Tuesday, June 06, 2006


From Floyd Cochran

Well seeing that Bill White has now let the cat out of the bag, I guess I can let the whole world in on the secret - CAH, OPR, OPP and NO-dic Fest Fight, we planned it all.

First I called Time magazine - then Nikki called the Vinlanders and DLJ called the SPLC - we gave them all top secret codes in hidden emails - and then zapped those codes into the heads of bigots at the No-dic fest and wa la it was done! God I just love it when a plan comes togther . (grin)



  1. Harry - your secret is safe - Floyd didn't tell them everything!

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  3. Sorry Von you will NOT post advertisements for your racist game.

  4. The big problem with Bill Whites conspiracy theory is that Time Magazine did not mention any fight at Nordicfest in the article. They didn't need to infiltrate because they had reporters at the event and they left before the nsm were banged up.

    The original article was posted on Hal Turners website at www.halturnershow.com. Hal even commented that the reporters left before the fight and that's why it was not included.

    Now the article has become a pay-per-view link and Bill realizes that most people won't read it to find out he's lying.

    If anyone's in a conspiracy here it's Bill White trying to get people to pay Time magazine jews to read a story that has nothing to do with a fight at Nordicfest.

  5. guess Bill got into trouble, yesterday he posted the whole damn article from Time but alas, POOF its gone. Seems to be a pattern developing on overthrow as of late.

    Word of advice Bill, if I see it, I copy it. Always have and always will, sorry hunny!

  6. The Time article was written before Nordic Fest fight took place.

    Anarchy Bill is so paranoid, he wears his bulletproof vest to private NSM meetings.

  7. Now anyone that knows me knows full well that if I had anything to do with Nordic Fest, I could have pulled better bands!


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