Saturday, May 03, 2008



Watching what can only be called the “Blood – Sport” of the neurotics in the racist “movement” over the last few days has brought me to the realization that none of them have a real understanding of the work that we do or what we are all about.

I guess it just makes things easier for them if they lump every group, organization, or anti-racist all together in one of their little piles of people to hate. Just as they dispose of their own without compunction, marginalizing and trivializing has always been one their mainstay tactics when faced with truth and reality.

In a recent display of what can only be characterized as the pathological behavior of those so insecure in their world of angst and disquietude as to have been rendered dysfunctional, a campaign against one of their own has resulted in the almost total decimation of one-time high-profile member known as VonBluvens – real name Michael Blevins.

As Bill White, a noted narcissistic and behaviorally disordered pseudo-Nazi out of Roanoke, Virginia, and Chris Drake, former NSM skinhead turned suck-up to White, stand poised to deliver the final blow in what has to be one of the most offensive public displays of humiliation, others are choosing up sides and placing their bets.

The irony in all of this may really turn out to be karma. Blinded by his anger and perceived wrongdoing by Blevins, Drake appears to have been duped into believing that the favors being lavished upon him now by White are without the consequences that surely await. Skillfully manipulated by White, Drake will soon be the recipient of much the same as Blevins – bet on it.

If there ever was a certainty among the racists it is that there is no honor – no loyalty – and no member is safe. When it comes to Bill White, that certainty is 100%. Among all those who have followed White into his melee of irrational megalomania, there is not one person left standing. The world is just not big enough for Bill and anyone else.

As speculation about where Michael Blevins will land runs the gamut, it becomes clear that little is understood about those who leave the movement and those who help them. Living an existence within the confines of bigoted and racist beliefs does not generally lend itself to knowledge and friendship outside of that belief system. After immersion in such a hateful and harmful atmosphere leaving is not an action undertaken lightly or easily.

Often the very notion of making such a life-altering change causes a great emotional confusion and worry. Taking the first step frequently ends up with the racist taking two steps backward – yet the next “first step” will be much easier.

Concern over friendships and bonds are often tantamount to the other interests. “What will I do for friends?” or “What happens to my friends,” are foremost in the racist mind. After-all, for most, this has been their sequestered lifestyle for years.

Safety and security come next as well as the possibility of trying to renew old relationships with family and friends that were long-ago broken.

Some who leave, join forces with groups like Citizens Against Hate or other anti-racist organizations and spend their lives working against the very beliefs and ideologies that dictated their racist actions. Others simply fade off of the radar, move into mainstream society, and begin building what most would consider a “normal” life for themselves and their families.

Of course, there are those who have been active within the “movement” and whose departure creates a great dread among other members, and who feel threatened by what secrets are being taken away as well. These people often go into hiding…sometimes they change their names and put a great deal of physical distance between themselves and their former comrades.

Our role in all of this is generally to provide support and encouragement as well as help in the areas needed to make a successful break and take the first steps toward putting their life back together. Unlike the racist movement, there are no strings attached to that help, no demands, and no expectations other than a new life for the ex-racist.

It is always interesting to me to see how those in the “movement” think that we must employ much the same tactics as they do when nothing could be further from the truth.

Will Michael Blevins leave the movement behind? I don’t know and I can only hope that he will. He has many positive things on his side to help make, not only his decision, but a clean break not the least of which is his faith. A sincere belief in a higher power goes a long way in helping one over the rough spots.

A supportive wife would be a helpful thing for Blevins, but by all earlier accounts his wife has been pretty much a part of the racist scene. However, the very fact of an existing family can have an enormous impact on someone who sincerely wishes to leave.

Caught up in the furor of all of the blood-letting, Christopher Drake has also demonstrated his lack of resistance to the manipulation of Bill White. While he may appear to be a willing participant, he is nothing more that White’s latest victim – an unsuspecting marionette who dances to the beat of the pseudo-Nazi’s drum.

As the alliance between White and Drake took many by surprise, myself included, it has only served to further the belief that White intends to continue building his ever-mounting heap of flayed and filleted Nazi’s – one body at a time. And…hey, as long as they are willing to become the next victim in his web of hate, there isn’t much anyone can do about it, huh?

Consequently, we will continue to hold the door open for those who have had enough…for those who want to change…for those who want a better life. We’ll continue to reach out and to help those who choose walk down a path to being human, once again.

The relentless attacks by Bill White against Blevins will change focus as his need for attention mandates he that seek another target. Once Christopher Drake fulfills his usefulness to White, he will become just one more notch in White’s belt. And the crowd roars. Living a life filled with hate in one’s heart requires very little in the way of amusement – just an occasional suicide/murder, a spate of child molesting offenses, or perhaps a wanna be Nazi’s exsanguinations of one of their own.

