Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dreaming of killing racist Hal Turner & Neo Nazi Bill White

YOu all will want to tune into Thursday night's July 12 program of Eye On Hate Radio, as I tell you about the dream I had of killing Bill White and Hal Turner, I woke up in a cold sweat and a sadistic smile on my face.

Also, I have a segment I am working on called "fighting fire with fire" ( i like fire , dont you ? )

You wont want to miss the show it starts at 9pm Thursday night Live !

Eye On Hate Radio


  1. Okay Floyd, I will try to tune in to your show. I don't want to stereotype
    racists but everyone I've ever met (and I am talking about activists, not your everyday racist) was a habitual liar and that includes my uncle.

    My uncle George Carpenter aka "Mousy" was a racist (he maybe still alive no one in our family is quite sure). An activist in San Francisco in the 70's-80's and one of the founders of the Iron Cross Motorcycle gang. He had a big problem with the truth, much like Bill and Hal.

  2. If the content of your show is true then this would be another sign of you guys taking a cue from WN radio.

    What's next, Nikki- "No Hal Alive in 2009"? lol

    I guess flattery is the sincerest form of flattery. lol

  3. I "think" it is time for a change in direction when dealing with organizied bigots such as Hal Turner when they come to a community.

    What I am about to say may offend the hold hands and pray people crowd - the only thing we should hold when dealing with racist gangs is a gun and pray it hits the intended target.

    After tomorrow night's Eye On Hate Radio program , I am leaving for Kalamazoo Michigan to meet with some people who feel the same way as I do.

    We will be blanketing Kalamazoo with flyers baring the pictures of Hal Turner, Alex Linder and others with the suggestion they ( Turner and Linder) not leave Kalamazoo in one piece and to destroy anything or anyone that appear to be protecting Turner or Linder and the unwashed mob of white people that follow the racist.

    On August 4 the date of the Kalamazoo racist rally, I am going to New Jersey, am going to have blast (ya know fun ), I hear there are hot times to be had in the patterson-plank road area of North Bergen, NJ

    More tomorrow night on Eye On Hate Radio

    ps Von - stay out of this, would hate to think somehow your actions and words would provoke actions against your ex and kids. Go paint something or sew swastikas on your underwear, but stay out of this.

  4. No Chris am not threatening any one, just making observations, posting my opinion, ya know like your buddies Hal Turner and Bill White do.

  5. And Nikki, how do you feel about having your name mixed up with Floyd now? Unless someone has somehow hacked this blog, you've got him on here talking about shooting people and apparently threatening people's ex-wife and kids. Well, I'll leave you to your damage control while Floyd sobers up.

    We're getting a kick out of this whole thing here. I'm sure Mike is about as worried about Floyd harming his family as I am about getting my tank ready for Hal's invasion of New Jersy. However, I can understand Floyd kind of losing it. The writings on the wall and its freaking them out.

    Chill out. Floyd can likely find a job doing something else.

  6. you got something to say,say it to me punk dont address it to Nikki-Floyd

  7. No, Floyd, I think I just read you in plain English saying something might happen to Von's family.

    Don't change tunes now.

  8. Am I not "saying" it to you now? I starting to think this is an imposter.

  9. Sounds like a threat to me. Threatening my ex and kids, eh?

    Who are the terrorist again?

  10. I see the racists get really all bent out of shape when the same tactics they are use are used against them.

    I think Floyd is giving a lesson here.

    And if something did happen to Blevins family, it's his fault. He is the one putting them in danger.

  11. Only cowards threaten to hurt women and children.

    Of course, Schwartz doesn't have a problem with that.

    Floyd, if you want me to, "Stay out of this," making threats isn't exactly the way to go about it.

  12. Bit of advice to Floyd and crew:

    Don't try to mimic what Hal does on the radio, because you will only find yourself in trouble.

    Hal and a lot of others in WN radio are professional/experienced broadcasters and it shouldn't be attempted by novices.

