Saturday, January 13, 2007


There is a sickness running rampant in this country and it affects each and every one of us - pedophilia and child molestation. The racist extremists seem to have a few more of these freaks than they would like - and all of a sudden, they are coming out of the woodwork.

In this Coldshot Nicole Nichols recaps the latest arrests and has some very pointed things to say to those who are trying to defend the indefensible. Get a cup of java, pull up a chair, and put the headset on or turn the speakers down. This is not something you want to share with your own children.



  1. Nikki: Great show and music. Pedophiles and white supremacist share a lot of common traits, including wanting power of others.

    The NSM openly recruits children and even allowed a pedophile by the name of Jon Snyder to be it's Indiana state leader. Chris Drake didn't seem to care about this when he was the Georgia state leader of for the NSM.

  2. Typo: They share a lot of common traits including wanting power OVER others.

  3. Wanting "power over others" is a trait more clearly defined by folks like you than anyone else.

  4. Vonbluvens: Wrong. I believe in equality for everyone. You don't.

    I believe all races are equal. You don't.

    You named yourself the world leader of an organization and call anyone who joins your group "followers".

    I have no desire to form an organization naming myself as the leader.

    You are the one who wants power over others. Thank God, that will never happen.

  5. The mentally ill Michael Blevins not only wants power over others, he wants to kill everyone whom doesn't conform to his standards. He's on record wanting to kill all jews, blacks, gays. He praised the 911 attacks when they first happened on the old board.

    You can't win an argument Unit 9 with some severely mentally ill like Vonbluvens. If I believed in demons, Vonbluvens would be possessed by one.

  6. Nikki,

    Thanks for putting the time and effort into your show. I had to use headphones. But can I ask you one question?

    Don't you just want to wash your mouth out with soap after quoting from the neo-nazis? Are they a profane bunch of ####'s or what? LOL!!!!!

    Good audio on this show.

  7. Not only do I want to wash my mouth out, Harry - but I always have to take a shower afterward.

    Thanks to both of you for the kudos.

  8. Ping Mr. Schwartz. With Steve Holsten running for office in Missouri can you post some factual information on him so we can write his local paper and tell them and perhaps whomever runs against him Steve's character. Someone as racist and sick and Holsten should never hold office on any level.

  9. Who the Fuck are you to run your Whiny Assed Hole about me? You don't know me. You can't believe anything that Schwartzo says about me or anyone else. He's lying anytime his lips are moving. He tells whatever is most convienant for him at the time. It is well known that he has an obsession with my Greatness. It is also a well known fact that he wants to have Faggot relations with me, but I'm not a Faggot.

    So, you need to Fuck off and run along back to your blacks on blondes sites or wherever you surf. You have no business running your hole about me.

  10. Just cut and paste the post Steve just made above and submit it to his local newspaper.

    Steve also in favor of elimination or lowering the age of consent. Steve has said he would fuck a 14 year old girl if she threw herself at him.

    Holsten was caught red-handed looking for child porn on Here

    Holsten is an expert when it comes to homosexual behavior and believes that everyone who is against him is a homosexual. Steve's just upset that I am so comfortable being heterosexual that gays don't bother me. Steve is very insecure about his sexuality.

    Steve hates blacks out of jealousy. Steve hates gays out of self-hatred.

    Holsten also suffers from cerebral palsy which accounts for his mild mental retardation which is getting worse by the year as the disease progresses.

    Holsten is also a self-professed sex pervert.

    Vonbluvens is a vocal supporter and personal friend of Steve Holsten.

  11. Lloyd Davies, you got email



    Steve Holsten has a $10,000 + cost judgment against him for stealing DirecTV.

    Steve Holsten has a judgment against him by Delta Check Cashing for not paying back the payday loan he got from them.

    You can check for yourself at Missouri website.

    And his son is facing felony charges of trying to seduce a minor for sex in a police sting he got busted on.

    If Steve can't even maintain his own finances, how can Kennett voters trust them with theirs?

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Damn, there my Imposter with his Faggot desires for me. You can tell who is who by the profiles.

