said...

    I think someone needs to contact child welfare and tell them your being naughty......again.

    Go ahead. Make my Fucking day. They didn't like the last false report that a Turd made. They may go after the next Turd who does something so stupid. I'd laugh my Ass off if a Turd landed in jail for being so ignorant...

  5. The problem with some Germans turning toward nazism is because of the economic problems of Eastern Germany. The same reasons why Hitler got into power. People will do desperate things when they are faced with economic hardships. Eastern Germany is still way behind Western Germany on an economic level.

    Russia is suffering the same kind of problems involving racism.

    Just think how bad the problem would be if Germany didn't have anti-nazi laws.

    It's things like this that need to be examined and discussed, much more than gossiping circus sideshow freaks who just say stuff to get our attention.

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  7. Here is what most Whites think about White women who screw Coons.

    White Thoughts

  8. Hal is going back to Kingston to kick Coon Asses over the Kangaroo Court's decision about the Savage Williams Coon who viciously attacked the White kid Robbie.

    Hal's Homepage

    Other's comments who are ready to dish out better punishment for the crime.

    The White Men Speaketh

  9. Of course Hal bends and doesn't tell the whole story.

    It was 2 white kids whom got into a fight with this black kid and the 2 white kids got the shit kicked out of them by one black.

    And the black kid isn't anywhere near 300 pounds. Closer to 170.

  10. And you think it's just fine that the overgrown Ape nearly kicked the boy to the point of blindness. After your post, the boy needs a ride on the PNL.

    Yep, leave it to Schwartzo; the Africoons can do no wrong.

  11. Steve Holsten makes assumptions again.

    I think the sentence that young black kid is going to get is probably the right one. But it wasn't a racially motivated attack and it was 2 on 1 with the 2 getting the shit kicked out of them.

    Then again, Steve wishes for the DEATH PENALTY for white women for being with black men.


    What I am pointing out is Harold lied about what happened. It wasn't a 300 pound black kid and it was a 2 on 1 fight.

    Did anyone notice that Yankee Jim on VNN admitted he hasn't had contact with the mother since the rally? Funny how once they didn't need her, they spit her out like sour milk.

  12. I never said that the Coon Loving Whores should be put to death for their Beastality. I said they should strung up naked to a tree by their ankles and given a good thrashing with a well oiled horse whip. Then they can think twice before they bed down with another Coon.

    Now the Coon Bucks who bed down with White women is another story. They need a ride on the PNL for the Beastality.

  13. Looks like that black kid only got 45 days in jail. And just think Steve, your son is facing 5 years in prison for what he did. Hell, your son got a year in jail suspended for the DUS.

  14. Where did you freaking go to school and learn how to read? Maybe you need glasses. My son got 30 days suspended and 2 yrs unsupervised probation for his charge.

    You have been also been told that it has been agreed in pre-agreement that there will be no jail for the enticed charges.

  15. Everyone else is getting 5 years jail on their charges from that bust and you're son is no different. Only your son is facing an additional felony charge.

    Yea, I did misread that thing. It is 30 days for the DUS. But you also said DUS was no big deal. You found out the hard way, well Chris found out the hard way. He'll have to serve those 30 days once he is convicted of the sex charge.

  16. That 30 days has nothing to do with the Enticed charge. There are in two different divisions of court. It would've went a lot of easier on the DWS charge if Chris would've had the money to get his license re-instated before the last court date. Even though he had bad luck and the lack of money; he brought the stiffer sentence on himself.

    Most of the rest of the Entrapped guys are getting 5 Yrs suspended sentences with some of them getting 120 days shock time. I'm not saying Chris won't get a suspended sentence, but he won't go to jail if he keeps his nose clean.

    You'll Fucking learn one of these days that you can't get your Bullshit over on me.

  17. Steve gets caught lying again

    Here's what you said about Chris's DUS. You can use the link above to prove it.

    He was issued a puny assed traffic ticket for driving while suspended, and the no seatbelt violation is on the same ticket. Hell, the cop even let him drive his car home.

    He didn't realize that his license was suspended yet. He borrowed someone's car last year who didn't have insurance, and he was involved in a fender bender. In Missouri, the Stupid Assed Lawmakers puts the Financial Responsibility on the driver. This will be about a $25 fine for the suspended license
    --end quote--

    yea, a puny fine. A suspended jail sentence plus 40 hours community service plus fines plus...... This is why you are retarded Steve.

  18. DickHead, Your Great Hero asks you again where did you learn to read? Your comprehension skills are much lower than a dumb black ass Coon's. I'm sorry that my superior intelligence intimidates you so much. I caught you in several lies in this thread and your usual response is to personally attack me, your Great Hero...

    It would've went much easier on Chris if he had been able to do what the judge asked him to do while the case was put off three times. I read the court news everyday in the local paper and some DWS cases do have a small fine.

  19. I'm reading perfectly.

    You are the one getting disability for being mentally retarded, not me.

    I warned you months ago that DUS was not a simple ticket like driving without a seatbeat. Then you went into your gay erotica mode, and now you've figured out I was right all along about the DUS.


  20. What the Fuck is DUS? It's called "Driving While Suspened" here in God's Country.

    It doesn't matter what you think since all you're out to do is try to put down an outstanding respectable White man like me. And thank God that try is all you get done.

    I get Social Security from a physical disability. Where the Fuck do you get mental out of that? My source of income is better than your General Relief Welfare check and your old lady supporting your lazy, lazy, lazy ass.

    I have no Faggot mode whatsoever. When I discuss Faggotry here; it is always about your Faggot desires for your Coon Buds.

  21. I love it when I get the best of Schwartzo, and he runs with his tail tucked. He posted in the new thread but avoids this one.


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