Friday, July 27, 2007


Anti-Racists Face Serious Legal Battle in Philly:


On Monday July 23rd, four anti-fascists from the Philadelphia, PA area were arrested at what was supposed to be a Ku Klux Klan rally in Center City Philadelphia. Jared Schultz, Tom Keenan, Jason Robbins - all of Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action - as well as a member of the Progressive Labor Party - were all arrested and charged with a series of trumped up misdemeanors in a situation that - for all practical purposes - was straight up entrapment.

Rumors spread through Philadelphia starting Friday July 20th that the Ku Klux Klan was supposed to show up for an 11AM rally on Monday at Love Park. While anti-fascists were present in the area starting at 10:30AM, no racists showed up for the rally until noon when two men wearing what appeared to be neo-Nazi t-shirts showed up in the area. Anti-fascists approached the men, confirmed they were neo-Nazis and told them to leave. Words were exchanged between the Klansmen and the anti-fascists, and then the neo-Nazis said they were leaving. The anti-fascists then followed behind them to make sure that they kept their promise.

Strangely, Civil Affairs cops remained on the other side of the park the entire time and made no efforts to follow the group even when they were out of their sight. The boneheads got into an SUV around the corner and were driven away. As they attempted to drive off, conveniently blocked by traffic, a verbal confrontation ensued with the anti-fascists lasting several minutes before a window of the SUV was smashed. The driver – who could have flashed his badge at anytime to disperse the crowd - then ordered four of the anti-fascists up against the wall.

While the arresting officer was a Philadelphia Police Department detective, the SUV was, according to paperwork received by the arrestees, the vehicle of FBI Special Agent Sean Brennan, also present during the arrests. What an FBI agent was doing escorting neo-Nazis away from the park remains a total mystery.

After the arrests, all four of the anti-fascists were transported to the 9th Police Precinct where they remained for approximately 27 hours awaiting notice of their charges and bail amounts.

Initially, the arrestees were informed that for some odd reason, Internal Affairs was investigating their case and that they would be facing 10 charges - 4 felonies and 6 misdemeanors. In the end, however, all of the felonies were dropped, leaving the arrestees with 8 misdemeanor charges of varying degrees upon being bailed out. The fact that the charges were dropped so quickly proves just how trumped up these charges are.

However there's still a lot at stake for The Love Park 4.

Currently, everyone is facing the same 8 charges - Possession of an Instrument of Crime With Intent, Criminal Conspiracy Engaging with Possession of Instrument of Crime with Intent, Institutional Vandalism/Illegal Possession, Reckless Endangering Another Person, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Harassment - Subject Other to Physical Contact, and Disorderly Conduct/Grading.

At this point, everyone is out of jail, doing fine and just taking some time to relax for a few days before what could be a lengthy and expensive legal ordeal. All of the defendants are scheduled for court on October 3rd, and are in the process of establishing a legal defense fund and securing legal counsel.

We are confident that with the right resources, all of the anti-fascists arrested will be able to defeat these outrageous charges which could result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines and years of jail time

*But we sure can't go it alone*

We need the resources to win this legal battle and you can help right now!

Simply go to PayPal, click on the "Send Money" tab and make a donation to If you wish to send funds through the mail, send a check or well concealed cash to

Heartsville Community Space
PO Box 5917
Philadelphia, PA 19137.

Make sure to note that it is for The Love Park 4.

Write to or to receive updates on how you can lend a hand. They'll be plenty of work to do.



  1. i'm gunna PayPay youse a $...thatz abt all youse fckn prickz r worth!

  2. Hal Turner is having a total mental meltdown tonight. He has no idea what he is talking about.

    SPECIFIC WARNING TO MR. FLOYD COCHRAN OF PENNSYLVANIA: We have just cause to believe and do believe that you are the person responsible for this effort. You are hereby ordered to cease and desist immediately or face an Order to Show Cause motion in the United States District Court, eastern district of Pennsylvania (Covering your Scranton, PA area address) or the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, (covering your Renovo, PA area address), which will be filed Monday in Scranton, PA or Harrisburg, PA (as necessary) if your activities are not halted. As you know, the filing of such an action will subject you to the "Discovery Process" during which all of your organizational contacts, acitviites, your telephone records and internet activities as well as your banking and funding sources will all be at our disposal through subpoena. Your life will become an open book for everyone to see who you really work for, where you money comes from and how many phony identities you use throughout the internet. You may also incur serious legal fees to hire an attorney to defend against any such action. Govern yourself accordingly.

  3. I forgot this. Floyd has every right under the 1st amendment to warn businesses not to do business with Little Harold.

  4. Wonder where Hal get these crazies ideas from.


  5. Tell you what guys. You all get the SPLC to drop the lawsuit against the IKA guys and we "might" just drop the charges against the antis..


