Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crime and Racist Pundits II

This is an older article of mine with an update or two. Considering some discussions that have been held recently on Citizens Against Hate I thought I would revive it and present it anew.

Crime And Racists Pundits II
By Nicole Nichols

Black on white crime is a favorite theme among white supremacists and neo-Nazi's. They labor long and hard to find evidence of atrocities committed by blacks against whites and they laboriously accumulate and amass examples of heinous acts. This has become almost laughably evident across the internet and interspersed throughout their propagandist literature. They embrace acts of black on white cruelty and scour the headlines for fresh "evidence" that blacks are animalistic and indiscriminately violent. Virtually every discussion held with a racist will eventually lead to black on white crime, and the lamentation that these acts are rarely ever given hate crime status.

We must first, in any discussion of "Hate Crimes," determine what the parameters of such a crime might be. In general terms, a hate crime is a criminal act perpetrated against an individual solely because of race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Implicit within that definition is the idea that the perpetrator is racist, anti-Semitic, religion-intolerant or homophobic and that the act was committed out of hate. The definition is, in and of itself, problematic in that it requires knowledge of the perpetrator's ideology as well as mind-set at the time of the crime.

With the definition being stated, we must note that the vast majority of hate crimes committed are 1) not against persons but against property; and 2) committed by whites against people of color, differing ethnicities, differing religions or differing sexual preferences. Generally speaking, the perpetrators are self-avowed racists or otherwise intolerants.

Couched within the black on white crime rhetoric espoused by the right-wing extremists are statistical data which is proffered as proof positive that whites are under siege by the black population and that blacks are far more apt to commit violence against whites than the other way around. After all, numbers don't lie. However, those eager and devoted to furthering a "white agenda" often utilize figures to achieve that end regardless of how skewed or out of context those figures might be.

When looking at criminal behavior, the white supremacist will usually use the total number of violent crimes committed by black then invoke the rationale that this is disproportionate to the population of blacks. What they never do is spew statistics for black on white crime vs white on black even though their premise demands that they do so.

The United States of America holds the distinction of being the most domestically violent nation on the face of the Earth. To extrapolate from our crime statistics, however, that one group of people is far more violent than another is quite a gigantic leap even for the most zealous advocate of any cause. The fact that there are so many in mainstream America who are able to make such a leap is simply demonstrative of how easy it is for racist propaganda to be internalized. Even if the statistics presented were pristine and without compilation biases and variables, one would have to look at the picture in its' entirety from a sociological and macrocosmic perspective.

The continued and dogmatic assertions of the supremacist that violent crimes are melanin specific meet their demise when presented with the violence of a Timothy McVeigh, a Buford Furrow, a Richard Baumhammers or a Benjamin Smith. However, most rational individuals, when confronted with the racist rhetoric, refuse to engage in a tit-for-tat exchange of comparison. Often what transpires is a process of rationalization and an attempt to refute their statements with a broader look at the causes of such criminal activities. The upshot is that neither side ever capitulates and the argument deteriorates into an exercise of obvious futility.

In actuality, questioning whether blacks are more violent than whites or why most serial killers and pedophiles are Caucasian, while being an intrinsically and perhaps challenging psychological journey, does not in the end provide us with closure or anything more definitive than mere speculation. And even if the "whethers" and the "whys" were to be answered we would still be left with the unanswered and over-riding question - "What difference does it make?"

Throughout all of the verbiage and discourse that surrounds the discussions of black on white crime or white on black crime, the central crux of the problem is absent thereby rendering all of those discussions circular and non-productive. As discussions of crime have become increasingly racialized we, as a society, have been engaged in the age-old practice of scapegoating. Our obsession with laying blame has served no other purpose than to marginalize the greater issue of American crime and its solution. Even then, the looming question in all of this remains "Why do we even engage in such statistical breakdowns?" If a person is gunned down in their driveway is he/she any more or less deceased if the shooter is of a different race? Is the family any more or less traumatized? Should the crime be any more or less punishable based upon the ethnicity of those involved?

The issue is crime. The statistical machinations and divisions of crime along racial lines is the outcropping of a government and its entities born in colonialism and steeped in white privilege. The only basis that it serves is to provide extremists with yet another vehicle to further their dogma. Their utilization of such figures is simply another attempt at justifying their unjustifiable agenda of white separation and ethnic cleansing. Any discussion along the lines of crime and race merely provides them with another forum from which to spew their venom and serves to perpetuate their convoluted and vitriolic version of "the truth."

Once a veteran in racist dialogue you quickly realize that the issues being brought to the forefront are generally those which the "movement" has been able to spin in a racist direction - and there are few issues which remain untouched by the spin doctors of hatred. The color of crime is probably the most over-used tool within the racist arsenal. Repetition is an integral part of the art of propaganda and the racist factions have mastered this well. Consequently, the discussion has found its way into mainstream America and will continue to be a point of contention for right-wingers who are scrambling for the conservative vote. All of this delineates the dangers of the propagation of racist maneuverings and the proliferation of racist ideology.


  1. Excellent article.

    Most... no wait nearly all... crimes against white people are done by white people. 86% of rapes done to a white are done by a white male according to the FBI Uniform crime statistics.

