Monday, September 25, 2006


The only thing that pisses me off more than a Nazi is a violent Nazi. Joel Dufresnes likes to think of himself as a badass - but, in fact, the only thing that he whips up on is a woman.

This sorry excuse for a human just epitomizes the detritus that lives in the racist circles. Take a listen to BACKLASH.



  1. Beating up on women seems to be the norm for most neo-nazis. Since they aren't man enough to go after someone their own size, they assault women instead.

    I know of one "neo-nazi" organization that nearly 100% of it's members have been to court over beating up on women.

  2. It does seem to run rampant among them. Justin Boyers would do well to pay attention to the sentence Dufresne got. But he won't - a pussy is a pussy.

  3. It's hard to laugh at anything a real nazi like Matthew Ramsey does but check out this picture of Vonbluvens

    Got to admit, he's got some sense of humor.

  4. I forgot to mention. Kudos to the Columbus media for ignoring a fairly large nazi rally there on Saturday. Now if all the media would do that....

  5. Want me to get into all the antis I know who not only beat, have beaten and have gone to prison for beating women? If someone beats women in the movement and its proven, he's got a lot more to worry about than law enforcement and you can take that to the bank. Better hope the courts drop you in a hole no one can dig the offending individual out of. As far as Justin goes, well, he's innocent until proven guilty in my book. Also, Harry, do you want to get into the domestic violence epidemic that follows inter-racial couples? Whats that all about, huh?

    Anyhow, DLJ, if you're reading this, check out the book our boy, Chavez is holding on the front page of your website. Its one by Chomsky, the anti-jewish, holoco$t denying jew. Have some fun with that one. Chomsky is the truth telling breath of fresh air the jew-worshipping left needs to blow it off the map.

    And Nikki, no thanks will be in order for me generating traffic back to this blog.

  6. Chomsky is not a holocaust denier.

    Chomsky is often against actions and policies of the "jewish" state of Israel.

    Chomsky is not anti-jewish and the people who advance this distortion are those who label any questioning of Israel as anti-semitic.

  7. Google him. Read what jews write about him. Ask around. Yeah... yeah the fuck he is a holoco$t denier. Either that or he's not one and neither am I. He plainly states the holo-cost is a blown up political tool used by jews to gain power. You need to excercise some common sense and not swallow the whole anti-white dog and pony show in its entirity. Jews are "yeah, yeah--one world, one people" as long as you're constantly brown-nosing them and never asking why they essentially are the biggest supramacists of them all and certainly the most powerful.

    Go out and question israel in public. In fact, make that your new thing. See how long before you are called a Nazi for doing so. And you know what that means, right? Nazi=white, uncool and poor (working class, but not real working class like a black guy with a job). Think of the horror before you feel the horror

  8. Chomsky is not a holocaust denier. He has qoutes which state that it is worthless to debate holocaust deniers.

    He is however in opposition to states which would ban the ability of holocaust deniers the right to pubish their work. This position has caused him trouble with the right-wing who can't accept anything critical of Israel.

    I am essentially in agreement with Chomsky's opposition to anti-censorship laws. I am not interested in having the state ban any speech no matter how repugnent or factually wrong.

    I do not support the Israeli supporters/lobby and their position that anyone who questions Israel is an anti-semite.

    My jewish friends don't support the Israeli lobby either yet they are also 100% anti-fascist.

  9. I'll look up the stuff Chomsky has said about the holoco$t later. He says the same damn thing that the racialist say about it: its blown far out of proportion and exagerated. Like I said before, no one is outright denying that some jews died in WW2, just no where near 6 million (or 12, depending on who is trying to sell it). How about the American Red Cross? They say that around 500,000 jews died, mostly from typhus (sp?)? Are they "holocost deniers" too?

    One thing you have to start learning is that the South/Central American left isn't much like the American left. Sure there were jews involved in the past but now they're aren't a whole lot, especially without the USSR being around. The Latin American left is more concerned with serving Latin American interests than jewish interests. In contrast, the left here in the USA is set up, run by and there to server jewish interest. Ask yourself who has been in control and who has benefitted from each "leftist" take over or uprising in each white country? Who mostly benefitted from the left either taking all, some or most of the power? Don't say "the working class" because if nothing else, they got the worst end of it. Why? They were never in charge like they were supposed to be. Who was? You aren't part of a working class movement, pal. You're part of the pro-jewish/anti-white movement.