  6. Turner now complaining about MAWS
    Wow Hal turner must be staying late at night thinking about MAWS and myself - you noticed it US (anti's) that he is targeting and fearful of because we represent a threat to his organizing and racist beliefs. - All I can say is keep up the good work. Would someone from MAWS like to be a guest on this week's Eye On Hate Radio Show (Thursday Aug.2) - let me know - Floyd,Eye On Hate Radio

    From Hal Turner:
    Michigan Against White Supremacy (MAWS) is presently engaged in a federal felony to wit a criminal conspiracy to interfere with Civil Rights, in violation of 42 USC 1985(3).

    They are conspiring to deprive potential attendees of the August 4 "Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism" of public accommodations at hotels in the Kalamazoo area!

    The actions of MAWS, detailed HERE are a criminal conspiracy to interfere with Civil Rights.

    Any person found to be engaged in this activity will be arrested and any hotel who participates in a denial of public accommodation will be civilly sued.

    If you are traveling to Kalamazoo for the rally, make certain you digitally record your Check-In at any hotel in which you have reservations so that you can document any cancellations made at the last moment by the hotel.

    -- Hal Turner

  7. Well, you might try to hinder the rally but it isn't going to work.

  8. The rally is already hindered. Does the NAACP ever have to be inside a cage like a while ainmal while giving out speeches?


    I also noticed that Little Harold took down that threat to Floyd. Little Harold had to be high on drugs to write something like that or on a severe manic episode.


    Not counting yourself, you're movement (violent gang) is full of nutcases and you know it.

  9. Schwartzo KIKE's movements only involve his bowels.

  10. igorning the rantings of the pedo who is fixated with my anus for some reason.............

    Vonbluvens himself embraces SATANISM as long as it's his friends doing it. Then again, deep down, Michael Blevins worships Satan himself.

    Bill White quotes from the Washington Post:

    "you should be able to write what you want on the internet whether its true or not." - Bill White, Washington Post, Feb 14 1996

    "Excerpt-Eighteen-year-old William A. White sidled up next to a man who was reading aloud from the Bible to passersby on the crowded University of Maryland campus one sunny afternoon, cracked open a satanic bible and began drowning him out with his booming voice." - Washington Post, Mar 16 1996

    "With a knack for evoking controversy, White became notorious at the University for doing whatever it takes to get under people' s skin. He practiced anarchist speeches at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night in a dormitory. He plastered articles about satanic rituals on his bedroom wall.-end excerpt" - Washington Post

  11. Mr. Schwartz it is clear that you are as fixated on the Commander as the homosexual pedo is fixated on you.

    Bill White is a better man than you will ever be....Jew. Fear not both you and Hal and anyone who opposes ANSWP will soon get what is coming to them. That includes Jim Ramm who is impersonating Ken Kraus.

  12. Hal has step by step instructions on kicking Anti's & Shit skin Mongrels asses on his site.

  13. Hal should just keep it real. Like sticking to things he is capable of beating up: His wife, small dogs, and
    crippled American Veterns. Anything more challenging might get his old short fat ass kicked. LOL.

  14. I'll bet that Shit skin Mongrel don't mess around Hal's place anymore. Hee Hee!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It would seem that Mr. Jenkins has chosen his ground very carefully. The Kalamazoo police will do little to protect Hal Turner. Oh they will search people on both sides for weapons but little else. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the police stand down for a while while Hal is getting his weak pink ass kicked.

  16. A dollar to a doughnut says nothing will happen to Bro Hal.

  17. I am not sure that meeting the Nazis with violence is the right solution. Now don't get me wrong Hal, Linder, and especially Bill White need their faggy asses beat. I will be one of the first ones laughing if that happens, however if you deny the crazies their right to demonstrate they are likely to go underground and resort to terrorism. Right now they have an outlet for their hatred, they demonstrate. They even imagine in their minds they are accomplishing something however, should you ever take away that outlet and they could go the direction of Tim Veigh.

  18. raoul - I agree. And like you, it would give me great momentary pleasure to see Bill or Hal get a beat-down, it wouldn't solve anything and probably only create a situation that none of us really want to see happen.

  19. Little Harold, Michael Blevins, Alex Linder, a certain pedophile in Kennet, and Jim Leszkiewicz (Yankee Jim) would leave forever if they got a beatdown. They would easily turn rat if they got into any legal problems.

    BW on the other hand has gotten beatdowns before and is still around. Bill filed a bunch of lawsuits afterwards, losing all of them. Some guy in a motorcycle gang tore up his poster and beat the shit out of him in DC. While Bill says he beat the shit out of that guy, Bill filed a lawsuit claiming it was him who got beat up.