    So you figure if these white racists really loved and cared for their race, they would worry about the group who is raping their women the most, which is the white race.

    But yet racist will go out of their way to find the odd black on white crime to rationalize their hatred toward blacks.

    A lot of these racists hate themselves and need something else to vent their hatred on. Rather if be blacks, gays, jews.. it all revolves around their own self-hatred. That along with mental illness fuels white supremacy today.

  2. I bet that "gay" person who tried to molest you at 10 years old was white wasn't he Steevo?

  3. I'm directing that comment to Nikki.

  4. So Steve, you are worried about black crime, yet it was a white man who tried to rape you as a child.

    You're really a piece of work.

  5. Read this pedo.

    DirecTV Judgment

    Pay up pedo, interest is piling up.

    And the other defendant Steve Chapman, he got off totally! But you were too stupid to fight it.

  6. Court documents are so much fun!

  7. Steve just proved he is a complete liar. Here is the court document dismissing all charges against Steve Shipman.

    And it was signed by STEVE SHIPMAN. So much for not being able to locate him pedo?

    The pedo has been caught in a flat out lie. But that's the norm for the pedo.

    Pedo proven to be a liar

  8. And what makes it great is Steve Shipman didn't even have to hire a lawyer. He just showed up and the DirecTV dropped their lawsuit.

    Unlike the pedo who didn't show up hoping it would all go away. What a fucking loser.

  9. You didn't make a mistake. You flat out lied.

    And from this point forward, anything you say has be taken as a lie unless proven otherwise.

    Steve Shipman didn't have a lawyer either. Learn what "pro se" means. And because he showed up and defended himself, he got the suit dropped.

    When everyone knows when Steve lies, Steve starts with his homosexual thoughts involving sex with and about other men.

  10. yes Steve, you tried to apply for a free lawyer but consider this was a civil matter, you were denied. Then you never showed up in court again.

    Here is a few quotes from his application.

    "Because of my poverty, I am unable to pay a reasonable attorney fee"

    "I feel I am indigent"

    Laugh at this pedo

  11. I'll quote myself again.

    Everyone knows when Steve lies, Steve starts with his homosexual thoughts involving sex with and about other men.

    And right on cue, he's doing it again.

  12. Harry you hit in on the head. Whenever Elmer gets upset he types out his gay dreams.

  13. Like I said, Whenever Elmer gets upset he types out his gay dreams.

  14. Like I said, Whenever Elmer gets upset he types out his gay dreams.

  15. Nikki.. I know this is not my forum and all but I gotta ask.. Can you just ban Holsten? He offers NOTHING in the way of constructive dialouge and since ALL of his messages have the same theme, namely homosexual oral sex. It is like sorting through a bunch of spam. I enjoy reading the comments from Harry and even some of the debates but this is insane!! Holsten offers less to this blog than Bill White! At least when Bill or Vonbluvens slither around they provide some comic relief.

  16. I agree with you Josh, you nailed it right on the head.

  17. Well...I just can't stand it any more, either. Sadly, I have had to put comments on moderation. I have also removed all of Steve Holsten's comments from this thread. For awhile there were some very good debates and discussions going on in here but it has reached the point where nothing productive is taking place and Steve just adds absolutely nothing to the blog but filth and ignorance.

    I believe that I have been more than fair in allowing all of this to go on and hoping that it would run its course - but enough is enough. Anyone who wants to comment or discuss may do so and their comments will be posted.

    As to Steveo - I will post anything that you write that addresses the topic of the article or the topic being discussed as long as it contains no sexual references, no racial slurs, and is germane. Otherwise, don't bother. Go find another litterbox.

  18. For everyone else but Stevo - if you send me an email address, I will add you to this blog and you can discuss without moderation.


  19. I came
    I saw
    I supported the post


  20. I'm listening to Hal Turner right now, and he is making me ill.

    Jeezus, one white man in dire need of a good slap upside his face.

    He's interviewing some bloke that sounds like Gomer Pyle (Shazaam!)

    It's all the same boring tosh: Jews, blah,Zionists, blah, blah, Holocaust didn't happen, blah, blah, blah, white survival, blah, the movement, blah, blah, blah, blahbeddy-blah!...

    Do these fuckers EVER get bored with all this shite?

    Well, just thought I'd try out the new moderated blog.

    Mozel Tov!

  21. Oops, now Hal is begging for $$$$ again.


    Has anyone noticed Hal has "toned down" the violent rhetoric since his court appearence?

    They must have really put a jolt of fear up his arse.


  22. Yeah - he toned down quite a bit. He is also saying no more shows until he gets the dough.

    The amazing thing is - these fools will actually send him their money.

  23. Of course they will!

    I mean, don't you know that the white race is in "danger" of "extinction", and that this country is "doomed", and that things are just so horrible now that the "white race" MUST be "awakened" and made "race conscious" as to what the "Jews" and the "Zionists" are doing?


    Yawn...Anyway, don't know if you know this but the 12th Imamers over in Iran are getting ready to hand a teenage rape victim for defending herself from her attacker.

