Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kalamazoo On the Racist Circuit

Breaking News from Eye On Hate Radio

Calls are coming in to me and posting on racist websites that major racist leaders are planning on holding a rally in Kalamazoo, MI Aug 4th at 1pm to protest the beating of a White man by Black youth.

According to Hal Turner racist broadcaster in NJ and postings on VNNforum the following have agreed to be part of this rally Alex Linder, Pastor Jim Wickstrom, Hal turner, NSM, local Ku Klux Klan, and a host of others to speak!

as more in information become available , I will be it sending your way.

DLJ or anyone that has contacts among anti's in Michigan please pass this information along.

Eye On Hate Radio will be discussing this tonight at 9pm est on our regular Thusrday night broadcast.



  1. The Kalamazoo Gazette reported that, between March 1st and May 22nd of this year, fifteen of the 21 wolfpack attacks on the homeless were black-against-white; multiple black attackers against a lone white victim. WOOD-TV Channel 8 in Grand Rapids aired a story but suppressed the racial aspect. The combination of black attackers wearing a common item of clothing along with disproportional targeting of white victims implies a quasi-organized low-level black terrorist campaign against whites in Kalamazoo, with black mobs picking off vulnerable lone whites at the flanks of the herd much like prides of lions pick off vulnerable lone wildebeest in the Serengeti. Thus it is time to target Kalamazoo.

    (P.S. I apologize to lions in advance for comparing them to blacks. LOL!)

    Full details of this, including applicable media links, posted HERE.

    In addition, Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance has reportedly been invited.

  2. Odd, the story about this does mention the races of the victims and the assaulters

    There's no cover up at all. The races were mentioned and the police are looking for them.

    There have also been documented cases of white teenagers beating and even killing homeless people in other areas.

    But it's okay with white supremacist when a white kills a white man. Only when a black does it do they "care". Not really care but exploit is the right word.

  3. Listen to the Filthy Assed Hook KIKE Schwartzo run his hole about the White man. He is a Savage trouble making Nigger trapped in a White body.

  4. Steve is just jealous that most blacks are more intelligent, more successful, and more human than he is.

    You can tell by his writing style that it's about on the 4th grade level. Probably lower, at least a 4th grader can write sentences without profanities or sexual remarks.

    But that's okay. As long as we can pin the Steve Holsten's as being the norm among white supremacist, there's nothing to worry about.

  5. Well Mr. Schwartz one thing you can say for Steve (along the positive lines) at least he can string together somewhat coherent sentences which sometimes make some sort of sense.

    Jimbo on the other makes no sense what so ever. I feel a bit sorry for Steve. He is just scared and ignorant and has to get his direction from loser con men like Hal Turner or the seriously deluded such as Linder, Vonnie, or Billy White. Steve wants desperately to belong to the WN movement but most in White Nationals would not even consider Steve White.

    I find that rather ironic and funny. It might also be the reason for much of Stevo's anger. Though a lot of it, I suspect is fear and jealously toward black people. Poor Steve, I can't find it in my heart to really dislike him. He is just too damn pathetic.

  6. Well, well, it's funny seeing two Tards trying to put me down. One uses a queery looking bicycle for an avatar and the other uses a brown bouncing Turd.

    I wish I could see where you two get off on thinking that I would ever be jealous of Niggers. Hell, they're too much like Apes. How can they be more human than me? They smell bad and they have Brillo pad hair.

    Bouncing Turd, I'm not an angry person. It is aggravating that the Niggers forgot their role.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Oh yes, Steve that broken down Diesel truck that sits in your drive way in front of your >less than 10,000 shitty trailer home is so much better. Isn't it a bitch that it has to sit there most of the time because of the high diesel prices you can't afford to move it?

    Maybe if you hadn't been fired from your last job you could afford to go somewhere or maybe if you weren't too lazy to go out and find another one.... Oh wait if you work then they garnish your tiny little check. It seems that DirecTV and the check cashing place that you wrote your hot checks wants the money that you stole from them.

    Just admit it, Stevo what is really
    aggravating is life itself when you're a poor white trash lying little thief. Now that is really what is bothering you, isn't it boy?

