Monday, July 02, 2007

Broken Hearted Nikki

My heart is broken. As many of you are aware, I followed and reported on this story. I said a lot of prayers for David and admired his courage. Unfortunately, he met with a very sad ending.

The aftermath of hate is often much harder than dealing with the event as it happens. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to David's family and friends and we can only hope that the pain is over for David.


Skinhead victim jumps to death from cruise ship
Erik Jensen

An 18-year-old who fell to his death from a cruise ship yesterday had reportedly been struggling after being identified as the victim of an horrific racial attack by skinheads.

David Ritcheson is believed to have jumped from the cruise liner Ecstasy yesterday afternoon, with the ship's staff retrieving his dead body from the Gulf of Mexico about 30 minutes later.

The rescue was handled entirely by ship staff, the US Coast Guard said.

Mr Ritcheson had to undergo more than 30 operations after been stripped naked, burnt with cigarettes and repeatedly attacked by two skinheads in April last year.

His attackers, one of whom received a life sentence while the other got a 90-year sentence, sexually assaulted Mr Ritcheson with a PVC pipe, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Although Carnival Cruise Lines, who own the ship that was sailing on a five-day round-trip to Cozumel, Mexico, would not confirm his identity, a spokesman for The League of United Latin American Citizens, Rick Dovalina, told the Chronicle that the family's lawyer confirmed the death.

"The family heard from the captain of the ship. He went overboard," Mr Dovalina said.

In an interview in April, Mr Ritcheson said he was struggling with being identified as the victim of the skinhead attack .

"It's like everyone knows I'm 'the kid.' I don't want to be a standout because of what happened," he said.

Mr Ritcheson testified in the US Congress in June, supporting a hate crimes bill.

He told the House Judiciary Committee that his attackers had stripped him naked before burning him with cigarettes, and beating him as they yelled anti-Hispanic slurs.


  1. Really sad to hear this. I've also followed this case since it was reported.

    You can google more information about this horrific crime and it's sad ending.

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  3. Serious question:

    Is there any chance this wasn't suicide--maybe someone pushed him overboard?

  4. That reminds me, I wonder how the only survivor of the Wichita Massacre is holding up these days?

  5. Blevins,
    The answer is no

    Didn't read in the news Chris where the only survivor of the Wichita Massacre committed suicide today.

    The Wichita Massacre still doesn't even come close to the deaths commit by "aryan" Dennis Radar. White on white murder, which is by far, more common than black on white murders.

  6. Dennis Rader was a resident of Wichita. Forgot to add that in.

  7. "That reminds me, I wonder how the only survivor of the Wichita Massacre is holding up these days?"

    I was thinking the same thing. Funny, how they don't use her or white victims of racial hatred to testify in front of Congress.

  8. To Nikki:

    My heart broke the same way when I heard about the fate of Shannon Christian and Christian Newsom.

  9. But your heart didn't break Blevins when this white man was charged with murdering 8 white people including several kids.

    Like I said many times, you only care when the victims are white but the murderers are black.

    You ignore 85 percent of the othe white people who are victims of white on white murders.


    And speaking of hate crimes, blacks are only 12 percent of the population but are charged with nearly 30 percent of all hate crimes? Sounds like blacks are prosectued more for it....

    Racism I guess.

  10. Careful Mr. Schwartz. You are confusing Prissy Drake and Vonnie with the facts.

    Now we wouldn't wanna do that would we?

  11. Give me a break, Harry. Reverse what you just said. You all are crying over a hispanic kid (who could afford a cruise) who was not killed, but attacked and molested, later taking his own life. Ok, then why do you cry when the victim is a non-white victim of cruel rednecks? Is that statistic even traceable? And of course whites commit more crimes against whites---we make up the majority of the population. You seem to think we don't understand the concept of percentages and per-capita crime. I'm starting to wonder if you actually understand it since you keep repeating the same lines that don't link anything together.

    And Blevins, go to hell.

  12. Errrr hey, Mr. Drake.... your little bitch fight with Vonnie is already old. Can't we just skip to the part where you two kiss and make up???

    Oh and can you please wait to slip each other the tongue until you get to the room?

  13. Chris,

    How do you define a redneck? Didn't know there was an FBI statistic for it.

    Whites commit more crimes against whites. And blacks commit more crimes against blacks.

    Has noting to do with per-capita. The odds of white woman being raped by a white man are much higher than being raped by a black man. Not per capita, just facts.

    But yet you think black on white crime is a major problem. It's really not.

    But my point remains about Blevins and others like him. He only cares about white victims of crime when a black does them.

    I personally think Blevins only exploits those crimes and tries to rationalize them to fuel his hatred.


    Chris and Von aren't fighting at all, it's like the movie Natural Born Killers where the male and female are always say fuck you to each other.

