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The hard-right is home to many ultra-conservative views and ideologies. Setting themselves up as the "moral majority," they hope to return to an Anglo-Saxon Puritanical society. With their checkbooks and their connections they are waging war on those of us who enjoy the lifestyles that we have chosen. Using the Bible as their gun, interpreting scripture to suit their agenda the hard-right has also turned a corner when it comes to race relations and freedom of religion. Pro-life, anti-immigration, separatism, and homophobia are but a few differences that we have with these people. They are many and their numbers are growing. As the tide and tenor of the country changes, there will be those who look around and ask, "When did that happen?"

The Council of Conservative Citizens certainly bears watching, but there is another group, cut from similar cloth, upon which a vigilant eye should be cast. The League of the South is fairly new in its' current configuration having grown out of the onetime Southern League. The ties between the CoCC and the LOS are tight and the affiliations are generally one and the same. Additionally, the money trail leads to both organizations with surprising regularity.

The League of the South boasts approximately 10,000 members, although it has lost several prominent leaders over the last couple of years due to a host of internal problems largely surrounding the League's current leanings toward the Christian Reconstructionist nuts it has attracted. This should not be too surprising to the membership, however, given their ties to the hard-right elites. The Southern Poverty Law Center chronicled the exodus of prominent members and headlined the article "Goodbye League of the South." While we generally accept the reports from the SPLC as pretty much gospel, we have to disagree with the insinuation that the League is going somewhere.

There is definitely a shake-up taking place both within the League and within the Sons of Confederate Veterans. As both seem to be embracing even more extremist beliefs, so are they gaining members with extremist agendas - while others are simply bringing their true convictions out of the closet.

It didn't take long for the League of the South to emerge to the forefront of the neo-Confederate Movement. The head of the organization is one Michael Hill. A former Professor at a predominantly black college (Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala), Hill is largely a secessionist. The group rails against egalitarianism and inter-racial marriage. Hill has even gone so far as to say that the institution of slavery was "God ordained,” further echoing the beliefs of the Reconstructionists.

The abrasive remarks of Hill only serve to further the belief that the League of the South truly deserves its' tag as a hate group. Hill was certainly an embarrassment to Stillman College and his departure in 1998 was followed by a lot of sighs of relief. The sad thing is he is now proving an embarrassment to the South as well. In a vicious attack upon the U.S. Supreme Court for ruling against anti-gay sodomy laws, Hill said the court was helping to advance ""sodomite and civil rights agendas." In 2004 Hill was listed as one of the 40 to watch on the SPLC website, and he has proven that to be accurate.

The League of the South appears just a little more militant than the other groups. Until recently, Michael Tubbs, the chaplain of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Florida chapter, also served as the League's Vice Chairman of the Northeast Florida chapter. Tubbs is a former Green Beret and munitions expert who was arrested, along with his brother for theft of government property and conspiracy to transport guns and explosives across state lines(SPLC). It appears that they stole more than guns. The authorities found five caches of weapons, including machine guns, 25 pounds of TNT, land mines, an anti-aircraft machine gun, grenades, booby traps, 45 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive and more. Additionally, they found information written by the two brothers indicating that they were establishing a racist group called the "Knights of the New Order." And, if that wasn't enough, they had a list of of targets - newspapers, television stations and businesses owned by Jews and blacks.

Michael Tubbs served a little over four years. When he was released from prison he immediately went back to the White Supremacist fold. He started a group called "Kinsman's Comitatus" whose purpose it was to provide support to "political prisoners" within the movement.

While they have taken great issue over being classified as a hate group by the SPLC, they have done nothing to clean up their act or their rhetoric. Additionally, their continued association with the Council of Conservative Citizens as well as their hard right religious leanings places them squarely within the realm of a racist group.

In actuality, the true threat of the League of the South lies within the number of sympathizers it has, the number and nature of financial supporters it has, and in the new emphasis being placed upon a Reconstructionist Christian agenda. Given the current climate in our country, and the obvious influence of the "moral majority," the teachings of the reconstruction gospel might appear very appealing to those who are vulnerable.

As previously noted, they have very strong ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens as well as the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Many have dual memberships and frequent many of the same events. For a closer look at those who shape the ideology of this group we have provided the following profiles.


