Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michigan Heating Up - Floyd on His Way



Floyd is heading to Michigan in the morning and will be back next week. He asked me to post this for him.

Eye On Hate Radio - The American National Socialist Worker's Party (Bill White's organization ) is announcing they will be holding a rally 25 miles east of Jackson,Michigan On Aug 18.

If this rally by AMSWP happens, it will be the second racist event/rally with-in two weeks of each other, Hal Turner,racist broadcaster from NJ is holding a rally in Kalamazoo on Aug 4.
Eye On Hate Radio

Here is the announcement
There is going to be a ANSWP event 18 August this is going to be a large event. It will be coming off of the 4 August Rally Against Black Gang Terrorism. If you have to pick between one or the other pick this one.
This is our oun event the target will not be disclossed until after 4 August. It is about 25 miles east of Jackson Michigan. We will need at least 7 people to make this event run well. If we get a good turn out and act on a good plan we will have Major National News Coverage.
Neal Joitke
Michigan ANSWP

I will be hosting tomorrow night's show and Floyd will be checking in via phone - you guys don't want to miss a minute of this.


  1. So they are going to have a 3 person lovefest in Lansing, Michigan.

    Didn't the NSM hold a rally there a year or two ago?

  2. Floyd better be careful. He's liable to get his Ass stomped around real men.

    It seems to be Ok for Schwartzo KIKE to call other Faggots, but he can't stand to be pointed out as the biggest Faggot.

  3. Believe me, Steve - Floyd isn't worried - he has LOTS of friends in Michigan. Who had better worry is Bill White - he doesn't have any friends anywhere.

  4. Yep, Bill seems to have went off the deep lately. At least Hal has lots of friends too.

  5. dzignoring the pedo......


    BW has no friends but he'll make sure plenty of police are around to protect him along with his bullet proof vest. In six months, BW is claim the Little Hal rally was his own. That is what is doing now, telling the media that all the of the NSM rallies were of the ANSWP.

    Everytime Floyd has a public speaking engagement, he gets more listeners and supporters than Hal Turner has ever had his in life.

    The Kalamazoo Police are asking it's own citizens to stay away. But Little Harold claims they are coming to support the police. Seems the police don't support Little Harold and his gang of clowns

  6. Ole Schwartzo KIKE is still screaming out his Faggot desires for Hal. He has given al the little pet name of "Little Harold" when he thinks of sodomizing Hal's body.

    Want to ignore me some more, KIKE???

  7. Damn, the Pedo's finally gone off the deep end....

    I think it would be nice if the police did not protect Hal and his followers. Let them go toe to toe with the Antis. I'll bet little Harold would put the stop to his speaking engagements once he got his short little fat ass beat a time or two.

  8. Damn Howlin' Idiot. You appear that you have the same Faggot feelings for Hal that Schwartzo KIKE has; calling him "Little Harold" The man goes by Hal. Nobody will kick Hal's Ass. Is the Anti's coming dressed like Faggots & clowns again? The Anti's were laughing stocks at Knoxville

  9. Is this a show we can call in to?

  10. Sorry, Steve but as usual you have missed the point, the dim witted do that. The Antis dressed as clowns to mock the WN's who really mock themselves by dressing in Nazi attire. I hope this is clear. Now you can pull your foot out of your mouth. Another mystery explained to the unwashed and uneducated.

    Only homosexuals talk about homosexuality as much as you do Steve. And what is wrong with calling Hal, Little Harold? It seems to fit. Or how about Little Fat Harold?

  11. Dancing Turd Avatar, I knew why the Anti's dressed like Faggots & etc. They just what kind of Turdheads that they are. The NSM guys were well dressed. Those uniforms looked far more professional and better than your Freak buddies.

    It's Ok with me if you intend to call Hal's boner "Little Fat Harold"

  12. A word to the wise here Steve: If everyone thinks you are stupid, you most likely are stupid. Like on most things, you had no clue about the Antis until Raoul clued you in.

    And you think that it is "professional" to dress like a regime that my grandfather and thousands of Americans and millions of people died to stop? You think it is "professional" to dress and parrot the words of a government who gave rise to a holocaust that killed over 6,000,000 innocent victims?

    I do have a little respect for the fact that he doesn't dress like a Nazi clown but he is still a con man. I laugh my butt off each time one of you losers sends him money. It keeps me rolling on the floor.

  13. Fake Nimbusters Admin Dumbass. You can't compare the NSM guys with Hitler's WW2 Nazi's. These guys are Americans who just happen to care about our White race & etc.

    Yes, I knew about the Anti's Freaks before Dancing Turd mentioned it. I saw the video the day of the rally.

