Thursday, June 29, 2006


June 28th Program - This week's program is a round table discussion hosted by Floyd Cochran with Nikki and Tony from Citizens Against Hate. This week we expose racist talk show Hal Turner as a con-man and informant, KKK coming to Gettysburg, Why is it Black Men get arrested but White Racists don't ? On June 29th we will be interviewing DLJ and Josh from OPP and Craig from Project for Change. Be sure to read the full expose on Hal Turner on the Citizens Against Hate website (article below) and One Peoples Project website.


UPDATE: PART TWO: Craig Roberts of Project For Change in Bay City, Michigan tells Floyd about the project and future plans. They also discuss the racist right in Michigan and what is being done to combat future growth as well as the Unity gathering that is just around the corner.



  1. Just another lame program. Cochran should really go to a speach therapist...that lisp of his is horrible.

    Hey, Cochran, does speach problems run in the family? I heard one of your kids had a hairlip.

    That's right, because that is the reason you allegedly left the movement. Yea, we are buying that one as well.

  2. hey Von - I noticed you didnt say that I was wrong about you or Bill White or you little goose steping gang, why is that ?

    and finally Von, LISP this !


  3. Hey Vonnie,

    Shouldn't you be off studying the Talmud?

    Mozel tov!

  4. Isn't it interesting how Vonnie doesn't want us on his blog, but he comes here? Ah well, guess we have to go fuck with him over there now...

  5. Yeah Daryle - I guess you are right. For those who don't know, Blevins doesn't like our questions or comments on his blog - he just deletes them. Yet, he thinks nothing of littering up ours. Of course, when you are as needy as bluvie - I guess you gotta get attention from somewhere.

    Again...Blevins, did you get Bill's permission to be here? Wooden dummies can't talk unless someone pulls his strings.


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