  9. Bouncing Turd is wrong on all counts again. Diesel is about 30 cents a gallon cheaper here than gas. My 300 gallon tank out back has over 200 gallons in it now. I don't waste it, but I go when & where I need & want.

    DickHeadTV & Delta Cash are the least of my worries.

    I don't feel poor. We have two incomes and we own our home.

    So Bouncing Turd, you try to put your Great Hero down, but I hold my head high & proud.

  10. Steevo,

    You said yourself you couldn't afford to go to the Knoxville rallies even though they were only 350 miles from your own house.

    You claim to be pro-white but yet when you ran for local office, you refused to make it an issue. You even said to the Dunklin Daily Democrat that all your racist rantings were "imposters". I know because I talked to them via email.

    I can't remember her name but she knows Steevo well (and has posted here) and says he is only a "tough guy" online, not a racist in real life,

    US Court records show you claiming to be indigent in your own writing, begging for a court appointed lawyer in your DirecTV case.

    The bottom line, Steevo is only a big mouth on the internet.

    The Delta Check cashing case is Steevo stiffing his local cash advance company. The fact Steevo needs to get cash advances on checks should tell you that status he lives in.

    The shed in my backyard is worth more than that manufactured home Steevo lives in.


    If the nazis ever did control of the Government, this is what they would do to Steve Holsten.


    Children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions or Downs
    syndrome were used as subjects of "scientific" experiments by physicians
    and their students. Many a doctoral dissertation was based on the
    experiments performed on living conscious children. Their blood and spinal
    fluids were drawn and replaced with air so that clear x- rays could be
    taken of their brains. Children were injected with drugs, sugar and other
    chemicals to test their reactions. Generous research grants were given to
    support this kind of research. Dr. Heinze, one of the planners of child
    euthanasia, performed experiments on many children before he killed them
    (Friedlander, 1994). .

    After the experiments were completed, the children were "disinfected"
    (killed) (Burleigh, 1994). Brains and other body organs were removed and
    sent to university research laboratories

  11. Ole Schwartzo KIKE can't retribute without making personal attacks. So what comes around goes around.

    Schwartzie proved himself to be full of shit a few years ago when he said a couple of times he was going to have Vonbluvens and I put away for 72 hours forced observations in mental hospitals. his threats are as empty as his fat head with a jew nose.

    If the real truth were known you can bet that Schwartzo and his half breed brood all live in a nigger infested low-rent housing project that is also roach infested and not a half million dollar home that only exists in his dreams.

    I really feel sorry for Schwartzo. He would give a million dollars if he could've been born a Nasty Smelly Buck Nigger with a Brillo pad for hair. He hates not being a Brutha.

    As far as Dickhead-TV goes; I don't count that Bullshit as a debt. Those cases are all a bunch of Bullshit. As I must have said a hundred times before; they'll get more use out of the paperwork by using it to wipe their Asses. Then they can feel like they got something out of it.

  12. Harry Shit-for-brainz: "Children with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions or Downs syndrome were used as subjects of 'scientific' experiments by physicians and their students....." &c!

    nice link there, H!

    nizkor......real fckn RELIABLE!....WTF don't u 'trot out' Kenneth McVay OBE, self-styled clown, while yr @ it?


    the stuff yr accusing the Nazis of is what the jew bolsheviks were doing to perfectly healthy Aryan children in the jewSSR & what they continue to do to-day in both Yidsrael & the jewSA...but: it's an old jew-boy tactic: call yr enemy what you are! accuse yr enemy of what you do!.....don't 'trot out' yr jew-boy lies here, cunt!.....some of us ain't brain-dead ZOG couch it for the MSM!

  13. Steevo

    Poor Steevo can't even keep his own stories straight.

    Anyone can simply follow this thread to see who started the name calling. It was Steevo himself in post #3. But it's okay, considering Steevo is borderline retarded and spends more time talking about the hairs in his butt, that's to be expected.

    Blevins has a well established history of mental illness. I used to think you are mentally ill (and probably are) but I think you are simply more retarded.



    Thanks for bringing up Ken McVay, one of the world's leading people debunking Holocaust revisionism. You can read all about this good man by clicking here

    Jimbo is right, the athiest run USSR did do some awful experiments on retarded and disabled patients as well.

