Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Grand Slam

By Tony Willow

Well it seems Bill White is afraid of little ole’ me!

Just another day in the life of an anti-racist you call a racist show wanting to ask a legitimate question and what do you get? Hung up on, that’s what.

I called NSM Presents, their internet laugh fest, wanting to ask Bill about the conflicting stories regarding the Buffalo protest and just the mere mention of my name and he bails. Guess I really burned him the last time he and I spoke. See, I called him out on the whole Molly Nolan fiasco and how he DID NOT see her get hit with anything at Toledo 2. He was told of the incident by their so-called “Minister of Radio” Vonbluvens shortly after the event and for him to say differently is typical Bill.

Well, that brings me to why I called. I wanted to ask Bill about his side-stepping around the “facts” regarding the Buffalo protest. He never can get the truth right but I was beat to the punch by another caller.

“Amy from Virgina” called in and point blank asked Bill why he was lying about the Rally in Buffalo. She claimed that the carload of people she was with received a phone call stating that the rally had been called off because of a fight at Burger King and that it “wasn’t safe” to hold the rally.

This is in stark contradiction to what Bill claimed. He said the rally was a no go because a permit was not issued to Karl Hand of the Racial Nationalist Party of America.

His lies on this issue were precisely what I was going to ask about. I really wanted to know which of his statements were true - the one he has been putting out all along or the one he opened the show with tonight, the fact that this was NOT an NSM rally. Could have fooled me by all the press they have been putting out about this rally BEING and NSM event. I guess they wash their hands of an “event” if less than 5 show up?

After Bill hung up on me I sat and listened for a bit and decided to call back and ask him why. Take a wild guess, he hung up on me again. But it did send him into a bit of a tirade. He actually thinks people take him serious when he claims he might get a Virginia warrant out on me when I called New Jersey? Ok Bill, your killing me here!

But wait, it gets better. He also brought up something that needs to be addressed which I don’t think we have as of yet. His claim that we are somehow obsessed with him and that we have written 1030 articles dealing with him. Sorry Bill, we have only written about 300-400 stories TOTAL, dealing with everyone not just you. Bill you’re a footnote compared to Matt Hale.

This is just typical Bill White, only thing is, he was really rattled tonight, we have only begun Bill. Sucks being a public figure don’t it?


  1. Bill White was pretty frustrated over that Amy who called in as well. She said she was a "supporter" and that he lied.

    He claimed that this wasn't an NSM event - yet this is the headline he ran:

    National Socialist Movement To Hold June Rally In Buffalo, New York

    Joint Demonstration With Racial Nationalist Party Of America To Protest Jewish Depradations In The Middle East

    And...on June 10, the day of both rallies he had this to say:

    "A simultaneous National Socialist Movement rally was held in Buffalo, New York today."

    So...which of Bill White's statements were the truth - what he wrote, or what he claimed once the rally fizzled.

    I liked what that Amy said - "your guys got scared and ran."

  2. Let Luke be. He doesn't have jack to do with this.

    I was WONDERING what they were saying about Buffalo. I couldn't find jack, but I wasn't listening to that show, so...

    ...so that's who the Amy he was talking about was.

  3. I don't think Bill wanted to spend anytime on the show dedicated to talking to the anti-white (talking about the race, not the man) crowd. Thats fine and thats how he wants to run his show.

    Myself on the other hand, I think it makes for good radio. Call anytime I'm on. Calm Bill already has what he wants to talk about layed out. I rarely do.

  4. Why should we give Willo a platform to spew her bile on our dime?

    To Willow:

    The Wife's daycare is doing just fine...never better.

  5. The anti-white/racist message isn't a tuff nut to crack, Von. Its important for people to see that. Its all flawed reasoning resulting in personal attacks, band-wagon logic and reactive thinking. Held up next to each other, the best the anti-white side can do is just say "we know of someone who was racist and also a criminal..." Let them call in. Would you rather them just have the TV, newspaper and any other media to push their jewish propaganda unopposed? They call in, we shoot down their arguement. If they call in just for personal attacks, then we'll defend against that. How tuff would it be for me to defend myself against someone like Harry Swartz saying I'm broke, on drugs and a criminal? See.

    On a more pleasent note, I think Harry has figured out by now that my dog isn't what you'd call a top-level NSM insider.