  1. Odinism is quickly replacing Christian Identity as the religion of choice among white supremacist in prison.


    Vonbluvens is also revealing on his blog that Kenneth Schneider was thrown out of the NSM before the Satanism business started. Maybe Bill White would like to comment but I doubt it.

  2. ANSWP = Bill White's organization

    ANuS WiPe

  3. ROFLMAO! I love that!

    Harry - I saw that about Doc earlier. Funny huh?

  4. ANuS WiPe


  5. I thought Doc quit the NSM out of disgust?

    Someone needs to get a statement from him.

    If anyone has the goods on the NSM it's Doc.

  6. Good liberal doggie. Chase the NSM. Accomplish nothing, goooood.
    Don't make me have to beat you with the paper. LOL.

  7. Thank you for your article. Now I am fully convinced that I should support both of these fine Southern Heritage groups!

  8. Voice From BeyondJuly 24, 2006 10:59 PM

    Tom Tom- Don't you have to get up early and fight with the UN in the am?

    Time for little Sobran babies to go nighty night!

  9. Nahhhhhhhhhhh I can't really get to sleep before I lynch a nigger or two before bedtime.

  10. Voice from beyondJuly 24, 2006 11:08 PM

    Sounds like you might have a problem then, son.

    You can always sit tight knowing that George Allen keeps a noose in his office.

    He is about a dumb as a stump, but that never stopped anyone from that crowd.

  11. NSM Yahoo GroupJuly 25, 2006 12:07 AM

    From NSM Yahoo Group

    We have here an interesting example of how Bill White creates and
    spreads rumors and half-truths and circulates them within the Movement in order to try and shape events to his rather skewed view of reality, and to build up his own image as The One and Only True Genius eader, blah blah blah.

    For the record, according to BILL WHITE HIMSELF several days ago on
    his blog, John Snyder was not charged with "child molesting." It is true that he is a registered sex offender, which in my opinion
    should preclude him from embership, much less leadership, in any pro-white (as opposed to pro-White) organization. But the actual
    crime for which Snyder was convicted was for raping his ex-wife many years ago.

    Granted, this is white trashy behavior at best, and I repeat that I hold no brief for Mr. Snyder and I don't think he should be allowed
    into any White Nationalist org. adult man "raping" an adult woman who was a previous sexual partner is NOT the same thing as molesting children, especially in view of this society's rather elastic and politically correct definition of "rape." All too many of us in the Movement have had experience of how things can go bad in a marriage and of the legal edge that the woman has in any dealings with the Jewdicial system.

    All too many of us have experience of the way the courts railroad
    stroppy white boys who don't know their place.

    I say for the umpteenth time that I am not excusing or defending Snyder. I never met him, and for all I know he could be a saint or a
    devil. I am simply pointing out two things:

    1. Bill White HAS NOT TOLD THE TRUTH about Snyder. A man who begins his term of office in an org by lying to his own people is not a man I want as a leader.

    2. Bill White has committed arguably the most serious and
    contemptible ethical violation it is possible for a White Nationalist to make by siccing the Indiana cops on John Snyder in furtherance of his own bizarre and twisted private hatred. A man who informs to the Zionist law or the media for ANY reason is just as completely unfit to be a member or a leader in White Nationalism as a registered sex offender is. In view of White's past, er, shall we say ERRATIC behavior? I simply do not believe that he can be trusted with any significant role in White Nationalism or National Socialism, in any capacity.


    P. S. - By the by--John Snyder has been around in the NSM for many
    years and has been a registered sex offender for that time, a fact
    repeatedly and gleefully pointed out by the news media. Where
    exactly was Bill White during all those years? Why did he only
    recently discover such a tender conscience about Snyder's past when
    he knew about it for years?

  12. Just about all the Nazis, regardless of the group, are just plain white trash, still for the most part they are heads above your average black trash. Who rape, murder, and smoke crack between watching educational videos on BET on how to commit same.

    Bill is a liar, everyone knows it why should anyone be surprised that Bill is lying? If Bill's mouth is open or his fingers are touching the keyboard then Bill is lying.

    "Voice from Beyond's" prediction of "something big going to happen" is starting to remind me of Hal Turners repeated death predictions of anyone famous who gets sick. Of course something big is going to happen, something big always happens.