    Nothing is going to happen to Little Harold in Kalamazoo ,he is always in constant contact with the police. But it wouldn't surprise if Little Harold gave out the hotels of other white gang members who are in town, just not his own.

    It was Little Harold who notified the ARA about the bus showing up in Baltimore ahead of time and it was Little Harold who was the CW in the Artie Wheeler case. Little Harold was in constant contact with the police in Kingston, telling them where he was going. That's why the police were able to notify restuarants ahead of time.

    A few years ago, Little Harold turned over the caller list from his show in front of the North Bergen Police. Little Harold also turned over the list of the two guns he has registered. Little Harold also earned the nickname of "empty holster" during this time. Little Harold cooperated with the North Bergen Police fearing for his life although there was no threat to him.

    Nothing is going to happen at this rally from Little Harold. BW might try to undermine him but other than that, 30 will show up, Little Harold and his lovers will be drowned out, and life will go on.

  20. It would seem to me that Hal is attempting a repeat of Kingston. He'd like to see a riot. It would bring him headlines and Hal lives for headlines.

    I wonder if Bill can muster more than one or two followers....if that? It doesn't seem if he will be able to undermine Hal.

  21. Why don't you try to convince that Shit skin Mongrel who came to Hal's home and harassed Hal's family that Hal won't do anything.

  22. Let me explain things to you, Pedo. Hal is a lying little short man. The guy he pushed down was Jaime Vazquez a decorated American war hero, he is also disabled. Unlike little Harold Jaime served his country. Jaime Vazquez is more of an American than Hal will ever be. Jaime is also over ten years older than Hal, as well as cripled. He was conducting a peaceful protest outside of Hal's house. Hal had to pay Jaime's medical bills. Jaime informed Hal Turner's neighbors about his racist leanings. Mission accomplished.

  23. He was Ok till he harassed Hal's family. Then he turned into a typical Shit skin Mongrel. He left in an ambulance. Hal didn't.

    BTW, Hal could stomp your Ass as well.

  24. Kingston didn't turn into a riot if I remember correctly, Little Harold made sure the police escorted him and his lovers every place he went that day. The counter-protestors were peaceful and way outnumbered Little Harold's lovers.

    Bill won't get more than 1 or 2 supporters, I think the mentally challenged Neal Joitke will be there with Bill. But BW still might do something to undermine or cancel Little Harold's rally.

    About Vazquez, yes Little Harold only went to him because he was disabled. But when another and much larger anti-racist came to his house, The 5'6 Little Harold hid behind the door crying for them and saying "I'm going to call the cops, I'm going to call the cops, I'm going to call the cops".

    I remember when Little Harold went to court and had to admit he was never a Marine. I knew this from the VA records that our company has access to long before the court case.

    Little Harold would have to stand on a step stool to even punch most men in the face.

  25. It looks as though Schwartzo KIKE will never get over his Faggot desires for Hal. He sent Hal an email a few years ago saying that his fantasy was to be locked in a jail cell with Hal. He wanted Hal to forcefully rape him several times a day. If you don't believe me, just ask Hal.

  26. Pedo, you make me laugh. I'll try not to thump my chest too hard. I am 6 inches taller than Harold. I am 15 years younger. I am also something of an athlete, I ride my bike 50 miles a
    week (at least). I wouldn't want to get into a physical contest with Little Harold but if I did Hal wouldn't be doing the stomping.

  27. Yeah, you can be anything here on the net you want to be. You're too much like Schwartzo KIKE. You spend far too many hours on here to have a life.

    I'm glad I don't feel the need to lie and make myself out to be something I'm not; especially a lying assed bad ass.

  28. Ya know what would be an interesting show - purely entertaining - a cage match between Hal Turner and Bill White.

    Think about it, both are tough, rugged HE MEN - It could go something like this:

    Over in this corner, in the pink and yellow boxers with white socks we have the mouth of North Bergen, the ever growling Hal" I am gonna kill you and dump you in ocean" Turner and in over in this corner, in swasticka cover briefs and sporting a Hitler tashe, we have the all White slumlord and leader of neo nazis in drag Bill"Be nice to me or I'll post your address" White.

    Winner gets to spend a night with VonBluvins, the loser gets Steve Holsten.

  29. You're right Mr. Schwartz it was not the Kingston rally I was thinking of but the 2005 Toledo rally. Speaking of....I hear ANuSWiPe is going to hold another Toledo demonstration.

  30. ignoring the childish rantings of the pedo

    Bill White vs bisexual Little Harold? One of them would throw a punch, then go running inside the nearest house to call the cops. Bill would sue Little Harold into the ground. Little Harold could claim on his website he kicked Bill White's ass.

    Isn't if funny how the Little Harold story about what happened at the Baltimore Travel Plaza keeps changing? Now Little Harold claims he beat up 3 ARA but the truth is, the ARA threw a smoke bomb inside their bus, the nazis came out crying with their eyes out and one of them got hit with a baseball bat.

