Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tonights Eye On Hate Radio & Coldshot Archives UP

July 26 Eye On Hate Radio Archived Show can be heard here
Archive Eye On Hate Radio July26

With Nikki Nichols from Citizens Against Hate
ColdShot Archive July 26


  1. Interesting show Floyd, didn't know that Little Harold and Indigent Alex Linder didn't have a microphone for the first Knoxville rally.

    I prefer to not call them the white supremacist movement but white organized violent gangs because that is what they are really are. Except of course, the leaders don't do any violence themselves but want to provoke others.

    And while these white gangs might have 1st amendment rights doesn't mean they have the right to be heard.

    Sorry Nikki, I'll listen to your show tomorrow. I promise I'll listen to yours first next time.


  2. Also this is interesting. While Bill White claims to have interviewed Tony Finch, Finch is denying even knowing who Bill White is in the Henderson Dispatch


  3. Bill White is in a world of shit. I'm sure Finch will sue William. It seems out Bill thinks he talked with Tony on the phone. Now who would be so cruel to call Bill up and tell them that he was Tony Finch? LOL!

    What goes around comes around Billy Boy.

  4. Oh and Schwartz? It gets even better, Finch is gonna sue Bill's fat Jewish ass off. LOL.

    Tomorrow I'll call Bill and tell him I am Jesse Jackson. I am behind Bill and his ANuSWiPe buddies 100%. Jesse just loves Bill Bumps.

  5. Ken wrote :Now who would be so cruel to call Bill up and tell them that he was Tony Finch? LOL!"

    You mean, I spent an hour listening and recording little Billy White show with his interview with "Tony" and that wasnt Tony - LOL - poor Bill - LOL

  6. Interesting...

    Also, did you catch the clip of Finch on the Raleigh ABC outlet? While talking to the reporter, Finch says: "It's not about race."

    link to Finch interview

    Finally, you probably all saw this, but I chuckled when I saw an ounce of humanity in Bill White's post about a decent black tenant of his:

    While I applaud Bill White for letting down his guard for a moment and recognizing that character is color-blind, I'd imagine his pals at VNN must be choking on their dinner to know that Bill White has a soft spot in his heart for African Americans.

    Unless, of course:

    a) Someone "hijacked" his blog again;
    b) Mr. White is schizophrenic, shouting "N**GER!" on one site and being kind to African Americans on another; or
    c) None of this is the "real" Bill White, and he has some hidden agenda.

  7. Bill White had an fling with a black woman named Alecia. When she found out he was a Nazi she called it off and Bill Stalked her even after she moved away from Virginia.

  8. Ken,

    Are you still a practicing Satanist?

  9. Vonnie, are you still a practicing nut case?

    And can you answer one question for me? Does Bill White's sperm taste like chicken?

  10. Vonbluvens, you should try praticing being a Human.

  11. Who knew, the NSM still had Satanist in it? lol

    Sad really.

  12. Bill White is a Satanist who used to shout verses from the Satanic bible to people reading the bible while at college?

    But if they are your friends, you embrace them and their Satanism.


    Bill White quotes from the Washington Post:

    "you should be able to write what you want on the internet whether its true or not." - Bill White, Washington Post, Feb 14 1996

    "Excerpt-Eighteen-year-old William A. White sidled up next to a man who was reading aloud from the Bible to passersby on the crowded University of Maryland campus one sunny afternoon, cracked open a satanic bible and began drowning him out with his booming voice." - Washington Post, Mar 16 1996

    [[Michael Blevins will sell out his christianity to get a friend]]

    "With a knack for evoking controversy, White became notorious at the University for doing whatever it takes to get under people' s skin. He practiced anarchist speeches at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night in a dormitory. He plastered articles about satanic rituals on his bedroom wall.-end excerpt" - Washington Post


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