    And your anti-facist? Really? What is facism? Its a form of economics. Explain to me how the jewish control of nearly 80% of the money on the planet makes them victims that need your support. Explain to me how you can a million pro-jewish on one hand and pro-working class on the other. Jews have never, but never, done anything but fuck over the working class unless they were out to fuck over the ruling class.

    What I'm trying to tell you here is this: if you are going to think enough to decide you are anti-this or anti-that, fine, good for you. What you need to start doing is injecting some common sense into your political thoughts. The world is not a fucked up place because some beer-bellied Klan types decided to go shout at some crowds in front of a building. Some skinheads didn't start a war in the middle east. A bunch of NS guys marching down the street didn't make the gettos grow or gas prices rise. A bunch of suits locked in a conference hall didn't make crime go through the roof. So are you interested in the world's problems or just cooling the aggrivations of your jewish friends?

  10. Want some? Get some.

    QUESTION: I ask you this question because I know that you have been plagued and hounded around the United States specifically on this issue of the Holocaust. It's been said that Noam Chomsky is somehow agnostic on the issue of whether the Holocaust occurred or not.
    CHOMSKY: My "agnosticism" is in print. I described the Holocaust years ago as the most fantastic outburst of insanity in human history, so much so that if we even agree to discuss the matter we demean ourselves. Those statements and numerous others like them are in print, but they're basically irrelevant because you have to understand that this is part of a Stalinist-style technique to silence critics of the holy state and therefore the truth is entirely irrelevant, you just tell as many lies as you can and hope that some of the mud will stick. It's a standard technique used by the Stalinist parties, by the Nazis and by these guys.

    Ok, some of this is by your people, so you can take that at face value. The antis are the ones who say uppity whites are out to machine gun innocent non-whites...everywhere and each day.

    I'm not saying Chomsky is some sort of super jew or someone who I'd be honored to meet. Nor am I saying, "hey look at the irony, I'm an established and known Nazi who likes the leftist yammerings of a jewish professor!" I think about half of what he says is dead on left-wise. I'm tickled that he admits the holocaust was largely bullshit. I'm thrilled that the jewish community, who is one day going to be done with your types, is always trying to destroy him.

    Of course, the man is still a jew and even if he wasn't a jew, nobody is going to agree with everything another person says. This is especially true when I believe what I believe, here on the street and he believes what he believes from his desk at MIT. His jewishness comes out too in what he often writes. He loves to whine like a helpless kitten about being jewish and how jews were not always handed over all of a nation's reasources and power in a timely manner. Yeah, he's as jewish as matzo balls when he's listing the world's problems as a jewish global-wish list. For all of his true-blue traditional leftist ideas, he still has a notorious jewish attitude that the world owes jews.

    Its like this though. Lots of white power folks love the movie, Braveheart. They can't get enough of it. Guys turned white power after watching it when it first came out (see what happens when you give whites their culture!!!). Anyhow, there is no doubt in my mind, without checking, that the movie had a lot of jews involved in it. I'd be less suprised to find out that the ocean is wet. So what should they do? What should any pro-white person do that watches the movie that put money into jewish pockets? Watch it and enjoy it. Do you think militant negros or indians worry about writing and publishing a book on how much they hate English??

    In line with that, tear pages out of whatever and you destroy whatever book you tore them from.

    I'm enjoying your blog here, Nikki. I'm really wondering why I haven't been banned yet. Its not my intention, however, it is my expectation.

  11. Braveheart is a great movie. People fighting back against tyrany. Love it.

    I am not even going to comment on the rest of your diatribe. Except to say that you are a tool. Use any scrap of information and twist it around to make your hollow preconvieved story, seem slightly more possible.

    The only thing I would agree with you on is that the world is a fucked up place.

    Oh and how is the NSM?


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