    The USSR was one of the biggest enemies to Israel supplying the Arabs with most of their weapons during the wars.

  14. from svartzer's 'link':
    ...He(McVey) was compelled to counter the deceit of holocaust deniers and hate mongers after running across virulently antisemitic material on the Internet in January of 1992. It had been posted by Dan Gannon, from Portland, Oregon, and included malignant doses of Nazi propaganda. Offended at the nature of this material, McVay began making trips to the local library in search of Holocaust information, and borrowing books on the subject.
    He began what has now become his life's work, re-reading many of the three hundred books about World War II that he had read as a teenager and reading for the first time countless additional books specifically about the Holocaust. He transcribed relevant information into his computer and then used this documentation to refute the specific claims made by Mr. Gannon.
    ....McVay has directed an effort to enhance what has become the world's largest Holocaust-resource Web site. Within the past few years, thousands of pages of information have been added, including the complete transcripts of the first Nuremberg Military Tribunal and the Trial of Adolf Eichmann

    blah blah lying kike cunts never know when to say "enough!" do youse?

    don't youse fckn know that more & more people are waking up! to this jew bastard 'fractured fairy tale' daily?

    soon: MOST people will be awake!

    then: LOOK OUT!

    McVay began making trips to the local library in search of Holocaust information, and borrowing books on the subject.
    He began what has now become his life's work, re-reading many of the three hundred books about World War II that he had read as a teenager and reading for the first time countless additional books specifically about the Holocaust

    ho hum!
    naturally: he didn't bother researching any source documents or archival material(like: for instance: Red Cross reports!)....just re-hashed jew bull-shit written by PROVEN FRAUDS like Vrba and the Lying Weasel!

    Within the past few years, thousands of pages of information have been added, including the complete transcripts of the first Nuremberg Military Tribunal and the Trial of Adolf Eichmann

    ha bloody ha!
    look up 'kangaroo court' & 'show trial' in the dictionary & you'll find a mention of those two notorious monstrosities....wasn't Eichmann kept behind sound-proof, bullet-proof glass so he couldn't tell the world how badly he had been tortured by the filthy jewish maggots who arrested & incarcerated him? hunh?

    and...the 'Nuremberg Transcripts'....yeh: it'd make good shit-ppr....that's about ALL!
    the jewSA & the jewK in the person of Ike the Kike & Bomber Butcher Harris should have been sitting in the dock along side those brave Germans if THAT had to have been 'the real deal'.....

    BTW, shitzer!...thnx for 'reverting to type'.....a whingeing, whining jew SOOK!

    OK...'cry baby'....i guess you'll be wanting 'donations' or 'reparations' on the basis of all that BULLshit....sorry: i'm 'running on empty'/broke @ the moment...can only afford $A1...abt all you fckn kikez are WORTH!

    cry me a river, you kike cunt!

  15. Mr. Schwartz, I can not say that I know Mr. Holsten but I did in fact meet him once. It was quite recently. Mr. Holsten is not how he appears on this blog. He is maybe 5'10 or taller but appears much smaller because he rarely makes eye contact. He is grossly over weight but outwardly friendly.

    I became interested in Mr. Holsten during the recent city council election when I, as did everyone who is on the Kennett Chamber of Commerce received snail mail concerning Steve Holsten. The mail itself was post marked from Moberly Missoui a town that is over 300 miles from us. The letter was a real smear job on Mr. Holsten calling him a Pedophile, a racist, a terrorist, and a thief. It contained a list of all the places that Mr. Holsten posted on the Internet and it included this blog (which is how I found my way here). I am very much concerned about my community and was very concerned that someone unfit who could bring shame and mad press upon Kennett. However, many of the allegations in the letter were never substantiated and though I do not claim to be a fan of Mr. Holsten I think he was smeared a bit. His son might have attempted to become a Pedophile but Steve Holsten would not appear to be one.

    I wonder who in Moberly could have such a dislike for Mr. Holsten but I suspect because of his "tough guy" stance or as one person called him a "keyboard Rambo" that he has made someone mad enough to want to do him harm. It is easy to make enemies on the Internet.

