Saturday, June 17, 2006


Now, someone seemed to think that this problem was endemic to the National Socialists. Do you remember this?

Or, how about the tip-toe-through-the-tulips guy, Billy Roper...


  1. That's one - but there is another one.

  2. Now, you would think that for a group who is sooooooo concerned about the "existence" of the white race they would, at least, spell it right! And...the sign was used at Toledo 2 AND in Antietam. The joker at the bottom even posed with his messed up sign!

  3. ROTFLMAOH!!!!!!

  4. Missed the incorrect spelling of existence. I was never much of a spelling wiz myself which is why spell check on the computer and dictionary's are so useful.

  5. Lets get Bill Whites take on the incorrect spelling. how 'bout Bill?

    Bill White said:
    This was done on purpose. The white race will not continue to adhere to the jewish definition of "existance".
    When the whith race comes to power "existence" will be stricken from all dictionarys and replaced with "existance" we changed the spelling to wake up the lemmings ROHOWA Sieg Hiel, Sieg Hiel.

    Roh said:
    Yea whatever Bill. DOCTOR!!!


  7. Bill White is a fucking idiot.

    Yes Nikki, I know I shouldn't use that language. How else can I explain this nonsense ?

    All three pictures are from NSM rallies.

    That should be all the explanation anyone needs. They don't know the first thing about the "movement" because they are frauds. This is another proof there of.

  8. anonymous said...All three pictures are from NSM rallies.

    That should be all the explanation anyone needs.

    Well, I don't know about that - I just put up a couple more jewels - Priceless Kodak Moments.

  9. The fourth one you added was from Hal Turners Robbie Hedrik rally and I noticed that guy was posing in other pictures with nsm.

    You got me on Billy Roper though. He's a teacher but his sign doesn't say existence or existance, but he should know how to spell separate.

  10. The third picture says, "We must secure the existance of our race and a future for white childen."

    The 14 words are "We must secure the existence of our PEOPLE and a future for white CHILDREN."

  11. Now...ya know, I had not noticed that one!

    I realize that we all make mistakes and spelling doesn't come easy to a lot of people. There are many good and prolific writers who can't spell worth a flip. seems to me that if you are going to a rally to promote your cause, and you know that cameras are going to be rolling and clicking, you want everything about what you have to say to be as perfect as possible. Things like this speak volumes about the thought that is put into something that you are supposedly passionate about.

    Additionally, you would think that messing up on the cherished 14 words would be the cardinal sin.

  12. Incidentally, the guy's name at Turner's rally escapes me at the moment but he is one of Hal's people. Aslo, prior to the Topeka rally, a major deal had been made - by Roper - to have "professional looking" signs.

  13. Just so you know, those men have been shot. Let this be an example.

  14. Cool. I have some Rot in Hell tributes comin' to them.

  15. How about Bill White hanging up on another radio interview when the questions to him start getting hot & heavy. Bill White can not handle any sort of criticism or hard questions.

  16. What's that old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? LOL.

    Anyhow, anyone know what's up with Hal's site and the fact that there are no shows? LOL I know I'm dreaming here but maybe he got arrested.

  17. anonymous said...
    "How about Bill White hanging up on another radio interview when the questions to him start getting hot & heavy. Bill White can not handle any sort of criticism or hard questions."

    Well...I tried to listen to the "show" but it wasn't coming through for me. Any word on who it was who he hung up on?

    Bill won't deal with criticism - we all know that he is unworthy of such since he is one of the 7,000 smartest people in America.

  18. Nikki, I don't think there was a show at all. I never could get it either and Bill has on his blog that Hal wasn't picking up his phone. Hence the hope that he got himself arrested! LOL I think they are talking about the Ross show Bill is touting on his website, which is not the complete show. If anyone has a link to the complete show please post it, that is if there is one.

  19. Bill White had another lawsuit thrown out of court, this time Ntelos Communications.

    Bill White is well on his way to be declared a vexatious litigant.

