Monday, July 23, 2007

Att: Michigan AntiFa and Anti-Racist

Hello from Eye On Hate Radio - to all our Michigan anti racist friends and listeners - this Thursday night at 9pm est. you will want to listen to our broadcast.

Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing the upcoming racist rally in Kalamazoo, MI ,along with discussing what could happen in Kalamazoo , if neo nazi leader Bill White from Roanoke,VA makes an appearence as he has stated in the last couple of days he will.

Bill White could be a bigger a problem than Hal Turner, Thursday night we will tell you why and also some ideas on how to counter Bill White and his planns for Kalamazoo. White will not be standing behind police lines with the other racists it's not his style, think Toledo.

Eye On Hate Radio broadcast live via winamp/shoutcast - so you will need a winamp player, they are free at

Hope you can join us 9pm Thursday night.
Eye On Hate Radio

please feel free to pass this information along to friends and antifa/anti racist organizations


  1. I've got to disagree with Floyd a little bit here about BW.

    It is Bill's style to hide behind the police, as much as possible in fact. It's also Bill's style to only do these things 100's of miles from his home area.

    It wouldn't surprise me though if Bill decides to hide behind the police at the alternative to the rally shouting racial slurs get to get attention for himself. Bill knows if he was left alone with any racist group, they would probably beat the living hell out of him.

    I see a light turnout for the con man Little Harold rally, there just doesn't seem to be much energy by most of the racist gangs on the internet. He'll be inside a cage like an animal though.

  2. Bill's only friends are the police :) The Antis hate him, the commies hate him, hell name any group Bill has been a member of and YOU GUESSED IT: They hate him.

    But you want to hear something funny? I hear it on good authority That the NSM has made a video of Bill speaking at an old NSM rally talking about black people. They have sent this Video to all of Bill's predominately black tenants.
    Guess Bill won't be winning that Landlord of the Year Award. LOL.

  3. They should mail it to the black churches in Roanoke along with his racist fliers he sends out other areas. Bill doesn't want any attention in Roanoke.

    He advertises all the time in the Roanoke newspaper as "White Homes", bad credit okay, pets okay, no section 8.

  4. I should also mention.

    I LOVE what Bill does for white nationalism.

  5. Mr. Schwartz said...
    I've got to disagree with Floyd a little bit here about BW.

    I think we are both right - will explain Thursday Night - Floyd

  6. Thanks Floyd, if you can, can you archive the show so I can listen.

  7. Question:

    Anyone hear anything about a possible return of Bill White and ANSWP to Toledo 17 August 2007?

    I saw a blurb on the Kentucky ANSWP page.

  8. Man, it is slow around here these days.

    Running out of material or just burned out?

  9. no we havent ran out material or burned out - we have jobs and lives and such plus we sort miss you and Chris, no one to mess with.

    well got to run , have a show to do tonight.

  10. Bill's got a little bit of cash after his Daddy bailed him out by buying one of his heavily leveraged properties over market value. That's why he is running around a little bit more these days.

  11. So. I'm assuming you guys have a problem with Bills rights under the first Amendment? (Whoever Bill is:) He must have something important to say if you guys are holding a meeting about it.. LOL


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