  13. Hey Von, what you dont believe in free speech ?

    Isnt all that funny when the cannon is aimed at you is it ?

    if I remmeber you all thought it was very funny when Hal threatened me, where was your concern for my family

    and Von you will need to listen to tomorrow night's show, you will see I am just as good as playing this "professional talk" game as you hero Hal.

    oh question, who is Mike Blevins ?

    I re-read everything I wrote here on this blog today, I didnt menition Mike Blevins at all.

    I focused on some guy named Von Bluvins.


  14. Yeah, Floyd... why don't you do something stupid that gives Whites the excuse to organize and decide to take steps concerning that special 13% of the population who causes problems?

    Kalamazoo is already a warzone from what I've been reading... so why don't you go ahead, take the short bus, and touch off that powderkeg... I doubt you have the balls.

  15. Thanks for strengthening our conviction. Niggers commit violent acts against white people in mass, so white people protest. What do the "tolerant anti-racists" do? They target the protesters.

    Can you say "fucking hypocrite"?

    You do this because you're scared. You see that illegal immigration and black on white crime is being exposed for what it is, a blatant, organized attack on the white race AS A WHOLE. YOU motherfuckers are the TRUE bigots. You hate all white people.

    Fact is, if you kill anyone, they will become martyrs and it will only add fuel to the fire. So please, by all means...be our guests.

    It's hypocrites like you who made me, a kid born a liberal in a liberal city among the rainbow coalition, "racist" in the first place. Anyone who can't see the threat to our race after this is truly mentally retarded.

    Never think of yourself in any regard other than low.

    PS - If you want to make it open game on families...come after mine. Kill some liberals...that will show us!

    Fucking idiot. I love it. Your end is near.

  16. Floyd, nobody is getting bent out of shape because simply put, you aren't tuff and you don't have serious people backing you up. If all that was true, we'd have been gone a long time ago, that is unless we were tuffer. I digress.

    Anyhow, you said, stick with it. Stop backpeddling acting like you don't know who Mike Blevins is. Be man enough to face up to whatever happens. You threatened Mike's family on here and now you are likely in trouble for it. Is that the anti-white exit strategy? If you aren't making money off racism anymore (same as Hal), go to prison and stop worrying about bills. I'm not calling the cops on you but likely someone is.

    And you can threaten away. Jews with a lot more power than a few gutterpunks carrying signs, threaten us all the time. We don't care. I walk where I please and confront my enemies in public. You make a living apologizing for your actions.

    Mike, he did specifially threaten your ex-wife and kids, not "the jews" not "the racists" not "the blacks." Keep that in mind.

    And to the executioner guy, good points. This country is a powder keg right now and when it goes off, all of the anti-white chatter will cease in a hurry.

    And once again, you threatened Mike Blevins, Floyd. Unlike Hal, you are now backpeddling to act like you didn't say what you said. Your stunt has backfired because you didn't have the nerve to even carry it one step further. And you people threatening jobs, lives and familys is nothing out of the ordinary. On top of that, you make take great pleasure when someone on our side of the fence either dies or is killed.

    You blinked.

  17. Wow! The bros are coming out of the woodwork on this one. Get ready to be reminded who the majority is and who runs the streets.

  18. tell what go ahead and call the cops, want me to provide you with the number to the local police here, he is my cousin so it isnt a problem.

    let me know

    the gloves are off and the cannon is being loaded, are you ready ? cause as your buddy Hal has so many times and I quote him "violence solves everything"

  19. ps - its about 5pm here, I will be off line for couple of hours, tonight here in renovo is our local monthly boro meeting of commissioners.

    Boro meeting are held in the town building that also houses our one police officer, if ya want I will stop in a tell him of your concerns, leave me a number incase he feels the need to call ya to discuss your feelings.

  20. Well, I'm not "with" Hal but you stepped over the line threatening Mike Blevins. And speaking of the "line", this terroristic threat was committed across state lines so its a federal manner. Got any cousins there?