  20. Hal Turner in fantasy land:

    The Rubbish arrived around 6:45 PM and things got STUNNINGLY foul, BLAZINGLY fast. Facing multiple shitbags I was forced to do what had to be done.

    Rather than involve anyone else - or have to "explain" myself to some affirmative action nigger or some politically correct zealot -- I took care of it myself. Here's how it went down.

    The doorbell rings, I answer. Guy says "UPS" I ring bell to let him in. It wasn't UPS.

    I head down to the lobby to find out where the UPS guy is and WHACK- I get hit by something on the left side of my cheek/jaw bone and out comes a chunk of molar from the bottom left of my jaw. Then more from all directions. Whack whack whack -- I'm losing fast. I can't get my brain to function and assess what to do. whack whack whack. My front tooth, previously capped, is knocked out (again). Whack whack whack, another hit under my left jaw, cracks the top off a crown on another tooth. I'm choking on the blood pouring down my throat, blood and teeth coming out of my mouth, pain all over my body, disorientation sets in, I can't even stand up straight. I'm getting it bad and I'm losing.

    All I remember doing is heading for the door that leads from the lobby to the parking garage. They were so intent on hitting me, they actually tripped each other and fell. That gave me the single second I needed to get through that door and pull an equalizer.

    Thank god our garage has sound-deadening insulation to keep car noise from bothering the families.

    Once the danger was terminated, I had to move quickly. But my body hurt and my head was aching like nothing I've ever felt before, my vision was blurry, my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die. I wanted to just go to sleep but I couldn't.

    Step 1: Drag the rubbish out of sight. . . . .

    and wrap it up in heavy duty plastic, you know, the kind recommended by the Department of Homeland Security for you to use with duct tape to protect your home in the event of toxic or biological attack? I gotta tell ya, that heavy duty plastic really locked-in any leakage from the rubbish I was dealing with last night. Special thanks to Homeland Security Chief Chertoff for making sure I equipped my house with that plastic!

    Step 2: Wash away any visible mess and then destroy the DNA

    I'm surprised how LITTLE blood comes from chest wounds and equally surprised how how MUCH pours out of abdominal wounds.

    I hosed out the garage so the naked eye wouldn;t see anything had happened. But Sidewalks, walls and driveways are porous. Stuff can drip into those bazzilion little pores and a hose won't get rid of it. I would have to do more, but there was more pressing work to be done:

    Step 3: Dispose of the problem

    Once the hosing was done, I had to dispose of the remaining rubbish myself. I called a trusted friend who has a small, light duty landscaping dump truck and told him I had needed him at my house NOW. He says, I'm eating dinner. I told him, you don't understand, I have some bails wrapped in plastic that I need to dump right now. He understood. Got to my house within 40 minutes.

    We loaded the various bags of rubbish in the dump bed, covered it.

    My preference would have been to drive to a Marina on the Hudson River that I've used for such things in the past, but the boat I was going to use was not available. A second boat used for such purposes is at the Marina near Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Turns out that somebody else was using that boat to get rid of some other problem! Only in New Jersey can there be a fucking traffic jam for this sort of fucking thing!

    Finally, we ended up driving to a Marina on the fucking Hackensack River.

    We had to go all the fuck the way down to the Newark Bay, then out to around Bayonne into Lower New York Harbor, around Brooklyn and then out to fucking sea.

    Sometimes the damndest things float. It's best if they don't float. So as we head out to sea, we take one plastic wrapped garbage bail, tie a rope around it and around a tie-off on the stern of the boat, poke a slew of holes so that it really start to leak very heavily then toss it overboard to drag along with us as we head out to sea.

    You know, certain fish have a taste for the kind of thing leaking out of these garbage bails. Within about twenty minutes, there were at least three discernable fins closely following the leaking bail.

    We cut the bail loose. Suddenly, there was a lot of thrashing in the water and the bail was gone.

