Saturday, July 01, 2006


Infighting is the hallmark of the neo-Nazi/white-supremacist groups. In fact, fighting among themselves and between groups simply seems to be a way of life if you happen to be immersed in that ideology. We love it. We are happiest when we witness how they tear each other down and apart. We enjoy this largely because it validates our claims that should they ever be successful in achieving an all-white homeland, the void left within their souls would have to be filled somehow and it wouldn’t be long before they would find someone else to focus their hate on.

We also like to see this happen because it interferes with any coalition or attempts to unify. Additionally, oftentimes this infighting gets down-and-dirty, and sometimes brutal furthering our claims that there is no loyalty among them and that they lack any sense of allegiance to their own beliefs.

The infighting lately between the National Socialist Movement and the Vinlander’s Social Club, in general, has been a source of great amusement for us, but more specifically, the baiting that has been engaged in by Bill White has raised a level of concern not generally felt by us when it comes to racists.

Last month at Nordic Fest, a handful of NSM members were not treated as cordially as they thought they would be. In short, the Vinlanders who were already sick of Bill White and the National Socialist Movements actions, decided to send them packing with a few mementos. Of course, the skinheads made quick work of the Hollywood Nazi’s and they left with bruised egos among other things. Bill White went into action and began publishing some articles making fun of the Social Club, their members and their girlfriends. But when White didn’t get the response he had hoped for, he stepped up his attack.

Relentlessly, Bill published tale after tale about murders committed and violence engaged in by one of the leaders of the group, Brien James. Internet rumors were flying and when Bill went to the rally in Antietam, he made sure that the federal authorities covered him well. Just as an added bit of protection, he also donned his Kevlar vest. But nothing untoward transpired.

Constantly baiting, making accusations that could only be considered as wild and unfounded, Bill cajoled the Vinlanders to the point that others were wondering if he had a death wish. Given his already outrageous behaviors, his known lies and unsubstantiated claims, people were asking if maybe he wasn’t about to derail. And then he became calm. It was like the eye of a hurricane as he began, once again to wax philosophical. True to his nature, however, his manic mode was not to be assuaged, however, for long.

Today Bill received some information that thrilled him as a young woman claimed that she and her boyfriend had been introduced to another Vinlander leader, Eric Fairburn (The Butcher). She further claimed that after she and her boyfriend became enraged when Fairburn tried to get them to watch a video which included bestiality, that Fairburn had beaten she and her boyfriend inflicting serious injury, as well as raping and sodomizing her. The email was graphic and claimed that Fairburn was now a wanted man.

Gleefully, Bill published the email and sat waiting for an official word that Fairburn had been apprehended. Shortly after publishing the email, Eric Fairburn logged into the Stormfront message board and dropped the bomb. He and an ex-girlfriend had collaborated on the email and sent it Bill’s way to see if he would publish it before validating any of the information. As this incident supposedly took place in Colorado, Fairburn was certain that he would face no repercussions or fallout because he was in Michigan at the time of the fabled attack.

Evidently, Bill became a little off-balanced by the revelation that he had been snookered, and amended his post claiming that Brien James had, in fact, written the email. It seems that Mr. White found himself floundering in an attempt to save face. In truth, no amount of spin-doctoring would be able to undo the morass of deceit that he had fallen prey to.

Interestingly, not one single poster at Stormfront came up on the side of Bill White. For every single one, this simply solidified what they already knew and perhaps Fairburn said it best:

“The idiot will print ANY rumor, hearsay or seemingly interesting story without regard for facts or truth…He again published another tall tale without regard for verifying the contents. He is so eager to vilify other activists he doesn't agree with, he'll take any two bit email and make it law on his web site. He has no credibility, no other purpose than to alienate the NSM from the rest of the scene and further make them the laughing stock (as if those uniforms weren't enough). Their proud new spokesman, utterly bitter and frustrated by our success. Envy, aint it a bitch.”

He further stated:

“By his careless tirades and name dropping, he does put innocent activists at risk as well as get attention from a wide variety of negative folk from law enforcement to extremist antifa. We don't know what credibility he has with general law enforcement and measures needed to be taken to prove publically to the civilians out there (and cops) how his rants and posts are complete bull****. Better safe than sorry. For the effort it took to make up such a tale, who knows how many people we saved from endless investigations and torment through the legal system.

“You'd be surprised how many very insecure people take the ramblings of a proven idiot and self-admitted informant as the truth.”

For a very long time now we have been saying that Bill White is dangerous. He is not dangerous because of any physical prowess that he has, although he would disagree. He is dangerous because he is going to get someone killed. His lies and incessant slander already got NSM members injured at Nordic Fest. His continued libel, slander, and prevarications can come to no good end for anyone.
From the standpoint of keeping the racists divided, Bill White is a real boon for anti-racists. There have been times that we have all asked if he were really working for us. However, while that sort of ongoing division is making our jobs so much easier, we also realize that his behaviors could have grave results.

When you combine insanity with power – whether that power is simply perceived power or actual – you have the potential for disaster. The NSM might not understand this while in the throes of celebration over a handful of new members and a few castigating news stories, but the consequences of giving Bill White free and unfettered reign will manifest themselves soon enough.

The Butcher said it right – “Insanity does have a face and a name.”


  1. You gotta love Bill White being in control of the NSM.

    Bill White is dangerous... but only to other racists. Now he has total legal control of the NSM.

    I know we have to pretend to dislike Bill White........ but inside, it's a good feeling.........

