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Aftermath of the June 16 racist rally in Knoxville, Tenn.
Knoxville, Tenn. to Racists Gangs : GO AWAY !

Bill White's latest tactic - is he trying to make a comeback? (From Nikki Nichols)

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  1. I think its funny when you all refer to any group of angry whites as a "racist gang." Yeah, way to stay in touch with America.

    Anyhow, to pour a little lemon juice on an already festering wound (a mortal one it seems), here's a story we should all follow: A missing woman, 9 months pregnant when she disappeared.

    Here's the bet. She is married but seperated from a negro. This man has a history of violence against women. This is pretty common in inter-racial relationships. Cowardly males like whores to beat up. Anyhow, apparently this woman was snatched from her home by someone who apparently didn't care if the two year old child of her and boo-boo lived or died. Okay. There's more to the case but we'll stop there.

    Here's my bet. I bet you will never hear from me again on this blog if they find out its the negro who took/killed her (provided she's dead), you'll never hear about this case again. You'll never hear another word about the typical inter-racial "American" love story gone bad...real bad.

    Now for my fellow boneheads, don't think for a minute that I'd entertain the idea of flying the flag for this woman. I'm not. I'm not suggesting anyone does. What I want to point out is how predictable our media is. I've heard of more criminal horror stories about black-man-white-woman couples than I care to list here. Anyhow, just everyone pay attention to this case. It could go either way and it might not even have anything to do with Mr. Negro after all.

  2. Chris,

    If the missing woman were black, you wouldn't even be hearing about it on the news. Only pretty white women who disappear make national news when they disappear.

  3. You're probably right, Harry. If you reported a black woman missing, you might have to reveal some ugliness in the black community, blacks also rob, rape and kill each other like crazy. Its like talking about "governments" in Africa. People in the media avoid mentioning them for obvious reasons. Take the problems in the former state of Yugoslavia. If that was Africa, it could have start twice as early, lasted twice as long, with twice the dead and the media would barely touch it. Black trouble of any kind serves zero propaganda value.

    Also, can you honestly see the black community mounting a 1000 man search for a missing "sista"? You can say whatever, most blacks I know don't give two shits about each other until it comes to race-relations with other races in the community. Whites used to be the exact opposite. Thats changing.

  4. Chris,

    I don't know if you have read my earlier stuff about the black community and it's leaders like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. It's not been all good and I have a dislike of Sharpton and Jackson. I think they fuel racism from both ends. They rile up the black racist and they make the white racist look credible.

    As far as black on black crime, I've mentioned many, many times that along with white on white crime is much, much, much more common than black on white crime. I don't understand why you focus on black on white crime when white on white crime is much more common. And black on black crime is much more common than black on white crime.

    I did read in the Edgefield Daily (close to your area) about a black kid going missing and immediately a posse of dozens of volunteers within 2 hours were rounded up and started searching. And they found the kids.

    I do believe the problems in the black community are complex and consist and many factors.

    I also believe white supremacist exploit the problems in the black community for their own agenda.

  5. Ha. I volunteered to help look for a missing negro once. He escaped from a nearby prison. We never found him. I'll talk more on this tommorow.

    There's some more developements in the case I mentioned. Who knows how that one will turn out.

  6. I saw it on the news tonight - seems they found a baby left on a door step about 45 miles away.

  7. A quick note before bedtime on the baby found 45 minutes away from where the woman lived. The police say it is unlikely that the newborn baby is that of the pregnant missing traitor woman. My question is, before we get the DNA results, are mixed race newborn babies turning up in a basket on people's doorsteps a common thing? If so, I'm glad its not like that around here. I can see a half-negro newborn baby turning up on my doorstep. My luck would have it that before the police and EMTs could get here, my buddys would drop by and see me sitting on the sofa with a half-white baby in a basket. I'd have one hell of a lot of explaining to do. "Headlines: tattoed skinhead beaten to death, likely by associates, mixed baby ok."

  8. Well they found the body of the white woman and have charged her black boyfriend with the crime.

    It's all over the news, on every nationwide news channel, and every local channel.

    Dozens of blacks getting murdered each day and no national coverage of those murders at all. But when a pretty white woman gets murdered, the media flocks to it.

    So much for Drake's claim the crime was going to be silenced once they caught the suspect if he was black.

  9. I'll got to add this. I posted this on another of Nikki's stories but it's important enough to post here.

    I am going to show why white supremacist are full of s... about the media ignoring black on white crimes.

    On every channel, in every newspaper, in every local news, the story about the pregnant woman being killed and her black boyfriend being charged is everywhere.

    But yet also today a man was charged today with 8 COUNTS OF MURDER several of them being his own children. But the mainstream media has ignored it? Could it be because it was a white male who murdered his own white children and others?

    I think the media is biased in only reporting when pretty white women are killed and always ignore when others are killed. So if you are fat, ugly, black, and poor, the media doesn't care.

  10. Schwartzo, that story was on Fox News off & on all Saturday afternoon. They arrested him at a funeral home near St. Louis.

  11. This is just one of many thousands of young innocent Foolish White Women who have tragically fallen for the society Destoying LIES the jews have been relentlessly pounding into the hearts and minds of our young for 50 years now.

    The Reason this 26 year Old is DEAD and never able to contribute to the White Gene Pool and carry on our Great Traditions of Invention, Building, Exploring and Creation is because she Fell for the jewish lie that monkies are superior to WHITE

    Because she was such a Sheep, she and her little apelet are now Dead and that is a good thing as she clearly would have continued to create more yard apes for the rest of us to have to pay for and house in prison one day.

    Monkey Boy did not want to have to pay out any more monkey support, so off she had to go.

    This young lady's Father should be Held accountable for her Death as HE and HE alone could and should have prevented this by teaching her the Reality of this World! Her Mother is clearly a total moron who was simply trying to love her idiot daughter. Where are the Strong White Fathers, where are you?

    Do you have the Guts to teach your precious Blood about the Real World, our little girls must be protected from the Killer apes of this Earth, it is a Violent Deadly World out there little girls, stay with your Own Kind, Strong White Men with Heart and Brains.

    Monkies are good for one thing, the Chain Gang.

    From now on, each and every person posting here must spell White Man with a Capital W, its White and its Right! In remembrance of just one more stupid little White Girl, Spell White Right and keep up the good Fight.

  12. This was a post from Hal Turner's comment area. I don't agree with all the Jew comments though.


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