  21. go for it Chris ! want me to get ya number ?

  22. But you didn't aim the cannon at me, Floyd...you say that my children and ex are under the gun.

    BTW- Everyone knows me by this moniker and I guarandamntee you if something happens to my ex and children you will be criminally culpable.

    Speaking of being criminally culpable you better pray nothing happens to the other people you directly threatened. Anything short of them being hit by a bolt of lightning will guarantee your ass will get locked up.

    What an idiot you are.

  23. off the meds again Von -soooo you and Mike Blevins are one in the same ?

  24. Floyd,

    You really got Chris and Mike really bent all out of shape tonight.

    Blevins actually had his step-son (Fonzie) and his wife (Jersey Girl) on his show. Blevins also decided to put his family in danger by doing that.

    Of course, I'm not going to harm them, it's not worth going to jail over that. But if they did get harmed, Blevins is 100 percent for it.


    You must really think Blevins is really weak. Didn't you say you don't have a problem with men fighting one on one? If someone did come down to beat the hell out of Blevins, what business is it of yours? Would you want Blevins fighting for you or are you man enough to do it yourself?

    Kind of ironic that Chris Drake wants to cooperate with ZOG's police. But I've long suspected he's an informant based on the number of organization he has joined and quit. That's usually a tell as they would say in poker.

    Go call the cops Chris.

  25. Well, I for one am happy to see this change in anti-racist radio. If all antis would do this, we would be done with anti-racism much faster than the pace we are dispensing with it now.

    In any case, where Floyd and his family lives is not a secret, and I think he can be assured that any violence committed against white activist will be revisited upon him. Not a threat -- just an observation on the likely effect of his behavior.

    Also note that Floyd is an old drunk and petty white trash criminal going back a long ways, and all we are seeing here is that coming back out. I'd say that he, personally, is harmless.

  26. hey Billy-boy - wait till this old drunk starts outing your kinfolks, ya know where they live , work, phone numbers so in case "someone in the nieghborhood" they could stop by and chat about thier favorite nazi.

    I live on 8th street in renovo,pa 17764
    only 16 streets in my town not hard to find me.

    so hows the wife ? she any good ? from what I hear she should be.

  27. I truly do wonder if this tactic of directly threatening individuals has Nikki's blessing.

    I am inclined to think she wouldn't approve of it. But then again I have been wrong before.

    If she does approve of this I wonder if she realizes what this does to her credibility.

    How can you have a website fighting "hate" while engaging in hateful acts.

  28. "You must really think Blevins is really weak. Didn't you say you don't have a problem with men fighting one on one? If someone did come down to beat the hell out of Blevins, what business is it of yours? Would you want Blevins fighting for you or are you man enough to do it yourself?"

    The last person that threatened to come down here one on one was you, Schwartz.

    What happened?

  29. Blevins is really having a major mental breakdown. I've always said that if taking a baseball bat to your skull would do any good, I would do it. But as far as coming down to Sarasota, that was Big Boa. You're not worth going to prison over.

    Floyd is making a point. He's using the same tactics that BW and HT use. And Blevins and Drake are having a diarrhea episode over it. This is an experiment I think and it's working perfectly.

    No allied here is going to harm you Blevins. You're safe from us.

    As far as BW, he is hands off with the antis physically.

    However, with all the nazis that BW has pissed pff, I'm sure a nazi will walk up to him with a sawed off shotgun one day and simply splatter his brains on the street.

  30. BW,

    If you need assistance with the creeps living at the old Echo theater in Laurens (Redneck Shop), let me know, I might be of assistance. The law enforcement center is right across the street and my Uncle's company deals with them on a professional basis.

  31. Floyd - While so many of your fellow ARA goons hide behind masks, it's actually refreshing to see you remove your mask and reveal your true colors.