    I know for a fact that Little Harold notified the ARA of the nazi bus coming there. Because I was the one who got the email from Little Harold and forwarded it using a different name that Little Harold fully trust.

    Little Harold hid inside the hotel while all of this was happening in Baltimore BTW. He didn't do anything to help his fellow nazis.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Raoul,

    Did you follow the Tour de Dope errr Tour de France this year?

    All those white guys who keep doping themselves year after year.

    Shame, it was a great race until the last week.

    And the nazis keep complaining about Barry Bonds and black athletes using drugs.

  33. Yes, Mr. Schwartz I followed this years Tour (I pretty much always follow it) Alberto Contador of course won amongst the controversy. I love cycling but it is getting as bad as baseball.

  34. ignoring the rantings of the pedo who is always thinking of homosexuality

    Little Harold has laid out his plans for his rally in Kalamazoo. Funny, he is going to be inside a cage right at the police department.

    Oh the Irony!!!!!!!!!

    Foreshadowing perhaps???

    Contador was Mr. Consistancy this year on the tour, which turned out to be the closest finish among 3 men in history. Rasmussen lying about his whereabouts cost him and I suspect, his team or the Danish nationalist team knew he doped prior to the tour. Vino doing a blood transfusion, that was just plain stupid.

  35. It is my hope that those that attacked the husband and wife team are identified and brought to justice.

  36. Youe Satanic best friend Bill White says four were arrested and charged with felony assault.

    Of course, there is no evidence of this arrest and is probably a figment of BW imagination.

    And no, DLJ is not a suspect, that is, if this beating even did happen.


    The helicopters flying around here are driving me nuts. Bush and the British PM are at Camp David, just a few miles from where I live at. Of course, you won't see Camp David on any map but trust me, it's there.

  37. Well...there are two sides to every story - but when you throw Bill White into the mix there's about eight. Bill is so far off base - and so is Hal.

    As I understand it...and yes, I talked to people who were there, the fracas was started by Erik the Nazi and no - there were no felony charges. Eveyone was bailed out within three hours.

    Mike - I don't condone violence, but if someone is coming at you with the intent to do bodily harm - then by God, violence may just be necessary.

  38. As usual Nikki; you don't know a goddamn thing. DLJ caused the violence and should be help accountable. ANSWP and the commander holds him responsible. He will get his, the fat nigger better watch his back. Each and every time that commie nigger sets foot outside his section 8 apartment he'd better come to realize he has a target on his back.

    Speaking of Hal Turner, his barrage won't stop a bullet. Hal should tread lightly and learn to respect his betters.

  39. You're right about the One People's Prick, but you need to leave Hal Turner out of Bullshit. He's one of the best friends us White's ever had.

  40. "us Whites?"

    Shut your mongrel mouth, Pedo. You ain't white. You're nothing but a sick olive skinned Jew who molests children.

  41. I'm probably far more White than you are. I have your Molestor swingin'

  42. "ANSWP and the commander holds him responsible."

    What the fuck does that mean to anyone? It's not like Bill is going to do shit.

  43. Hal Turner says, Why I Do What I Do:

    People are quick to accuse me of Racism, hate, bigotry, asking why I bring such attention to minority-on-White crime?

    I bring such attention because the main stream media won't cover the deluge of HATE crimes against White people! Media may report some of them as "crmes" but rarely if ever HATE crimes.

    Want proof of how brutal, vicious HATE crimes against Whites are covered up? Click the video below:

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. I had planned to go to the Kalamazoo rally being that I am less than an hours drive away right now but my company had other ideas and they are sending me to the west coast to put out some fires. I really wanted to join the Antis, maybe meet Floyd, and heckle Little Harold. Alas it is not to be but I am sure someone equally as capable can take my place.

    Steve, how can you believe anything Hal says? Especially after all the times he has been caught lying. Hal would give the devil himself a rim job if their was a buck in it for him. I bet if you listen for more than 30 minutes of any Hal Turner show you can catch him in at least one lie. The little "Marine" is just full of a lot of crap.

    Answer me this Steve. Do you believe Hal Turner lies? Careful of your response because if you say, no I can site at least 5 examples where Hal has lied. I am sure Mr. Schwartz can give you more.

  46. Nobody lies as much as Schwartzo KIKE. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on his Ass.

    Nobody ever said that Hal is perfect, but he is still the best us real racially aware Whites ever had

  47. I headed to western Michigan over the weekend, and interviewed quite a few people about the Kalamazoo white power rally.

    Over two-thirds of the people were unaware of the August 4 rally. None could pull up the name of one of the speakers.

    Almost to a person these three dozen people said that they resented outsiders coming in and telling them how to run their city.