  14. Ok, saying a white woman is more likely to die in a car accident because she spends more time in a car than a plane means there should be no mind payed to aircraft safety. That being said, most of the stats I have read plainly state, in English, that in an area with a black population, a white woman is more likely to be raped by a black male. Read further and cross reference the stats and one will find its most likely to happen by a black male she knows. Its not the shinning teeth and pair of reddish-white eyes peeping out of an allyway so much it is the woman being raped by a negro she befriended. Same thing happens with people feeding alligators and bears.

    Sure, the likelyhood of a woman being raped by a black man in say, Vermont, isn't as likely as a white woman being raped by a negro in an area with a negroid population worth noting. If thats you're hook, then thats all you've got, be happy you have at least that to stand on.

    And I still don't think you understand what per-capita means. If you have 10 blacks per 100 whites, and 5 of those blacks rape women and 20 of the whites rape women, then you can't sit there and make an arguement out of "see, 4 times as many rapes are committed by whites!" No, its more like "20% of whites rape, 50% of blacks rape." Somehow, after seeing what all you write, I still have a hard time buying that you truely don't understand that concept. I think you just really believe your own BS and assume that a racialist mind can't see things from a mechanical point of view. And naturally, if you look at the per capita side of things, we need to ship all the blacks somewhere other than here. Want America to look like South Africa?

  15. Von and Chris - I just don't think you get it. You see, when I read the details of the Witchita Massacre, I cried. When I read about Channon and Chris, I cried. When I heard about David Ritcheson, I cried. I didn't see color - I saw people who were brutally slain or maimed by other so-called people.

    The skinhead ididots who did what they did to David were no better than those who killed in Witchita or Knoxville. Bobby Cutts is no better than the skinheads who maimed David.

    David Ritcheson was 15 years old when he was attacked. There were drugs involved and no adult supervision. However, the two who attacked him were racist skinheads who had been involved in other violent attacks against minorities. The fact that David was Hispanic was not lost on them.

    There was absolutely NO evidence in either the Witchita murders or the Knoxville murders that the crime was racially motivated - NONE. Does that make the killing of these innocents any better? And worse? Does the fact that the perpetrators were black make them any less dead?

    When I watch the news or pick up the morning paper and hear about a heinous murder, I don't immediately wonder if this was a black on white or a white on black crime - how callous those who do. People were killed by other people - that, in and of itself, is heinous.

    I guess I will never understand what compels you to reduce everything along racial lines. What shallow people racists are - how sad.

  16. I think it is sad too Nikki, but in the context of the discussion of race and crime this is an exception to the rule. Chris is right that most non-whites commit the majority of interracial crimes. One FBI fact: 85% of all interracial crime is committed by blacks against whites. Period.

    Hate crime enhancements will continue to make race an issue in crimes that involve different races.

    It is a red herring really.

    My philosophy is simple:

    *Kill someone and you should be killed.
    *Molest a child and you should forfeit your life
    *Rape someone and you should be sent to your maker post haste

    Are we clear now?

  17. Tell me if anyone else caught this: a skinhead who beats and you might as well say, rapes another man is just as bad as someone who kills the mother of his children, kills his unborn baby and leaves his two year old son to his fate. Ok...I'll just leave that alone.

  18. I'm sure plenty has been covered up in the knoxville murders but Wichita?? THEY SAID THEY WERE AFTER WHITES! In fact, they even killed whites befor hand. Give me a break.

  19. Maybe I have the facts mixed up but.... Are you telling me a coon lover is dead? I should get all teary eyed over that?

  20. Mike - I am really up in the air over hate crime legislation. While I understand the reasons behind it, I fail to see how it can be enforced unless it is blatantly racist especially when it comes to violent crimes.

    Someone paints sastikas on a Jewish persons home or racist graffiti - that's pretty obvious. But, murder isn't quite that way. Unless there are witnesses - how can you determine that the crime was based on race or religion? You really can't.

    Most violent crimes are based in hate of one type or another. I just think that there has to be a better solution but right now that's all we have.

    Chris - I am not aware of the Witchita guys saying they were after whites. If you have are reference for that, I would like to see it.

  21. VonBluvie wrote :"My philosophy is simple:

    *Kill someone and you should be killed."

    Wow - something I finally agree with VonBluvie on.


  22. Tom, I wouldn't shed a tear for her because we appreciated her lifestyle and her rather close embrace of multi-culturalism (which led to her demise). However, I can't help but feel bad for every abused woman I've known who were with black males because they thought to. That might make me unpopular with the "day of the rope" crowd but I'm sorry. I feel terrible when I see a white life ruined because they did the politically correct and expected thing, wanted/needed a piece of some affirmative action money, got involved in drugs or just hated their family enough to go black. You don't know how many girls I saw in highschool that were bullied into this position by more or less mobs of blacks. This woman just feel for the lies and died for it. Its like when you see a drunk who finally drinks himself to death, you don't really feel that sorry for the drunk but you feel sorry that there are so many people who drink themselves to death.