    Aren't these the same folks Herrington says have a "right" to "nuclear weapons"?

    I tell you: there is a real danger in America and the world, and it comes directly from extremists, religious nuts,anti-Semites, anti-Americans, neo-Nazis, terrorists, and most of the rest of the folks that Bill White slobbers over and adores.

    Ah, well...

    Note: It's ten forty two, and Hal is begging again.

  24. " hand a teenage..."


    Ooops! That, of course, should read HANG.


  25. Hal is begging after saying he isn't going to beg. He's a real wuss, you know.

    As to the trouble we are in - it starts with a capital T. Instead of worrying about the future of the white race - they need to be concerned about the future of the human race.

    I still have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that says at some point we are all going to find ourselves working together to salvage anything recognizable - and all of this racist stuff isn't going to matter any more.

  26. "I still have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that says at some point we are all going to find ourselves working together to salvage anything recognizable - and all of this racist stuff isn't going to matter any more."--Nikki


    Well, all I can say is: when the old Soviet Union collapsed, they had an estimated 200, 000 nuclear weapons (according to what I have read), many of which ended up being sold off, we must assume, to crazy regimes, criminals, terrorists, ect.

    The balance of power is maintained solely out of fear of MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction. As long as those countries holding vastly destructive weaponry are cognizant and aware of the reprecussions and consequences of using those weapons in a hostile manner (i.e. they, in turn, will be "nuked"), it behooves them to sit on their stockpiles apprehensively; in other words, everyone is "holding", but no one is stupid enough to make a move.

    Today, however, a nuclear device can be smuggled in a suitcase; the fall of the U.S.S.R., coupled with the rise of a militant, agressive Islam commited to imposing Sharia law on the "infidel" world, has ensured that there are a plentiful supply of wayward weapons, and a burgeoning demand to match.

    This is what the racist supremists don't get: if we can't resolve our differences and move to a new level of understanding--we will all, eventually, succumb to a World Wide Warfare that will, in all probablity, destroy ALL life on planet Earth.

    Don't know what your religious beliefs are, but it pretty much comes down to the fact that our capacity to kill eachother and destroy the planet has grown exponentially, while our capacity to bridge the gulf between nations, cultures, and ethnicities, has not proceeded at the same pace.

    There are NO "finite resources": Buckminster Fuller proved that energy and design capability SHOULD be able to provide a decent, and even exceptional, standard of living for EVERYONE on the face of the earth. We have the science to do this; we just don't have the WILL.

    But we better start.

    The consequences of pursuing the same course are just too frightenig to imagine.

    I mean, we ALL die eventually. However, can we morally justify leaving behind a world that has been reduced to a burned-out cinder?

    Well, enough for now. Take care.

    Keep on, keeping on.



    NORTH BERGEN - Hate-talk radio host Hal Turner, accused of assaulting Vietnam War veteran Jaime Vazquez, who was protesting outside his home last month, won a continuance yesterday after telling the judge his lawyer had quit that morning.

    But the lawyer named by Turner, Jim Orlando, told The Jersey Journal yesterday that Turner had never hired him.

    Vazquez, who is being represented by former Hudson County Freeholder Radames Velazquez, arrived in court wearing a beret covered with war decorations and with his left arm in a sling.

    Municipal Court Judge Nino F. Falcone postponed the case until June 15, and warned Turner and Vazquez to avoid inflaming the dispute.

    "You are here before the court on serious charges," he said. "Refrain from making comments about the case until further notice."

    Turner, who espouses hatred of immigrants, Jews, gays and other minorities on his Web site and radio show, hired a plane displaying an anti-Mexican slur on a banner to fly over an immigration rights rally last month at Liberty State Park.

    Asked about the banner, Turner told The Jersey Journal that since illegal immigrants were breaking the law, "people like me" could break the law as well by "shooting them down."

    The next day, Vazquez, a Vietnam veteran and director of the Jersey City Office of Veterans Affairs, marched outside Turner's Paterson Plank Road condominium complex in his Marine uniform, carrying a sign reading: "Hal Turner - shoot me! Racists and bigots like you are cowards."

    Turner then went outside and, during the confrontation, Vazquez, who is 56, fell and fractured his wrist and aggravated an existing back injury.

    Turner filed a harassment complaint against Vazquez, accusing him of using "offensively coarse language."

  28. Harry, are you up that way? I would love to get my hands on the complaints filed in that case!

  29. Tony,

    I am moving up to Maryland in June. I just closed on a house there. Thank God, I'll be out of South Carolina in a few weeks.

    I wish I could get my hands on the court records for Hudson county. They won't fax anything and I know they won't release much about the current Hal Turner case.

    I'm about 200 miles from where Hal Turner lives when I get up there. I would love to hook up with the One People's Project

    However, I do have Phyllis Turner's (Hal's wife) bankruptcy documents from federal court that show Hal Turner's income as zero. Figures Hal is indigent just like our resident pedo.

    If you want, I can post a link to them here.

  30. Harry,

    Thanks but I already have them. (Bankruptcy docs) I think I just might have to make a trip to New Jersey this summer! Boy won't they be pissy!


    Elmer, shut the hell up already.


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