  14. I'll just use my other profile with my name.

  15. frankly what we see is PC forces using charges of Pedophia as political cyanide in much the same manner as one used an accuasation of being jewish to selince an oppentat in the 3rd reich

    the method widely in the USA today I certainly as I am the target of such efforts and what was done then weree imoral and dangerous to the survival of this republic and in this case dangerous to theose children that are being truly by watering down the effect of making such a charge

    today even I a jew don't beleive a quarter of such charges becuase I know how many times I have been so Chraged" and investagted with no basis and no action taken and in in few months geting back my hard drive with hardly even an apology

  16. Ole KIKE Schwartzo is running hole about me, his Great Hero again. Schwartzo, you have to remember you're quoting quotes that I made several years back. Yes, I did say back then that it would be hard for me to walk away from a naked gal in bed asking me to screw her. I'm about five years older now and very happily married. I have no desires to cheat on my good wife. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Yes, I do think the age of consent should be lowered, but not for guys my age and yours. You should see some of those teenie bopper tramps on the Maury show. They screw anything that walks on two legs. There's far too many good guys in their early 20's ruining their lives over a piece of Ass. Don't give me the Bullshit about it ruining their lives; especially if they freely lay down and spread 'em.

    I was not looking for child porn. I don't think the girls you try to say I was after don't have anything to shave.

    No, I don't know anything about Faggotry except men getting together to Butt Fuck each other, and sucking each off. Anyone who isn't sickened by this is not normal. And that sure covers Schwartzo. Most young boys are molested by Faggots, but Faggotry doesn't bother Schwartzo.

    Me jealous of stinking assed ape like creatures with Brillo pad hair??? That's the biggest joke you've ever told.

    My Cerebral Palsy is very mild. It only affected my left extremities. That is my my left hand and lower leg. It didn't affect my brain at all. The doctors said when I was seven that it will never change one way or another. I can't see a FuckTard like you try to make me out to be could have two years of college and drive school busses for 10 yrs safely and accident free.

    Yes, DickHeadTV Fucked me over in court on a civil suit. I will always say you can't steal TV. Congress ruled in 1959 that TV would always be free, but the crooked lawmakers were paid off back in the 80's by the likes of HBO, Dickhead TV and Dish Network to make the laws for them to rip us off.

    Yes, my son was enticed & entrapped by the police in that sting. At least it has been worked out in the pre-trial meetings that he won't getting any jail time.

    I can & do manage my finances just fine. One person on the council can't do anything alone. Things do have their checks & balances.

  17. And Steve leaves out the fact that one of the leading causes of mental retardation in the United States is Cerebral Palsy.

    Cerebral Palsy is a disease of the brain. It affects both physical skills and mental abilities.

    As the person with CP gets older, their mental skills diminish.

  18. You just have no comprehension; do you, KIKE Schwartzo? I told it once before that they wasn't sure that I have CP. I was born normal. They took me for the 6 month Polio shot in my left arm, and that night my left arm & leg went limp. The doctors just said it was/is CP. You just can't stand the fact that Your Great Hero has a very sharp mind.

  19. Thank you for the information, Mr. Schwartz you've been most kind. *******Please disregard the things previously in my profile. Someone recently hacked my account. Can someone please tell me how to protect my Google account?*******

    I know Steve Holsten's type very well (though not Steve personally), I used to live in Kennett. Because my husband is black, we were forced to move because the racism. People like Steve would spray paint "Race Traitor" on my car.

    Steve's opponent, Don Burke of 800 E. Rickey Road is a good man. Not a racist. I plan to write him and give him the information you have revealed about Steve. Not everyone in Kennett is a racist. Also I am sure that the Daily Dunklin Democratic would like to know about Steve. To send the editor a comment:

    Steve Holsten is a sick and demented man.

  20. Anyone with any further information on Steve Holsten child stalker can write me at or the editor of the Daily Dunklin Democract at:

  21. I hope a bunch of you Freak show idiots do write the paper. Then they will see you have a smear campaign going against your Great Hero. Then it all be filed & forgotten in File 13. So, bring it the Fuck on.

    And you're lying about living here and that spray painting happening to you and your Coon. I've lived since 1986, and nothing like that ever happens.

  22. Show me where it says Synder is a pedophile. I'll give you fair warning that calling someone a pedofile is an actionable offense in civil court, especially when someone has never been convicted of a such thing. You'd best get your facts straight before someone drags you out of your internet-hiding place and into court.

  23. And another thing, no one here in the anti-white crowd has any problem whatsoever working with Morris Dees of the SPLC. He's been tried for raping his step daughter who testified that he did. Where's the moral call to arms from your camp about that?

  24. Not true. The document about Morris Dees doing that is a forgery.


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