Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pariah Nazi

I was planning on addressing this, but One People's Project did a fantastic job!

By One People's Project

ROANOKE, VA.-As National Socialist Movement Spokesperson and Nazi pariah Bill White parades around the country in Nazi uniforms proclaiming to draw attention to crimes committed by others, attention has been drawn even moreso towards his own criminal behavior, which has garnered him a conviction as recent as last month for violating a court order to stop pursuing Erica Hardwick.

Virginia Court Records show that on April 5, White paid a fine on a contempt of court charge stemming from his attempt to contact Hardwick by phone. Hardwick had a restraining order against him since last year, when he repeatedly tried to make contact her while she was in jail. White's obsession with Hardwick dates back to her days as a member of the National Alliance, once writing a letter professing his love for her, and when she left the white power scene, he has had assaulted her, had her arrested on bogus criminal charges, and written article after article about her on his website, ironically many of them saying he doesn't care about her. In fact, on April 5, the day he was convicted on the contempt of court charge, White published a story on saying that Hardwick was sent back to jail on March 3. As often is the case with White, the story was completely untrue, as were articles that followed that suggested that if Hardwick and One People's Project did not expose his questionable property dealings in 2003, he would have never become a National Socialist, which he had proclaimed he was months before. "Now, this is simply pathetic," Hardwick has written recently. "Fat Tits just can't get it right. He can't write an article about ANYTHING without making mention of me!"

Court records also reveal that on Sept. 13, White was charged with brandishing a firearm. Indeed, there were reports of him doing so a number of times in the Chapman Ave. area where he owns a number of rental properties. This has been the subject of current investigations by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the FBI as well as a number of lawsuits from former tenants who charge he illegally had them evicted in an effort to create a whites-only living space in the predominately black neighborhood. The investigations and lawsuits are still pending. The firearm charge is not, however. Records show that the charges were dismissed.

White has a number of run-ins with the law on his record, one netting him seven months in jail for assaulting a police officer (ever the embellisher, this incident gets translated on his website as "I was in a fight with and beat four Montgomery County (MD) police officers very badly"). All of this criminal activity makes it ironic that in his recent attempt to attack One People's Radio's Floyd Cochran, he writes, "ALL of the anti-racists opposed to the National Socialist Movement are drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves. ALL of them." It is even more ironic that he makes this statement knowing that the National Socialist Movement is led by documented drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves.

Now, it's my turn. Bill White wrote:

"Some may ask why this is important -- but it illustrates a point. ALL of the anti-racists opposed to the National Socialist Movement are drunkards, criminals, felons and thieves. ALL of them."

Perhaps Mr. White has been spending too much time with the rank and file of the National Socialist Movement, Aryan Nations, and the Klan. He seems to have that all mixed up and ass-backwards. I am none of the things that he listed, nor are any of the people who I work with. But, I guess one must consider the source of these claims - after all, they did come from Bill.

In the same diatribe he wrote:

I'm sick of the scum of the earth -- thieves, drunks, killers, mentally ill people, people that no sane person would ever associate with -- passing through the white nationalist movement, joining our groups, and then turning on us just like the spineless treacherous white trash slime they've always been and trying to get self-righteous.

Well...guess what. Bill White just described 99.999% of the National Socialist Movement - himself included. As to being "sick of the scum of the earth," I am pretty damned sick of them myself. I am completely fed up with the antics of an educated Neanderthal who thinks he can say and do anything he chooses without a counter or consequences. As OPP pointed out in the above article, Bill White spends much of his life in court. As he continues to amass libelous claims and statements against those of us on the other side of the fence, it's a pretty good bet that some of us are going to see him before a judge and jury before it is all over. At some point, the hammer will fall - and it will fall very heavy on the Conduct Disordered Bill White.


  1. Those bumps on his head are growing.

  2. Pretty soon they'll be as big as his tits!

  3. They do appear to be growing. I wonder if it is some mild form of Proteus Syndrome.


  4. Steve, do you ever have anything to say? Is it possible for you to discuss something without being crass or obnoxious?

  5. It is normal to put almost anyone over you nazis.

    Elmer is the abnormal one here.

  6. Ok, I too am not a criminal nor do I have any intention of ever being one. Guess that means I can't be a nazi! Damn, too bad! LOL

    Anyhow, Nikki, no Steve can't think of anything else to say, that is what he is all about. Obsessed with sexual things. remind you of anyone? Or two I should say. LOL

  7. Oh my lord,

    Please, tell me you aren't even going to begin to compare Joseph Carey Merrick to the repulsive Bill White?

    Joseph was a far superior human being, altogether...


  8. Joseph Carey Merrick



    Another victim of intolerance...

    "'Tis true my form is something odd,
    But blaming me is blaming God;
    Could I create myself anew,
    I would not fail in pleasing you.