    Just keep laughing. I support Hal all that I'm able.

  14. So you think it's "professional" and American to dress in Nazi SS uniforms Steve? Do you really think that? Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich were quite possibly the most evil reign our world has ever known. 46 million people plus, were killed in WWII and only an idiot would deny the holocaust. These emulators of these evil men who want a return to Nazism are men you call "good Americans that care about our White race?"

    Oh and Steve, the funniest thing is that they don't even consider you part of the white race. On this part I am laughing with the Nimbuster Ad. I've heard both Bill and Von bad mouth you big time. By their standards you are not white but a filthy fat mongrel.

  15. Dancing Turd, I know that I'm White and that's all that counts. This was never an issue till I got involved with you Coon Lovers. In real life, my skin color has never been questioned. The Coons call me a Honkey just as quick as they do anyone else.

  16. Steve is stuck in a cycle of stupid and denial. He is not white by WN standards. Like it or lump it Stevo these are the people you idolize. What was it VonBluvens once called you on his show? A Pedo? Bill has called you a mongrel Pedo a couple of times. You sure look like an olive skinned Jew to me. Were I a Nazi Nut Case I would sure send you off to the ovens.

    Honkey? Honkey? Maybe in your imagination Pedo, I haven't heard anyone use that word in ten years.

  17. You've hit upon it Admin. Steve Holsten lives in a dream world where everything Hal says is true (Guff, snicker, fart) he is a white man and black people are less intelligent than he (hard to believe anyone could be that stupid and function in society) and still use 60-70 ish words like "Honkey" Here is a clue for you Holsten. Today's black racist catch phrase is "Peckerwood". Learn it so your lies will at least look creditable.

  18. The Niggers here in Cotton Country still say Honkey quite a bit. I've been called "Cracka" a few times as well.

    Howlin' Idiot, I as your Great Hero don't have to lie about the Bullshit. You don't know what the Fuck goes on around here. So, you're running your hole again about Shit you know nothing about.

    Fake Ass Admin, Von called me that for awhile, but backed off. He no longer calls me that. Bill White is a nut case. So, he's null & void.

  19. All White Nationals are nut cases. You are not white but your a nut. Stupid too.

    You are nothing more than a wannabe.
    That is my name for you, fat boy: Wannabe White Boy.


  20. Why that little faggot Pedo has the nerve talk about the Commander? Who pulled this stupid mongrel Pedo's fucking chain? Holsten should shut his mouth before someone punches it.
    That is what Corky thinks and he gets his mouth punched all the time.

  21. ignoring the childish rantings of pedophile Steve.....


    I thought Little Harold's rally was to support the police but it looks like the police don't support him. They are going to put Little Hal is his gang into a cage once again like animals in the zoo cage.

    Little Harold's plan B will be that he gets a diarrhea attack and acts like a 10 year old on his website. Oh, he already does that.

    I'm hoping BW does something that will undermine Little Harold and yet make the ARA look good. I'm counting that he will.

  22. Well, well. The KIKE Schwartzo wants me to remind everyone of his Faggot desires for my bod. He does this when he says he's ignoring my Greatness.

    Bro Hal will do just fine pointing out the Savagery that's going on against Whites. Remember KIKE, Hal will be far from being alone. Those Faggot looking Clowns won't be doing anything to Hal.

  23. I'm sure that Bill will do his very best to up stage Little Harold, Harry. It seems Bill will not forgive or forget their row (can someone explain to me what they were fighting about?). Bill White is the best thing that has ever happened to WN movement :)

  24. Well Steve, maybe if you weren't such a fat little racist the black people in Cotton County wouldn't dislike you so much. Actually I don't have you having the courage to be a least not out in the open. Knowing you'd get your fat ass stomped you'd keep your pie hole shut, just like in the election, eh Mr. Braveheart? But I digress, "Stuck on Stupid" Holsten is too damn dumb to debate.

    I have to ride with Schwartz and Xemblinosky, Bill is going to do something to try and take the lime light away from Harold. I also have it on pretty good authority that all is not well between Lil' Harold and Linder. Cracks are developing between their egos. Watch for a blow out. I like to fan the flames :) I keep reminding Linder that he called the little Man (Harold) a lying cocksucker. So far I can't get him to respond. More as it develops. (snicker)

  25. ignoring the childish rantings of the pedo.....



    I think you nailed it right on the head. When you got nutcases like Little Harold, BW, and Linder, something always will happen that will become comedy.


    BW is smart in this, he knows the memory of WN is about 15 minutes at most so he'll just pretend to do one "pro-white" thing and all is forgiven.