  6. Drake you said:

    The anti-white/racist message isn't a tuff nut to crack, Von. Its important for people to see that. Its all flawed reasoning resulting in personal attacks, band-wagon logic and reactive thinking.


    ummm...I seem to recall that me and Nikki are referred to as "dikes" on a regular basis on Von's show so that holds no water whatsoever. LOL

    Additionally, if you refer to calling Bill on his countless lies WITH FACTS as a personal attack, then hell your even more deluted than first thought.

  7. Ok, nobody with CAH has ever written or suggested anything about anyone in the movement being gay? Thats what I'm hearing, right? ALL you have is personal attacks. Even if our logic was flawed, even if our nature was NOT on our side, you still wouldn't defeat anyone with personal attacks. In the movement, globally--not just in America, there is ALWAYS someone to take the place of someone who has left for whatever reason. In other words, the faces do change. Personal attacks are just swatting at bugs anyways. I think the only reason you all cling to that ineffective tactic is that you enjoy it.

    Anyhow, why would you all be worried about someone calling you dykes? Aren't you fighting for their rights or whatever? If someone called me say, French for example, I wouldn't get upset about it. Besides, when you attack a man's family and his livelyhood, don't expect him to be courtious to you.

    As far as Bill goes, Bill runs a news service. He sometimes makes a mistake because he's only as good as the weakest link in his info-chain. He normally clears it up on his blog if he finds his info was inaccurate. Give me a break anyhow--Anthony runs NSM Records?? We're infested with homosexuals? Everyone's a criminal or on drugs?

  8. SOMETIMES Bill makes a mistake. No, Chris. Bill intentionally lies!

  9. How about you, Daryle? Have you ever intentionally lied on OPP? Has Floyd? I'm not even going bother Nikki with that question.

  10. The movement is taking hold and we now have the first Adolf Hitler memorial gardens in Wisconsin.

    I think one should be built for every Holohoax museum that is erected.

  11. No, I have never intentionally lied on OPP. Ever. I don't need to. It's not like you have truth or support worth a damn on your side. Now if I get facts wrong here and there, tell me, and I will correct it, but there is no way you can compare what I write to what Bill writes about me. Hell, he is still saying things my lawyers already sent letters to him about.

  12. Vonnie, you have to keep at least one open first.

  13. Vonnie baby is just a little slow on the uptake.

  14. Let's talk about White lies for a second. I cannot believe that there is one living person on this planet who would claim - " He sometimes makes a mistake because he's only as good as the weakest link in his info-chain. He normally clears it up on his blog if he finds his info was inaccurate."


    Just today he published an letter that he supposedly received from a supposed "supporter." With Bill, one never knows if it is real, or just one of his alter-ego's trying to puff the other ego up a little more. Now, that email claimed that there were a number of people coming and going from the Antietam rally but that they weren't allowed to get close.

    Okay - the way it was described in the letter, that is plausible. BUT...this is the headline Bill ran -

    Police Kept 100 Klan Supporters Away From Antietam Rally

    LOL! Okay - let's look again at what the letter writer said:

    "We witnessed from our vantage point approximately 100+ people coming and going including Confederate re-enactors, "red-neck" types, young parents with children, young couples, "hip-hop" types, a "biker" group ... and a few "minority" types (a couple of Hispanics, a couple of Negroes, one Arab)"

    We have already established that the Confederate re-enactors were not there to support the KKK or the NSM so take them out of the mix. The "red neck types" spoken of may have been there to support - then again, maybe not. But we'll give him the "red necks." It's probably more than fair to say that the "parents with children and young couples," might have just been curious onlookers who were visiting the park that day. But, hey, we'll split it up and say half of them might have been supporters (and that, of course, is being generous.)However, the "minorities," "Hispanics," and "negroes," and the "Arab" were not in support of the demonstrators. That leaves the bikers. The letter writer goes on to tell us that the bikers were SOB's - Semites on Bikes.

    Now, out of that letter, how do you get "Police Kept 100 Klan Supporters Away From Antietam?" I'll tell you how you get that - YOU LIE! YOU LIE! AND YOU LIE!

    All over this blog, Bill White's lies are well documented - not just by me - but by WN's as well. And Christopher Drake is going to come here and make an asinine statement about "making mistakes?"

    HORSESHIT! Chris. Bill White is a liar extraordinaire! He is incapable of writing anything truthful. The truth could be staring him right in the face but he has to figure a way to spin and doctor it until it is totally unrecognizable. And if you can't see that and accept that then you have to be dense or brain-dead. Don't sully yourself any further by trying to take up for Bill or trying to excuse him. Believe me...that's the fastest way to lose any credibility you might have achieved even within the movement.


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