    Were I so tall could reach the Pole,
    Or grasp the ocean with a span,
    I would be measured by the soul;
    The mind's the standard of the man."--J.C. Merrick

  9. I agree that Merrick was a far superior being. I am just trying to figure out what those growing protrusions are on Bill's head.

  10. Oh! I know, I was just ribbing you!

    Best of luck,


  11. Bill White just loves the fact that one of his biggest supporters is pederast Steve Holsten.

    White is so short on friends, he has to embrace a pedophile like Steve Holsten.

  12. yeah those strange large bumps are for Bill's extra large "white" brain...

    oh he is so dreamy... like a modern day Joseph Goebbels... swoon! with a clip on tie and ill fitting boy scout uniform! oh my!!!!!

  13. Bill White is probably very grateful to have a pedophile defending him here.

  14. Nikki,

    I guess you would think me supersticious, but couldn't those bumps on Bill White's head be horns? (Young deer have bumps as well, before they become antlers.)

  15. This is 100% untrue.

    I had a cell phone go off in court during a garnishment hearing and got a citation.

    Good Lord.

  16. Why don'y y'all go march through his neighborhood?

  17. Bill is afraid to rally in Roanoke because he knows no one will show up & he's afraid of being shown as a nazi in Roanoke. Just like when White called for a rally in Winchester last Friday, no one showed up. Bill is so ashamed and fearful of being exposed as a nazi in Roanoke, he denies being one to the Roanoke Times. You can't blame Bill, he should be ashamed to tell his local residents who is really is. Blevins is the same way, afraid to tell his neighbors.

    Attendance at NSM rallies are dropping since White took control of the group. His biggest online supporter is a pederast named Steve Holsten. And anytime Holsten defends White, it always involves him bringing up the topic of dick sucking.

  18. Well, I can't think of any better way to cap the One People's Project fantasy then with Schwartz' nonsense.

    Again, all I can conclude is that all of our opponents are insane ...

  19. You called for a nazi rally and march in Winchester Virginia and it didn't happen.

    Just shows how weak you really are.

    Are you going to hold a nazi rally this Saturday like you said you would if I showed up for it? I didn't think so.

    Coward. I guess my visit to Roanoke tomorrow will only consist of taking some photos and eating at Tiffany's Ice Cream Parlor tomorrow with my family.

  20. With Bill having so little friends, he has to embrace bisexual pedophiles like Elmer Frazier who is Steve Holsten.

    The pedarest is Bill White's biggest fan in here. He's the only one who defends White in here on a regular basis.

    Just shows the type of people that are attracted to Bill White. And Bill White seems to enjoy having such supporters.

  21. Good news. I helped get a neo-nazi fired from his school teacher job in West Columbia.

    I notified the media a month ago about that neo-nazi Ameren asshole being a school teacher.

  22. Let's just hope nature does the right thing and Bill White never reproduces. By the way he looks & acts, there is a good bet he won't.

  23. Harry Schwartz,

    I read about that on Drudge Report this morning. How did you help get that instructor fired?

  24. Holswine, you should talk. You're a fat, dumb, incompetent inbred on government assistance with a son who has all the marks of a career criminal. Just what makes you so superior other than the fact that you can expose yourself to children and buy expensive garbage on eBay?

  25. Holswine,

    1) I am not only Caucasian, but have an MBA. All you have is the knowledge that you dropped out of high school. Also, I saw your mugshot. If you are 45, then President Bush is black!

    2) Chris was not entrapped, but solicited sex from a minor over the Internet on his own free will. He was to the home to have sex with a child when he was arrested. Also, your son refused to pay a fine and had his license suspended. He was caught and charged for that offence. The judge in the solicitation case will take THAT into consideration.

    3) Disability is for people who injure themselves on a JOB, not for fat, lazy, red wiggler salesmen like you.

    4) You refuse to take responsibility for all of your actions. As a result, your wages are in garnishment, and you are looking at prison time.

    5) If you are going to prison, you change the family name from Holswine to Hoosegow.

  26. Bill White said...
    Well, I can't think of any better way to cap the One People's Project fantasy then with Schwartz' nonsense.

    Again, all I can conclude is that all of our opponents are insane ...

    You know about insanity, huh Bill?

  27. Let's see.

    Steve bounces checks at cash advance places.

    Steve defaults on his student loans

    Steve steals DirecTV and gets fined $10,000 plus interest on a daily basis.

    Steve collects social security disability for being mentally retarded from cerebral palsy which is government welfare since the age of 20.

    Steve believes that the age of consent should be eliminated

    Steve posted a picture of his own dick on NIMBusters after his girlfriend at the time shaved it.

    Steve regularly post pictures of a man masturbating to his own dick on NIMBusters

    People with Steve Holsten's condition usually die by the age of 50.

    Steve Holsten is well over 300 pounds.

    Steve Holsten smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day.

    Steve Holsten spends $50 a week on the lottery.

    That explains why Steve acts the way he does, he don't have much longer to live.

  28. Considering the source of that article was "Focus on the Family", we can flush that one down the toilet.

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