  2. Another round of insanity today. This is Bill's latest voyage into that snake-pit of a mind of his:

    "* I hear voices of hysteria raised up against me, and all I can conclude is that they are afraid.

    "* I understand why it just to make war upon the American people. Having come up north for a spell, I find the Yankees of the Northeastern seaboard to be a disgusting and effeminate people, at the mercy of their Negros and their own fears of their own strength. I think a nuclear strike against the United States -- one that destroyed the decadent metropolis and preserved the rural classes and the country -- might be the best thing that could happen to this country."

    The voices that he hears are not those who are afraid, but those who plague that sick mind that belongs to him.

  3. Bill White is my fucking puke.

    "I think a nuclear strike against the United States -- one that destroyed the decadent metropolis and preserved the rural classes and the country -- might be the best thing that could happen to this country."--Asshole Uranalia

    I hope the Vinlanders stomp his fat ass into the ground.

  4. One bone in particular he remarked "Wow, you really shattered that one". Yeah, I remember it -- I put my first through a concrete cinder block when I was 16. My knuckle hurt for weeks, but I didn't realize it had been "shattered".

    Billy Bumps


    He expects us to believe this shit?

  5. Yeah - he's Mr. Tough Guy.

  6. As The Swastika Turns

  7. Actually, Bill probably did that one. I am just surprised that he didn't follow it up with something about how everyone screamed and ran away when he did it.

  8. Hal Turner asks: Will you be my friend?

    If you live in the New Jersey, New York City Area . . . . .
    and would like to get together with me (and other like-minded folks) from time to time to socialize, talk about the radio show, web site or "other issues" please get in touch with me!!!
    Doing the radio show is fun for me, but socializing and enjoying the company of like-minded folks is better.

    If you live locally and would like to get together to forge friendships and create a sort of "inner circle" please e-mail me so we can arrange something."

    Fun? I thought his "radio" show was an agonizing duty he performed on behalf of the "white race" at his own expense, and was "breaking up his marriage" to Senorita Phyllica? At least, that's what he said last week...


  9. Yep. It's a brand new day. But I just love how he is begging for friends locally! That is just too funny. You would think that the Number One Talk Show Host - in the world! - would already have an "inner circle." Then again, when you are a Pariah - guess you have a problem.

  10. From Billy Bumps:

    "And these confrontations leave me thinking -- and probably not thinking anything good. I am a law abiding person, but I find myself wondering about the best way to bomb restaurants to cause civilian casualties, or how one could begin shooting people at random and create sufficient randomness to reduce the likelihood of apprehension. This leads me to thinking how one could create a network of people, with several degrees of isolation for the heads, for the purpose of conducting these kinds of attacks. I find myself designing American Al-Qaeda. "

  11. Is it just me, or has the situation with the Vinlanders gotten to Bill so much that he is now going out of his way, in every post, to make himself into a "badass"?

    Does he think the skinheads are actually intimidated by his tall tales?

  12. It isn't just you - I have been thinking the same thing. It's pretty obvious that Bill is scared to death.

  13. "I think that maybe a nuclear strike against America's major cities wouldn't be bad for the country -- in the long term. I've always secretly snickered at the 9-11 attacks; loss of life and acts of war always, on one level, appal me, but, on another level, I hate New Yorkers and their way of life and I'm glad to have seen a few thousand multi-culture-crats -- and the "common people" who adhere to that way of life -- destroyed."

    Bill White now claims that he "secretly snickered at the 911 attacks." He was glad to see those people "destroyed." What kind of person feels this way, much less publicizes it?

  14. This is your master's voice, VonBluvens.

  15. He is a sick, cowardly bastard what else is there left to say? What kind of human being can think something like 9-11 is/was funny? Does he feel this is going to attract anybody to his cause? Trust me we all have dealt with some severe and demented racists and even most of them were shocked and horrified when our nation came under attack. Bill, while you are in New York why don't you head on down to ground zero and share your sentiments? I'm pretty confident that all of those "multicultural Yankees" you detest so much would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Oh, wait I forgot you would just beat em all up as you did the cops in Maryland or to that cinder block when you were 16! Bill you are not tough you are not in the same neighborhood as tough. Tough overcomes in the face of adversity. Tough is the human spirit prevailing despite the odds. Tough is a friend who would lay down his life for another friend.. In essence tough is synonymous with love. To have love you have to first have heart. Something that you lack Bill. Go back to snivveling behind your keyboard its all you are worth.

  16. Actually, I think Bill's 9/11 comments should go on future anti-racist flyers and be passed around next time the SNM has a "rally".

    I'm sure all Americans will be pleasently surprised to know the real feelings of these "white power patriots" and their "spokesperson".

  17. Insolitology is the study of crackpots and lunacy on the net.

    Bearing that in mind, I had to wonder about the mental state of the designer of this
    particular website.

    Is this supposed to be taken seriously? Who in their right mind would actually create a page so blatantly offensive to the sensibilities and digestion of their fellow netizens.

    All that can be said is: There is no accounting for the sexual fetishes and fantasies of some disturbed web designers.

    File under: Vomitorium.

  18. anonymous said...
    "Actually, I think Bill's 9/11 comments should go on future anti-racist flyers and be passed around next time the SNM has a "rally".

    "I'm sure all Americans will be pleasently surprised to know the real feelings of these "white power patriots" and their "spokesperson"."

    Oh I think that is a definite. It's time for us to let everyone know what a real puke this guy is.


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