    As far as Kennett goes I can tell you that we are not a city of "back water rednecks" We have a large black population 11% and no history of hate crimes and very little or no racial tension. Anyone wishing to learn about Kennett can go to (sorry I do not know how to post hypertext links like the rest of you).

  16. I still say this Sarah is not the real person from Kennett. I am glad that whoever it is telling truths. One thing they are very wrong about is that I don't go around with my head down. I have no reason to.

    No, Kennett hasn't had any real racial tensions since the 60's, and that mainly at the high school. I'm not old enough to remember, but I've heard plenty of stories.

  17. 'sarah': The letter was a real smear job on Mr Holsten calling him a Pedophile, a racist, a terrorist, and a thief

    feel free to call me 'a racist & a terrorist'; it bothers me not a WHIT!; u can evn call me 'a thief': 'a thief from ZOG': purloining corrupted minds & 're-birthing' them into some-thing white, bright & RIGHT!

    but...a paedophile!

    if you said THAT to my face, i'd have to cancel yr life insurance for you!

  18. Sarah said something interesting about the letters coming from Moberly Missouri. That is where a guy named Brent Hamm lives. He used to claim that Holsten attempted to molest his sister's daughter. Can't say if it was true or not. He also seemed to have a problem with alcohol.

  19. Hey Jimbo, I'm calling you a Pedophile. Come to the states and I'll do it to your face.

  20. Hell, you'd just about falsely accuse anyone of being a Pedo, you piece of Shit impostering Admin Wannabee.

  21. Sarah,

    Just follow this thread and you'll see what a vile racist Steve Holsten is. Do you really want a person in Kennett elected who compares "niggers to apes"??

    But you also can see, Steve is only a racist online and is afraid to actually be a racist in Kennett. I don't blame him, he probably would be driven out of town if it were discovered.

    I am fully aware of Kennett having a higher black population than most of Missouri with only the larger cities and towns closer to the Mississippi River.

    But it's very clear Steve Holsten is totally unfit to be elected to anything in Kennett. Think about it. Steve Holsten wants to control the purse strings of Kennett but can not control his own. He stiffed the local cash advance place and stole DirecTV where he know owns a $10,000 judgment as a result.

    I maybe can understand why Dunklin Democrat didn't want to stir up racial problems. But they do owe it to their community to identify racist when they attempt to run for public office.

    That is dishonesty on the part of their newspaper.

  22. Schwartzo the KIKE ignored the facts where she said that I was not likely to be a Pedo, and that I am a very friendly person. Just like most other Coon Lovers; he only goes for the jugular.

  23. 'admin nimbusters': Hey Jimbo, I'm calling you a Pedophile. Come to the states and I'll do it to your face

    i can't afford the air-fare; but: i get a better idea any-way; my contact details r on my 'blog: you come out here; i'll give you my address; come 'round: say yr piece & then we'll see WTF happens!

    howzat cunt?

  24. Nikki,

    I am going to show why white supremacist are full of s... about the media ignoring black on white crimes.

    On every channel, in every newspaper, in every local news, the story about the pregnant woman being killed and her black boyfriend being charged is everywhere.

    But yet also today a man was charged today with 8 COUNTS OF MURDER several of them being his own children. But the mainstream media has ignored it? Could it be because it was a white male who murdered his own white children and others?


    Photos of suspect

    I think the media is biased in only reporting when pretty white women are killed and always ignore when others are killed. So if you are fat, ugly, black, and poor, the media doesn't care.

  25. Fox News covered it off & on all afternoon.

  26. Kennett is a diverse community. I am uncertain why the Dunklin Democrat did not run the story about Mr. Holsten but I think it might have something to do with the allegations against him coming from outside of Kennett and it being from someone with an obivious axe to grind.

    Kennett had no racial tensions of note in the sixties as Mr. Holsten claims. Not to my knowledge if he can quote specific documented examples then I am all ears but I do not believe anything exists except in his imagination. Kennett
    has always had an intergrated school system so the busing problems of the rest of the country did not effect us. We did vote to secede from the union in 1862 on the side of the south. That is the only racial stain on the Kennett name that I know about.

