Friday, July 13, 2007


It only took jurors one hour to acquit Gordon Young of all charges. Evidently, the evidence presented as well as the alleged victim was simply not credible.
HAGERSTOWN - A former Ku Klux Klan leader was acquitted Thursday night in Washington County Circuit Court of second-degree sexual offense, sexual abuse of a minor and other crimes after a jury of eight men and four women deliberated for about an hour.

Gordon Creal Young, 41, was charged with the offenses after a 15-year-old girl told Washington County Sheriff's deputies that Young made her perform sexual acts on him at his home on two separate occasions in October 2006.

Young, of 2210 Back Road in Sharpsburg, also was charged with second-degree assault and causing another to ingest bodily fluid.

Washington County Circuit Judge John H. McDowell warned witnesses before the trial began that they were not to mention Young's involvement with the KKK when they testified.

Any mention of his association with the KKK would be prejudicial and could cause a mistrial or reversal of the case, McDowell said.

The soft-spoken girl testified Thursday morning that Young was "an intimidating person." He wanted to punish her for failure to adequately perform household chores and poor performance in school, the girl testified.

"He told me I had to do something that I was going to remember," she testified.

On one occasion, Young locked the door to his bedroom and made the girl perform a sex act on him, the girl testified.

"I was afraid he would hurt me," she testified.

A few days later, Young told the girl she needed to be punished for disrespectful behavior toward him, she testified. He laid on his bed and made the girl perform a sexual act even though she cried and said she didn't want to, she testified.

"He said that the next time I did something wrong, the punishment would be worse," she testified.

Young, who lived at the home with his wife and mother, testified that he never had sexual contact with the girl.

Young's mother, Sylvia Hendricks, testified that the girl would "elaborate" and not always tell the truth.

Young's wife testified that she was with her husband on the evenings in question. Under Cirincion's questioning, Young's wife testified that he was with her every minute of the day when the sexual contact was alleged to have occurred.

Young couldn't recall being alone with the girl at any time during the days in question, he testified.

During his closing argument, defense attorney David Pembroke suggested that the girl wanted to make a change in her life, so she told a story about her contact with Young. Her descriptions of the incidents were also vague and her testimony was flat and emotionless, Pembroke told the jury.

"At 15, she doesn't have the knowledge to fill in the descriptions of the lies," he said.

After the jury's verdict was read, the victim sobbed as family and friends crowded around her and Cirincion clasped her in a hug.

A man sitting near the victim muttered that the verdict was an "injustice."

On the other side of the courtroom, Young's family gathered around him.

During jury selection Thursday morning, Assistant State's Attorney Gina Cirincion objected to the defense's attempts to strike jurors three different times.

"The state objected because the strikes appeared to be racially motivated," Cirincion said after the verdict was read.

Case law prohibits exclusion of jurors based on race, she said. Of her three challenges, two were successful and those two jurors heard the trial.


  1. It's about time that common sense prevailed. Let's hope that the same can happen in Strom's railroading.

  2. Kevin Strom is a sick little child molester, Holsten. With over ten witnesses against him and child porn on his hard drive Strom will plea bargain. He'll get over 20 years. If he's lucky.

  3. BW had a major mental TILT DOWN over this acquittal. HT put it best with him, he suffers from "emotional issues"

    BW is on his way to the home of Michael Burks in Louisville for his "world conference". BW will claim 200 showed up while only 4 or 5 are expected at most at Burk's house.



    Elisha Strom is making sure Kevin is going to prison for a long time. And yea, she's the head administrator for VNN... the home of informants, sociopaths, rejects from other forums and idiots.


    The only thing about this ruling (which was right in my opinion even though scumbag Young is back in my county now) is that predators and perverts can find mentally troubled girls and rape them knowing they won't get a conviction for it.

    Darn, I gave someone in Kennett an idea......

  4. Well, you sure as Fuck didn't give me any ideas as you're trying to imply. I don't mess with underage girls.

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  6. Elisha Strom is going to testify against Kevin as well as his "buddy's" Michael Downing and Don Black just to name a few.

    I think that Storm will spend the rest of his life in prison because the feds require you to do over 80% of your time with no parole. Prison is a good place for a sexual predator that goes after children.

  7. Ha! Known habitual liar Hal Turner is having another known habitual liar Theresa Doles on his show. I wonder who will lie the most? My guess is Hal, he is a hard man to beat once it comes to lying. Steve will believe every word :)

  8. There's no doubt Alex Linder is fully cooperating with law enforcement in my opinion.

    Tomasz Winnicki for example, the only way the Canadian gov't could have known it was actually him (and not an imposter) posting on VNN is if Alex Linder handed over his ISP information. Then there's Glenn Miller, Elisha Strom, Todd in FL, among others. Of course, I don't mind this.

    Linder is ingident living off the goverment according to his bankruptcy records at Pacer in a section 8 apartment.

    Teresa Doles pocketed most of money that was raised for Chester Doles defense. Most of the money came from Mr. Moran in New Jersey.


    Steevo said in the past he would F*ck a 14 year old girl if she threw herself at him.

    All pedophiles insist it is the children who "throw" themselves at them.

  9. That's not as bad as you KIKE's bible the Talmud giving you Hook Nose KIKES permission to screw 3 yr olds.

    I sure have had the fun with that statement I made about 14 yr olds. You FuckTards took it hook, line and sinker. Just how many would throw themselves after this old fat man? Zero, that's how many...

