Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hello - just a quick reminder that Eye On Hate Radio will be broadcasting live tonight at 9pm est.
Some of tonight's topics:

Aryan Brotherhood and racist gangs;

Neo Nazi attack a US world war two vet.,

What is going on with the racist forum known as VNN;

Nikki's Response to Alex Linder's letter to Patti Porter;

Kalamazoo update, plus some great music and we will be joined by Nikki Nichols and a special guest (maybe). Hope you can join us

Eye On Hate Radio
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  1. Good show, Floyd, although I had to leave and play chauffeur to my kids, so I missed Nikki and the last 15 minutes.

  2. He picks some of the squirreliest things to get behind. Everytime I see one of his posts I almost cringe for him because I know precisely what they are going to do to him. As Linder would say - sad itz.

  3. Thanks HistoryMike - one more small hurdle and the eye on hate radio will be even better -

    again Thanks,

  4. Sure. The sound quality was excellent with WinAmp/Shoutcast, and you are sounding more polished each week.

    Have you done radio before, or is this your first foray?

  5. Hi HistoryMike - yes and no on the radio experience - a couple of years ago I worked for a local radio station for about three months - other than that no.

    again thanks for the positive feedback.


  6. Nikki said...

    He picks some of the squirreliest things to get behind. Everytime I see one of his posts I almost cringe for him because I know precisely what they are going to do to him. As Linder would say - sad itz.

    June 29, 2007 1:29 AM

    Yup, you are sorta getting it. I don't know what you mean by the "squirreliest," in the context that you think the whole movement is nuts, but anyway...I don't advocate things because I think folks will love me for it.

  7. Mike,

    I'm not going to flame you this time but let's face it, we both know there is no viable pro-white movement in the United States.

    VNN is full of kooks, oddballs, Stormfront rejects, idiots, federal informants, and people who are love with themselves.

    White supremacy is only accepted and common in prison yards. Why is that?

    Do you see this much infighting among any other group? Any? Think about why.

    VNN posters took a legitimate post from you and tore it to shreds within a day. That 17 year old ANSWP leader from Illinois sure did a hatchet job to you.

    I don't see where the NSM hates you that much Mike, their presidential candidate who will only get about 200 write in votes, 150 of them from Laurens and Lexington counties in SC, gave you a lengthy interview.


    Need that archive up Floyd. Get to work. LOL, kidding of course.

    Now for a shameless self promotion

  8. Hummm I have it on good authority that Bill White carries an illegal handgun almost everywhere he goes.
    Wouldn't it just be twerrible if the police found about about this?

    It must be twerrible to live in fear.

  9. Considering that Bill White is a traffic menace with plenty of speeding tickets in Virginia and Maryland who recently had his license suspended, I don't know if he always carries a loaded gun with him or not.

    But he always does wear bullet proof armor at all times including around his tenants and when he was meeting in private with the NSM.

    Won't protect him against a head shot though. Or from a high powered rifle.

  10. Just got word that BW is now claiming credit for the Lefkow murders on his blog site.

    He also indirectly threatened Michael Blevins by saying he had one of his followers parked outside of Blevins household.

    He's out of control. When he comes off this latest mania phase, he might end up taking his own to his head.

  11. Here's the quote, in case he yanks the post:

    [An accounting of recent ANSWP actions against journalists and others follows:]


    Leonard Pitts, Elie Wiesel Kidnapping, Christian Trejbal, Virginia Beach Niggers, Richard Warman, Lefkow Assassination, Ollie Nanyes, And the fellow who parked outside Mike Blevins' home, And that's just for starters.

    Odd that he's taking credit for the murders of Michael F. Lefkow and Donna Humphrey. There wasn't even an ANuSWiPe back in January 2005.

    Is Bill White off his frigging rocker?

    Or is he going to come back and claim - like he has in the past - that someone "hacked" his blog and posted the bizarre message?

