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*Democrats, Racism, & November

*The Shame of the Sean Bell Trial

*The Comedy of Chris Drake, Michael Blevins, & The Roanoke Pseudo-Nazi




  1. Bill White finally reveals what we already knew, Michael Blevins is severely mentally ill. And Chris Drake is so afraid of Bill White, he's not standing up for "Von bloovens" either.

    It also looks like Drake has abandoned his idea for a new group, quitting his own group within a day of forming it would be a new record even for Chris Drake.

    When Blevins gets straight on his meds, he'll be back in the ANSWP... doing no activism of course.

    From the desk of the Commander

    No one has betrayed you, Von. You've just become, as far as anyone can tell, batshit crazy.

    And I mean that. It is scaring several of the people that you know.

    ... more...

    No, he didn't tell you that.

    Von, what's been very clear is that, for the past few days, you have been doing crazy things -- not just crazy things like taking this statement, which should be part of the private email exchange we're having, and posting it on VNN, but all sorts of crazy things, like:

    * breaking things in your house
    * screaming
    * smashing stuff
    * calling people repeatedly in the middle of the night -- like four to eight times an hour
    * having conversations and gleaning from them things that are completely wrong

    And this probably due to the fact, since it has to be said, that you were recently placed on Prozac and recently decided to go off of it. I have often seen people go off of Prozac and have this exact same reaction.

    Not that its the world's business who called me, but Chris called me at 1 AM last night to ask me how to handle the fact you keep calling him over and over again. We also discussed this today, along with the threats and screaming and breaking things and other frightening behavior you are engaging in.

    Chris also said, and we discussed at length, his involvement in taking over the ANSWP's Southern Regions. It is only the extreme threats and bizarre behavior you are engaging in that is making him not say anything definite here.


    I really think, Von, that you've lost your mind. And you have several friends that are very concerned about you. You really seem to be crazy, and you also don't seem to see that, and that is very disconcerting as well.

    Why don't some time to relax and maybe re-center yourself?

  2. You almost have to feel sorry for Blevins being dumped like a pile of garbage & stabbed in the back.

    I doubt it but maybe Blevins will realize that these neo-nazi friends aren't his friends at all and open his eyes to what is really right.

    Blevins, you never see this kind of fighting among the ARA do you?

  3. Like Blevins didnt just right that. self-piity is his strongest trait.

  4. We should be rejoicing! Bill White with the help of his new draftee totally destroyed Vonbluvens.

    I think we have seen the last of Vonbluvens.

    Good work Bill and Chris. Job well done!

  5. Nah, Vonbluvens & Bill White will kiss and make up like they always do when both get their meds straightened out.

    If they don't, Hal Turner still loves him.

    Chris Drake really did stab Blevins in the back though (and I love it!!!!).. by telling Blevins one thing, then doing the exact opposite once BW got around to working over Drake.

    Like someone else said, you never see the antis stabbing each other in the back......

    However, seeing Blevins get prostituted around is so funny to watch.... Even Drake has now bitched him out.....

    I suggest the next time Blevins tries suicide, he should put the gun in his mouth and aim upward

    it doesn't matter though, Blevins never did any activism for the ANSWP and it's 4 members now.

    Life is good....

  6. I hope Von just leaves the movement altogether.

    Von, if you are reading this I hope I can help you realise that there is a whole beautiful world and human race waiting here for you.

    Maybe this is a way that a higher power is trying to open up a new door for you.

    You will be loved in this world, Von, but it comes with loving all those around you and letting yourself be loved.

    I wish you nothing but positive things with an open heart and hope you will find yourself in a better situation than surrounding yourself with cruel people who hate.

  7. Nikki, you think you could make some sort of special award for Bill White and Chris Drake?

    I mean this is a special set of circumstances. lol

  8. I think that this is a clarion call for Mike to HATE MORE!!!

    Obviously he has been playing Lumpy Rutherford to Bill White's Eddie Haskell for far too long.


  9. Your radio show is facked up. Where the hell is the talk?

  10. I hope Von leaves the movement, as well...and echo your post to that end. Mike, there are a lot of people who have always believed that you are in the wrong element. This should prove that to you.

    As to the show...we can't fingure out what happened - but I will have a working archive up later this afternoon.

    Again...Mike, the "movement" is going nowhere and neither are you as long as you remain.

  11. Rumor has it that Bill White still has the large Hitler painting that Blevins did & is going to sell it on ebay for the two years of membership dues that Blevins never paid.

    Bill White should also use Michael & Bernie Blevins in Roanoke District court for their unpaid member dues. Blevins won't show up for court, White will win the judgment, then be able to place a lien against Bernie's home in Sarasota.

  12. I used to be in the "movement." I still talk to some of those guys sometimes. Some are ok.

    It seems Vonbluvens is seriously considering moving to the anti-hate movement. He is tired of the hard work he puts in. He is tired of people stabbing him in the back constantly. Its a good thing for him since he will go to jail if he doesn't.

  13. Actually, I am very concerned about Blevins right now. No matter how much we dislike what these racists say and stand for - we must not lose sight on the fact that we are dealing with actual human beings and all of their fallacies.

    He is in my prayers.

  14. He needs friends right now. The anti-racists have been more of a friend to him than the racists have lately. He ought to see that but he is so bent on their approval that he will not admit it. No matter what happened with their organization he is to be felt sorry for. He has been used, led along and abused by the racists much more than any person of color. Its safe to say that Vonbluvens is no more. Bill White and his new best buddy Chris Drake killed him.

