Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kalamazoo,MI Police: Ignore Aug. 4 Racist Rally

From Eye On Hate Radio ( Floyd) - This is the first Michigan article I have seen concerning the racist rally in Kalamazoo.
Last year during my visits to Michigan I talked about NJ racist Hal Turner, joining Turner will be Michigan based KKK leader Randy Gray and Michigan based racist leader "pastor" James Wickstrom.
We will keep you posted as we get closer to Aug. 4.
Floyd - Eye On Hate Radio

Residents urged to ignore radio show host's rally
Saturday, July 07, 2007
By Alex Nixon 388-2783
Police are urging Kalamazoo residents to ignore a rally against ``black gang terrorism'' that the host of an Internet radio talk show says he is organizing here.
Hal Turner, of North Bergen, N.J., has called for an Aug. 4 protest in Kalamazoo in response to reports of alleged assaults by black teenagers against whites.
Kalamazoo residents should ``ignore his (Turner) rally cry to gather and meet,'' said Dan Weston, chief of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

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  1. That's right. Stick your heads in the sand and ignore the Savage Nigger attacks. I wonder how you'd react if your loved ones was Savagely attacked by Apes.

  2. Hat tip to the Kalamazoo Gazette for helping promote the rally. Now many white people who otherwise might not have heard of it will be motivated to visit Hal Turner's site and find out why 15 of the 21 attacks have been black-against-white.

    However, I would not suggest these are hate crimes in the classical sense. For transracial crimes to be classical hate crimes, there must be malice aforethought.

    Instead, I look upon them as "opportunistic" hate crimes. These blacks don't necessarily hate whites; instead, they look upon whites as a bunch of chumps not worthy of respect, and capitalize on it.

    And why is this? Because whites have allowed themselves to take racial abuse from non-whites for 43 years in the name of "historical legacy". They feel this is part of "making up for past injustices". However, to the more elementally-natured blacks, this is viewed as a sign of weakness; while blacks have lost their fear of the white man, they've also lost respect for him as well.

    That's why as long as blacks and Latinos act racial, it is appropriate and even necessary for whites to act racial, too.

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    Oh, yea, and that picture Steve keeps complaining about that shows him with dark skin is the same picture Steve HIMSELF submitted to his local newspaper.

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    Now for you PER CAPITA people out there.

    If a black man were to commit a crime against a random person, the odds are at least 15 times out of 21, the person would be white since 78 percent of the US population is white.


    And Steve, how would you react if a White savage raped your daughters or child?

    The same I hope you would react if a black man did it.

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    At his core Stevo is just a scared little boy and proves it with his every post.

    Visit Hal Turner's site Anchorage? Hal Turner is a known liar. Why should I believe anything Hal has to say? He's been proven a liar almost as many times as Bill White.

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    I actually have greater problems with Hal Turner who exploits people like Steve for his own monetary gain; Alex Linder who is most likely insane; Mona Montgomery who is without a doubt completely insane (I know, I've met her); Bill White and Vonnie Welfare are just too damn pathetic to do anything but laugh at :)

    Were I Steve I'd be wondering why people on both sides of the race issue hate him. You seem to be his only friend and you are most likely a sock puppet. I guess it must be his award winning personality.

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    The rally in Kalamazoo will do what the other rallies did. Make the nazis look like idiots while uniting the neighborhood.

  33. At least the people will hear Savage Nigger truths. The Whites will wakeup one of these days.

  34. What people will hear it Steevo?

    Hal will get 50 people, nearly all of them out of state along with 300 protestors and the police to protect the racist.

    Out of the millions who live within a 3 hour drive, less than 1 out of 100,000 will "hear" the message.


    Now back the questions I asked that you dodged.

    1) How would you react if a member of your family was raped by a white man??

    2) You claimed that photo of you makes you look dark but yet you sent that very picture into your local newspaper. Why did you do that if that were the case?

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  35. When I got out of work today - I started scanning various racist websites - one of them is Hal "I cant tell the truth" Turner.

    First I want to say if you are gonna make up lies Hal, you need to work on your time lines.

    Today (monday) On Hal's website he was babbling and ranting about "clean harry" on his website who was under investagation by the Feds for posting nasty things on Hal website.

    According to Hal, he and 8 car loads of people grab thier guns and drove to the man's house who was being "investagated" by the feds.

    the only problem is Hal screwed up his lie,

    At 12:28pm Hal posts on his site that he is on the phone with "clean harry" later Hal posted that he and his 8 carloads of goons drove 90 to "clean harry's" house. According to Hal they got to 'clean harry's house at 1:45 pm.

    So, let's do some math

    at 1228pm Hal is at his home talking with "clean harry" then rounds up 8 carloads of people, drives 90 miles to arrive at 1:45 which would mean that in an hour and 17 minutes Hal organizies 8 carloads of people with guns and drive 90 miles all with in an hr and 17 minutes, that is absolutly amazing !

    next I expect Hal will be begging for money, you know to help pay for gas and ammo for those 8 carloads of armed men.


  36. Floyd, do you think it is a personality trait of WN's to be habitual liars? Certainly that is the case with both Bill White and Hal Turner. Both men seem to suffer from low self esteem and attempt to build themselves up by lying.

  37. I saw the same thing Floyd, I also put up the cut out on my blog.

    Also if the secret service would have gotten warrants to get "clean harry's" info from haloscan ... then info from his ISP ... a home search warrant would be routine.

    Hal is either on a cocaine binge or is seriously mentally ill.

  38. Hal Turner is mentally ill. Only a child molester who lives in Missouri would give money or listen to him.

  39. The thing that really burns my ass about Hal Turner is that he is so fake. He is not in truth a White National. The only one Hal supports in truth is Hal Turner. He takes money that could be put to good use.
    Alex Linder has become a rising Star
    in the WN movement yet he throwing in with Hal Turner? What the hell is he thinking?

  40. Face it, Coon Lover. Some of us are much more smarter than you & Schwarto when it comes to Hal Turner

  41. YOu all will want to tune into Thursday night's July 12 program of Eye On Hate Radio, as I tell you about the dream I had of killing Bill White and Hal Turner, I woke up in a cold sweat and a sadistic smile on my face.

    Also, I have a segment I am working on called "fighting fire with fire" ( i like fire , dont you ? )

    You wont want to miss the show it starts at 9pm Thursday night Live !

    Eye On Hate Radio

    Raoul - I will answer your question this Thursday night on the Eye On Hate Radio Broadcast. It's a great question and one that needs to be addressed.

  42. Bravo30 subguns fan


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