Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Turner Called "A Kosher White Patriot" By NSM's Brunson

Now this is really choice! Richard Brunson is said to be Jeff Schoep's right-hand man. According to those in the know, Brunson worships Schoep and follows him everywhere. Reportedly, when on the road Brunson and Schoep ALWAYS share a room and he acts as Jeff's personal bodyguard and lap-dog.

Brunson doesn't seem to have much else to do during the down-time between rally's and meetings, hence he watches all of the Anti sites to make certain that they are not maligning his Fuhrer of the NSM. And, as you can imagine, he always has something to say to me. However, Brunson isn't the sharpest pencil in the box. When he is really upset he tends to run off at the mouth and say things that, perhaps, Schoep wouldn't approve of.

Last Night I posted the article about the beating in Texas on CAH. Of course, Richard Brunson had to respond. He starts off with the usual Nazi crap about how I never address rap music lyrics, the Carr Brothers, yada, yada, yada - sameo, sameo. Of course in his packaged regurgitation he shows no empathy for the young Hispanic victim that lies fighting for his life. And then he blasts Hal Turner. Here are his comments:

by richardbrunson on May 02, 2006 - 12:38 AM
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While you are posting white power lyrics why don't you post some well known rap and hip hop lyrics as well??? "Negro gangsta music" has always sung the praises of raping white women - cop killing , and in general deviant behavior(s).

So shouldn't you also be trying to take back the lives of the little negro children that are being force fed anti-social behavior that is condoned by the likes of you??

Also , I haven't seen the likes of the Carr brothers posted here either. I mean , they hated whitey went out, and tortured then killed white women and men- only one white female was left alive- she'll never recover from the nightmare she must live until the end of her life here on earth. What about that white female college student that was tortured- raped , and killed in MN- SD , by a mexican??? Why didn't you write about that???

Why is the question that was asked- but you'll never answer it. You hate the Aryan Race , and will dredge up any isolated incidents, and parade them about while covering up daily deviant behavior of those who are here illegally, and the deviants of the other Races.

Yes there were lives lost to us- it is a sad day when we loose two of our sons because they acted out in a wrong way- two more who could have accomplished anything they wanted in life- who could have had families and sons of their own , something they now may never have.

You always like to use the term "NAZI" when speaking about anyone who is involved in white power- you are using the wrong term- there are many differences between - us-( National Socialist) and those who are white power or involved in other organizations. Hal Turner will never be a member of the NSM- nor is he a National Socialist- he is a kosher patriot who is more involved in what he can profit from , than what can the Aryan Race profit from. The NSM does not condone this type of behavior- we loose our own because of misdirected anger and violence.

Well...and uh...huh. Who was it that was wondering why Hal Turner was not part of the video from Lansing? Now, either Brunson made a major faux pas, or the NSM is now trying to distance itself from Turner. Regardless of which case it is - Jeff Schoep's edict of never speaking ill of others in the movement has just been violated by his man-servant.


  1. Man servant! I love it! Wonder if he goes by Mr. Belvadere?

  2. More like "Mr. Slave" from South Park....

  3. LOL! You've got that right! He is not too happy with me right now. He is over on CAH claiming that he is not a spokesman for the NSM and that his comments were not approved by the NSM along with a few other pearls.

  4. The NSM probably left Hal out of the video since he is not a member. Hal & the NSM have differing views on Hitler and Nazi beliefs.

  5. Now, what were big daddy Bill White's instructions about the do's and don'ts to when addressing the media again....??

    I think the Nazi salute needs to be changed from an extended arm in the air to swiftly kicking up a foot into their mouths.

  6. Brunson will have to do a complete 180 or he will be given his walking papers from the NSM. Hal Turner is too big a name for them to lose the support of. Of course, the NSM is despised among other neo-nazi groups. Bill White's entry into the NSM will only hasten its destruction. The NSM has been and will always be a "last resort" sort of organization a place where a bigot can go when even their fellow bigots cannot stand to be around them. I am sure Jeff was on the phone to Hal begging his pardon. It will be VERY interesting to see what happens here!

  7. Bill White spin is that Nikki forged the email.

  8. Nah, the spin will be that "Da Joos" faked Brunson's email. White probably knows Nikki is smart enough to check email headers.

    The funny (or sad, depending on your viewpoint) part is that Brunson is probably just repeating what he overheard Schoep, White, and the NSM's dim leading lights saying.

  9. It's so funny when they start eating each other

  10. "Bill White's entry into the NSM will only hasten its destruction."--Josh Hoyt


    Absolutely. The man literally believes "demons" are walking the earth in the guise of Jewish people. What's more, he boldly proclaims this in public.

    Somebody call the whitecoats, quickly.