  15. Nikki- I am glad you feel that way. That is my thoughts as well.

  16. Its safe to say that Mike Blevins is off the racist scene. It remains to be seen if he seeks to undo all the damage he had done. Many people are reaching out to this fellow human, lifting him out of the ditch he has been thrown in. This is the bravest thing Mike Blevins will ever have to do. Welcome to the human race, Mike.

  17. Nikki- Has anyone tried to contact Mike and got his opinion on all this? Could Mike be on Eye on Hate in the near future?

  18. Someone needs to talk down Mike Blevins SOON!! There is talk that he is looking for anyway he can to get back at Bill Weis for making fun of him and for Chris Drake not following his orders! He might be getting a hitman to take both of them out. Mike wants revenge for all the things the movement has done to him and for killing Doc. Synider! No one should encourage him to do anything illegal. If anyone is doing that stop it now!

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  20. You Jews are so funny. Drake and Vonbluvens are non entities. Drake is a shit skinned lover from way back. Even admits to having a coon girl friend "before he saw the light". Once a coon lover always a coon lover is what I say.

    Bill White is/was always a Jew. Someone should give him the beating of his life for calling himself white.

    Does anyone actually listen to your coon lovin' show? I can't imagine how they stay awake.

  21. I still can't fucking believe Chris gave up Von for the likes of Bill White.

  22. "Its safe to say that Mike Blevins is off the racist scene. It remains to be seen if he seeks to undo all the damage he had done. Many people are reaching out to this fellow human, lifting him out of the ditch he has been thrown in. This is the bravest thing Mike Blevins will ever have to do. Welcome to the human race, Mike."

    I just spoke with him, Mike is off the scene, but I can assure you no one from the anti-racist scene has reached out to him. Mike believes he was betrayed and is absolutely destroyed by losing his close friend, Chris Drake. He told me he is through with the movement and that his friend made him see the futility in many aspects. I think he has a good heart, and that has blinded him with the associations he has made.

    I don't think he has given up on his strongly held belief system.

  23. Mikey did all right in my book.

    Anyone that would give up a close friend like Mike that damn fast can't be fucking trusted.

  24. I just sent Mike an email. The address that I have, however, is ancient - so I don't know if he will receive it.

    I have been concerned about his mental state in all of this, and pray that he doesn't do anything foolish.

  25. I hope Blevins sees the light of how weak his nazi friends really are.

  26. Nikki- please let us know he is doing okay.

  27. If I should hear from him, I will let you know. I don't know if the email got through or whether or not he will converse with me - we DO have quite a history.

    I don't know about anyone else but I really want to slap Chris Drake's dick in the dirt. I cannot believe that he is stupid enough to hook up with the pseudo-Nazi.

    What the hell is he thinking?

  28. Nik, you know you are just trying to drive a wedge further between White and Blevins.

    Or you are trying to get Drake to go insane himself. You probably figured out he has no impulse control.

    Not everyone is so stupid and believes everything you write here.

  29. Whatever. I realize it's sometimes hard for you to understand that those of us who fight against racism and argue against your bigoted ideology really do not want to see any of you do something stupid. I know it's hard for you to believe that there are some of us who really do reach out our hands and our hearts. That's YOUR problem.

  30. I know why Chris took Bill White over Blevins.


  31. "I know why Chris took Bill White over Blevins.


    How sick it THAT??

    Why would anyone want anything to with a group that is based in fear?

    Sometimes I wonder if these hate groups are more about self hate than anything else?

  32. Mike Blevins is ready to apologize for his actions if someone will give him a platform. He is truly sorry for all those he has wronged. I love seeing racists see the light and become new human beings.

  33. Chris Drake & Bill White just threatened to kill Michael Blevins. Not even Schwartz went that far.

  34. And just where did they make this threat?

  35. Someone told him to say that to get the feds on Bill White and Chris Drake. Mike Blevins has only been an anti-racist for a day and already might have those two on their way to prison.


  37. I'm buying a new cell phone this week and if Michael Blevins is interested, he can call me on it & talk to me personally. I'll even go one step further and Unit 9 wants to speak to talk to him.

    Even Blevins won't talk to me, I really hope he talks to Nikki.

    I think this shit has gone on long enough and Mike, it's time for you to stop the nazi billshi & be a real man that Christ wold want you to be.

    If someone can give me MIke's email address or real phone number, I'll contact him.

  38. Mike is officially antifa now. He wants to do a little more damage before he annouces it publically. They will all know what it means to screw with Mike Blevins.

  39. Why don't you fix the last radio show it actually works?????????????

  40. Why don't you fix the last radio show so your crap actually works?????????????

  41. Mr. Schwartz: VonJoovians phone number is:


    I'm sure you Jews will have a long fruit full talk.

  42. Vonnie is insane and has been insane for years.

    I do see him end up on the news: murder/suicide at home.

  43. Citizens Against Hate has welcomed in one of America's once most notorious nazis. Nikki reached out to Mike Blevins aka Vonbluvens and led him out of the hate. You saved his life, Nikki. This is the single biggest victory for CAH. Its also a victory for Mr. Blevins. You stood up for what you knew was right and taught the racists a lesson. Now you get your life back! Congradulations, Nikki and Mike!

  44. I see no proof that Von has left the movement. I think Nikki might be a little premature in her celebration.


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