  27. I have several older friends who were in high school here in the 60's. They all said the same thing. The Jigaboos back then would corner and gang up on White guys. I'm not going to give out names, but these people's word is plenty good enough for me.

    I drove busses here from 87 - 91 and the Bragg City kids hated the blacks. Bragg City is an all White community a few miles east of Kennett. I know because I hauled them together every afternoon till the blacks got off at the Circle or the "Ghetto" as they call it.

    I do agree that there are no racial tensions here now and haven't been for several decades.

    The paper didn't write anything bad about me because there is nothing bad. Ole Schwartzo jut likes lie and run his hole about me since I don't think like he does.

    I raised my kids and minded my own business. I drove school busses here accident free over 10 yrs, and worked over 18 yrs in retail.

  28. I am glad you did that, Harry. I read about both crimes last night and thought much the same thing. This guy killed his wife AND his kids and very little has been said other than in the local media.

  29. Nikki,

    It's still the top story at CNN this monday morning. Same with Fox. Same with Myway. It's the 2nd story on MSNBC. It was a horrible crime but so are the dozens of other murders that happen each day.

    Meanwhile the dozens of other murders get no national attention at all. When I read the Washington Post or Baltimore Sun, murders are usually on the B section of the paper, back around the 8th page.

    The man who killed his wife and his children are totally off their pages now. Poor whites can't make the news either when they get murdered.

    So much for the media hides black on white crime bullsh.. that white bigots like to spew.

    Only when a pretty white women gets murdered does the national media get involved. And only when a pretty white woman goes missing do volunteers come out. Remember the "missing bride" case??

    It's a shame really.

    My Blog, hopefully I'll keep it up

  30. Ok, I heard about the white guy who killed his family on Fox news about 3 times.

    Sometimes, I really feel sorry for you anti-white folks. You just can't win. Here's a quick blurb on a loveable black grandpa who did whatever he could to keep his all-American family together.

    Death sought for dad who killed 9 children

    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A jury decided Wednesday that Marcus Wesson, the domineering patriarch of a large clan he bred through incest, should get the death penalty for the murders of nine of his children.
    Wesson, 58, was convicted earlier this month, more than a year after the bodies were found in a bloody pile at his home at the end of a police standoff.
    All the victims — ages 1 to 25 — had been shot once in the eye. Wesson had fathered some of them with his own daughters and nieces.
    Prosecutors said he had the children killed for fear authorities were about to break the clan up and take the youngsters away.

    Maybe History Mike won't make anymore of his racist anti-white incest comments for fear of offending this man. Actually, the only incest I've ever whitnessed was between some black neighbors of mine growing up. It eventually let to the daughter blowing the dad's leg off with a shotgun and then later murdering him after he swore revenge on his child and mother of his grandkids.

  31. Anyone ever hear of the black-widow murders? Didn't think so.

    Anyhow, the case of the missing woman is about wrapped up. Like I said, its going to get the John-Lee-Malvo treatment after they've made all their arrests. I want to add a few things. I'm not here to talk about day of the rope stuff or the woman who died for her mistakes. However, the negro she allowed to impregnate her twice was a prime example of what we've got way to much of here in America. I read one report where he'd served 3 years in prison for domestic violence. He'd been hired due to his race by the police force. He got fired for his gun ending up in the hands of a drug dealer (he should have been locked up), then re-hired. And if I've got it straight, was married to another mudshark while he was having children with the woman he murdered. Keep in mind that he not only murdered her but came up with some typically child-like negro lie (he found her dead and as a police officer, didn't see the point in calling it in) and he left his own 2 year old son in the house by himself (he apparently murdered his mother in front of him). And the other negro? No telling what all she had to do with it.

    So here you have a black man, obviously not oppressed or held back by the system or his criminal record, living the dream of every "American" black man. What went wrong? The press really talked him up, remember? He had recieved awards for being a cop. He was spoken highly of by other officers (who may or may not have been to prison and may or may not have given guns to drug dealers). He was defended by blacks each time one was asked on TV if there was any possibility of him doing it. I remember one white analyist saying she positively thought it was him. I wish to Christ I still had that clip.

    For every anti that are now on our side, I can say this: aren't you glad you threw in the towel before the summer of 2007?


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