    I remember just a few years ago, the WN leaders were those who actually had doctorates or college degrees like Richard Butler and William Pierce. In the 1980's, the WN could put 100's into the streets with no problems. Today, they consider it a victory to get a dozen or few.

    The pro-white movement is just soooo stupid when it comes to organization and implimentation. The internet has allowed every nutjob like Blevins to have a voice, where in the past, he would be flushed out.

    And again, have you noticed that nearly all these internet racist never hold rallies in their home areas? Do you ever see Blevins doing any activism in Sarasota? BW in Roanoke? Linder in Kirksville?

    Well, I'm actually going to a church this morning to listen to our neighbor's child doing some solos. And to eat the free food afterwards.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Fake NIM Admin, you should've figured out by now that I'm not a radical Racist. My 2 biggest concerns are Affirmitive Action and black violence against Whites. Even though AA has never affected me; I still think it is very wrong. Look at that Nigger cop in Ohio who killed his pregnant White girlfriend who was carrying his little monkey. And yes, he is a Nigger for what he did. I have had several Niggers to steal from me over the years.

    Hell, even one of you Anti's admitted a few yrs ago that it would be stupid for anyone to go around broadcasting that they are a Racist. I wouldn't be so bad around these boards & blogs if you Dummies wouldn't uphold the Blacks so much which is another thing that irks me. Nobody has to go around constantly putting down all the blacks & etc, but there's no need to put them up on a pedastal to our level or higher. Especially as much as Schwartzo does.

    I didn't need to mention anything about my Racism during the election. Kennett's administration is all White. Our police has two blacks cops. One bounces back-n-forth between the police and the fire dept, and he's the only black firefighter. They call him a token Nigger, but he seems like a good ole boy. There are less than 5 businesses here that owned by blacks. Kennett is pretty well a White town.

    For the life of me; I can't understand why you would try to sabotage the upcoming rally. You must approve of black violence against Whites.

    It looks as though Schwartzo KIKE wokeup with his Faggot desires for me again.

  28. My uncle was a bit of a scary dude.
    He was plugged into and openly associated with some of Pierce's buddies or maybe ex-buddies: Willis Carto and David Hoggan (not to mention lots of people you've never heard of that are now either in jail or have died violently) He call himself "Mousy" and supported himself writing and publishing his own books which he advertised in Soldier of Fortune Magazine and such. The books concerned Racism and getting even or spying tactics.
    He also operated a flop house in L.A. He called the raptors.
    Mousy or George Carpenter was a founding member of the Iron Cross motorcycle gang (I say was because no one is sure if he is alive or dead). Neither Bill White nor Hal Turner would have made it in their circle...they'd have taken them out back and killed them.

    Are the leaders less able or do you think that the cause is washed up? I am not going to say there is no racial tension today but I see less of it. Certainly they are in decline. The Internet is the only glue that holds their movement together.

  29. Steve most of us here believe Hal's rally is not about racial violence but about racism itself. I know you are a Hal Turner supporter but to me and most everyone else we see Hal as a fraud who uses Racial Anger to line his own pockets.

    "Sabotage the upcoming rally"? Bill White will have more impact doing that than anyone on the Anti side.

  30. Real Hal supporters don't care if he makes a profit. I wish he'd get enough donations to where he could not have to work and to work full-time on his site and rallies & etc. I think $50 to $60 thousand annually would suffice. That would not make him a fraud.

  31. are quite correct in that among the people you have named, Bill White and Hal Turner would NEVER have been tolerated. They would, for sure, have been killed.

  32. There is no doubt Ole Schwartzo hopes these twins will wind up being Coon Lovers.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. If you could read Holeswine you'd realize that what the article is saying is that April is a sick women's whose beliefs has destroyed her life as well as that of her daughters but good thing? Lamb and Lynx are perhaps starting to escape her brain washing.

    I think the woman should be put jail for child abuse.

  35. That's just real sweet. The Fake Admin thinks it's child abuse for a parent to teach their kids how to be Racially aware. April should be commended for doing the right thing. I hope they are old enough to remember April's good words.

  36. As the Admin pointed out Holeswine:

    "If you could read" you'd realize they are rejecting April's message and coming into their own. This is a good thing boy. They won't waste their lives like April has, stupido. Read for comprehension, Pedo.

  37. Granted they may not be as outspoken as mom, but I'll bet they'll work to keep our White race pure by only making White babies.

  38. You are one sick little stupid Pedo Holsten. If you'd keep your pie hole shut people wouldn't realize you are so fucking stupid.

    And for the record you ain't white or pure bitch. Take your olive skin someone where and shut yer trap.

  39. Kiss my purty Ass, you Coon Lover.


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