    None of the interviewed people planned to attend the rally.

  48. "There's a payday someday!" -John Hagee, Cornerstone Baptist Church

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. ignoring the rantings of the pedo who won't answer questions....

    History Mike,
    Good post. 99.99% of people have never heard of Little Harold and after the rally, 99.99% will forget his name. But like I have said, if you notice one thing about Little Harold, Bill White, Alex Linder, and Michael Blevins... They always make sure they are far away from their houses and neighbors when they do "public" activism.



    Why are you afraid to do real street activism in Sarasota? You always want OTHERS to do it but you refuse to do it in your own neighborhood. How are you supposed to take over the United States when you are afraid to even talk to your neighbors or hand out fliers in Sarasota?

    I guess you figure the "race war" going to happen by 30 out of town people showing up at rallies inside a cage and on internet forums.

    Keeping dreaming.....

  51. Schwartzo KIKE, what questions do I not answer while you falsely call me a Pedo?

  52. The funny thing Mr. Schwartz is that the NSM is bringing Bill's legacy home to him. Have you checked out this blog?

    I am reasonably sure it is Jim Ramsey doing it. If those fliers do go out to White's tenants it should be very interesting. Didn't you suggest that the black churches in the area get this information?

    I understand that Erica Hardwick is going to be passing out these fliers as well. It should be interesting, I think that everyone knows what happened last time. I hear she has a body guard this time.

  53. 'HistoryKike' sez: Almost to a person these three dozen people said that they resented outsiders coming in and telling them how to run their city


    would that, perchance, include the likes of: ADL, SPLC, NAACP, JINSA, AIPAC et al?

  54. ¾ of the adult white ppltn (i.e: those over, say, 21) will have to be ejected from a new white home-land as inherently un-reliable & un-trustworthy; i.e: 'jewed'; un-less a goodly % of this group r able to demonstrate their commitment to the white racialist cause in the very near future, then, for them, 'the gig is up'!

  55. Bankrupt Bill White

    Bill will snatch everyone of those from the mailboxes, illegally of course whenever he can. Much better idea is to send them to neighbors, churches, and to 1529 Patterson Ave, the former home of Michael Blevins.

    There is also a restraining order against Bill White to come within so many feet of Erica Hardwick. Bill actually appealed all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court to get this injunction lifted. All with failure.

    The best time to hand out leaflets is when Bill is out of town, like this weekend. If they do hand out fliers, take a clue from Bill and notify every media outlet you possibly can in Roanoke.

    Bill hasn't mentioned going up to Kalamazoo in a while, I might be wrong, but I bet he no shows and the learning disabled Neil Joitke might.

  56. I've been reading your posts for months Blevins. You are right about one thing, Everyone has a payday sooner or later, and my payday will be soon! You will fall and it will be very hard!

  57. Anyone got the old SEAN HANNITY SHOW where Hal talks about struggling with homosexuality and coke addiction?

    I'd like to send a copy to the people who send Hal Turner money.

  58. Ken,

    It was around early 1998 when Hal was a guest on the Sean Hannity show when it was a local NYC show out of WABC. Hal talked about belonging to Exodus International, a group that claims they can cure homosexuality (a bunch of crap BTW). Hal followed up on usenet claiming it was something from his past that he was ashamed of.

    Shame they didn't archive mp3 broadcast then.

    A few months, Hal had a website called and org

    I sent Hal an email back in 2002 where I said I hope he ended up in prison. He responed by saying I would joining him in a prison cell and "drinking his semen". He sent a follow basically saying the same thing. So I know for a fact that Hal Turner is bisexual. He also posted a sex ad under his email of asking for hispanic men... that was before anyone knew who secret12 was.

  59. Follow up.

    I think a lot of Hal's problems is that he never has come to accept his homosexuality.

    Gays don't bother me at all... Do you know why? Because I am comfortable in my heterosexuality. I don't feel threatened by them.

    If I were gay, it wouldn't bother me one bit. But I'm not.

  60. That's the biggest crock of Shit I've ever heard. Hal is no Faggot. Hal is like me in that hates Faggotry too much to be involved in it.

    Schwartzo KIKE lies about Hal with every breath. Truth is Hal rejected Schwartzo's Faggot advances.

  61. I am really scared Barry. You act like I am actually involved in the movement or something?

  62. Well we know you aren't involved in any activism in Saraosta out of fear for your life.

    Maybe I should spend $20 on 50 letters to your neighbors. Remember what happened the last time you were outed in your neighborhood? You shut down shop for a few months and lied about Bernadette's involvement with you.

    BTW, Little Harold sure played you like a stooge tonight didn't he?

  63. Actually, I don't know why anyone would be concerned with me. I am just a mentally ill white man.

    What could I possibly do to hurt anyone?

    I am harmless.

