Monday, July 16, 2007

White "Superiority" - Uh...huh

Here...we have white "superiority" at it's very best! Aren't you happy to know that your tax dollars are being spent so wisely?


Judge tells Allgier to behave
Neo-Nazi inmate in court on guard murder charges
By Stephen Hunt
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 07/13/2007 12:05:28 PM MDT

Curtis Allgier is accused in the slaying of a Corrections officer during a failed escape. (Tribune file photo)Posted: 11:17 AM- A heavily guarded Curtis Michael Allgier, accused of murdering a Corrections officer last month, made his first in-person court appearance today.

Numbering about 10, 3rd District Court bailiffs and jail guards were taking no chances with Allgier, the heavily tattood, neo-Nazi inmate facing a potential death penalty if convicted.

Allgier is charged with capital murder for allegedly slaying Stephen Anderson with the officer's own gun during a June 25 escape from University Hospital.

An exchange between Judge Deno Himonas and Allgier hinted that the inmate had been reluctant to appear in court.

Himonas told Allgier he had a right to be present, but that there "may be other ways for you to participate."

The judge added: "But if you are here, I expect you to behave appropriately. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir," Allgier replied.

The judge may have been referring to Allgier's insolent demeanor at an arraignment last week via closed-circuit TV in which the defendant rolled his eyes, sighed and addressed the judge with "Yo."

Allgier's defense attorneys declined to comment on today's cryptic exchange between Allgier and the judge.

Prosecutor Robert Stott told reporters he was unaware of the reason for the judge's comments.

Allgier, 27, is to appear before Himonas again on Sept. 7, at which time it is anticipated that a preliminary hearing will be set.

Court-appointed attorney Michael Peterson told the judge he was working with prosecutors to obtain case information, including police, witness and forensic reports. Allgier is also represented by taxpayer funded attorneys Brennon Fuelling and Ralph Dellapiana.

Anderson, 60, was shot in the head and chest in an exam room at University Hospital, where the inmate - serving time for burglary - was brought for treatment of a back problem.

The two shots belie Allgier's statements to news reporters that the gun fired accidentally as he struggled with the officer after Allgier purportedly announced he was walking out.

In addition to murder, Allgier is charged with three counts of first-degree felony attempted murder. He is accused of trying to run down a Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy during a high-speed chase and allegedly trying to kill two other people in an Arby's restaurant near 1700 South and Redwood Road, where he fled after the shooting.

Prosecutors also have charged Allgier with disarming a peace officer, aggravated escape and aggravated robbery - all first-degree felonies - and possession of a weapon by a restricted person, a second-degree felony.

Deputy Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller have said they intend to seek the death penalty for Allgier.

Meanwhile, Allgier's friend, Trisha Tower, 26, is scheduled for a Sept. 25 preliminary hearing on a charge of first-degree felony obstructing justice for allegedly giving Allgier a change of clothes and hiding his prison jumpsuit.

Allgier stopped to see Tower soon after leaving the hospital and allegedly stealing a physician's vehicle while brandishing the dead officer's weapon.


  1. What makes these particular gangs and thugs a problem is they don't maintain an internet site. It's drugs, murder, and thuggery that drive these white supremacist and they are harder to track.

    With the internet white supremacist gangs, it's usually mental malfunction and paranoia that fuels them.

    And what is it with Utah where a lot of this is happening? They really need to restructure the prison system there.

    White supremacism is only welcomed in one area of the world. Prison yards.

  2. They need to put more WN's in prison.

    Bill White, Hal Turner, and Linder all need to go. VonBluvens needs to go to a nut house.

  3. Harry Shit-Head sez:"What makes these particular gangs and thugs a problem is they don't maintain an internet site. It's drugs, murder, and thuggery that drive these white supremacist and they are harder to track

    u couldn't track an elephant through the snow u fckn DRONGO!

    With the internet white supremacist gangs, it's usually mental malfunction and paranoia that fuels them

    so...some-one who arrives @ a carefully & fully-thought-out belief in white nationalism after reading numerous texts including the works of well-recognised, tenured professors like Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Fraser and J P Rushton has 'a mental mal-function'?

    PISS OFF! jew boy!

    'mental mal-functions' r a genetic characteristic of jew bastards like U!

    White supremacism is only welcomed in one area of the world. Prison yards"

    howz abt 'black supremicism' or 'spic supremicism'?

    ohh...thassright!...only white people can be 'supremicist', right, cunt?

    FUCK OFF! u worthless jew shit-bag!

    *the MSM is DEAD!...we KILLED it! we're gunna PISS on its grave!

  4. "howlin' head-case" sez: They need to put more WN's in prison

    they need to put more ZOG bastard like U in the fckn cemetery or, better yet, the crematoria so u don't pollute the soil!

  5. Thanks Jimbo, I needed a good White man's laugh this early morning. That Howlin' Freak sounds like he got one shoved up Ass sideways.

  6. To Mr. Schwartz:

    While the Utah prison system may currently be in the spotlight, racial agitation and violence happens nationwide. California is the most notorious example, with black and latino gangs constantly skirmishing.