Such is the life – and the nature of the beast. Such is the ill - logic of the racist movement.


  1. Hi Nikki..

    As a casual reader of your blog, I have to say that in the considerable time you spent documenting the ongoing three-way tiff between Bill White, Chris Drake, and Mike Blevins, you have utterly wasted your time.

    Furthermore, I think that with your fascination with these VNN drama queens, you'be entirely missed seeing the forest for the trees.

    Racism is institutional in nature, and real economic damage is being inflicted by a faceless class of white hiring elites, who willfully choose to avoid hiring qualified minorities on the basis of racial stereotypes.

    These are the "effective racists" that I think you and your blog should be worried most about. Not such hapless "Aryan" reincarnations of the "Three Stooges" such as Chris (Curly), Von (Larry), and Bill (Moe).

    Just a thought. These familiar losers are funny in a microcosm, but not at all significant in the big scheme of things.

  2. One of things you didn't know was Drake was blackmailed into joining Bill Whites ANSWP by Bill White threatening to leaflet around his home, call his employer and have him fired, give Drakes address out and a whole lot of stuff. This is how White operates.

  3. anonymous I believe what you say.

    I don't know if he threatened that but Chris is definitely intimidated by Bill White.

    I don't think von is as intimidated as Chris is. I am surprised at the courage Von displayed here in the last couple of days. I am not insinuating he is leaving the movement but rather his standing up to this monster called Bill White.

    Bill White is the Sith Lord and Chris Drake is obviously Anikin.

  4. What is illogical about hating nappy haired coons? They are only sub human and account for the majority of the crime in the US while making up less than 20% of the population.

    One of the days Nikki one of the coons that you fucking is going to beat you within an inch of your life, then you'll understand us.

  5. Actually, I didn't "KNOW" what Bill had done to entice Drake - but we have kicked the blackmail thing around as a very good possibility. I just don't believe that Chris would join up with Bill unless there was some sort of incentive. What you are saying makes perfect sense to me.

    To the first poster - I realize that we need to spend more time looking at these kinds of things. We probably spend more time discussing that sort of thing on the radio and over at wordpress than we do here - but it still isn't enough. So...thanks for the critique.

    To the last poster - please stay on topic.

  6. Anonymous said
    Bill White is the Sith Lord and Chris Drake is obviously Anikin.

    More like Bill White is a queen ant and Drake is one of the working ants.

    Drake and White are acting like a jealous girls upset about losing a man.

  7. Bill White said:
    Mike Blevins, I believe, had admitted, via some "anonymous" posts on NIM Busters and elsewhere, that there were accusations of pedophilia made against him in the context of his divorce proceedings. I, and I think everyone who knows Mike well, have known for a long time he is prohibited from seeing certain children because of his ex-wife. I think the dispute is what is meant by the term "charged".

    What I have appears to be a copy of a file that has been ordered sealed, and I am not sure if I can legally publish such a thing publicly, despite some demands to do so. I also don't know if I want to, given that the accusations never led to a conviction.

    I don't believe the accusations, by the way. Ex-wives have a habit of making these kinds of accusations falsely.

    The judge believed the accusations by ordering Blevins never to have unsupervised visits his children.

    It wasn't sexual abuse but physical abuse that was claimed in the divorce.

    Criminal charges were never brought against Blevins. But I'll state again, the judge thought Blevins was such a threat to his own children, he ordered him to stay away. And judges just don't do that on hearsay evidence.

  8. Okay - so Bill doesn't believe the accusations, but he'll publish those accusations to further decimate Mike - typical Bill. And...since, apparently you or someone else has those documents, or has read those documents stating that Blevins physically abused his children and that the judge ordered no contact - where are they and how can I get a copy or see them?

  9. Bill White can be a spiteful male bi*ch sometimes. He's been trying to get Drake to join & organize in the South for awhile and he finally pulled the ole blackmail card out and played it.

  10. It's really funny to watch you coon lovers fixate on White, Drake, and Vonnie. None of them are players in the WN movement. You make me laugh.

  11. And the Aryan Nations is a player? Ghosts of Butler past.

  12. There's like twelve groups claiming to be the Aryan Nations, each with about 3 members each. How they have fallen indeed.

  13. You are so full of shit. We have almost 300 members in Missouri alone.

    NJ has at least twice that. The rest you can take your best guess, which ain't that great. As long as you have the drunk leading you I'm sure the "quality" (snicker) of your information will continue.

  14. And you, sir, are delusional. The Aryan Nations is almost a non-entity, and surely totally ineffectual in any meaningful sense. I see you took my criticism to heart and got a new avatar.