  64. Sure, Schwartz, go ahead and mail my neighbors. They all know about me.

  65. BTW- I am not the one that threaten to kill someone with a baseball bat, Schwartz.

    I am still waiting for you to make good on your threat.

  66. 3 postings in a just a few minutes and Blevins is all over the place in his emotions. Classic quick acting bi-polar behavior.

    Your 9:37 post was the most honest you've ever been in here yet. Yes, you are indeed mentally ill.

    As far as the baseball bat, if I knew it would knock some sense into you, I would nail you in a second if it were legal to do so. But smacking you around with a baseball bat isn't going to cure your mental illness.

    You talked tough before when I told you that I tracked you down in Florida in email and warned you what was going to happen.

    Then a few weeks later, you had a diarrhea attack that lasted a few months. See, Blevins, the company I work for hires private process servers in Florida whose speciality is locating people to serve civil warrants. They found your Sarasota address for free of charge.

    I doubt if your neighbors know about it that much... but maybe in a few weeks when your guard is down. Didn't Bernie (Jersey Girl) lose half her business the last time you were mentioned in the Sarasota newspaper? How much did she lose until she got new clients?

    But again, why don't you do any activism in Sarasota? You sure want others to do activism in their areas but not you.

    Now keep making yourself look like an ass on VNN, you do such a wonderful job over there.... for our side.

    Like Bill said on VNN... you need not to trust people so much.... It all comes back to me.

  67. Blevins, i know many in Sarasota who have ears in your home! They say that you are still in the movement. You will bring your self down! Remember to keep an eye on the ones that are the closest to you!

  68. Hal's big Detroit secret. I just checked some of my yahoo email acccounts. A few of them on are on Hal's mailing list.

    Hal's big plan for Detroit appears that someone (not him) is going to drop off fliers in the middle of the night.

    BTW: Yankee Jim chickened out of the rally. hal's making sure he comes in plenty of time to give police all the information he has on others showing up for the rally.

  69. Hey Schwartz, forget the letters just get Von a gun sight for his .22.

    Hey Von stick the damn thing in your mouth next time. Hard to miss then.

  70. The most telling part of the 7chan raid on Hal was when 7chan published Hal's credit card info with charges to

    Holsten defending Turner for "not" being a dick smoker. Too Ironic, one cocksucker defending another. LOL.

  71. Schwartz, you know very little about me. If you truly knew me you wouldn't even bother with me.

  72. VB Said. "You act like I am actually involved in the movement or something?"

    Michael, Michael, Michael - sitting on the periphery only counts when you keep your mouth shut and just observe. In your case, however, that seems to be an impossibility.

    We all know that you aren't directly involved in the movement - and we understand that the majority of those you want to hang out with consider you to be and irritating anomaly.

    It must be hard for you to be put down and discounted the way they do you. But, ya know, you did it to yourself. You just picked the wrong side.

    As to Bill White - looks like he has lots of surprises coming his way. think he is going to wimp out and leave Joitke holding his balls in his hand?

  73. Igorning the rantings of the pedo who is good friends with Blevins.......


    You know why I bother with you? Because you make me laugh. It's just so easy to rattle your chain, sort of like Pavlov's dogs. And watching how you keep making yourself look like an idiot on VNN time and time and time again, priceless entertainment when I'm bored. White and Turner keep on prostituting you and it's really funny to watch them do this when it's soooo obvious.

    And trust me, I know probably more about you than you know about yourself. At least the kids you fathered are doing much better that you aren't a part of their lives anymore. And they are getting child support via your mental disability with Social Security.


    I don't think BW is going to show in Kalamazoo but you never know. But he would have flooded the local media with emails and ficitious stories claiming he had 100 ANuSWiPE members in Michigan alone etc.

    Did Little Harold give out the mustering place for his rally? Interesting that Turner is fully cooperating the with police and praising the police. Always with Little Harold, he always ends up backing off his fake threats, crapping his pants, then asking to police to change them for him.

    Did you also notice Little Harold is planning on eating at a restuarant many, many miles from Kalamazoo. Always get in and get out of town as fast as possible. And no doubt, Harold will be giving out the names of who he is with and the restuarant he is going to with the police just like in Kingston.

  74. It would be so good if the Fucking KIKE Schwartzo would at least show some proof for his Spewed Shit lies. But as always, he can't. He just runs his Fucking hole.

  75. What we should all do is organize a Anti-Hal Turner rally and demonstrate and speak in front of his run down condo. Every time the fat little bastard speaks somewhere we bring it home to him and his neighbors the following weekend. As Daryle Jenkins likes to say: "Hate has it consequences". Little Harold has gone far to long without pay back. Bring it home to him and he'll fold like a house of cards.