    How stupid do you have to be to get thrown out of the NSM? I can see it now: Jeffery Schoep, "Hey guys, can you quit gang banging that 12 year old for a minute? We need to have a vote to see if we're gonna throw Bill and Doc's stupid asses out of the NSM!" LOL.

  13. From NSM Message boardJuly 25, 2006 2:47 AM

    Bill White claims to be German. If so, the surname of White is jewish. If he were from England, it would not be jewish.

    Most jews who immigrated from Germany with the surname of Weiss changed their last name to White.

    There are no Germans with the last name of White. White is exclusively English.

    So the odds are very great since Bill White says his father came from Germany, he's jewish.

    Then there is all the jewish features Bill White has from the bumps in his head to his eye color and hair.

  14. Ping Bill White:

    Jim Ramm's real identity.


    Matthew Ernest Ramsey is his real name.

    he is the webmaster of

    Go get em....


    Pro-white group is smaller than perceived
    Police: Group with Adopt-A-Road sign consists of a few men
    Staff, news services
    StatesmanJournal, Salem Oregon
    February 17, 2005

    For more than a year, a Tualatin man has used public-access television,
    the Internet and the mainstream media to create the illusion that a
    white-supremacist movement is on the rise in the Northwest, law
    enforcement officials said.

    His group, the so-called Tualatin Valley Skins, last month even adopted
    a rural road in Marion County in the name of the American Nazi Party,
    supposedly as part of a volunteer litter pickup effort.

    The move launched a public outcry, and angry residents vandalized the
    two signs proclaiming the adoption on Sunnyview Road NE.

    Some dumped garbage in the neighborhood.

    Others mobilized and put up anti-hate signs.

    The Tualatin Valley Skins and the pro-white movement are the work of one
    man, Matthew Ramsey of Tualatin, and perhaps one or two other men,
    authorities said.

    Ramsey even created an alternative persona for himself, "Jim Ramm" --
    but his real name surfaced two weeks ago in media reports.

    Still, some experts say, Ramsey, 40, and his Web site should be tracked
    because he has managed to create a buzz for the white-supremacy movement.

    "We are concerned that they are getting more attention in the Northwest
    and in particular in the Portland area than they have any time recently
    as a result of his grandstanding," said Robert Jacobs, the
    Anti-Defamation League's Seattle director.

    In January in Marion County, a man identified by the county as Dylan
    Marchand applied for a volunteer Adopt-A-Road litter-cleanup program.

    Marchand wrote the Tualatin Valley Skins' Web site address on his

    By consensus, the Marion County commissioners allowed the application,
    following advice from legal counsel. The Adopt-A-Road signs went up Jan.
    24. The signs lasted less than one week before they were vandalized or
    stolen, and county officials said they would not replace them.

    The two commissioners who had allowed the group to join defended their
    positions, calling it a freedom-of-speech issue. One commissioner said
    she did not want to end a good program as a way to keep one group from

    When contacted by the Statesman Journal, Marchand referred questions to
    Jim Ramm, calling him the spokesman for his group.

    At that time, Ramm did not respond to an e-mail.

    In a Jan. 31 e-mail to the Statesman Journal, a person who identified
    himself as Rocky J. Suhayda, chairman of the American Nazi Party,
    denounced the road adoption.

    "Whomever applied for this program, it was not the American Nazi Party,"
    Suhayda wrote.

    Ramsey earlier tried to reach the public with racist recruitment fliers
    that began appearing on driveways across the state in January 2004. He
    took credit for the distributions on his Web site and granted several

    Showing off his Tualatin apartment packed with computers and video
    equipment, Ramsey told a reporter that he had grown up in Hillsboro,
    seen the growth of Hispanic immigration and graduated from Portland
    State University.

    Later, in a voice mail, he said: "You see, my friend, my family they are
    all Nazis," he said. "And you know what? They are raising Nazi children,
    white supremacist children."

    But Ramsey's 87-year-old mother, who lives in rural Washington, told The
    Oregonian in a telephone interview that she did not approve of her son's
    behavior and did not know where it came from.

    Her son did not grow up in Hillsboro, she said, but in rural northern

    He did not attend PSU, she and school officials said, but graduated from
    Eastern Washington University with a degree in graphic communications in

    In Oregon, she said, he holds a blue-collar job.