    Also, Bill White has previously tried to distance himself from the Elie Wiesel kidnap attempt:

    Bill: We can confirm that an ANSWP supporter -- though not member -- attacked and attempted to kidnap Elie Wiesel outside his hotel February 1.

    And I must have missed the Mike Blevins incident. What the heck is that all about? Why would Bill be directing ANuSWiPe members to harass Blevins?

    (leaves to go put on theme from "Twilight Zone"]

    Things be getting strange 'round here, matey...

  12. Mike - I think Bill is referring to when we broke the story of the Nazi Day Care center that is being run out of the same house that Blevins does his show in there was a local reporter that parked outside of VonBluven's house.

    Now...what Bill's ANSWP's is supposed to have done with that is beyond me - considering they did not exist in 2005, either. That was the same year that Blevins was using the tagline "No Jews Alive In 2005.

    And as far as the Lefkow murders are concerned - Bill White wasn't even a minor player in any of that. He tried really hard to appear knowledgebale about Matt Hale's trial and become part of that circus - but it didn't happen. When the Lefkow murders took place everyone was in chaos. NOW he tries to insinuate himself into that event - it didn't happen.

    Bill is in one of his manic phases - and it really isn't a pretty thing to watch. Betcha it gets stranger.

  13. About VB,

    I took that statement by BW as a threat toward VB since they had a major disagreement on VNN.

    BW is really pissed off that VB interviewed the NSM and is now spamming VNN with NSM activity.

    BW now has a Illnois leader in this Anus Wipe group, a 17 year old of all things.

    BW is a total nutcase.

  14. It has been a hard thread to follow (on VNN) because they keep deleting it however supposedly one of Cliff Harrington's supporters supposedly beat up Bill White. I wonder if this would have set Bill into a manic phase? If true (and who can say what the truth is with these lying assholes) it would seem that Bill would be attacking NSM rather than Pitts, Vonnie, Lefkow, and etc.

  15. ANSWP members are not harassing me. Bill is talking about a journalist that was camped out in front of my house-harassing my kids.

    I am forever thankful to Bill (whatever he said or did)the compelled that scumbag to leave I and my family alone.

  16. Schwartz,

    There isn't a problem between Bill White and myself.

    I disagree with his treatment of the NSM...that is all.

  17. Oh Man, I am glad we got that worked out. VonWelfare and Billy Bumps are still butt buddies and still bump ugly fuzzies in the middle of the night.

    Hey Vonnie, how is the diet coming along? I will voluntarily chase you around with a high powered Taser to help you get that extra exercise in, oh and BTW I am part Jewish so I'll give you a good run :)

  18. Join Eye On Hate Radio's Host Floyd Cochran as he talks about his involvement with white surpremacy and Aryan Nation. Why fifteen years ago on July 9,1992 he decided to leave behind the doctrines of hate and bigotry.

    Later this week Eye On Hate will post some video's of Floyd from the last 15 years.

  19. I did think Blevins was going to show a pair but after BW called Blevins an idiot,fool, and every other name in the book, Von showed he was a coward once again and went down on his knees again.

    Which is good by the way.

    And yea, I did see that posting about Blevins wanting white people to get in shape while he is always seen in public with a cigarette in his mouth and is at least 50 pounds overweight. ROTFL!!!!

    And Von still hasn't figured out why he gets no respect on VNN or anywhere else.

    Everyone else has.

    I almost feel sorry for him.


    Look forward to the show Floyd, please post an archive so I can email it out to friends and family.


  20. Uh...Chris...did you just tell Blevins to go to hell?

  21. Thanks to a donation by HeavyFed, we were able to purchase the software we needed today to make perfect recording of Eye ON hate radio for the archives.

    Before we got this software today the recording of the show's were terrible almost to the point were you couldnt hear who was talking

    Eye On hate Radio wants to thank both you are listeners and HeavyFed

    starting this week we will have the archive of the show posted 15 minutes after the show ends.

    again thanks to all
    Eye On Hate Radio


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