    I it possible that you have an opinion on anything, or is it just Floyd that you're hot for? After seems like you have a great deal of difficulty formulating or expressing an opinion on anything else.

  15. Aryan Nations is a bunch of splinter groups especially in the South. The last time I saw anything of Aryan Nations was two years ago when Rick Springs (government informer) and nutcase Jonathan Williams was in charge. Both are now off the scene and of no consequence. I'm reading these comments posted here and have to agree the anti-racists are more credible than the racists. And I'm a racist!!!

  16. Aryan Nations is a bunch of splinter groups especially in the South. The last time I saw anything of Aryan Nations was two years ago when Rick Springs (government informer) and nutcase Jonathan Williams was in charge. Both are now off the scene and of no consequence. I'm reading these comments posted here and have to agree the anti-racists are more credible than the racists. And I'm a racist!!!


    then u can't be "much of a one", eh?!!

    the sum total of the entire weight of the arguments are on our side....our intellectual foundations are DOUBT abt it!...the "owner" of this 'blog (and others!) have been challenged repeatedly to appear on white nationalist 'radio shows' like Free Talk Live and have, consistently, wimped out! 'anti-racist' can possibly hope to 'best' us in full & fair debate!

    AFA 'Aryan Naions' & other such 'orgs' are concerned: they come & they go....depending on the level of under-cover ZOG 'infiltration' & 'subversion'.....a peril that the anti-racists seem exempt from!

    what-ever: the n° of racially-aware white people out there is growing exponentially on an almost daily basis: they don't need "orgs"....just 'net-working' the form a 'ghost cell structure' consisting of some ½-dzn-or-so people.....that's where the real danger to ZOG is going to originate!....not from dues-paying groups like the NSM, Aryan Nations or the KKK!

  17. The anti-racists are sure more creditable than Bill White or Jeff Schoep are. Those two are the worst liars and rip-off con artists that America has ever seen. They make David Duke and Frank Collins look like royalty. haha

  18. Delusional? I won't even bother to clue you in. But by all means keep it up. Thump your chest pretend you have a clue. It is highly entertaining.

    I remember reading somewhere, I think it was on ONE COON"S PROJECT that Jay had been underground for a while. That is real funny too.

    My father is about to make a big splash too. He worked for a company by the name of Core-Mark out of Fort Worth. The coons and the Jews had him fired. He is going back there Monday morning to square things up. You'll read about Nick White Senior in your paper Tuesday morning, that is if the liberal press doesn't ignore it. A REAL WHITE MAN CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

  19. I've never seen Chris Drake so bent out of shape. He's revealing every single bit of personal information he has on Vonbluvens. Drake is even hinting that Vonbluvens isn't even white!! Drake is acting like someone who just lost their girlfriend of many years.

  20. Both Drake and Blevins are showing bad character in this matter. There use to be a time when matters were settled privately and not brought out in public for entertainment. I guess this is a result of Judge Judy and the mentality of airing dirty laundry. How come the anti-racists don't have this problem?

  21. Has alone paid any attention to "Real White Man" it sounds like he is talking about a commission of a crime.

  22. Oh - attention is being paid - promise. Anyone stupid enough to say something like that in a public forum deserves all of the attention they are going to get.

  23. Oh pretend you are going to do shit, coon fucker. You make me laugh.

  24. Now why would "they" have gotten him fired, Nick? Was he overtly racist at work? Did he bring his racism into the work place? Or was his work inferior?

  25. More on the Ill-logic: did you know that the Roanoke NAACP is having its banquet on June 6? Guess who the speaker is going to be:

    Leonard Pitts!

    I love it. :-)

  26. LOL! Yes...I did know that. I just love it! Wonder what ANSWP thinks of that.

  27. I wonder what sort of dirt bitch-tits has on Chris Drake?

  28. by the far the best comment on this thread is the very first one, from another anonymous poster.

    Nikki and the gang should take it to heart. A little more focus on institutional and systemic racism, a little less on the uniformed clowns.

  29. I think its funny. Heavyfed is posting in VNN Forums and no one there can do anything about it. haha

  30. And why is it that Heavy Fed is significant?

  31. Sorry, I never knew Heavy Fed had that much hatred of you Nikki.

  32. I don't know that he does hate me, anonymous. I just wondered why someone would think that his posting on VNNF would be significant.

  33. I think that Nikki may be getting the bone from Drake or she REALLY wants to.

    He is well know to the ladies for his "endowments" That is the only rational reason for her infatuation with him.

    If White wants to be respected, then he should stay in the shadows and stop that stupid costume wearing and just publish his magazine and not be seen. Nothing like a flabby douche bag in an ill-fitting brown shirt and tie to represent Aryan Supremacy.


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