    Your fellow ARA goons may have gotten away with frog-marching Jared Taylor off the lectern at Dalhousie University without opposition, but in Kalamazoo, you'll be confronting hundreds of street-wise pro-white activists. You may find out, up close and personal, that hate does INDEED have it consequences, but in the same context that Daryle Lamont Jenkins found out when he mouthed off to some skins and almost got enrolled in the Doc Martin Dental Plan.

    Your announcement is a gift to us. Now, we can expect double the number of pro-white activists to show up in Kalamazoo. Bring it on, Floyd! :-D

  32. Schwartz,

    Not having a meltdown about this at all.

    I am just amazed at how totally irony-proof you folks are.

  33. I'm not having a fit about anything. I think killing us is Floyd's only option as well. I agree. There is no other way we'll be stopped.

  34. I'll repeat, Blevins and Drake are having what we used to call on usenet a TILT SESSION.



    You are probably the most sane one here from the racist side. But this thread isn't going to increase any attendance at Kalamazoo except for the ARA attendance. There won't be 100's of your type in the streets and you know it. We hear the same thing everytime that 100's are going to show up when only 30 or 40 (or less) even bother. Hal can't even get his 8 carloads of gun carrying supporters to show up for any rallies (joke)

    Once again, the cops will outnumber you and the ARA will outnumber you. The media will make you look like freaks once again. No one is going to say, I'm not going to commit any crime in Kalamazoo because of this.

    One thing that is interesting, Hal says he supports the police there. Do you support the "ZOG" police also?

    I've noticed one pattern of these rallies. They are always organized by nazis who live many miles away. I wonder why????

  35. Bill White rips off Mike McQueeney.

    WTG Bill since you already knew his background. But ripping off people with a conviction for murder? Not too smart. Risk your life over 35 bucks????

  36. Pissant short in the ass Daddy has gotten drunk and thinks he is bad. Maybe some WN from ANSWP stop by and kick his faggot little ass.

  37. Hey Vonnie, I was just wondering (and I thought that I should ask this before Floyd's dream came true) Who is Jim Ramm and Ken Kraus and why do they hate Billy White so much?

  38. I am not sure about Kraus. But I have this on Jim Ramm whose real name is
    Matthew Ernest Ramsey:

    whois Jim Ramm 11.Feb.2005 23:23
    Not Jim Ramm link

    Information to follow is from a whois search on < nukeisrael.com >:


    3280 sw 170th
    beanorton, Or 97006

    Domain name: NUKEISRAEL.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Ramm, Jim mindfelon@yahoo.com
    3280 sw 170th
    beanorton, Or 97006
    503-232-4432 Fax: 503-232-4432

    His home number is: 503) 691-1269

  39. Can anyone else envision Floyd waking up today on the floor next to an empty fifth of Jack Daniels...head throbbing...and walking over to his answering machine. He notices his machine is full and most of them are from Nikki except the one from the feds. He walks over to his PC, pulls up this blog and goes, "Oh shit...I didn't dream that..."

    On another note, I never did call the cops because I thought it was better coming from Von's family, who were the ones being threatened. And to Swartz, I'm going to start ignoring you completely. Its one things to never have your facts straight, its another thing to play dumb on facts and its another thing to make up facts. I've always been for not calling the cops to settle disputes with other white nationalists. Floyd isn't one, unless my facts are as straight as yours.

    And Floyd, funny little stunt there. You'll be sorting that one out for the next 6 months.

  40. Chris,

    Floyd's show isn't attracting enough listeners and this is just an attempt by him to boost listeners on the live stream.

    He may get a few listeners out of it, but i guarantee you that he doesn't know how to pull of the Turneresque style of attention getting.

    This new act is a sign to me that their cause is on the wane.

  41. To Chris and Von - be sure to check this blog tonight at 845pm (thursday) as I am going to post a special just for the two of you before I go on the air.

    and as a added bonus - you and Von will be the first one I talk about tonight on the Eye On Hate Radio program.

    Well off to work - oh did I tell you I work for one of the local townships here, ya know what work is right ?


