Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Would you trust this man? Would you send him your hard-earned money because he says it's going to a good cause? How many cigars has Hal bought with donations? How much money does it take to run an internet radio show?

Faked heart-attacks, falls and injuries, and five murders he has claimed to have committed - and he still wants your money. Tonight Hal Turner pulled the plug on his radio show once again becaue $2,700+ was not enough in donations. This isn't the first time that Hal has done this and certainly not the first time that he has begged and berated white nationalists into contributing to his pockets.

What else has he lied about? In a seering expose done last year, Indy Media tells us what is really up with Con Man Hal.


"There is a lot of rumors about Turner also turning over information to federal law enforcement and his local police. In front of Daryle Lamont Jenkins of the One People's Project and the North Bergen Police, Turner turned over a phone list of all his callers on his 1-800 number, a detailed list of all his donors, and all the guns he owned. It also well known that Turner ratted out fellow white supremacist Lovell Wheeler and James McManus. Turner also turned over information about an Aryan Nation meeting in Idaho a few years ago. Hal wrote a letter to his own newspaper thanking the federal government and local police for all their help."



  1. June 28th Program - This week's program is a round table discussion hosted by Floyd Cochran with Nikki and Tony from Citizens Against Hate. This week we expose racist talk show Hal Turner as a con-man and informant, KKK coming to Gettysburg, Why is it Black Men get arrested but White Racists don't ? On June 29th we will be interviewing DLJ and Josh from OPP and Craig from Project for Change. Be sure to read full the "expose on Hal Turner on the Citizens Against Hate website and One Peoples Project website.
    to hear the June 28 program click here:

  2. Where did you get that picture?

    Hal looks like he is totally high on something. Probably coke.

  3. White racists don't go to jail? Doesn't the article right below this one sort of imply that two just got arrested? What about Shaun Walker? Anyhow.

  4. The analogy that Floyd made, Chris, was that given the fact that the guys in Miami who were arrested had no bomb making materials yet were still arrested for plotting or planning - then why don't people like August Kreiss or Hal Turner get arrested for the same thing.

  5. They did the same thing that sent Matt Hale up the creak: the talked about it to a federal informant. Hal does it for shock and to underscore a point. August does it so people won't forget he exists. I wouldn't doubt if you went to talk to August about some sort of terrorism, you'd be locked up pretty quick. August went on CNN asking Al Quida to come help him. I'll let you do the math there.

    As far as bomb making materials, we've seen that a can of gas and bag of nails in a garage makes you a "bomb-maker" if you are pro-white. Heck, you can be an old man who likes blackpowder rifles and posses "bomb making materials." They "didn't find any bomb making materials" for the same reason they don't like reporting on black cannibalism. It doesn't fit into the rule book when describing the gentle, sage-like, negro, who only wants a better world and can't seem to make whites understand.

  6. Oh...Chris, you can't really believe that! You are almost funny!

    What about Kevin Alfred Strom's letter to the Iranian government? Is this the next trend being set? Are you guys going to "befriend" those who most consider enemies? And let's say that the movement did hook up with some Middle-Eastern terrorists groups and overthrew the United States government - what then? You turn on each other?

    Incidently, did you even consider the possiblity that those who call in to Hal's show or post messages on his comments section might be talking to a federal informant? That is a very real possibility.

  7. I'm sure some are feds.

    As far as the middle easterners go--the hell with them all. That includes the most violent, bloodthirsty ones of them all--the middle easterners we call the jews. Kevin Alfred Strom can go live in Iran for all I care. Maybe he can row the boat while Duke navigates. We'd never side with the likes of those universalist, non-white, desert types. Being enemies with the jews doesn't mean they are friends with us. Only the bought-and-paid for types ever side with jews anyway. They excludes most of the world, including a lot of the non-white world.

    If we dug them, then why would I be able to get away with more or less threatening Phelps? We've never postured towards Islam, though we're anti-war and pro-American.

  8. Chris said:

    They did the same thing that sent Matt Hale up the creak: the talked about it to a federal informant.


    Ummm...excuse me Chris were you at Hale's trial? Have you read ANY of the court documents? He did a whole lot more than just talk about it.

  9. I don't think Hal was actually making bombs or had materials to do.

    Hal knows how to couch his speech and he hasn't broken any laws. That is why Hal is still free.

    You refrence an article from Indy Media? Now there is an unbiased and unimpeachable source for you.

    You guys are going to have to try harder.

  10. STFU Von Blubber!

    Or, should I say: Moshe Blevins, Yeshiva-bukkha?

    You remind me of that character in The Believer. How many self-loathing Jews are actually in the neo-Nazi movement?

    I mean, there's You and butt-buddy Bill Weiss.

    A new Danny Burros character can't be far behind.

    Follow your leader, Vonnie!

  11. Oh, and Chris Drake: don't even start with "we're a bunch of patriotic guys against the war", shit...

    What was that that Herrington said in Lansing?: "Iran has a RIGHT to NUCLEAR WEAPONS".

    Yeah, and I hope they drop them on the fucking NSM Headquarters first.

    I listen to your pathetic "radio" programs for a laugh, which is all you wasted hillbilly losers are good for.

    If a serious war breaks out, though, if I were you, I'd be scared: don't think America won't go the extra mile and step on some toes to insure the survival of this country. If that means detaining backstabbing "patriots" like you until the war is over, you can bet that is what will happen.

    The ACLU can go fuck themselves.

  12. What did we do to wake Dean up?

  13. Chris,

    Who was it that told the group about Gretchen? Have you figured it out yet?

    But there is nothing you can do about it has this person has the power to remove you from the NSM.

  14. You're kidding, right? I tell you what. Call the Commander and tell him to kick me out because Gretchin said it was a good idea.

  15. Well, Hell, they (including the ADL) try to convince us that Bill White is doing us so much harm and that we would be wise to kick him out.

    Have you heard of anything so laughable in your life?

    Yes, we really are going to take the advice of Nikki or the ADL to get rid of Bill White.

    Bill gets the attention he does because he is effective.

    You get the most flak when you are directly over the target.

  16. Blevins - go read the last story I posted and come back and tell me Bill White is good for the NSM. Go ahead - and while you're at it, you might want to reconsider what you said before about not having any reason not to believe him.

    Now I realize that he pulls your strings and you are nothing more than what your master allows you to be - but, damn, have you been neutered?

  17. EB: "If a serious war breaks out, though, if I were you, I'd be scared: don't think America won't go the extra mile and step on some toes to insure the survival of this country. If that means detaining backstabbing "patriots" like you until the war is over, you can bet that is what will happen.

    "The ACLU can go fuck themselves."

    You can take the authoritarian, state-worshipping, "intern the traitors and appeasers", shabbos goy off the blog masthead... but you just can't take the bitch out the ghetto. :)

  18. looks like Hal has brought in all of $94.00 since his little temper tantrum - if you believe.

  19. Von you say Bill is effective?

    But effective at what? Making you idiots more of a laughing stock than you are already?

    Keep the fat bastard I say. Hey and as long as your at it I think you should make Steve Holsten a somebody in the organization. Maybe make him head of Nazi child care or something. I'm sure he'll be "effective" as well, especially with the young shaved ones.


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