    Um, is Bill like an agent from the SPLC? I can't help but think that Bill is intentionally trying to fuck over his "comrades" with every single sentence he types.

    Could just be me, though.

  11. Actually, this is transpiring in the comments section of Citizens Against Hate, not email.

    EB - do you know how many times I have asked that same question.

  12. Incidentally, Mr. "178 I.Q." has refused to post a very politely worded entry I made to his Overthrow blog today. It was, (ahem):

    "...Second, the Jews are destructive because they are a race of demons...."--Bill White


    Mr. White,

    I don't mind telling you that MOST people will find this singular assertion to be exceedingly odd, and outlandish.

    I am one of those people.

    The word "demon" is derived from the Greek daimos, and essentially means "overseeing spirit or guide". It was not until the Christian Era that the word began to take on sinister connotations, when the PAGAN gods of the ancient people became vilified and transformed into the demonic pantheon of medieval Christian lore.

    So tell me, since you have made this claim to me twice now, just what do you mean by "a race of 'demons'"? Do you mean in the literal sense of the word, as in "Jews are descended from demonic entities"? Or are you merely speaking figuratively, and I am simply misunderstanding?

    Are you referencing the ancient Sumerian legends concerning the Nephilim, or "Annunaki"? because, to be blunt, I hardly think the ancient texts point directly to any infusion of Angelic DNA in the Hebrew strain. Instead, the Biblical passage of Genesis 6:5 (I believe) merely states: "These[...]became the mighty men of old, men of renown" , in reference to the traditional tale of angelic breeding with human women.

    These "Rephaim" or the sons of the "Nephilim", were said to be cannibalistic giants who were exterminated early-on by mortal human man. King David is said to have slain the giant Goliath, who was credited as being of the bloodline of the Nephilim. Some conspiracy theorists have attempted to trace a direct descent downward from the "mighty men of old" to the present day political movements, kingships, government structures, and esoteric cults--such as esoteric Nazism.

    You are aware, btw, that Nazism sprang, partly, from the occult tradition proffered by medium Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and known generally as "Theosophy"--which postulated that the Aryan race was the sixth race out from Atlantis, and the race most likely to break free of mortal karma and ascend upward into Godhood?

    She was, supposedly, in contact with ancient, primordial beings called the Great White Brotherhood (sometimes called the Great White Lodge), who supposedly directed her activities from the remote reaches of the Himalayas.

    But, of course, it was all hogwash, and is wholly debunked.

    Now, I have digressed quite a bit, but I still wish to know how you, as an individual who MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT believe in any form of the Christian dogma, and who repudiates most modern interpretations of Christian ethics and values, and who, furthermore, attempts to rationalize the world from an occult, or metaphysical perspective (quantifying abstractions into absolutes; i.e. the "Jews" are "Evil"), can whole-heartedly, nonetheless embrace an anti-Semitism that absolutely reeks of an archaic Christian bias. Furthermore, when you say something as catastrophic and wholly unfounded as "the Jews are DEMONS", you had bloody-well better have the requisite explanation ready to justify such an extreme, rigid, intractable, and inflammatory position. In short: Prove it, or explain it, or stop claiming it altogether.




    Either Mr. Bill was too lazy to answer, couldn't THINK of an answer, didn't know what the hell I was talking about, or doesn't know HIMSELF what he means when he says, "Jews are a race of DEMONS".

    Maybe he feels it's his best line.

    Good night all!

  13. As far as a spin on all of this - Brunson has been frequenting us with his blather for a couple of years - IP numbers don't lie - this IS the Dick.

  14. "EB - do you know how many times I have asked that same question."--Nikki


    Almost certainly more than me, and I've asked myself that several times in just the last few months.

    Best of luck!



  15. Where does Mr. Brunson live at?

  16. EB you are BRILLIANT!!

    The perfect torture for those Nazis would be to lock them in a windowless room and force them to read the entire Blavatsky collection.

    That'll learn them!


  17. You Jigaboo Loving Faggot Turds would love to be locked in that room with the NSM on your knees, mouth open giving all of them Head...

  18. About a week before the Lansing rally, Brunson sent this out to the troops:

    During the National Meeting all NSM members and their spouses
    ect. are expected to conduct themselves in the best manner possible.

    All members will keep drinking limited to their rooms or selected
    areas- ONLY !- Drinking in the hallways-pool areas-parking lot ect.

    is NOT acceptable behavior. Confrontations -physical or verbal
    with employees/employers of restaraunts- general public - or anyone
    else will get you banned from the Meeting and the Rally , no
    questions asked!

