Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12 Eye On hate Radio Line-up - 9pm est
Join Eye On Hate Radio's Host Floyd Cochran as he talks bluntly to the followers of racial hate.

Fighting FIRE with FIRE,

Dreaming of Hate,

Going to Kalamazoo,

Headline of Hate
Short News Blurbs Concerning Racists Crimes & Activities

here is link to show - you need a winamp to listen to it
Listen Live Click Here


  1. Hard to "fight fire with fire" when you don't have the technical aspects worked out...

    Damn thing buffered every ten seconds...and I am on high speed cable access.

    Like I said, this shouldn't be done by novices.

  2. Wow, should call this the backpeddler show. lol

    Floyd, you are a fucking pussy.

    Big bad Floyd got scared out of what he initially intended to do on his program?

    We will see.

  3. nice to see that it worked though, your listening. LOL!!

  4. Think I have never listened to this program before? Trust me, it is monitored.

  5. Floyd says he is going to do things to hal...

    Floyd ain't filing shit...

    If you are going to do something do it...

    Don't TALK about doing it.

  6. Von, oh Von...silly silly Von...LOL!!!!! All I can do is sit here and laugh at you sometimes.

  7. Big man...made all these threats in writing...he can't even back up his threats on his own show.

    What a punk.

  8. I am laughing my ass off. He isn't very good at blustering and posturing.

    The tough guy act is one Floyd should stay away from. lol

  9. You talk about Chris and I promoting your show?

    What do you think you are doing for Hal's show?

    Hell, I can hear the money pouring into Hal's coffers now.

    Good job, Floyd at being Hal's advance man. lol

    Did I tell you that you are a novice at this? It definitely shows.

  10. I just love hearing the desperation in Floyd's voice.

  11. You want to talk about desperate? What about your whine fest over at VNN over this? LOL

  12. He whines about his mother...what about the innocent people that have been attacked by the likes of you folks.


  13. This show indicates to me that you folk are gasping for air.

    We are growing and you guys are slowing...that is why you guys are resorting to threats of violence.

    Floyd is right about one thing:

    He will have to kill us to stop this movement.

    But, lo, what is he going to do? He doesn't have the balls to even attempt it.

  14. We totally want people to listen to this show. You don't seem to get that. Nothing helps our cause more than you people (and blacks) and you people wouldnt have a life and Floyd would have to go back to being a professional hiker, which doesn't sound so bad really.

  15. Chris, I just sent the audio over to you for examination.

  16. "Dream" code word for "Drunk as fuck." I've got Floyd figured out.

  17. Floyd, don't play that music anymore. We're not all tanked here. Just you. You and maybe Smokey.

  18. I had a dream I beat the hell out of a fat mental patient. His name is VonWelfare.....

  19. Was Bill White wearing clothes in your dream?

  20. Floyd speak:

    short rest=dry out

  21. I had a dream that I shot up a dancing turd named Raoul with a 4 barrell Dalek gun assult rifle!

    It's got alot of kick-back too!

  22. Floyd just said he's upset because he had to deal with his family.

  23. Whats gives you God-given right to take away our views Floyd?

    You are a f-ing tyrant...

  24. LOL, Chris.

    BTW, I have a sound file of a parody that someone made of Floyd and Nikki's show. It's called "One peoples project, one persons obsession"

    I'll try to upload it later this weekend!

  25. Floyd is the Bagdad Bob of the anti-white hate movement. I had more fun with this show than any I've heard in a long time. I think I like the crazy coked up side of Floyd a lot better than the fast-talking car salesman episodes. I almost thought it was a joke until it went on for a while.

  26. A 50+ year old man talking about how tuff he is to a movement full of street tuffs and ex-military, I've got two words for that, Morgan and Davis.

    Also: "Floyd, is it safe for us to be living with you?"

    Translate: "Floyd, isn't about time you found your own place to stay?"

  27. Floyd, if you see me in your town, its going to be with a camera and a half-gallon of Captain Morgan's. I've got the audio, now I want the video!

  28. This all really kind of sucks in a way though. I thought Floyd had a pretty neat career there.

  29. "One Persons Radio"

    I did NOT produce this show!

    Someone needs to buy Floyd and Nikkie a sense of humor!

  30. I have come away from this with a new, deep respect for Floyd Kockran. Some people hide the fact they are crazy as hell. Some take medication. Some say they are going on vacation when they are really having themselves committed. Floyd has no fear. He shows it the world and is apparently proud of it. I think the true message here is: stay off drugs. Doctors even tell Floyd to take them but he heeds them not! His family may even attempt to lace drugs into Floyd's food but as we can see, Floyd apparently doesn't eat much anyway. Floyd, never change. You were born to serve the white racial cause one way or the other.

    We all sure had fun tonight. Internet Radio is the best thing to happen...since the internet.

  31. I don't think I have seen Michael Blevins ever go this insane in the years that I have been following him.

    He made no less than ten post within an hour! here!!

    The same with Chris Drake!!!

    And both of them are crying like babies on VNN.

    They are having a complete manic episode!!!!!

    Great job Nikki and Floyd!!!

    Coming in late after going to the movies, I've got to watch the Tour De France now...

    Can't wait to listen to the show.

  32. No Chris, Bill wasn't naked in my dream....well at least not completely.....he was wearing a pink and purple yarmulke.

  33. "If they slaughtered a box of kittens, Swartz would be clapping for them."--Vonbluvens.

    Swartz, I used to think you distorted things to try and support your case. Now I'm starting to think you just don't have good sense. Its odd too, most jews I know are on par with me intellectually or close. You must be only half-jewish and mixed with a negro. Who knows? You'll be an internet phantom even to the anti-white racists for as long as any of us will know you.

  34. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.


    Chrisy now thinks he is intelligent. This is the hardest laugh I've had since Holsten made the same statement.

    Next Vonnie will try and claim that he isn't crazy and Bill will deny being a liar.

  35. I'm far more intelligent than you are, Dancing Turd Avatar


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