    Since that worked so well we did it again. . . . . . and about a half hour later, again, and another hour or so later again, until all six bails of plastic wrapped garbage were gone.

    We headed back in. It was dark and late and I was dead tired -- but being dead tired is better than being dead.

    I went to a local doc very early in the morning to get fixed up. He's one of the guys that folks make use of when certain medical treatments can't be revealed to anyone else. He suggested I get x-rays because he's pretty certain I have a fractured skull. Sorry doc, no x-rays. No records.

    Believe it or not the broken tooth hurt worse because the nerve was exposed. I got a root canal today and plenty of pain meds.

    Once I got back from the doc, I had to finish the clean-up to get rid of any DNA.

    Thankfully, heavy duty bleach is a reliable and easy to get cleaning agent that pretty much destroys any DNA. Last night, I bleached, then hosed, then used muriatic acid ( the stuff they use to blast clean stone buildings or even sidewalks) and hosed again. The acid initially gives off a terribly foul odor, but with both garage doors open and a large exhaust fan in the garage, the odor didn;t attract any attention.

    Sadly, the shows could not air last night because I was otherwise occupied.

    The nicest part about this is that even with what I've written here, nobody can do a god damned thing. There's no evidence.

    It's too bad I cannot rely on the courts or police - but I cannot. At least twice in the past, I have received Terroristic Threats to kill me and my family. Each time, I went to the local cops, made the lengthy report and statement, only to have the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office decline to Prosecute. I wrote the US Attorney seeking federal prosecution - never got any answer. So clearLy, based on empirical evidence, I am on my own.


    I was in a brutal, violent situation last night and, knowing I was on my own, I took care of it with my own resources and my own brand of justice. White justice."--Hal Turner

    I think sane people need to be asking themselves why this guy hasn't been comitted yet.

  21. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! That was the worst piece of fiction I have read since the last Dean Koontz book. Turner is a total jack off and his bragging about a "murder" on a website only confirms that. Real killers DO NOT TALK they DO NOT BRAG.. The ones who do ALWAYS get caught! For example it is likely that the Unabomber could have gone undetected forever until he got so full of himself that he demanded his manifesto be published.. I think Hal is just trying to work people up and waste their time but if he is indeed guilty then he is indeed REALLY fucking stupid. There is always some evidence and of course making a full confession on your website does not help the situation..But I needed the laugh!

  22. Hal must be on crack. He is in the middle of fund raising again - we can always expect the outrageous when he is trying to raise money. Interesting that people will actually buy into this "literally" and send in the cash. It's that "superior" intellect don't you know.

  23. Hal was killed by a mexican gang but came back to life again. He knew you wouldn't buy it, so he said the above. You see, when Hal is shot or stabbed, he dies like anyone else, right? He does but its more than that. The bullets just sort of pop back out and the wounds heal. His eyes open and he's alive again. Its that simple. You people are making this into something complicated.

  24. Hal is full of shit and he knows it. That is why he writes shit like this. He must laugh at the idiots who post things like "way to go Hal". He knows then that he has them hook line and sinker, and the pocketbook.

  25. Is that any way to treat an American radio-hero? Hell no. He could stop his foot and a huge crack swallow you into the earth but does he do it? Nope. He is in a league with some other heros and they have some sort of rule about not killing your enemies. Besides, not only does Hal believe in Jesus but he also has this court date coming up. If he goes using his powers now, then he'll screw up everything and he knows it. He's mad at me for giving away his secret special ability to the antis but he won't kill me for it either. He knows I'm not a hero like he is so I can't be held to the same rules as he is.

  26. Oh I meant to say "stomp his foot", not stop his foot. See I have no goddamned respect for anything either aparently.

  27. Why is it that reality escapes you? LOL I know your trying to be funny but the thing is, your not.

  28. Now see...even we don't always agree - I really cracked up at Chris - I thought he was really funny!

    I'm just trying to figure out who the sidekick is.