    During the Meeting you will show respect to the Speakers by not
    engaging in personal conversations or phone calls- personal comments
    need to be kept to yourself. After the meeting you can add your
    opinions or discuss the subject directly with the Speaker- (this
    isn't a negro congragation where you can readily shout out whatever
    you feel like). All NSM members will follow the directions of the
    Security Squad in case of any difficulties/or police envolvement.

    Any questions or concerns can be directly dealt with by me during
    these events.

    *Side note-
    Recently there have been a few questions arise and they
    wrongly directed to other sections within the NSM. All security
    questions and concerns are to be directly sent to me-or call me on
    my cell 505-921-1806 I will return your call as soon as possible.


    NSM- SS
    Sturmscharf├╝hrer Brunson

  19. Damn! They sound like NAZIS!

    If I got an e-mail like that, I'd burn the brown shirt and join the Rotary.

  20. None of you Jigaboo Lovers have the common courtesy to say that they strived to have an orderly rally.

  21. Christ! What a fucking cock!!!


    "That's all right, we'll get a big laugh too. Believe me, my callers love this stuff.

    As to "irrelevance", let's put it this way:

    * I am a multi-millionaire. In my humble mountain town, I both employ and house a good chunk of people. That alone gives me local / regional relevance.

    * Almost every week, somewhere in the world, I appear in the a newspaper. Its been that way for the past ten years. While you are busy writing news in a small market, I'm busy making news on the international scene. On the relevance scale, that makes you small time.

    * As to work in the media, I used to be the Washington correspondant for Pravda -- the international Russian publication. Until I moved from DC, I went to dinner regularly at the National Press Club.

    Your career has peaked in a small Michigan town no one has heard of.

    So don't talk too much about "relevance". On every objective measure, you're an insect next to me.

    LOL"--Bill White


    What a fucking egotistical, self-absorbed, piece-of-shit! I could smash the fucker in the face after reading this!

    Arrrrhhhh!!! (Groan!)

  22. "EB you are BRILLIANT!!

    The perfect torture for those Nazis would be to lock them in a windowless room and force them to read the entire Blavatsky collection.

    That'll learn them!"--Bill White


    Might be an interesting experiment in re-education. At the very least, re-education is what they desperately need.

  23. 1. You obviously know nothing about Blavatsky

    2. I am not Bill White

    3. If you had any clue in the about her writings, you would know that Bill White would not have written that.

    My advice, stick to topics you know about.

  24. "3. If you had any clue in the about her writings, you would know that Bill White would not have written that."--Bill White


    Please proofread before you post.

  25. I did.

    Please, tell us what you know about the Blavatsky writtings?

  26. "...writtings?..."--Bill White


    Are you sure? I'm going to take a nap now, you better have that spellcheck looked at. Good evening!

    J. Alfred Prufrock

  27. Don't know anything about them huh?

    Nice dodge.

    I will tell you, the one thing they are known for, they are considered the most dry and uninteresting of occult texts by most who study esoterics.

    Personally, I prefer Steiner's theories on Theosophy, over Blavatsky.

    As far as Nazi occultism, I was studying under an Occultist in PA who came from the Rosicrucian tradition, who did quite a bit of research in this area and found really very little to no real evidence of any true occult practicing in the Third Reich.

    I do understand that Hitler took a lot of symbols and was on an occult "junk hunt" through the middle east.

    But, were they casting, invoking and manipulating the powers and energies of the many levels?

    Still very questionable.

    Still, I say, make the boys sit and read Blavatsky, will knock them out better than a sleeping pill.

  28. "But, were they casting, invoking and manipulating the powers and energies of the many levels?"--The Oracle of the Three-Lobed Burning Eye


    Only when meditating at Wewelsburg Castle

  29. Well, line the shores of England with the Dawn of Golden, and turn those Jerry's back.


  30. Doy you Jigaboo Lovers have anything to live for besides worrying about the NSM, Hal Turner and other good Whites putting down the Jigaboos and other Shit skin Mongrels?

  31. Bill White is threatening to sue in Winchester, Virginia.

    White must love LOSING in court. He'll lose again, and again, and again, and again.

  32. Anonymous Pussy FuckTard sure wants to suck Bill's Dick, Now!!!!!!!!!

  33. The Holsten's will be on NBC's dateline tonight dealing with child sex predators.

    Okay, it won't be Chris or Steve themselves but it will feature men just like them.

    --space reserved below for Steve Holsten to post his homosexual erotica thoughts--

  34. The pedo's son got arrested again, this time for driving under a suspended driver's license.

    Looks like a pattern of criminal behavior here.

    NIM Buster link here including image

  35. And the public defender lawyer has told Chris to take the 120 days in jail.

    It's all falling apart for Steevo.

  36. With the arrest of Chris again, the DA should up the plea bargain to a year in prison. Chris being out on bail and getting arrested again looks real, real bad.