    A 2001 Human Rights Watch report shows that whites are disproportionately victimized by prison rape (scroll halfway down and look for the paragraph entitled "Race and Ethnicity"). This is one of the major factors fueling WN prison gangs.

    However, this is but a subset of a greater problem nationwide. Too many of us believe that once we get the cons behind bars, we can just forget about them. As a result, wardens of underfunded and understaffed prisons, desperate to keep order (and protect their DOC careers), allow "alpha" inmates to serve as proxy enforcers. These "alpha" inmates use drugs and rape as two major control mechanisms.

    Worse yet are the advent of private prisons. Because of the sheer profit motive, no evil can be restrained within these institutions.

    When Americans decide that prison reform is more important than crusading worldwide for "democracy" or imposing multicultural Marxism here at home, the honest con will have a better chance to do his time in peace, and won't have to turn his face into a billboard for self-protection.

  7. What seems to be your problem child molester Holsten?

  8. You're my problem Howlin' Idiot. You know it takes a Coon Lover like you to try to put down a good highly repected man such as Hal.

    You need to stop falsey calling me "your Great Hero" a Molestor

  9. Harry - check your email please!

  10. Nikki,
    Cryptic message received. Reply done.



    I'm not going to disagree with you on what you said for the most part. For a change, you make good points.

    Racial problems have long been the rule in prison and that includes all races.

    In order to survive in some prisons, you do have to belong to a racial group.

    It sucks but I realize that will never change. Race will always be the factor in social behavior of prisoners.

    I think the "drug war" in America has lead to an overpopulation in the prison system and especially county jails.

    I also think that a lot of prison problems do come from an understaffing of prison staff which does all the strong prisoners to rule over the weak ones.

    Prison rape is a problem and it is mostly black on white. I think a lot of this is that white inmates are looked as being weak and if they show weakness, they are prime victims. This does lead to them going white prison gangs. But what is not reported is in order to join a white prison gang, either they have to "punk out" or do an act of violence under the orders of a strong "alpha male"

    The problem with prison reform and the building of new prisons is almost no one wants them in their neighorhood, especially middle and upper class whites. They built a huge prison complex near Cumberland, MD about an hours drive where I live now because of the lack of jobs.

    When I lived in South Carolina, the only place they could build prisons were in the poorest parts of the state.

    BTW: being Jewish in a medium or maximum security prison = protective custody.

    But I still maintain 100 percent that the only place where white supremacism is acceptable is on the prison yards of America.

    And it doesn't excuse their behavior when they get out of prison.

    Private prisons are a cop out for states not wanting to take care of their responsibilities. Vermont and DC are notorious for sending prisoners to out of state private prisons.

    I do agree that prison reform does have to happen but I'm sure we'll disagree on how. It's obvious the US prison system is a total failure.

    I like the Swedish prison system myself but Americans will never go for it.

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  13. The great thing about the Aryan botherhood is that like most white supremacists they're just not too damn bright. Have you heard about Tracy Swena? He was a caller to Hal's show. He is the founder and self-appointed "general" of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture (SAC), a white supremacist gang based in the Utah state prison system, pleaded guilty in August to racketeering and was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

    Another one bites the dust!

  14. This fake Hal seems to be craving Hal's bone to be shoved down his throat.

  15. ANUsWiPe is holding it's own "independent" rally at Kalamazoo on the same day as that idiot Hal. Looks like another 2 man march for Billy.

    The WN can't get up enough people for one decent rally much less two. Ain't Bill White Great? We need an to give him the Anti-Racist Man of the Year award. LOL.

  16. ignoring the childish rantings of the pedo...


    Howlin Hal,

    Bill vs Little Harold, the battle of the mentally unstables.

    Bill will try his damnest to undermine Hal Turner. He'll show up wearing a nazi costume and try to start a riot. Bill will start his 2 man rally a few hours prior to Turner's rally. The idea of course is to get Hal's rally CANCELED!!!!

    Little Harold doesn't really care about that, he's already made about a 1,000 dollar profit from just mentioning the rally.

  17. Schwartzo the KIKE is once again showing his Faggot desires for Hal just like the Howlin' Idiot. Schwartzo KIKE must think of Hal as a child in his Faggot desires since he calls him "Little Harold".

  18. Steve, I do not want to be insulting but do you think the fact that you equate everything with homosexuality related to the fact that you were "tampered with as a child?" They're really isn't anything wrong with homosexuality if that is your thing. Maybe it is time you came to terms with it and embrace it. I think you'd be a more gay (if you'll excuse the pun) and happier person...

  19. Dancing Turd Avatar, your Great Hero does not embrace Faggotry. There is no hairy legged nasty assed men who attract me. And yes, it is very wrong. It is an abomination in God's eye.
    All of my relationships have been and always will be heterosexual.

    Maybe I wouldn't think that you and Schwartzo KIKE have your Faggot desires for Hal if you two weren't so obsessed with him.


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