  29. Hal kicked you Nigger lover's asses good when you called in. I laughed till it hurt.

  30. I totally agree Steve. Both Willow and Floyd got there butts kicked...

    It was soooooooo funnyyyyy!!!!

  31. Sorry to disappoint you mate. I'm not Steve

  32. I'm not Steve either but you're right Hal kicked their butts and they tried to entrap him. Maybe now they will gie up worshipping their cult leader Floyd Cockrat.

  33. If Hal kicked Floyd ass, why the uptick in anonymous postings here. I just listened to that radio show, and you can always tell when Hal is losing it, because he start getting louder. He wasn't all that forthcoming about his little "incident" on Monday when Floyd brought it up, did you notice? I loved it! Floyd got him dead to rights.

    And the reason why you can't call Floyd's show is because Floyd records his program.

  34. The Hal Turner's story on how he "dealt" with latino gangbangers has been removed from his site. Typical.

  35. Don't matter, Feds have it anyway as they are on full time watch on his site.

    But, I am sure they are laughing their asses off over this latest bit of bullshit.

  36. About 330am this morning (Thursday June 22) I had just finished posting the OPR show on the Internet and decided to relax for awhile - so I curled up in my recliner with my dog named Weasel - about a half hour went by and when all of a sudden there was loud banging at my door - now I knew it wasn't the UPS man nor Fed-ex at this hour of the morning - so I went downstairs quietly not turning on a light - I crept to the door looked out and really couldn't see anything cause of the darkness then I caught a glimpse in the moon light of several shinny object that sorta of looked liked bald heads - so I opened the door slowly and then it happened THUMP right up against my head knocking out my false teeth - as I grabbed my flying dentures and reeled back from the blow, Weasel my 13 pound Spitz dog leaped into action and headed straight for the ankles of the Nazis boneheads sending many of them to the curb clutching their ankles and crying out "save us Small Turner" not knowing what to do I let my Karma loose ( my 75 pound white German Shepard) who came running to my aid but came to a dead stop upon hearing shouts of "Sieg Hiel" coming from a small dwarfish looking man carrying a microphone in one hand and his Internet bill in the other. I thought I heard above the cries coming from the boneheads still clutching thier bleeding ankles you are going to git it now Cochran ! " Small Turner" is here and his going to fuck you up - I tried explaining to the boneheads and Small Turner that while I had no problem with gays and that if they where gay that was cool by me, but I would rather sit down fire up a joint and talk about young women and sing kumbaya - well that must of put the fear of Yahweh in them cause they all packed up and limped off in hurry, I havent seen hide nor shiney head of them since.

    So, I guess the moral of the story is never to bother a man at his house when he is petting his Weasel.


    ps _ I do have a dog named Weasel

  37. What a long, strange thread.

    I am surprised that no one pointed out that Bill White usually blames "Da Joos" or antifa for any WN misspellings.

    Here is a link to a post White made blaming One People's Project for Photo-shopping the misspelling of "sponsored."

  38. Floyd, the cops are sooo going to raid your place after they read that.

  39. Chris - that was a feeble attempt at fiction writing - I thought if Hal could write tales of adventure and personal heroism - I would try my hand at it.

    thanks for posting

  40. Don't kid yourself Floyd Cockrat. You're a telentless bum who hangs on to this anti crap for money. You're no better than Hal Turner. When you left Aryan Nations you had to live in a tent and wouldn't get a real job because you're worthless. All you know is the con game and you're not even good at that. It's more profitable on the anti side because the scared old jewish ladies will send you checks, but you're still a parasite as you always were, just fleecing on the other side of the fence now.

  41. ...and you are so afraid of Floyd that you came here anonymous. Remember that.

  42. I'm not afraid of Floyd Cockrat at all.

    I've come here to read before Floyd ever decided to do One Peoples Radio, and before you started posting here too. I've been monitoring you all for years Daryl Lamont Jenkins. ;)


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