    Maybe him rotting in prison for a year will help correct his behavior.

  37. Faggot KIKE Schwartzo, are you really this Fucking FuckTarded or is just a good act? I do know that you're one of the biggest lying Dumbasses I've ever knew of.

    Chris was by far not arrested. He was issued a puny assed traffic ticket for driving while suspended, and the no seatbelt violation is on the same ticket. Hell, the cop even let him drive his car home.

    He didn't realize that his license was suspended yet. He borrowed someone's car last year who didn't have insurance, and he was involved in a fender bender. In Missouri, the Stupid Assed Lawmakers puts the Financial Responsibility on the driver. This will be about a $25 fine for the suspended license and the no selt belt fine is only $10

    This will in no way have no bearing on the the other charges where he was entrapped.

    And yes, Dateline will show the lives of several guys being ruined over Fucking Bullshit.

  38. Well you Jigaboo Lovers thought that Hal would be a Fucking Pussy and not be the same on his radio show tonight after going to court Moday. You said that he'd be too scared to carry on with his usual rough needed talk about Niggers & other Shit Skin Mongrels. Well, he's still giving them all kinds of Hell.

  39. Wrong Steevo. You can't lie around here.

    Chris was charged with a class-a misdemeanor for driving under a Suspended License. His license was suspended because he didn't show up in court for his traffic tickets.

    It's been suspended since 2001 when Chris didn't pay his fine back then. So your son was so stupid and now it's going to cost him again.

    Big time.

    It's a rather large fine. It's not just a traffic ticket. It's a class-A misdemeanor. 302.321 to be exact. Almost as bad as a DUI.

    Anyone can confirm this by going here.

    Missouri Case.net

    See Steve, your lies get exposed around here. Don't be telling lies that we can check on.

    180 days in the pen might help straighten your son's life out.

  40. You still don't know what the Fuck you're talking about, you Nigger Dick Sucking Faggot KIKE...

    I paid the fines that Chris had back in 2001. You're lying when you say he didn't show up. You can easily read that he did and he was fined for both. Hell, they were only $30.50

    I picked him late last year when he was involved in the acident. The cop said he would lose his license, but he didn't know when. The DOR sent a letter saying he would be suspended at a later date if he didn't pay $676.00 for damages to the other car. He never heard anymore. If his license was suspended in 2001 as your Fucked up Nigger Loving mind thinks; he would been charged when he drove to the entrapment back in March.

    And yes KIKE, the fine here usually runs about $25 for driving while suspended even though it is a Class A misdemeanor. I read the court news in the local newspaper everyday.

    I can't to see you Shit your pants when the Internet charges against Chris are reduced to Misdemeanors or dropped.

  41. Typo:

    I can't wait to see you Shit your pants when the Internet charges against Chris are reduced to Misdemeanors or dropped.

  42. *ping* Tony Willow

    You might want to bail out of Texas very soon.

    Something is going down.

  43. anonymous - can you elaborate on that?

  44. Yeah, there is a whole bunch of military hardware heading that way from all directions of the country.

    The only word we got was that it is all heading to Texas.

    I got this info from two completely unrelated sources who witnessed this stuff both on the road and via RR.

    When asked, a military personal only replied that it is heading to Texas and they cannot say anymore and that we will all know by next week.

    I hope this is really just nothing, but it might be worth both keeping an eye on and maybe considering an exit from the area.

  45. I'm not worried and have no plans to bail.

  46. Thanks anon - I will worry enough for all of us. Tony - no need to "bail" but I would keep a close eye on things down there.

  47. This website is like an insane asylum.

    Richard Brunson is entitled to his opinions. I don't necessarily agree with him on all things, but there is no rule that says he has to like Hal Turner.

    I consider Hal Turner to be a friend. However, he does say things from time to time that are not in accordance with NSM policies, and he has occasionally said things that alienate NSM members. This is fine. Sometimes our members say things that alienate each other. We're not the Borg Collective here -- everyone is entitled to their point of view.

    The National Socialist Movement appreciates our relationship with Hal Turner and we value our comrade Richard Brunson. Our strength comes from our unity and our determination to struggle together for National Socialism, submerging all bickering, infighting and personality conflicts along the way.

  48. Brunson does not like Bill White either. No one does.

    And on Texas.
    There are skirmishes going on in Mexico right now. The elections are going on and the two sides have taken to full out warfare, this is not a hoax, real fighting.

    The Zapatistas are taking on the mexican military and have some corrupt police hostage. The mexican army is going to make an assault and go in to rescue them. Imagine the images of mexican soldiers shooting their own "hard working farmers" on world-wide television. It's a poor mans revolution, coming to a town near you.


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