    You all don't know how many horror stories I've heard of young white girls in public school around here. You'd be shocked at the steps local night clubs take to keep blacks, especially black males, out. Let's forget about all the murders and rapes for a moment and just think of the children growing up in this mess.

    Recently, a few adult negros (18-19)raped several white girls they attended school with. Their ages ranged from 16-13. The negros had snuck onto private property, with alcohol and when things turned bad, took sex by force. The local talk show host called the girls racist sluts, he called the parents bigots and lamented to the heavens that now the negros were in danger of losing their football scolarships. I know this is a sharp contrast to say, the Duke-rape scandle. When I heard that, I asked myself, what is going through the minds of those girls right now? "Should I have kept my mouth shut and not been called all these names on top of being raped?" "Should I have just let them have their way from the start?" Everytime I see a young person, male or female, walking around with a white power tee shirt on or pro-white patches on a jacket, I feel like maybe situations like that won't be as common and hushed as they are today.

  23. Nikki, so in other words, as long as hate crime laws don't affect blacks or mexicans, you are ok with them? Am I reading you right? And do you really think most violent crimes are based on "hate"? From everything I see in front of me, if its not drug related, its domestic violence, which as we know is much higher percentage-wise among interacial couples.

  24. Floyd, I'm with Mike on that one too. I had a friend who committed the horrible crime of shooting an unarmed man while attempting to see his (or who knows, maybe kidnap) his son. Every now and again I run across a buddy who talks about how sorry they feel for our friend in prison for 4 life sentences. Frankly, if he was released, I think it would the family's moral duty to find him and kill him. Sound harsh? He murdered someone in cold blood and if the laws in this country fell away, old friend of mine or not, I would put a bullet in the back of his head myself. I'm not trying to be a hardass on the internet, but I am saying that I have zero tolerance for out and out murder. My honor could not rest knowing a suffered a murderer to live on my watch. Fortunately, its not on my watch, its up to the state.

    This takes us to the whole hate-crime thing. Everyone who kills someone else in cold blood deserves to die. Saying its a hate-crime won't make them deader should justice be served. The irony is that the anti-death penalty crowd stops short when you are talking about killing white racist who commit murder. Take for instance the man who dragged to death the negro in Texas (two white men were also dragged to death by non-whites but thats not important as we know). He killed a negro. If he killed him in a fair fight, thats one thing. If he killed him for coming onto his land, thats another. No, he tricked the negro into accepting a ride after which the driver and his friends ganged up on the negro and killed him in a most cruel and cowardly manner. Do I want some sick coward around me who would commit an act like that? Fuck no. I'd put him down like I would a dog who attacks children. That might sound like I'm kissing up to the anti-white crowd but truth be known, but what I'm really saying is that killing someone in a cowardly, unhanded way, even an enemy, is not honorable and you deserve to be shot on sight for it. Of course, thats 99% of all the killing negros do. No one suffers more at the hands of negros than white women and children. In contrast to all of that, I was brought up to believe that everything has a right to live and nothing should be treated cruelly.

  25. Chris said...

    "Nikki, so in other words, as long as hate crime laws don't affect blacks or mexicans, you are ok with them? Am I reading you right? And do you really think most violent crimes are based on "hate"? From everything I see in front of me, if its not drug related, its domestic violence, which as we know is much higher percentage-wise among interacial couples."

    No Chris, that isn't what I am saying at all. Do blacks and Hispanics commit hate crimes? Of course they do. And...the law (any law) should be applied equally across the board. The problem with hate crime legislation is that it is not possible in many instances to know what was in the perpetraotor's mind when he committed the crime - esp. violent crimes.

    Consequently, I am not certain that the legislation is going to solve anything. Additionally, we all know that you cannot legislate hate or morality.

    When I say that most violent crimes are based in hate I mean that the hate if not racial, etc. is hatred of self, hatred of spouse, hatred of the victim for other reasons, etc.

    It's a really tough question. On one hand, I understand what the legislation is trying to do and why. On the other hand, I don't think it will succeed in doing what it is intended to do. It's open to too much interpretation. But...until we find a way to deter others from killing people just because - this is what we have.

  26. The bigots keep igoring this on purpose so I'll mention it again.

    Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be charged with a hate crime than a white is. Almost 30 percent of all charged with hate crimes are blacks. PER CAPITA has Drake likes to distort things, blacks are 2.5 more likely to commit these crimes.

    So the question is, why are blacks being singled out for hate crimes?

    Bigots ignore this fact.