  76. I guess I can't blame Schwartzo KIKE for trying to ignore me. I've proved over the last few years that so much of his spewed Shit has been lies.

    You just keep Hal Imposter, you may wind up like the old Shit skin Mongrel did. The One People's Prick has been to Hal's as well. He learned real quick how to run from a 9 mm.

  77. And remember Hal Imposter, the Chan's tried to Fuck with Hal with a protest and it all backfired on them. If Hal's neighbors don't know about his ways by now; they never will. Hal has too many armed friends for you losers.

  78. Well since the pedo is in full lying mode, I'll give him 2 minutes of attention.

    1) Little Harold didn't chase DLJ with a handgun. In fact, Little Harold wouldn't even open the door crying he was going to call the police.

    2) The 2nd time DLJ visited, Little Harold was so scared that he needed 20 cops to protect his house from people handing out fliers.

    3) Chan totally defeated Little Harold, it cost him a few thousand of dollars, cancelled his show for over a month, and force Little Harold to move his sever several times. It was a total victory over Little Harold by anonymous.

    the pedo hates gays out of self-hatred and he hates blacks out of jealousy.


    Now back to ignoring the pedo who is obsessed with male sex organs for an obvious reason.

  79. Believe me when I say "Hal Turner is an instrument for the Feds. Hal Turner is much more valuable to them on the outside than on the inside - AND - the information that he feeds to them is invaluable.

    There is no telling what is going to happen in Kalamazoo - but, one thing for sure - law-enforcement knows everything about those who plan to attend.

    Can you imagine going to such a place for a demonstration and HAVING to get the hell out of town to eat dinner? What kind of deal is that? Can you imagine worrying about who will find out about your activities - will you lose your job - will your neighbors know - what kind of life is that?

    Most of us are proud of our affiliations and our civic activities - we don't hide or worry about "consequences." But terrorism is a little different, huh?

  80. Agreed, Nikki. These clowns rarely, if ever, pull these stunts where they live, but they seem to enjoy starting trouble hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

    As far as Hal Turner: he seems to go to great lengths to describe how much the feds are supposedly watching him, and it makes me suspicious (i.e., last night's claim of an impending raid, which must be the tenth time he has made such a claim in the last year).

    The feds watch EVERYONE who writes, broadcasts, or has some sort of public presence. It goes with the terrirotry; I get fairly frequent visits on my site from persons at federal agencies, and I doubt that they are all just surfers reading about, say, the Fall of the Weimar Republic.

    Either Hal is completely paranoid (quite possible), or he knowingly cooperates with the feds on intel (plausible), or he really is a hardcore federal informant (less likely, but possible).

    Hal has also been on a weird "the cops are our bestest buddies" kick lately. Kind of odd coming from a guy who stays up all night fretting about ZOG.

    BTW - what's the whole deal with Hal and Detroit? Did someone piss him off? If it turns out that he is just going to pass out a bunch of flyers, he will look like a moron, since he has been trumpeting this as some sort of covert paramilitary operation.

    It may be Detroit, but it's hardly Fallujah. I lived and worked in Detroit for 25 years, and the worst that ever happened to me was when I got mouthy as a teenager and got punched in the face. These idiots who paint Detroit as some sort of insane war zone are just parroting a bunch of cartoonish caricatures.

    Are there dangerous neighborhoods? Sure. Are there places that nighttime strolls by lone individuals are a dumb idea? Yep.

    Even given that, in Detroit it's usually a matter of knowing where trouble is, being aware of your surroundings, and avoiding confrontations with unknown elements. There are places I wouldn't visit in Detroit, but I have no reason to be there anyways, unless my purpose was of an illegal nature.

    I look forward to seeing what Turner has up his sleeve, and I suspect that whatever his objective is, that the whole purpose is to get some YouTube footage to convince suckers what a "brave" activist he is.

  81. Mr. Schwartz wrote: "Chan totally defeated Little Harold, it cost him a few thousand of dollars, cancelled his show for over a month, and force Little Harold to move his sever several times. It was a total victory over Little Harold by anonymous".

    Yes, and Hal Turner is BACK online AND on the AIR, bigger than ever. I believe that it what is called a PYRRHIC victory.

    I'm sure the resident historian of this blog, History Mike, would be pleased to enlighten you further as to what a Pyrrhic victory is.

  82. History Mike wrote: "It may be Detroit, but it's hardly Fallujah. I lived and worked in Detroit for 25 years, and the worst that ever happened to me was when I got mouthy as a teenager and got punched in the face. These idiots who paint Detroit as some sort of insane war zone are just parroting a bunch of cartoonish caricatures".

    "Are there dangerous neighborhoods? Sure. Are there places that nighttime strolls by lone individuals are a dumb idea? Yep".