  10. Steve said:
    I sure have had the fun with that statement I made about 14 yr olds

    Yes, and you have proven without a doubt that you are indeed a pedophile.

  11. Hey stupid, (Holsten) time to hire a new spin doctor. This one doesn't seem to be working for you. ROFL!

  12. Schwartzo the KIKE is spinning like a top again. He stated awhile back that I was a Pervert and not a Pedo. The Dumbass can't seem to make up his Girly mind...

  13. Steve said:
    I sure have had the fun with that statement I made about 14 yr olds

    In your own words, you are a pedoophile.

  14. You seem to want to keep ignoring the statement you made about me. You say whatever the Fuck is convienant at the moment.

    You lose. Time for you to shut the Fuck up...

  15. I never said you weren't a Pedophile.
    Your son Chris is one too. You're a pedophile, oh and you're not that bright either. Can we move on now or are you going to continue to throw childish tantrums?

    Get over it Stevo.

  16. Poor Steve he is totally unaware of the fact that he never or rarely makes any points that make sense to anyone but himself. In his mind he is
    top dog keyboard Rambo.

  17. I didn't rattle you two FuckTard's cages. I was talking to Schwartzo the KIKE.

    He knows that he said for a good while that I was not a Fucking Pedo.

    Imposter NIM Admin, you were pointed out to be a fake. You have nothing to do with being Admin at where everybody posts now. So, you need to Fuck off and shut the Fuck up.

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  19. Poor poor widdle Steve. Having his ass handed to him as usual. LOL.

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  21. If a dog doesn't stop has to be put down.

    You'd think even someone as stupid as Holeswine would realize he needs to shut his fat mouth. Especially after what we did to him last X-mas.

  22. No Nigger Lover, I'm not going to shut up. I hope you Turdheads are stupid enough to keep making false reports. The investigators are tired of it and said they will launch an investigation if it keeps on.

    Dancing Turd Avatar, I have yet to have my purty Ass handed to me.

    Schwartzo the KIKE, I don't have to keep pointing out your lies & spin since so many others have seen them too. You lie more than most Niggers. I use the word Fuck in order to stress how serious I am about my points. I sure as Fuck don't ever apply the rules of grammer to the word Fuck.

  23. Let Steve rant, I always say. As many have pointed out he is just too stupid to know he's getting his ass handed to him.

    I think he might have gone off the deep end this time though, does anyone have any idea what he is talking about? False reports? Someone call Steve's probation officer? Have I missed something here? What lies Steve? Everything that Mr. Schwartz says about you he's backed up with proof. You've even admitted that comment about young girls, you are just pissed because we won't believe the spin you try and put on it.

    Oh and Steve? You use the word "fuck" repeatedly because you are a uneducated ignorant redneck who can't control his baby like temper.
    That is the fun thing about you, we stir you up so we can watch you make a fool out of yourself.

  24. Dancing Turd Avatar, there were two false reports made against me to Child services late last year. One was stupid enough to say that I took a young girl to Hal Turner's and the we molested her. But it was quickly proven that I was at work and that my vehicles didn't have that many miles put on them since the prior oil changes. The dumb Bastard even posted on Nimbusters that he made two false reports. I showed the investigators the posts. They were throughly Pissed off about having to waste their time on such Bullshit.

    Schwartzo has posted so many false threats and lies over the years that he is basically null & void.

    I have better communication skills than I use here. I just get down on the level of you Nigger Lovers.

  25. Pedophiles will often submit false anonymous reports about themselves in order to fool investigators when the real thing happens.

    Not saying this is the case with the pedo, but who knows?

    I'm sure other WN like Chris Drake are proud to have you as a "brother" Steevo.

  26. Raoul,

    Forgot to add. Yea, we can get the pedo have a mental tilt session anytime we want. Just like Pavlov's dogs.

  27. Damn, the KIKE Schwartzo has really lost it this time. He tries to cover his lies by saying that I would falsely report my wonderful self. How Fucking stupid can a KIKE like him get?

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    If the real truth were known you can bet that Schwartzo the KIKE and his half breed brood all live in a nigger infested low-rent housing project that is also roach infested and not a half million dollar home that only exists in his dreams.

  28. Steve likes to pretend he is some kind of outstanding citizen. We all know he is a thieving fat man, who stole DirecTV and makes it a habit to writing hot checks. He is a dirty child molester in his heart if not in deed. I don't believe his lies about false reports for a second. His story has changed too much.

    He has failed to teach his sexual predator son right from wrong. This was shown when Chris Holsten was arrested for statutory rape. A sack of shit doesn't fall far from the tree. Steve Holsten is a sick little fat man.

  29. Agreed 100 percent with Nimbusters Admin.

    Steevo is still having a mental meltdown. Days after the fact.

    But I think Steevo is also crying for attention and part of his severe behavior problems in here is to disrupt Nikki's Nest.

  30. No Schwartzo KIKE, I am not here to disrupt Nikki's blog.

    I made a comment about Gorden Young, and you and your Butt Buddy the Dancing Turd Avatar ran your holes about me. I didn't anything to either of you Filthy Nigger Lovers.

    So, Fuck off again and kiss my Ass.

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  32. Yes Howlin' Idiot, we know that you have one shoved in your Ass sideways.


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