Thursday, May 01, 2008

Email to Nikki from VonBluvens

Originally Posted by Christopher Drake
FLoyd Cockran just told on Mike. Check out their latest eye on hate show. FLoyd just admitted Mike has contacted them. Its over, Mike.

Von Bluven's response to Chis Drake:
They don't have personal email or snailmail correspondence from me. I dare Floyd Cochran or Nikki Nichols to publish any sort of personal correspondence from me--They won't be able to because none exist." end of posting by VonBluvens aka M. Blevins

Mike, while this email you sent Nikki in 2005 is rather innocent - we have more, should we post them ? Floyd - Eye On Hate
: "M. Blevins"
Subject: Correction
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 22:56:40 -0800

I have to correct you on just one point. The NSM doesn't have a problem with Billy Roper or White Revolution. I honestly don't think they have a problem with us either.



  1. We will help you leave, Mike - but we won't help you stay.

  2. He can't seem to make up his mind, huh? Story of Mike's life. You guys can have him, Nikki. He never belonged here anyway.

  3. Chris - you know that such a move is not an easy one. I would agree that Mike never belonged there - actually, I don't think that you do either - but that is for another day.

    Something that needs to be said is that if someone leaves the white nationalist movement it doesn't mean that they have to join the anti-racist movement. Some do, and some don't.

    To Mike - keep the faith and hold your head high.

  4. No, Mike wants...fuck it...craves attention. If you all will give him that with sympathy spinkled on top, or rather continue doing so, he's allll yours...until he decides he isn't being paid enough attention and leaves. Thats your problem now. And be sure to assign him very short term projects.

  5. Just remember Chris and other ANSWP types... You'll get the Vonbluvens treatment if you try to escape from the ANSWP cult.

    A lot of nazis just simply quit their "movement" and start acting like real human beings. That's the advice I would give to Vonbluvens. Just drop the nazi & racist bullshit and start acting human. No need to make any statements, just live your life that way.

    let Vonbluvens die and let Michael Blevins live on.

  6. VonBluvens is accused of messing around with kids. Any truth in it? Or just slander? Thanks.

  7. He is on nimbusters trying to say someone else named Mike Blevins is a sex offender in Virginia that is his same age.

  8. I seriously doubt that Bernadette would be able to run a day care buisness with him in the home if he had ever been charged with such a thing. The laws are pretty stringent on that.

    It has long been speculated that there was some sort of abuse that culminated in Mike not being able to have contact with his children - but no evidence has ever surfaced.

    If there is such evidence, now is the time for someone to make it public - or forever shut up about it. And...if there is evidence that Blevins did the things that Bill White is claiming then that makes this a whole new ball game.

    However...the evidence must be published, and verifiable.

  9. So basically Von, they are trying to make you into a filthy race traitor much like Floyd. You gonna let these coon lovers and Jews turn you against your people Von?

  10. They might not want him now. That would be a disastor for Mike. Watch him start trying to mend fences really quick if the info comes out and Nikki and company decide they'd rather not have him around with that kind of profile.

  11. Nikki---would you guys still take Mike in if he had been charged with something like that? Charged and convicted is two different things. I smashed a guy's face in once for trying to break out the window of girlfriends car. I got charged with assault but it got dropped even before it made it to court. No big deal. However, I was/am the fighting type. The cops knew that and totally believed I just up and kicked the guy.

    Mike is probably just the target of a angry wife, even though I just can't imagine for the life of me how any person could be angry with Mike Blevins!

    And be honest, since thats in short supply lately, you knew good and well that the emails I sent you about Mike's ANU was some of his BS, with my creative touch. Mike is afraid to verify his involvement because he's afraid it will make you all mad with him. Also, it adds to his victim status that he's milking for all its worth on VNN (while on full attack at nimbusters).

    So it certainly has been a wild ride but I think its about to come to an end. Who knows what life changes we'll see people go through in the next week!

  12. Mike is not a race traitor, Chris. Can you say the same?

  13. Drake/von/white tr00th now!May 02, 2008 8:31 PM

    There is something very suspect about this sudden influx in stench of dirty laundry.

    I call a false flag operation.

  14. If Mike or anyone who is charged with molesting children or adults comes to us for help - I can tell you striaght up , he would not be welcome - while I cant speak for Nikki - I wouldnt work or be around a person charged with that type of crime.

    Now, that said, I will have to see alot more evidence that Mike is a molestor other than Bill White's word.

    Bill White is a liar,scumbag and a few other choice words I wont say here.


  15. Is it worth checking into before you guys fully accept Mike into your fold? I have no idea how you folks operate. It serves anyone well to look into stuff. But remember, just because he might have been charged with it, doesn't mean he did it.

    And to the troll, I can definately say I'm not a race traitor. I don't know what kind of traitor to classify Mike as exactly so I'll just stick with the more pedistrian definition. Good luck with him!

  16. Chris - in the heat of a divorce, often some pretty nasty charges can be made. Things are said and alleged and often those are things that can follow someone for a very long time.

    That being said, the allegations about Blevins are nothing new - however, accusing someone of something like that without evidence...without a shred of beyond the pale.

    You know very well how I feel about pedophiles and abusers - I hate them., I wouldn't work with someone fitting that bill.

    But...if Bill White or others have the goods on Mike, why aren't they making it public? Post the evidence - show us the PROOF - or everyone just shut the hell up. Because if the man isn't guilty, he does not need to stand accused of something that heinous. to the emails. Did you ever see or hear anything about what was in our discussion? No you didn't. Why? Because it was just filed away with the tinfoil hat stuff that I have accumulated over the years. However...who was pulling whose strings?

    According to you, your strings were being pulled pretty good by Blevins. According to you, it was Blevins dictating your actions. Now you have taken the place of Blevins at the feet of the master manipulator - Bill White. What does that say about you?

    You, Chris, have been around this movement long enough to know who and what Bill White is. You KNOW that you have almost killed any credibility you had in the movement by sucking up to him. You also KNOW that you have made a huge mistake.

    You don't belong in that batch of toxin, Chris - you know that deep down inside. It's time to grow up and stop playing these internet games.


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