Monday, July 03, 2006

The Olympia Dozen


Rally by 12 neo-Nazis draws hundreds of counter protesters

04:10 PM PDT on Monday, July 3, 2006
Associated Press

OLYMPIA, Wash. - About a dozen neo-Nazis held a rally at the state Capitol Monday that attracted hundreds of counter-protesters.

More than 500 protesters gathered in front of the Capitol to oppose the neo-Nazi group, according to Sgt. Monica Hunter of the Washington State Patrol.

The small group of neo-Nazis are from the National Socialist Movement, which experts say has become the leading group of its kind in the country.

This is the third time this year that the neo-Nazi group has staged a rally in Olympia. The previous two rallies also drew small numbers of Nazis and large groups of counter-protesters.

National Socialist Movement member Gary J. Nemeth addressed a crowd of mostly counterprotesters at a rally Monday in Olympia.

The state patrol has about 275 officers on hand to provide security. The neo-Nazis were bussed in by the patrol, and will be under heavy security when they are bussed out.

The Nazis were demonstrating on the Capitol steps surrounded by chain link fence and large barricades.

The counter-protesters are being kept about 50 yards away in front of the state Supreme Court.

Hunter says there have been no incidents or arrests


  1. So very pathetic, so sad. Just a handful of Nazis, most of them not even able to stand up straight or present themselves properly. I mean, if you gotta be a Nazi, at least look sharp while doin' it!

    Present were Justin Boyer, Brittany, John Brandt, Jim Ramm, Mike Kapa, Nigel Fovargue, Shawn Stuart, Gary Nemeth, and a few other guys.

  2. Justin Boyer? Isn't this retard in jail yet?

    Ditto "Jimm Ramm". I don't see how "Mr. Ramm" makes it on a daily basis without having his teeth busted out.

    Listen to his "Hitler Does the Street Fair" program. He is a totally obnoxious asshole, putz, jerk, with the social graces of a randy-assed hyena and the wit of highschool class clown.

  3. Somebody needs to put those damn nazis on a diet. I ain't buyin' that deal about them wearin' them bullet proof vests around their stomachs.

  4. Correction to that name list, no Mike Kapa.

    There was such a distance between Nazis and protesters, thought the one young guy in cammie was him, it was not.

  5. Funny about Kapa. You know, he wasn't there, but he sent Sarah, one of Olympia's anti's a very threatening email. In it he made the following statement:

    "Your struggle is about as pitifully melancholy as a Bangkok hooker on a Sunday afternoon when the navy left port."

    Now, an NSM creep would certainly know about "Bangkok hookers." We have reported a connection between Schoep and Pierpont as well as former member Mike McQueeny - you'll remember the Bangkok connection. Guess we can add Kapa to the ever-growing list.

  6. A Stormfront member says that David Pringle was also up on the capitol steps at the rally.

  7. Apparently, VonBluvens doesn't want to talk about this with us anymore. The coward took my advice and disabled the comments section of his blog!

    Vonnie, if this is what it takes to make you run, we don't have jack to worry about.

    I told folks not to take him seriously!

  8. DLJ,

    I ain't skerd of no round colored boy like you! Booga-booga!!!

    Chrstopfer Drake

  9. Seriously, he just doesn't want to fool with you. We keep Mike loaded down with work because none of us can draw or figure out which end of the microphone you are supposed to speak into.


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