  42. Feeling better, Floyd? So I only have to listen to the first part of the show, right? Good.

  43. He must have had a little nip of the hair of the dog that bit him this morning, so I guess he is feeling better. lol

  44. Floyd, try drinking a lot of water before you go to bed after a long night of drinking. If you can do it, stumble to the sink and drink about 3 pints of water if you can do it.

    Also, stay away from the cheap stuff. That $10 a bottle stuff is run through cheese cloth and not only gives you bad hangovers but will kill you a lot quicker too. I know work is slow right now because of the state the anti-white street movement is in but if you can afford it, go with higher pricer booze.

    PS. Community service doesn't count as a job.

  45. Chris Drake and Michael Blevins are still having a TILT session in their brains, several days after the fact.

    And to recap, Chris Drake wants to go crying to the cops about it.

    Now go flip some burgers at the Burger King Chris!!!


  46. Chris Drake and Michael Blevins really, really are all bent out of shape. So much is their fear, they are crying for help at VNN


    Thanks for helping to spam Floyd's show.

  47. I think Floyd plans to prove some sort of point. I think its funny how quickly Floyd started backing up when he thought there might (and still might be) some heat! "Blevins? Who is Mike Blevins?"

    And where does he get off acting like threatening us is some sort of first for the anti-white haters? Thats been the tactic from day one, from the ones in the federal government down. Anyhow, Floyd, next time you go to speak somewhere in an attempt to make rent, the fact you openly threatened women and children, rather than having DLJ do it for you, will be sung from the rooftops.

    And Nikki, how does it feel to be on damage control duty? Me personally, I've felt like I've walked behind loonies with a broom and a dustpan, picking up the pieces too many times! The shoe is on the other foot now, maam! Who knows what Floyd will say next! I love it! Floyd, what would you do to my family if I keep making fun of you? Sober up, borrow a rifle, hitchhike down here and shoot them?

    BTW, someone did contact Blevin's ex. The irony is that it was "one of your own." It sounds like we got your joke and maybe a few folks on your side of the fence didn't. I don't blame them for doing a little CYA.

  48. Floyd, is this one of those shows where we can call in? And when you do your show, please don't bring up Gretchin. She's been through enough. Last night she slept on the floor next to my bed and kept getting up and walking around the house. Are you happy now? Are you??

  49. Naw, they are too scared to take calls from us.

  50. Gee like someone could actually be afraid of Bill White's two favorite butt boyz.

    The only way they could ever fill me with any fear would be if I dropped my keys, bent over to pick them up and one or the both of them were standing behind me with their fly down...

  51. If they were to do that, Raoul, it would only be to take a leak on you, since they are straight, White men.

    BTW, I like your avatar of the dancing turd. Is that how Daryle Lamont Jenkins looks and acts after a four hour session of trying to impregnate your tonsils?

  52. Chris wrote "please don't bring up Gretchin.She's been through enough. Last night she slept on the floor next to my bed and kept getting up and walking around the house."

    I am going to assume that Gretchin is your dog, well you cant be half bad , I like dogs I have four of them myself, three bitches and a stud, the bitches are named Bill, Hal and Weasel, the stud well I named him Floyd.

    Be sure to check back here around 845 pm est I will be living a message just for you and Von


  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. What message will Floyd be 'living'?

    It'll probably be something like this:

    "Never drink anything that's not at least 100 proof, and never have sex with anything that has less than four legs, then you can be just like me".

    Good advice, Floyd, though I don't think too many people go through life striving to be a brain-damaged, AIDS-infected wino. Then again, with anti-racists, one never can tell. :)

  55. I'm glad I'm not the only who recognized the bouncing Turd.

  56. Floyd just proved he's twice as smart as Swartz.

    Did I miss him talking about VB?

  57. According to Floyd we were his dupes advertising his show.

    He hasn't commented on the written threats he made.

    Can you say backpeddle?

  58. "...twice as smart at Swartz"?

    Chris, 2 X 0 still equals 0. Please don't give Harry Schvartze more credit than he deserves. :-D


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