Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Announcing the Coveted Bill White Award

Citizens Against Hate, in conjunction with One People's Radio, and One People's Project is happy to announce the Bill White Award. Tonight, Bill White was made aware that this award was being made available in honor of his efforts to rid our society of hate-filled organizations and individuals. The criteria for this award is very stringent and the recipients must meet each and every element.

We here at Citizens Against Hate, One Peoples Radio and One Peoples Project have been so overwhelmed by all of the assistance we have gotten by Bill White in our quest to eliminate organized hate groups that we thought the best way to honor him would be to offer an award in his name. The criteria:

1. The recipient must be a practicing racist.
( Mr. White is spokesman for the National Socialist Movement )

2. The recipient must be active in the hate movement.
( Mr. White is an NSM organizer, a web-host operator and likes his mocha with whipped cream)

3. The recipient must demonstrate a unique ability to create havoc and dissension among the rank and file organizied bigots.
(Mr Whites actions and lies, led to a beating of five of NSM followers by members of an opposing hate group ( Vinlanders).

4. The recipient must be able to stay within the rank and file until such dissension has rendered the movement or an organization impotent.

We here at Citizens Against Hate and One Peoples Radio and One Peoples Project give recognition to Bill White's ability to wreak havoc in the racist right-wing and we encourage him to continue.


  1. I thought you would appreciate this, Harry.

  2. LMHAO!!!!!!!!!! The statue is perfect!! I think it captures Bill in all of his wannabe adonis like glory.. Bill I know you will be reading this, fat boy. Consider yourself lucky that a shot of your rack wasnt used. Also Bill, you are sucking up to the Stormfront crowd now.. whats up with that?

  3. ROFLMAO ~~~@ Josh! Now, we know everyone has to be somewhere - but I doubt very seriously that Don Black can be courted by Bill White. Although, these Nazi's do have a way of forgetting if the pay-off is right.

  4. The Cleveland Indymedia has done a great article exposing identities of nazis.


    One interesting thing is they post information about Mark Martin who appears to be homosexual.

    Mark E. Martin
    NA MEMBER # D4489
    NA Member since August 26, 2001
    Paid $10. Monthly Dues
    DOB 05-03-1963

    PO Box 181
    Covington, OH. 45318

    9020 West U.S. Rt. 36
    Covington, OH 45318
    (937) 473-5660

    Now, this particular Nazi deserves special attention.
    A conflicted, self-hating gay man, culinary artist
    Mark E. Martin tried to create a National Alliance unit in
    Southern Ohio. He gave an interview to Time Magazine
    this week.

    According to Internet postings, Martin was kicked out
    of the National Alliance for using drugs. He then joined
    White Revolution, but was kicked out of that group when
    he submitted to a DNA test and it was shown he was
    one quarter Cherokee Indian.

    Martin, who is obviously not proud of his true race (or his
    sexual orientation,) then hooked up with other fellow Nazi
    uniform fetishist and joined the National Socialist Movement,
    (jokingly called “NS&M” in the racist movement.)

    Being gay and racist has caused Martin a lot of trouble in the
    hateful, homophobic world of neo-Nazi’s. He has caught hell
    for advancing the pro gay-rights agenda. Using the screen
    name “nsmdevildog” Martin was recently kicked off of the
    racist discussion site, Stormfront, for threatening a fellow
    Nazi who had described Martin as:

    “A chronically unemployed culinary artist who is also a member of a pro-homosexual group and brags about being a warlock and having the ability to cast spells. What the hell does this guy have to lose by dressing up as a Nazi? He is already on the bottom rung of society.”

    In the same thread, the racist poster went on to write:

    “You say ‘they are pro-white, that should be enough.’ That is absolutely insane. So I should
    follow Mark Martin who is an unemployed, self-proclaimed warlock and pro-homosexual just because he says he's ‘pro-white?’ Get real.”

    A fierce, neo-Nazi cat-fight ensued on Stormfront with
    Mark Martin sending his fellow racist a Private Message
    (PM) threatening him and calling him a “bitch.”

    Martin was kicked off of Stormfront within hours. Seems
    the Nazi’s aren’t quite ready for gays in the paramilitary
    NSM just yet.

    Because of his colorful history in the vibrant Dayton gay community and his chronic drug use, Mark E. Martin is generally shunned by most neo-Nazi’s but he still runs
    a small NSM chapter out of his mother’s house in Covington, Ohio.

  5. Gay Nazi's, who would have thunk it? LOL!

    Martin living with his mother explains a lot. Guess he picked up all those sewing tips from her.

  6. Mark Martin has a rap sheet a mile long in Miami County Ohio. Mind you, this is only Miami County. He could have other criminal violations.

    Michael Blevins is proud of people like this.

    Search Miami County Court Records"

    28 court records on Mr. Martin, here are some of the better ones.

    Case #1987-CR-B-001429-S-TRO
    Consumption Alcohol in a vehicle.

    Case #1993 TR D 07831 S PIQ
    No drivers license, expired tags

    Case #1987-TR-C-008716-S-TRO
    Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol - no drivers license

    Case #2003 CV F 00621
    Sued for $5,629.02 and 10% interest

    Case #2003 CV F 02440
    Sued for $1,858.97 and 10% interest

    Case #1992-TR-C-011467-S-SHE
    Driving under influence of drugs & alcohol in excess.

    Case #2003 CR B 02525
    Assault & criminal trespass
    used public defender

    Case #2004 TR D 11543
    Driving under suspended license

    Case #1993 CR A 00437SHER
    Trafficking in drugs

    Case #1995 CR B 01751 S SHER

    Case #1995 CR B 03063 S SHER
    Disorderly conduct

    Case #1998 TR C 00504 S OSP
    DUI - 3rd offense

    Case #1993 TR C 08221 S OSP
    DUI, open container, no driver license, speeding

    Case #1987-CR-B-001310-S-SHE

    Case #2004 TR D 11196
    Driving under suspended license

    Case #2004 CR B 00525
    Making False Allegation of Peace Officer Misconduct

    Just shows the type of character that the NSM draws.

  7. Seems like Martin and cars just don't get along! Hell, nothing and Mr. Martin get along!

  8. Schwartzie- We are waiting the Ohio rap sheet.

  9. “The reality of Nazism faces everybody else with an alternative: They must smash Nazism or renounce their self‑determination, i.e., their freedom and their very existence as human beings…If they do not acquiesce in such a state of affairs, they must fight desperately until the Nazi power is completely broken.”

    --Ludwig von Mises, “Nazism as a World Problem,” in Omnipotent Government

    Keep on keeping on

  10. Anonymous,

    Click on the link I provided.

    Search: Mark E Martin

    There is your rap sheet.


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