    The Tualatin Valley Skins' Web site got more attention at the end of
    January after the Spokesman Review in Spokane used Ramsey's true name in
    a story saying that he was organizing a rally in Idaho celebrating
    deceased Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler. Ramsey says he wasn't the
    organizer, only that he agreed to promote it on his Web site.

    But Ramsey did not seem as comfortable with the attention as he did in
    the summer.

    There were people in the world, he said, who wished to do him and his
    family harm.

    "I'm just saying you might have a little bit of mercy for my kids who
    don't really deserve to die for the cause because they are still young
    yet," he said.

    His mother isn't aware of Ramsey having any children, although she
    thinks he does have a girlfriend.

    Statesman Journal reporter Cara Roberts Murez contributed to this story.

    *New Adopt-A-Road requirements*

    Marion County plans to tighten the rules for joining its Adopt-A-Road
    volunteer cleanup program.

    "They're going to have to give us a county address. They're going to
    have to give us a real name," Chief Administrative Officer John Lattimer
    said. "And we're going to follow up on it."

    Historically, Marion County's Adopt-A-Road program has required that
    volunteers agree to pick up litter and other trash from the roadway
    twice per year.

    The county has put up signs to acknowledge their work. The signs have
    stayed up as long as the group continued its twice-annual cleanup.

    Formal and informal groups, individuals and families have signed up
    since the program began in 1994.

    Lattimer said he and Public Works Director Jim Sears agree that it is
    necessary that in the future, the county should require at least a valid
    local address and name.

    The commissioners will meet within the next month to consider additional
    requirements, possibly including applicants to pay a deposit or to
    complete one road cleanup before the signs go up.

    A more stringent process can protect the county from people using the
    program for their own purposes, Lattimer said.

    -- Statesman Journal

  15. hey kike, post a working link.

    NSM's Jim Ramm is outed
    Matthew Ernest Ramsey is his real name.

    posted by Harry F Schwartz at 10:52 AM

  16. Actually, Matthew Ramsey was outed a long time ago when he took on Randy Blazak:


    And when I first ran afoul of him:



    He's just another blow-hard like Bill White who exaggerates his own importance.

  17. Condi spends lots of time at the WH with sleep overs when First Lady Ms Laura goes out of town.

    Rumor has it that Ms Laura found out about this and moved into the Mayflower for a little while till the PR team calmed her down.


  19. "While she was National Security Adviser, Rice, who has never been married, referred to George W. Bush as "my husband" before she corrected herself and said, "the president." Rice was speaking at a dinner when she made her "husband" remarks."

  20. Michael Schneider Claims Eric Adams Is A Fed
    Demise Of Two Previous Klan Groups Cited

    7/26/2006 1:18:42 PM
    Discuss this story in the forum
    Michael Schneider / VNN Forum

    Commentary -- [Bill: My understanding is that two organizations Eric Adams previously organized were bankrupted by SPLC lawsuits, and that Mr Adams is still under some sort of judgment or court order in regards to those occurences.
    I do not, however, have any of the inside details of what had occurred -- I've only read the news reports and viewed some abstracts of the judgments against him.

    Of course, given that he has twice been bankrupted by the SPLC, the question of his income from his stake in NSM records comes into question -- though really, its another NSM member who provided most of the logistics in setting NSM Records up -- Eric is just the guy operating the thing.

    Anyways, Doc posted the following on NSM forum. He was expelled from the NSM for questioning Richard Brunson in particular, and Adams to a lesser degree, and after he was expelled Jeff ordered the National Office not to mention it (he didn't even tell me it had happened) and ordered Von Bluvens not to let Doc back on the Von Bluvens show (one of many contributing factors in Von's departure).

    And note, there has been a long running dispute between Mike Blevins and Eric Adams over some money -- apparently, the bank account of Adams was seized, though I have not been able to independently verify that:] p=420287#post420287

    Forget the "Satanist" BS (There are of course "Thousands" in the NSM according to the "High Priestess" Herrington...)

    Folks, the real reason, and the only one of any substance is ERIC ADAMS

    Eric Adams is a FED. I know, people always pull the FED thing out but I'm CERTAIN in this case.

    Anyone who wants to know more can ask ANY ex member of the Southern White Knights of the KKK as well as MOST ex members of the ORION Knights of the KKK, particularly those in Florida.