    "Even given that, in Detroit it's usually a matter of knowing where trouble is, being aware of your surroundings, and avoiding confrontations with unknown elements. There are places I wouldn't visit in Detroit, but I have no reason to be there anyways..."

    If your observation is truly representative of Detroit rather than based primarily on your own experience, then Detroit is the victim of one of the worst publicity campaigns in history. Their municipal government must be doing an abysmal job of selling the city. And Detroit also got bad publicity on the Animal Planet program when they did their series on "Animal Cops" or something like that.

    Cleveland used to be in the same boat. Back in the '70s, the Cuyahoga River actually caught fire. Then they got some progressive leadership and turned things around. And while Cleveland today is not exactly a paradise, it is no longer considered "the mistake by the lake".

    Just because I'm a WN doesn't mean I take joy in Detroit's travails. As an American, it pisses me off to see a once-great American city struggling. We as a nation are supposed to be going forward, setting the example for the world, not going backward and becoming like the rest of the world. And that's the problem with diversity and multiculturalism; it drags us backwards rather than propels us forward. Cities that are predominantly non-white tend to be less livable (for all their residents, not just whites) than cities which are predominantly white.

  83. Anchorage,

    Bisexual Little Harold being bigger than ever? He only had 500 listeners last night, down from 900-1,000 just six months ago. Most people within your "gangs" know he is a full blown nut case. I agree with Nikki, Harold is obviously an informant gathering and passing along as much information as he can get. At least he was honest last night by admitting he was going there early to meet with "ZOG" leaders.

    Little Harold won no victory, he lost. Plain and simple, he lost to a bunch of teenagers. Anonymous lost nothing.

    However, if you want to believe he is this great leader, I have no problem with that because it means we have nothing to worry about.

  84. I just figured out why Faggot Schwartzo KIKE calls Hal "Liitle Harold" He knows that if he pushes Hal too far that Hal will stomp his Ass.

    BTW KIKE, you're still not backing up your spewed Shit lies with facts.

    Schwartzo, does it give you a "stiffy" to falsely call me a Pedo?

    Only a fool would think those Chan Turd Knockers scored a win over Hal. Their goal was to completely shut Hal down.

  85. Anchorage Activist approaches these issues with a sense of intelligence sorely lacking by most of the WNs.

    I think my views on the state of the city are representative of most Detroiters and ex-Detroiters. There is no doubt that crime in Detroit is higher than in most American cities, and that the city has at times suffered from poor leadership (you won't find me singing the praises of Kwame Kilpatrick, though I think corruption and incompetence can be found in all races).

    Hal Turner's latest post on Detroit provides an example of the hyperbole that passes for "analysis":

    (HT) Detroit has become a cesspool of black failure and crime. Blacks have literally ruined or destroyed everything good about the city. Frankly, much of Detroit now resembles Mogadishu or Zimbabwe. It's a national disgrace.

    Or commenter "Alexander the Great":

    Let's be crystal clear here...The place is a negroid shithole full of death. The merciless beasts that inhabit that zoo are only being kept on life-support by taxation from the corporate headquarters that still fill the skyline.

    Both of these statements are woefully ignorant of the everyday lives of the hardworking people who have ben screwed by the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs overseas.

    I owned a house in the 1980s in the Vernor/Springwells area, which was once a solid blue collar neighborhood. When the Fleetwood and Fisher Body plants began downsizing and closing, the neighborhood went to hell. Quickly.

    Those who still had jobs with GM moved closer to the areas where they were reassigned, and the property values dropped as people moved out en masse. Houses once owned by on-site owners became rental units, and a cycle of reinforced poverty became the norm.

    In twenty years the area has almost bottomed out, with drugs and prostitution being the high-value trades.

    You can hold fast to beliefs about the inferiority of other races, but there's nothing like economic opportunity to reduce crime. These days the only growth industries in Detroit are the casinos and those check-cashing outlets, both of which just suck more money from impoverished citizens.

    Yet I can walk Vernor Avenue in broad daylight unmolested, and unless I do something foolish - such as putting a $2000 stereo in my unlocked car, or chasing the local drug dealers with a baseball bat - life goes on.

    And - for the record - Detroit's rate of violent crime per 100,000 people is 6,985, which is high, but the city falls behind Tuscon (9,191), Oklahoma City (9,123), Atlanta (8,869), Memphis (8,494), Seattle (8,035), Dallas (7,957), Kansas City, MO (7,953), Columbus, OH (7,758), and Portland, OR (7,694).

    Finally, despite the proclamations of people like Hal Turner that "everything good about the city" has been ruined or destroyed, he should take a walk through such beautiful neighborhoods as Indian Village, Rosedale Park, Palmer Woods, or Sherwood Forest, for starters. There are plenty of solid neighborhoods in the city with appreciating property values, though Hal might have to suffer with seeing black folks in many of the houses.



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