    Also a lot of men target women for crimes. Why aren't they listed as a hate crime? Every rape in America could be covered as a hate crime.

    I'm with Nikki though. There is a difference between spray painting a wall randomily versus spray painting a black man's house calling him a get out or be hanged.


    Vonbluvens said:

    My philosophy is simple:

    *Kill someone and you should be killed.
    *Molest a child and you should forfeit your life
    *Rape someone and you should be sent to your maker post haste

    Blevins forgot to add

    If you are jewish, you should be killed. Since Blevins has called for the death of all Jews.

    I've also noticed that Blevins is praising violence once again on VNN. But when someone posted that they wanted to knock some sense into him with a "baseball bat", he was crying a river like a baby.


    I'm against the death penalty in the current form it is today, too many appeals and cost the government over 1 million to go forth with it. I'm also against it because there have been too many documented cases of getting the wrong guy.


    And if you believe BW, he is going broke. I was laughing at his blog today on blogger. IF he can't afford to make his mortgage payments until he gets all the rent from his tenants, he's near being bankrupt.

  27. Nikki, I see what you mean. However, if you do seem quick to say lots of more recent "hate" crimes aren't race related. Be sure to read the victim's account of the Wichita massacre, that will clear you up on that one issue at least.

  28. See, this is where you really, really seem jewish, Harry. You get cornered on a crime statistic that doesn't fit happily alongside an episode of Martin or next to the Save the Last dance DVD. So instead of admitting that yes, blacks commit more "hate" crimes than whites, you say they are just charged more often. Name a black male who was charged with a hate crime, Harry. Want me to name about 20 white men and women? Heck, I can name one of a white woman who shot a black male who was raping her but was charged with a hate crime because she turned out to be pro-white. Anyhow, blacks commit many more crimes than whites do per their portion of the population. Anyways, the more people like you get your way, the less you can walk down the street without being armed to the teeth.

    I funny moment in my life was when we were talking online with Roddy Mereno of the Oppressed, (A fake or SHARP skinhead band). He lives in Wales and had fought on the behalf of non-whites for his entire adult life. Now Roddy can't walk down the street and his kids (white) aren't safe in a public park. It was priceless having him admit that he had helped make a complete mess of things and still no one was happy. On a similiar note, he had a tour planned in Japan that he had to cancel because of threats FROM THE JAPANESE NS! They told him to keep his multi-culturalism and communism in his own country. Their culture was just fine as it was and they didn't need his hands across the globe bullshit. He was told in simple form, you set foot in Japan, you are history. Ironic? In a way yes and in a way not.

  29. There goes Chris like a parrot, he points out one crime in Wichita and applies it to everything. But he ignores Dennis Radar who killed far more people... All of them white by the way.

    But white people being murdered means nothing to Chris when a white man like Dennis Rader does them, he only cares when a white person is murdered by a black man. Chris and others like him are motivated simply by hatred.

    It's just soooo easy to pick apart Chris Drake. He's now just crying "jew, jew, jew" as part of his argument.

    Here is a table by the FBI by offenders and race on hate crimes. You'll see that whites are only charged with 60 percent of the hate crimes but make up 77 percent of the population. Blacks only make up 12 percent but are charged in 19 percent of hate crimes (I thought it was 30 percent, my bad).

    Therefore blacks are more likely to be charged with a hate crime while whites are LESS likely to be charged with a hate crime PER CAPITA.

    Notice now when I use PER CAPITA, Chris gets all upset over it.

    It's facts like this that Chris Drake and can't understand or what I think, they don't want to read because it conflicts with their hatred.

    Itz just sooooo easy to pick apart the arguments of a bigot.


  30. Ohh hell, my hatred...You can cut the crap, Harry, you aren't on the Montel Williams show.

    Its as simple as this. No blacks=crime goes down by a third, not to mention unweb mothers drop, not to mention aids cases and the list goes on. Actually, crime would probably drop to more like half of what it is now. They serve zero positive purpose in our society and do nothing but harm are people both in matters of social and cultural concerns. We don't need them, most people either publically or privately don't want them here either.

    If I were you I'd just start singing the "racism makes blacks into criminals" song or "only blacks get arrested" since statistics aren't anywhere near on your side. I don't see why you cling to it after much of the anti-white crowd just makes up excuses. Maybe you are smarter than the average and realize that the American white population is getting a little tired of excuses in general.

  31. These guys were not skinheads. They weren't even racialists. The mexican kid failed to heed a warning not to mess with the 12 yr old sister of one of the guys who shoved the PVC pipe up his ass.

    I would have skipped the warning and left the PVC pipe alone.

    A bicycle chain and a baseball bat would have been my warning and way of dealing with this little mexican junkie. Fuck him. I doubt many really care where he jumped from or where he landed.


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