    Get in touch with "Swamp Fighter" (ex Grand Dragon of the ORION Knights in Florida or Randal White, ex Grand Dragon of the Southern White Knights of the KKK Georgia and later Eric Adams replacement as Imperial Wizard.

    That's right folks; Eric Adams was kicked out of the KKK (In Klan parlance "Banished"). Eric Adams couldn't be in the KKK anymore so he bailed on his "Lifelong Christian Beliefs", became an "Odinist"/ Satanist (His Wife Libby has been a longtime Satanist)

    The Southern White Knights logo and articles of incorporation belonged to Eric Adams and of course he refused to turn them over to the membership.

    He started the Southern White Knights TWICE a few years apart and sold out the membership lists for a REDUCED SENTENCE both times as well as other things.

    Eric Adams was ORDERED by his FED handlers to destroy the NSM and he did EXACTLY that. All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

    You all worried that Bill White has names and info? Worry more about shopping NSMRecords or trafficking on any NSM site.

    Eric had Tom Martin disposed of and now he controls ALL NSM web space.

    Eric? What happened to KlanNet and its successors? You RIPPED of myself (DOC) for one and VonBluvens (Who's Credit Card you billed, and then bilked) as well as many others. But, WTF, you're a PRIME example of what the NSM calls honorable...

  21. If Eric Adams did rip off Vonbluvens, good for Eric Adams.

    With VNN being down, Vonbluvens won't have any place to spam since he isn't allowed to do it here either.

    But I would like to thank the wanted fugitive Kenneth Michael Schneider. Anything that causes division, dissent, or the taking down of supremacist websites is doing good work.

    Now if Schneider would be a man and turn himself in to Roanoke authorities like the Christian he claims to be instead of being a fugitive.

  22. Thank you Nikki for being fair this time. You deleted the posts about me as well as mine this time.

    I will gladly keep my word and stay off here if you'll keep the BS false accusations & lies about me and my family deleted.

  23. Listen up please! I have removed numerous posts from this thread. I did this because of 1)Racial slurs being used; 2) Because of accusations being thrown around; and 3) Because they were totally irrelevant to anything being discussed here.

    If you guys want another place to bash Steve Holsten - open your own blog and have at it. While I find his whole being offensive and reprehensible, it has nothing to do with this blog. As noted in another thread - I cut a lot of slack and let you guys go at it without too much intereference - but this is just ridiculous and childish. It serves absolutely no purpose and has no business being here.

  24. Steve...I don't know what is truth or what is a lie about your situation. I just know that this is not the place for that discussion and I am sick to death of it.

  25. I know full well the sickening feeling of bull. I've been taking this abuse since 2000.

    Thanks again, bye!

  26. You didn't listen to Nikki very well, did you?

  27. I just love it when I get the liberals to go against their stated "principles" by engaging in censorship. You see why do I have to point out their hypocrisy when they do it themselves?

    The Legendary Tom Shelly, White God
    wins again :)

  28. Tom, shut the hell up! Enough already, you may think of yourself as a "god" but you are far from it. Is this your blog? Nope, and frankly I don't see what your getting out of this anyway. What exactly is it that you have "won"? Idiot of the year? Yeah, that one is hands down for sure.

  29. Willow sez: "...I don't see..."

    This does not surprise me at all.

  30. VNN is down because of Canadian action against death-threats:

  31. Breaking news on Overblown!!

    (its got something to do with Bill White!)

  32. Alex Linder will be given web space at as a temporary home for Vanguard News Network.

  33. You can't handle the bandwidth Falater. In fact, your site isn't even on your own server, it's hosted by Earthlink.

    Speaking of Linder, isn't it funny how Hal Turner has done what Alex Linder has done against Canadians a dozen times over and nothing happens toh im.

  34. Schwartz, at least have balls enough to put your name on your posts when you call me Falater, it is going to make it all that much more fun when I prove you wrong. Or basically what you "know" ain't gonna hurt you none :)

    You are right about Earthlink, however. Alex offered and I did accept. Most likely I will let him move it to some space on Odinsrage that I own. Still the message forum will most likely me moved temp to


  35. Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!

    You have the ring, and I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Let's see how well you handle it.

    May the Schwartz be with you.

    May the Harry Schwartz be with you.

    Shit! I hate it when I get my Schwartz twisted!



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